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8th Grade by huanghengdong


									Welcome to TIDE Academy!

This binder is your guide to your education for the
2011-2012 school year. By the end of the year this
binder will be a resume of what you were able to
achieve and your successes throughout the year.

It includes:
Topics you will learn
Standards you should achieve
Studying and Learning Advice
Work logs
Contact Information
Class descriptions:
Below is a description of the classes you will be taking
this year and how they will be assessed. As you will
notice only Math will be partially graded by quizzes.
There will be no quizzes or exams in any of the other
classes. Assessments of the classes will be done through
papers, assignments, organization, writing, and
presentations. Your final grade will be a number grade.
All grades will be self-recorded in your binder as well as
on Engrade.
Engrade code:______________________________

90 to 100       A     Excellent achievement
80 to 89    B   Good achievement
70 to 79    C   Satisfactory achievement
60 to 69    D   Minimum acceptable achievement
0 to 59     F   Failure
            I   Incomplete

8th Grade English
      Grammar        25%
      Writing        40%
      Reading        25%
      Organization         10%

     Spelling         30%
     Writing          35%
     Reading          25%
     Organization           10%

Costa Rican History
     Assignments            30%
     Essays                 20%
     Presentations          10%
     Final Project          20%
     Organization           10%

8th Grade Math
      Assignments           60%
      Quizzes         30%
      Organization          10%

Earth Science
     Assignments            40%
     Reports          30%
     Final Project          20%
     Organization           10%


Eighth grade students will use books, worksheets, and media
and technology for communicative, informational,
argumentative, significant, and literary purposes. Students
will also explore the structure of language, discover new
vocabulary and study grammatical rules in order to speak
and write effectively. The main focus in eighth grade is
placed on using information for a specific task, students
however also:
• Display individual perspectives through research and
     personal response.
• Improve understanding and use of argument.
• Research and break down print and non-print forms of
• Learn how to use effective sentence construction and edit
     for improvements in sentence formation, vocabulary,
     usage, mechanics, and spelling.

This course will have an emphasis on Latin American and
World history and affairs. Appreciation of and
participation in the various aspects of our multicultural
society will be included. Ways in which the community
serves us as well as how we can serve our community will be
a part of the curriculum.

The Saxon Math middle grades textbooks move students from
primary grades to algebra. Each course contains a series of
daily lessons covering all areas of general math. Each
lesson presents a small portion of math content (called an
increment) that builds on prior knowledge and
understanding. Students are not required or expected to
grasp a concept fully the first time it is presented. After
an increment is introduced, it becomes a part of the
student’s daily work for the rest of the year. Students
will have many opportunities to gain understanding and to
achieve mastery. This cumulative, continual practice
ensures that students will retain what they have learned.

Eighth Grade Science is a full year course, which focuses
on fundamental physics concepts. The content of the course
includes concepts dealing with motion and energy. It
includes topics such as waves, magnetism and electricity,
and forces and motion. Hands-on laboratory-style
activities will be used during the course to develop
process skills.

This course will focus on the spoken and written Spanish.
Written emphasis is on basic grammar, vocabulary, and the
development of reading conversation, and writing skills
while learning about the different Spanish cultures.
Grading Periods:
Students will receive a report card on the following dates.
When a student appears to be at risk of failure, reasonable
efforts will be made to notify the parents so they can talk
with the teacher about what actions can be taken to improve
poor grades.
Mid-Semester Progress Reports will be provided to parents
to indicate the progress of the student up to the midway
point of each grading period.

Report Cards:       December 9th and June 15th
Progress Reports:   October 28th and March 29th

2011-2012 Academic Calendar:

September 5: First Day of School
September 15: No School (Costa Rican Independence Day)
October 20-24: No School
October 28: Progress Reports
November 24-25: No School (USA Thanksgiving)
December 9: Last Day of School
December 10 – January 8: Holiday Break
January 9: Back to School
February 20: No School
March 39: Progress Reports
March 31 – April 15: Easter Break (2 weeks)
April 16: Back to School
April 30: No School (Costa Rican Labor Day observed)
June 4: No School
June 15: Last Day of School

School Hours
Class: 9:00AM to 1:00PM
Tutoring: 7:00PM to 9:00PM
During the class hours the subjects will be taught and new
topics will be introduced. The evening hours will be for
extra attention, tutoring and a quiet space to complete
work in.

If additional help is necessary, please schedule extra time
with the specific teacher.

Learning and Studying Skills:
Check out this website for advice on studying and learning!

Dress Policy
Students should dress clean, neat, and modest. Dress that
is bizarre, offensive, unduly revealing, disruptive,
distractive, or that which violates health regulations,
and/or raises safety issues will be subject to regulation
by the school.
The following guidelines need to be followed:
Dark glasses may not be worn except for medical purposes
Clothes with offensive language, illustrations, or that
display or promote violence, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are
Bare midriff, see-through garments, and muscle shirts are
Shirts must be worn at all times

Attendance Policy:
TIDE Academy does promote experience and extracurricular
outside the classroom. However, there is an attendance
policy so nothing will be taken advantage of.
     If a student is scheduled to leave for a certain
      amount of time, at least a TWO WEEKS NOTICE must be
      given. To give the teachers an adequate amount of
      time to gather and organize the information the
      student will miss
     Parents may excuse their son/daughter 5 times per
      semester for personal illness before a physician’s
      certificate is required.   The physician’s certificate
      must be an original. Once a student is required to
      have a physician’s certificate, only the principal or
      assistant principal has the authority to remove the
     Parents must call 86581171 each day, no later than 30
      minutes after school begins, to explain a student’s
     Only the principal or designee has the authority to
      authorize the change from an unexcused absence to an
      excused absence. Students arriving 2 hours after the
      school day begins or leaving 2 hours before the school
      day ends will be considered absent a ½ day.
     A student must be in attendance for a ½ day to
      participate in or attend an extracurricular or co-
      curricular event, unless otherwise authorized by a
      principal or designee.
     Students absent greater than 3 ½ hours will be
      considered absent for the day.
     All missed work must be completed by the extended date
      given to get credit.

Code of Conduct:
Students must obey the Code of Conduct to maintain
acceptance in the school and to keep the school a safe
learning environment. The administration reserves the
right to exercise flexibility in applying discipline in
those where it is warranted for the safety, protection, and
the maintenance of good order. Suspensions/expulsions from
one educational site will be in effect during the same
period of time for any educational site the student is
Damage to School or Private Property
Disruption to School
Alcohol, Narcotics, Drugs, Counterfeit Controlled
Substances, Paraphernalia
Over the Counter/Prescription Drugs (unless prescriped)
Smoking or Tobacco Products
Weapons and Dangerous Instruments
Disrespect or Repeated Acts of Misconduct
Profanity or Obscene Language
Theft or Extortion
Harassment or Bullying
Sexual Harassment
Fighting/Assault/Threatening Behavior/Instigating
Cheating/Plagiarizing/Academic Integrity
Abuse of Computer Hardware
Unauthorized Use of Fire
Tardiness/Truancy/Unexcused Absence/Leaving School Property
Electronic Devices
General Misconduct/Inappropriate Behavior
Repeated School Violations

Contact Information:
If you are absent or did not understand something that we
went over, you need the contact information of two other
people in your class.
Students info:
Name: ____________________
Name: ____________________

School Info:
In an email make sure in the subject you put what the email
is about and for whom.

To help with your success at TIDE Academy the following
list suggests materials that you should have in order to be
prepared and organized inside and outside of the classroom.
This website suggests other supplies if you are interested:

   A supply of #2 pencils
   3 inch Binder OR 5- ½ inch binders
   Binder Dividers
   Small notebook to record assignments
   A supply of black or dark blue ink pens (all writing
    assignments must be completed in this color, anything
    else will NOT be graded.)
   Highlighter
   Erasers
   Ruler
   Pencil Sharpener
   Colored Pencils or Markers (Colors)
   A notebook with clean rip-out sheets, assignments
    written on “messy” spiral paper will NOT be accepted.
   1 Ream of plain copy/printer paper
   Dictionary
   Spanish/English Dictionary
   1 USB Removable Drive (Optional)

My child and I have read the following information together
and agree to accept the following terms. I understand if
we do not follow the above terms my child will not succeed
at TIDE Academy.
Parent Signature: _______________________________
Student Signature:_______________________________

8th Grade Weekly Check List
Following work should be completed each week and turned in
on Friday.

Weekly Checklist:

     10 vocabulary words
     Grammar skill
     Writing skill
     20% of Reading Book

Bi-Weekly Checklist:

   6 Lessons
   1 Quiz

Weekly Checklist:

   10 vocabulary words
   Grammar skill
   Writing skill

Weekly Checklist:

   Completed weekly reading
   1 assignment

Bi-Weekly Checklist:

   1 assignment
   1 report


Each week you are to find the definition of each of the
following words and use them in a sentence. The
definitions and sentences MUST be handwritten.

Week 1: Abate, abnormal, abode, abrupt, accelerate,
acclaim, acknowledge, acquire, aspire, acrid

Week 2: addict, adjacent, admonish, affliction, agitate,
ajar, akin, allege, annihilate, anonymous, antagonize

Week 3: apathy, arbitrate, astute, authentic, avert,
Bellow, beseech, bestow, bewilder, bigot

Week 4: blatant, bleak, braggart, brawl, browse, bystander,
candid, canine, canny, capricious

Week 5: capsize, casual, casualty, catastrophe, cater,
chorus, citrus, clamber, climax, compromise

Week 6: concur, confront, congested, conjure, consult,
corrupt, counterfeit, covet, customary, debut

Week 7: deceased, dependent, despondent, detach, devour,
dishearten, dismal, dismantle, distraught, docile

Week 8: downright, drone, dumbfound, Emblem, endure, ensue,
enthrall, epidemic, erode, exuberant

Week 9: Fathom, feud, figment, firebrand, flabbergast,
flagrant, flaw, fruitless, gaudy,

Week 10: geography, gratify, gravity, grim, grimy,
grueling, gruesome, haggle, headlong, hilarious

Week 11: homage, homicide, hospitable, hurtle, hybrid,
illiterate, impede, implore, incident, incredulous

Week 12: infamous, infuriate, insinuate, intensified,
inundate, irate, lavish, legacy, legitimate, lethal

Week 13: loathe, lurk, magnetic, mirth, quench, magnitude,
maternal, maul, melancholy, mellow

Week 14: momentum, mortify, mull, murky, narrative,
negligent, nimble, nomadic, noteworthy, notify

Week 15: notorious, nurture, obnoxious, oration, orthodox,
overwhelm, pamper, patronize, peevish, pelt
Week 16: pending, perceived, perjury, permanent, persist,
perturb, pique, pluck, poised, ponder

Week 17: potential, predatory, presume, preview, prior,
prowess, radiant, random, rant, recede

Week 18: reprimand, resume, retort, robust, rupture, saga,
sequel, sham, shirk, simultaneously

Week 19: snare, species, status, stodgy, substantial,
subtle, sullen, supervise, tamper, throb

Week 20: toxic, tragedy, trickle, trivial, uncertainty,
unscathed, upright, urgent, utmost, vengeance

Week 21: vicious, vindictive, vista, vocation, void, wary,
whim, wince, wrath, yearn

We will complete a Grammar Unit every 2 weeks. This is the
link to the quizzes to be taken at the end of each Unit.

Unit   1:   The Sentence
Unit   2:   Nouns
Unit   3:   Verbs
Unit   4:   Modifiers
Unit   5:   Capitalization and Punctuation
Unit   6:   Pronouns
Unit   7:   Phrases
Unit   8:   Clauses


Over the course of the year the students will learn to
write in many different styles. At the end of the year the
writing pieces will be combined to create a writing
Link for extra help:

Here at different writing assignments.
Here is the writing schedule for the entire year.

Weeks   1-5: Personal Narrative
Weeks   6-9: Poetry
Weeks   10-14: Observation
Weeks   10-14: Step-by-step directions
Weeks   15-19: Story
Weeks   20-24: Description
Weeks   20-24: Report
Weeks   25-26: Summary
Weeks   27-30: Compare and Contrast
Weeks   31-33: Letter
Weeks   34-36: Complete Writing Portfolio


6th Graders are required to read at total of 5 books over
the course of the year. They can always read more! Once a
student completes a book they must complete a book report
helper form and write a 1-2 page book report using the
information from the book report helper.

Suggested Reading Schedule:

Book   1-   September to October
Book   2-   October to December
Book   3-   January to March
Book   4-   March to May
Book   5-   May to June

Below is a suggested age appropriate books to choose from

      Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank
      The Defenders, by Ann McGovernSocks by Beverly Cleary
      My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead
      The Cay, by Theodore Taylor
      The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien
      Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain
      The Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis Titles
      The Twenty-One Balloons, written and illustrated by
      William Pene du Bois
     Where the Lilies Bloom, by Vera & Bill Cleaver
     Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls

Book Report Helper: (fill this out to help you with your
book report)

Title: ________________________________________________
Circle one: Fiction      Nonfiction
Setting: (Where does the story take place?)
Character Names:

Describe the main character. What kind of person is he or
The story begins with

The events in the story are: (include DETAILS!)


The story ends with

I learned that

I really liked

I didn’t like when

I wonder
I would/would not recommend this book because


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