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									Definitely, bridesmaid stands an important role in the wedding. While
Kate Middleton was walking down the aisle in a fabulous McQueen wedding
dress, her sister Pippa Middleton also obtained worldwide's attention for
her prominent look. However, picking out a bridesmaid dress seems to be
tough job. Below, DressilyMe.com have explored the wedding fashion to
provide a few of trends of bridesmaid dresses 2012.Right Color in
2012When we talking about the bridesmaid dresses, color might be the
first factor that need to be concerned. Most of the people would choose a
similar hue based on the wedding theme, however, throughout the fashion
industry in this year, red is typical the most eye-catching hue which we
can find from celebrities red carpet looks to girls' holiday party
outfits. It is also beautiful and sexy in bridesmaid dress, not only
making people think about something festive, but also creating a
contrasting effect to highlight onto the bridal dress. This trends make
sure to continue hitting the 2012 bridal fashion.White DressesWhile red
is a pop color, white this year turns to be an un-traditional and
polished hue in these dresses. Trendsetter like Kate Middleton and Kim
Kardashian both chose their bridesmaid dress in white. Since the Royal
Wedding, Pippa Middleton especially has caused quite a stir and has been
making her known as a style icon.Trendy StylesAs we know, bridesmaid
dresses tend to be designed in a modest and traditional manner. But these
years, more and more bold and stylish pieces become sought-after. Details
such as floral, draping as well as belts give the dress a really
interesting statement. Trendy pieces like strapless dresses are perfect
example of a modern romantic look. With sophisticated cutting, these
dresses typically create a fun wedding atmosphere. Since this outfit is
statement in itself, it is better to go natural with your makeup and
hair. Try to keep away from jewelry. Keep in mind, bridesmaid dresses
should be appropriate to avoid looking to upstage the bride.Group BuyIt
is likely that each of bride requires several bridesmaids. Therefore,
group buy dresses at DressilyMe.com sounds very budget-friendly. This way
is largely helpful for saving a lot.Your Thoughts?What is your point of
view?Do you have any go-to wedding outfits? Will you dress any of the
above trends? Or do you have any other advice? Whatever your thoughts,
let me know in the comments!

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