BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
                     MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011

Thank you for your interest in our Merit Badge University program. This comprehensive
information packet includes everything needed to get your unit registered to participate

On the following pages, you will find:
    summary of things will be NEW FOR MBU 2011.
    A e d r’ ud
    L a es G iethat describes, in detail, how the program operates
   Detailed Course Descriptions for every merit badge to be offered
    Unit Registration Form to be completed and returned with scout forms
    Course List that lists class admission restrictions and pre-requisites
   Our Course Recommendations (for use in advising scouts about classes)
   Important information for Scoutmasters about Selecting Courses
    Scout Registration Form to be signed by both scout and his parent/guardian
   Detailed information on Adult Training Courses offered in conjunction with MBU
   An Adult Registration Form for your adult leaders to register for various adult
      training courses.
    Merit Badge Counselor Application Form for adults in your unit to fill out to
      let us know their willingness to share their talents and counsel a merit badge at
           U s uue e r (r e s d y s b t e o ti e r
      MB iftr y as o b a“tn -b ” u stt frh y a)       iu        s      .

Everything is saved in PDF format so that it can be easily transmitted, printed, and
shared with other Scout Leaders. It should open fine in any version of Adobe Reader
software (version 4.0 or later). Reader software can be downloaded at no charge from
 d b ’ e i,
       s       t
A o e w bse

We encourage you to share this information with other scout units in your area so that
they may also benefit from this program.

A map, driving directions, a single page informational flyer (suitable for distribution at
district Roundtable meetings), and other miscellaneous information about MBU can be
found on the special MBU page of our web site at

Anyone from your unit who would like to volunteer to serve as a Merit Badge Counselor
or help with the program in other ways is asked to visit the MBU page of our web site
and fill out the on-line volunteer form by clicking the hyperlink at the bottom of the page.

This program only works because of the willingness of hundreds of scout leaders and
 ae t t e i r s ot i ,o d ev e a d te “e i h c n s tss
             p h a         ao                c
p rns oh l wt t n p r t n fo s ri , n oh rb h dtese e ”a k.   n
 l e O O R A T o o tb t o h rga s u c s.
   a                          i
Pe s D Y U P R t c nr uet tepo rm’s ce s
                          BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
                  MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011

                        THINGS THAT WILL BE
 NEW (or different) FOR MBU 2011

As the program has continued to grow and has surpassed the point of
having more than 1,000 scouts and nearly 400 adult leaders attend each
           x ei c d o
                e            go i a s a MB 0 0 h t e n n o
                                    g n
year, we e p r n e s me“rwn p i ” t U2 1 ta w i e dt                  t
correct so that we can maintain the quality of instruction that we have all
come to expect. MBU 2011 will be bigger and better than ever, but some
of our long-standing procedures will change in order to manage the
program more effectively and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

                                           U 0 1 E D R ’ UD
All of the changes are detailed in the MB 2 1 L A E S G IE
included in this packet of information. I would strongly encourage you to
invest the 20 minutes needed to read it carefully and completely. In the
long run, knowing how things will operate will help you and your scouts get
the maximum benefit from the program.

Following is a brief summary of things that will be new or different this year.

    New merit badges for scouts, including HORSEMANSHIP,
     and LIFESAVING.
    Training courses for adults.
    Strictly enforced registration cut-off deadline.
    Elimination of Saturday morning schedule changes.
    Friday night LEADER ORIENTATION to streamline Saturday
     morning check-in and orientation.
                        BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
                     MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011
                            E D R ’ UD
                           L A E S G IE
Dear Scout Leader:

Thank you for your interest in the MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY program hosted by
Boy Scout Troop 868. This event is held annually on the last Saturday in February.
The location this year will be Bullitt Lick Middle School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

Over 1,100 scouts from more than 100 troops attended MBU 2010 and we expect the
program will be even bigger and better this year. MBU 2011 will feature a record 77
counselor instructed merit badges, including 12 Eagle required badges. Counselors
will also be available to meet with scouts about 6 other merit badges that do not lend
themselves to classroom instruction; making a grand total of 83 different merit badges
being offered!

The learning environment at MBU is very much like a regular school day divided
into four 2-hour teaching periods. Most of our courses require two consecutive periods
(4 hours of class time), making it possible for the typical scout to work on (and possibly
complete) at least two different merit badges during the day.

Lunch is served on-site and the cost is included in the registration fee. For the safety
and security of participants, scouts are not permitted to leave campus except for class-
related field trips in the company of their counselor and at least one other adult. (All
activities are conducted in accordance with BSA Youth Protection Guidelines.)

Completion of merit badges is NOT GUARANTEED. Many merit badges require
some degree of advance preparation and paperwork by the scouts (pre-requisites are
clearly indicated on the Course List). Scouts who come unprepared probably will not
complete the badge, but will receive partial credit for whatever work toward the badge is
completed at MBU. It is our intent to create an environment where scouts have an
opportunity to continue their advancement program during the winter months and
earn merit badges that may not be readily available elsewhere. It is not our intention to
create a so-called "merit badge factory" that passes out merit badges with minimal effort
from the scouts. Boys who come with that expectation will almost certainly be
disappointed at the end of the day.

MBU 2011 features an outstanding staff of qualified counselors who are both able and
willing to share their knowledge with interested, motivated scouts. Boys who are not
interested, motivated, and prepared to work will be wasting both their time and ours.

Participation in MBU is open to ANY registered Boy Scout, regardless of troop, district,
or council affiliation. Classes are limited in size according to the subject being covered
and the facilities available. These limits are imposed to insure quality instruction and
afford scouts maximum opportunity to complete as many requirements for the badge as
  o s l v r a e l s s r o i n o e e t ee t n e i ld n d
      b.          o        a
p sie O el d dc se aen t a y n ’b s itrs a dw s py o ’ o
                                          n          s      n                m        t
it. Some courses also have age and/or rank restrictions that are strictly enforced.

All registrations are processed in the order received. All seats in all classes are "first
come, first served" based upon when a properly completed Registration Form and the
required payment are received by Troop 868. In fairness to others, we do not "hold" or
"reserve" spaces without Registration Forms and payment in hand. We do not accept
reservations by fax or email. We do not accept payments by credit card.

There is an obvious advantage for those who act quickly and register early, because
some of the more popular classes often do fill up before the cutoff date. We do not
overload classes, even for 17-year old Life scouts needing only that one merit badge!

Registration forms must be properly completed and LEGIBLE. Forms with missing or
unreadable information will be set aside until we can contact the unit to determine the
needed information. These problems can be easily avoided if an adult at the local unit
level carefully reviews the forms before submitting them.


While we do accept scouts on an individual basis, we really want to encourage troops to
attend as a whole unit, and we set our participation fees to encourage this. The fee for
an individual scout at MBU 2011 will be $25.

The registration fee will be only $17 per scout if ALL of the following conditions are met:
  Registration forms for at least 3 scouts from the same unit are submitted together
  A Unit Registration Form with all the requested information is completed and
  The name and contact information (phone #, email) for AT LEAST TWO ADULTS
    from the unit who will be remaining on-site all day and are willing to assist with the
    program are provided
  Payment is made in cash or with a single check (unit or personal).


As the program has grown, late registrations have become a significant problem. With
 v r ,0 c us n 0 i e t ei a g l s s e g f e , e i y a ’
                               f e         t
o e 10 0so t a d7 +d frn m r b d ec se b i ofrd w s lc n
                                                     a         n    e           mp       t
accept registrations at the last minute and still have class schedule cards for scouts and
class rosters for our faculty printed and ready to go. Therefore, the absolute final
deadline for us to receive scout registrations will be Sunday, February 20.

 Wa -i e ir i s t U iN T e ce td or Wa -in
     k ” s ao                    l                         y
“ l n rg t t n a MB wl O b a c pe .S r . l registrations the       k
morning of MBU impairs our ability to get the program started on time. We received
significant feedback from scoutmasters that walk-in registrations be discontinued --- we
heard you --- and we agree.

Class changes at MBU will not be permitted unless we must cancel a class due to a
counselor being ill or some other extenuating circumstance. In those situations, we will
do our very best to re-schedule the affected scouts into other classes. Otherwise,
scouts will need to attend the classes into which we were able to schedule them based
on their requests as indicated on their Registration Form.

In addition to a BLUE CARD properly filled out and signed by their scoutmaster for each
class they plan to take, scouts should bring pen/pencil and paper/notebook in order to
take notes and complete in-class assignments. They also need to bring any materials
specific to the badges they plan to work on (for example, boys taking Collections MB
need to bring their collection; Geocaching MB requires a handheld GPS, Photography
MB requires a digital camera, Cinematography requires a camcorder, Swimming MB
requires a set of clothes to wear into the pool, Space Exploration requires a model
rocket, and so forth). Scouts need to bring appropriate proof of prior completion for any
listed pre-requisites. All other materials required to complete assigned class work will
be provided in class at no additional charge. Scout Handbooks are not needed and
should be left at home. Scouts taking the FIRST AID merit badge need to bring their
own copy of the merit badge pamphlet and read it, cover to cover, BEFORE class.
   tews m r b d e a p l s r pi a. c us in t e d n “p n i
          e      t                e          o
O h r i , ei a g p m h t aeo t n l S o t wl o n e a y s e d gl                     n
   o e ” t U i e h r s oh
                    n                n n
m n y a MB s c teein tigo -site for them to buy.


Out of necessity, we will be using classrooms in 4 different public schools and a dozen
or so other off-site locations. Our transportation team will coordinate transportation for
these scouts. Scouts in offsite classes will meet in a designated area, attendance will
be taken, then the class will be transported as a group.


Lunch will be provided for all scouts and is included in the participation fee. Soft drink
and other vending machines at the school are off-limits and will be turned off. Food and
beverages, including chewing gum, snack foods, and similar items are not permitted in
h l so m a d h u o b ru h o a u . h n u e a u l es
     a                     d
tec sro s n s o l n t ebo g t nc mp s T ii ld s d le d r’     s c             ta
morning coffee --- spilled coffee makes just as big a mess as a spilled soft drink.

Adults who accompany their units to MBU are welcome to eat lunch with their scouts at
no additional cost.

While we cannot prohibit adults from leaving campus, we strongly discourage that
practice for reasons of both time and safety. Shepherdsville is a small community and
the local fast food establishments are not prepared to serve hundreds of meals in the
relatively short time window available. We serve an appealing lunch using multiple
serving lines so that waiting time in line will be minimal.

      l t n l i o rg h rcc fr p bi i n pi t u h j fr
      s r y s                      i
Wea os o g d c ua etepa teo t o s r g gi a“r ael c ”u to
                                          o      nn    v   n   s
h i n.
   r t         r ey ad o ev
te u i Wet v r h r t s reah a h ln hwt “o a p a a dw u let
                                     e l yu c i b y p e l n o l i o
                                        t         h     ”     dk
                                t a k “ y r h s u s et o ti
avoid the problem of having scous s,Wh aeto eg y g t gs mehn g
 i e t” eh p y u u i h u o s e g i o i e tg te o aud y
d frn? P ra s o r n s o l c n i r on t d n ro eh r nS tra
                            t    d      d      g   n
night AFTER MBU as a way to cap off the event?

We are well aware that some people may have severe allergies to peanuts or peanut
oil. We will have food that is totally peanut-free and safe for such folks. All they need to
do is look or ask for it. Peanut allergies are not all that rare. We will have a special
serving line for such folks so there will be no possibility of cross-contamination.

One of the ways we show our appreciation to the counselors who devote hours of time
and effort in preparing and teaching all the different merit badge classes is by providing
them with a really nice, sit down lunch in another area of the building. Admission to the
faculty lunch is reserved for counselors only and controlled by an admission ticket. We
mention this perk in advance so that troop leaders and other adults will understand
  ht e g oe n o’ e f dd
      s n                     t      e
w a’b i d n a dw n b ofn e that all adults are not included. Those who
would like to eat with the faculty are invited to volunteer to be a merit badge counselor.


 c us o     n f i o c se ta d n l te u d y ib ru h b c t h
                  se      a               ts        l
S o t g igoft fr l s s h t o ’a th fl a wl ebo g t a k ote   l
main campus for lunch. Scouts going offsite for the full day will be provided with lunch
at the offsite location. Everyone will get fed.


Scouts (particularly younger scouts) have a tendency to rush toward the Eagle required
merit badges. This is a HUGE MISTAKE. New scouts do not yet fully understand the
whole merit badge process; nor do they possess the maturity or underlying skills
needed to successfully complete the Eagle required badges at MBU. As a result, they
leave discouraged and disappointed at the end of the day when they carry home a
  at l f st g ho g
     i e t     i
p ra atr in tru hac s te d n fl c mpe e da dc n c m l e
                               l s h y o ’ uy o rh n n a ’ o pe .This
                               a             t l                       t         t
is also disappointing to the counselors of those badges who are caught between their
desire to see boys succeed in completing the task at hand and their responsibility to
uphold high standards of subject mastery for Eagle required badges.

Our program features a wide range of merit badges, many of which are not offered at
most summer camps or even within the context of the typical troop. Many of these
"elective" badges are quite interesting and scouts will really enjoy and learn something
by taking these courses. Subjects such as American Heritage, Archaeology, Art,
Leatherwork, Indian Lore, Art, Cinematography, Electricity, Genealogy, Photography,
Collections, Skating, Basketry, Coin Collecting, Public Health, Fire Safety and
Fingerprinting are examples of classes that younger scouts can understand, enjoy and
fully complete at MBU.

Also be aware that certain courses require a higher level of analytical skills or significant
advance preparation. For older scouts, MBs such as Engineering, Aviation, Computers,
Nuclear Science, Journalism, Law, Surveying, Electronics, or Medicine may appeal.

We are very serious about quality instruction and scouts completing all of the published
requirements in order to earn merit badges at MBU. Our counselors tell us the
maximum number of students they are willing to accept and any age or rank restrictions
for admission to their particular courses. We enforce the published guidelines and we
 e ev h i to e vg                 cu f   o n c us h o s ’ e th s u en s
rs reter h t rmo easo trm a y o rew od e n m e to eg i le .        t                di
It is unfair to other scouts for us to permit an unprepared scout to hold up the rest of the
group. It is YOUR JOB as Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or Troop Advancement
Chairman to advise, review, and approve the badges a scout in your unit wishes to take
     ht h h
         s        s                e ur h e e’ i ature. Please take this part of
--- ta’w y iBLUE CARD rq i s il d r s n  e s a s g
your job seriously and help us insure that your scouts follow the rules.

MBU is strictly for Boy Scouts and male members of Venture Crews or Explorer Posts.
Webelos and female Venturers / Explorers are not permitted to earn Boy Scout ranks or
merit badges. Brand new scouts are welcome, but please do not bring Webelos who
have not yet officially crossed over into Boy Scouting.


Based on feedback from our counselors, age/rank restrictions have been put into place
for all Eagle required merit badges offered at MBU. All Eagle required badges are
 o g n e o ’ ee e rn e ,n x ei c d o n e so t p se s h
                    t i                         e
tu ha dw d n b lv ba dn w ie p r n e y u g r c us o s s te
maturity to fully comprehend and appreciate the material that must be mastered.


You should particularly caution your scouts about the Computers MB. This class is
 n n e o so t w o r l a y rfin i s g h e u e of p lai ”
  t                             r           c
i e d dfr c us h aea e d poie t u i terq i d“f ea pc t n
                                                  n n               r     ic      i o
software programs; there is not time at MBU to teach these skills and develop sufficient
mastery to pass the requirements. A significant part of this badge is about history,
terminology, and applications; only a small part is actually about using computers and
there will be ZERO TIME to play any computer games. Scouts who are not proficient
using word processing, database, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics software
CANNOT complete this MB at MBU. All project work must be done in class under
counselor supervision, so there is no reason for a scout to bring any files or software
from home. USB memory devices, CDs, and diskettes are all prohibited due to the risk
of virus infection. This is an excellent course for the older, well-prepared scout, but a
disappointing disaster for the not yet in high school, under age 14 crowd.

  P CFC A TO B U E T I HG       IK   RT A G S

Merit badges such as Horsemanship, Archery, Plumbing, Rifle Shooting, and Woodwork
                                                 t o ’n o e n l p c l l o
                                                      t      v    m ,
are inherently more dangerous than badges tha d n ivl a i as s e i to , r     aos
 e p n . h o n e sn lh h i ” ra ae x et n h i e p cv ra
                       o       l        g s
w a o s T ec u s lr i a te“ihr k ae s r e p r i te rs e teae    s        r         i
and appropriate safety precautions will be taken. But it would also be helpful for
scoutmasters to specifically caution their scouts about the need to listen and follow the
 o n e si t co s o te w aey n h aey f tes
        o nr i                 r
c u s lr’ s u t n frh io ns ft a dtes ft o oh r.


Collections is a very popular merit badge, particularly among younger scouts. If a scout
has and brings a bona-fide collection, completing the badge is pretty much guaranteed.
BUT, the scout must have a REAL collection. A deck of playing cards is not a
collection! Five neckerchief slides borrowed from friends at MBU is not a collection,
either! A real collection must be appropriately mounted or displayed, and usually
                                                i oe t n w n e r h a g .
                                                 d     l i        t
labeled. Scouts who show up without a bona-f ec lco , o ’ anteb d e

  a t e r e ee t      e     rb e i e c us l n g te oe t n o
                                       h                o n
L s y a w d tc dapo lm wt afwso t “ a i ”h ic lco t other             r l i
scouts in their unit. This year, to put an end to that possibility, all collections will be
retained by the counselors until the end of the day, at which time the scouts may return
to the classroom and claim them. Thus, it will be VERY IMPORTANT for the scout to
have his collection clearly identified by his name and unit number.

It seems silly that this topic even needs to be mentioned, but the reality is that not all
scouts possess common sense, so we must address these issues.

This is a SCOUTING EVENT and participants are required to be in SCOUT UNIFORM.
This includes the general neatness expectations of wearing a belt and keeping shirttails
 u k d no r s r.
             o             o ’ ae o h y rs oh r l e ; t U n
tce it t u es Wed n c r h wte de s te p c s a MB , eatnessa
counts! Scouts who are unwilling to meet our dress code are invited to stay home.

Counselors are giving up their day to share their knowledge and teach classes for
scouts who sincerely want to learn and advance. Most counselors will spend hours of
advance preparation in an effort to make the subject interesting. The bringing and use
of gum, snacks, toys, playing cards, personal electronics, cell phones and similar items
is rude, disrespectful, and disruptive. Just like in school, any such items will be
confiscated and scouts should not expect to get them back at the end of the day. Our
policy on confiscated items is that the scout and his parent may claim the item at
                                                                   h t o g o e n he
our regular Tuesday night troop meeting following MBU. T a’g i t m a ts n
boy and his parent get to make a drive back to Shepherdsville if he wants his stuff back.
We strongly advise scouts not to bring any contraband items into the school building.

All participants must sign up and attend classes each period they are on campus; and
they must attend the classes for which they are properly registered. Scouts may not
simply change classes without permission from the registrar, nor may they wander the
halls. Scouts must be – and will be –under adult supervision at all times.

We work very hard to create a serious educational environment at MBU. Scouts who
  a to e ad h rga s p d y s o l o b te t o . la e x ln
                 s                 a
w n t rg r tipo rm a a“ly a ” h udn t oh roc me Pe s e pa                       i
these expectations to your scouts and make sure they understand them.


The intended handout for scouts consists of 2 pages --- the Course List and the
Scout Registration Form. The Course List is formatted so that it can be printed
double-sided for distribution to scouts.

The Unit Registration Form is to be completed by whatever adult will be acting as your
unit's contact person for MBU -- typically the Scoutmaster, one of the Assistant
Scoutmasters, or the Unit Advancement Chair. If an email address is provided, we will
contact this person (via email) to alert them that we have received the unit's registration
forms and advise them of the classes for which their scouts have been scheduled. If no
email address is provided, your unit will not receive any advance confirmation.

                                   c u’ e ir i om o y u rc rs n c us
                                        s s ao
Units should keep a copy of each so t rg t t nfr fr o re od a dso t
should immediately begin working on the pre-requisites for the classes they list. The
amount of advance notice we can provide is directly dependent upon how soon we
 e e e h c u’ e ir i om.
      v           s      s ao
rc i teso t R g t t nF r We try very hard to process all registrations
within 48 hours of receiving them. Individual class schedules for each scout will be
distributed on Saturday morning at MBU.

The program has outgrown our ability to fit everyone into the school gymnasium for
Saturday morning orientation. We cannot --- and will not --- overload the rated capacity
of the school gymnasium. So this year we will be doing orientation differently than
in past years. Each unit attending MBU is asked to send one leader to a LEADER
ORIENTATION to be held at 7:30 PM on Friday night, February 25 at Bullitt Lick
Middle School. The meeting will last about 30 minutes and we will cover all the last
minute information items that we need for leaders to share with their scouts before they
head to their classes on Saturday morning. Leaders who attend this meeting will be
able to pick up the class schedule cards for their scouts so that their scouts will be able
to go directly to their classes on Saturday morning after the leader conducts a scout
orientation at the troop level.

Units that do not send a leader to this orientation meeting will have to attend the
traditional orientation gathering on Saturday morning. We realize most out-of-town units
will be in this situation. Our hope is that enough units that are local to the metro area
will attend the Leader Orientation that we will be able to reduce the number of scouts
who need to attend the scout orientation on Saturday morning by at least half.


Please take time to consider appropriate MBs for each of your scouts and advise them
accordingly. Included in this packet is a brief description of each class that will be
offered. Specific pre-requisites are clearly listed on the course list. You will need to
provide each scout from your troop with a filled out and signed BLUE CARD for each of
their MB classes. Your signature on that card indicates your belief that the scout
possesses the skills necessary to successfully complete that merit badge. Allowing
scouts to take merit badges for which they are not prepared is neither in their best
interest nor fair to the counselors. Out of necessity, some classes at MBU have
additional age or rank requirements beyond those normally imposed at the local troop
level. Please take seriously your responsibility to advise and pre-screen your scouts.
  la e o O in le ad o y u s o t h t o ’h v h a
Pe s d N Tsg bu c rsfr o r c usta d nt a eten meo te                                fh
merit badge filled in. Someone from your unit should be on-site with extra blue cards
to handle any special situations that may occur.


New at MBU 2011 will be the addition of several training courses specifically for adult
leaders. With the exception of the CPR Course, all the adult training classes will be
FREE. This will be an excellent time for parents and leaders who would otherwise just
be standing around in the hallways to put their time to productive use and get trained.

 h d l rin o re wl t t iae ta h c us ei a g l s s o
          t ng                   la        t
T e A u Ta i c us s is rab ltrh nteso t m r b d ec se t        ’ t             a
enable leaders to see that all their boys get squared away before heading off to their
own trainings.

Just as with the merit badge classes, advance registration for the adult training courses
is required and class sizes will be limited to insure quality instruction. The trainers will
be selected and approved by the Lincoln Heritage Council.

We currently have at least one committed counselor for every merit listed on the Course
List, but since class sizes are limited, many classes will fill up. If we have additional
counselors, we can open multiple, simultaneous sessions --- BUT only if we have
qualified counselors! If adults in your unit are qualified and willing to help out, please
have them contact us. The easiest way to do this is to visit the special MBU page of our
                                i V l te t ep t U fr . r o n e r
                                 n       u
website and complete the on-le“o ne roH l a MB ”om Moec u s l s                        o
  e n fw r l e u j t n a p r c us
                 o         es             e        ! ’ o g h o ev h o s
m a s e e c s ds b c a dh p i so t We ed i tit s reteb y! r      n s

We also need drivers --- especially those who hold at least a Class B CDL with
  a s n e a d i rk n os me t a d a r e c o l u . t v n et i
                   r                                 v
p se g r n a ba ee d re ns n c ndi ash o b s I e e b t rf              ’s          e
your unit will be coming by bus and is willing to make your bus and driver available to
       r s ot o s o f i l s s ho g o th a . ’ l i o e rr
        a                  se a
helpt n p rb y t oft c se tru h u ted y We a olet h a f m      d s k               o
you if your unit will be coming in a large (7~15 passenger) van. We will have scouts
going to more than a dozen off-site locations and other courses will be taking class field
trips --- we need to transport these scouts in a safe and organized way. To do this, our
Transportation Manager needs your help.

Lastly, we will need at least 100 leaders to help by staffing multiple serving lines so that
we can serve lunch to 1,500+ folks in a quick and efficient manner with minimal waiting
i n i . ’b e ri g o ne r fru h uy n aud y rig t U
 m       n
t ei le Wel ercu i v l tes o l c d t o S tra monn a MB .
                  l         t n     u            n


 9 fh u so s e e ae l a y n w rd n hs e d r’
                  i                  r
9 % o teq e t n w g t r a e d a s ee i tiL a esGuide or on the
other pages included in this packet. The first thing you might want to do before calling
or emailing is read (or re-read) the information already in your hands.

f o a e u so h t a n a e d b e d rse , l s o tc me
                     i             tr                   e
Iy uh v aq e t nta h s ’ l a y e na de s d p a ec na t either via
email at or by phone at (502) 964-5270. For the sake of
efficiency, email is strongly preferred.


Please feel free to share information about MBU with other Scouts and Scout Leaders.
Your assistance in spreading the word and helping to get the news out is sincerely

Both a single page informational flyer (suitable for distribution at Roundtable meetings)
and this comprehensive information packet can be downloaded in PDF format from our
web site, Any registered scout from any troop in any district or
council is welcome to come and participate in MBU.

Happy Scouting!

-- Bob Meek
   Scoutmaster, Troop 868
   Shepherdsville, Kentucky
                        BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
                     MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011
                       COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

This badge is about famous people, places, and events that had significant influence on
our country. It touches on some of the same material as Citizenship in the Nation, but is
not as intense. There is one (fairly easy) pre-requisite. The badge is appropriate for
scouts of all ages, including younger boys.

This merit badge is for those who want to know about the role of unions in the American
labor force. The counselor for this badge is a union laborer who has taught this badge
for many years. Though open to scouts of any age, younger boys may find some of the
material difficult to grasp. This badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

Learn the tools, methods, and techniques used by archaeologists to find and catalog
unearthed artifacts. Taught by an archaeologist, scouts in this course will learn both by
classroom instruction and by participating in a practice dig. Scouts have really enjoyed
this class in past years. The course requires 6 hours, but scouts will be able to
complete the merit badge, start to finish, at MBU. The class usually fills to capacity.

This is a full-day, 8-hour class. Approximately half the time will be spent indoors in the
classroom and half the time outdoors doing the qualification shooting. It will be team-
taught by two counselors. There is an age restriction. It will be possible for scouts to
complete the merit badge, start to finish, at MBU.

Learn about different building styles and factors to be considered in designing a building
or other construction project. The class will be taught by a professional architect and
can be completed, start to finish, at MBU. This is not a difficult badge, but it may be too
intense for younger scouts. It does require measuring and some math. The class will
take a short field trip to visit a local construction site, so boys will be outdoors.

A good badge for scouts of any age that is team-taught by a crew of experienced artists
and art teachers. Boys who remain focused on doing the required in-class projects can
complete the badge, start to finish, at MBU. This class usually fills to capacity.

This class is for boys who like to tinker and get their hands dirty. Boys will be crawling
in, under, and around a vehicle locating parts and performing simple maintenance. The
badge can be completed at MBU. This class always fills to capacity. Register early!
The counselor for this course is both an air traffic controller and a licensed pilot. The
class is taught off-site at a small local airport. Class size is limited and the course
nearly always fills to capacity. The badge does NOT involve any actual flying and can
be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

The image of a boy, pack upon his back, hiking along a trail is synonymous with Boy
Scouting. The backpacking merit badge requires several backpacking experiences that
(obviously) cannot be done in a single day, so the 2-hour class at MBU will concentrate
on preparing scouts to go backpacking. Topics covered will include types of packs,
items to carry, proper packing, water treatment, trail stoves, Leave No Trace principles
and practices, adequate advance planning, and how to deal with inclement weather.
The counselors are Eagle Scouts and the class is appropriate for scouts of all ages.

This is a fun and relatively easy merit badge for the scout who enjoys doing crafts.
During the 2-hour class, scouts will make two different types of baskets. The badge is
appropriate for scouts of any age and can be fully completed, start to finish, at MBU.

The class will include a field trip to the woods. Requirement 5 is listed as a pre-requisite
 e a s t m o s l o rd t 2 p c s f i s a e p t
          s          b
b c u ei i p siet pe i i 0s e i o b d c nb s otdd r gc s.
                                   cf          e      r                       n a
                                                                       e ui l s
 r r ok n h t atu re u e e t ige t n a c
  o                    i a
Pi w r o ta p rc l rq i m n wl rale h n easo t likelihood of
                                     r         l     y              c u’ s
completing the merit badge. The badge is appropriate for scouts of all ages.

 o n r t n ib rv e . o n e r ib vib o e t n w lu ”
     su i        l        d                o l
N i t co wl epo i d Ac u s l wl ea aa l t m e o a“ ak pl e
basis with scouts who already know how to play the required bugle calls from memory.
Scouts must bring their own bugle or trumpet. If a scout can play the calls, earning the
badge will take about 10 minutes. Scouts will generally meet with the counselor either
during the lunch break or at the end of the day.

An Eagle required badge. Counseled by an experienced scoutmaster, the class will
 o c nr e n o p t g h p p r ok rq i me t ( hc s b u 9 % fh
         a            en                         r
c n e t t o c m l i te“a ew r”e u e ns w i ia o t 0 o te      h
badge). There are pre-requisites for scouts to complete this MB at MBU. It is an
            l s o b y t l r h i t a” b u p n
            a               e         g                a n e u , a i a uy
excellent c s fr o s o“ anter h w y a o t ln igm n s m k gfid t           n r
rosters, etc. The class has a rank restriction.

   ea v y a y n u a g h t p rpi e o so t o a a e . t
      te                              s           a
Arl i le s a dfnb d eta ia po r t fr c us f l g s I a2               l        s
                                                                             ’ -hour
class and all sections of this badge generally fill to capacity. The badge can be
completed, start to finish, at MBU.

One of the most fun classes at MBU that almost always fills to capacity. Scouts need to
bring the family camcorder because boys will write and film their own mini-movie during
class. Class size is limited. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.
An Eagle required badge. Because scouts come from so many different communities,
advance completion of the listed pre-requisite requirements is essential for boys to
complete the badge at MBU. This is not an easy badge and definitely NOT a badge for
younger scouts. The class has an age restriction.

An Eagle required badge. Scouts must bring proof of prior completion of the listed pre-
requisites in order to complete the badge at MBU. The class will focus on the workings
of our federal government and the provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Most schools
cover U.S. history in 8th grade and again in 11th grade. This is a difficult merit badge
and nearly impossible for boys in 7th grade or below to understand. For these reasons,
the class has an age restriction.

An Eagle required badge that can be completed, start to finish, at MBU. This is our
single most popular class and always fills to capacity. A great deal of material must be
covered in a relatively short time, so the class is very intense. Based on feedback from
our counselors in prior years, we have decided that this badge is NOT appropriate for
scouts under the age of 13.

An excellent class for those interested in the hobby of coin collecting. The class can be
completed, start to finish, at MBU. Scouts are invited, but not required, to bring
particularly interesting coins from their personal collections to show to the group --- but
participants are also cautioned about the inherent risks of carrying around exceptionally
 a a l i e . U su e n i iy o so t es n
   u e e                               al   t
v l b p c s MB a s m s olbi fr c usp ro al property.    ’

An easy merit badge for scouts who have and bring a bona-fide collection (stamps or
 o s xl e )o l s oe h th oe t n s b a po r tl i l e .
   n       u         a                     l i
c i e c d d t c s.N t ta teclco mu t e“p rpi e d p y d”             a y sa
This means that a deck of unsorted sports cards held by a rubber band does not a valid
collection make! This 2-hour class is appropriate for scouts of any age. Note that the
 oe t n wl e ea e y h o n e r th n f l s o rv n te s ai ”
   l i         l       n                  o
c lco s ib rti db tec u s l a tee do c s t pe e th “h r g   a                       n
of collections. Scouts need to make sure their name and unit number are on their
collection and remember to return to the classroom to claim them at the end of the day.

An Eagle required badge. This is a tough badge targeted toward scouts in high school.
It involves researching, preparing, and giving several effective oral presentations. Class
size is limited. This is an excellent class for the serious, well-prepared, older scout.
This badge is more about computer science than computer games. Much of the badge
deals with the history and evolution of computers. Scouts must already be proficient in
h s fof p lai ” ot r w r rc si , pe d h e, aa a e a d
              ic       i o        w                    n
teu eo “f ea pc t n s f ae( odpo e s g s ra s e td tb s , n
presentation graphics) in order to complete in-class assignments. There will be no
opportunity to play any computer games. The well-prepared, software-savvy scout can
easily complete this badge at MBU, but novices will be frustrated and disappointed. All
project work will be done in class, so there is no need to bring any files or software from
home. The bringing or use of USB memory devices is strictly prohibited. This is a
 ei s l s n t n p ot i t p ao n ” n o ue. l s e si e .
    o     a                  ut         a
s r u c s, o a o p r n y o“ly ru d o ac mp tr Ca s i il td               s z        mi

This class is for scouts who are Second Class or above and already have at least some
outdoor cooking experience. Taught by a team of experienced scout leaders, boys will
get to prepare (and sample) a variety of different foods using several cooking methods.
Scouts will do some cooking, plan menus, and take a field trip to the grocery store to
compare prices. Unless scouts bring written proof of having completed all the listed
     e u i e ue e t h a g a n te o le t U ui t a u
          se        r      ,                             e
pre-rq it rq i m ns teb d ec n o b c mp tda MB .B t ’sl fn                    s l
                                                                            t i
class and the participants eat well. The class is very popular and usually fills up.

Taught by officers from the Shepherdsville Police Department, this is an interesting and
relatively easy badge for scouts of any age. There are two easy pre-requisite projects
that scouts must do at home and bring to class in order to complete the badge at MBU.

This course is taught by a dentist and can be completed, start to finish, at MBU. The
badge was first offered at MBU 2007 and has become quite popular. The in-class
projects require a bit of skill and maturity, so the class does have an age restriction.

This badge is about creating an awareness of the challenges faced by those with
various handicaps. It is not a particularly difficult badge but does require outside project
work that cannot be completed at MBU. The counselor will help scouts who have not
already completed the service requirements to identify projects they might consider.

                                                                     s i“a d o ” n
A fun and easy merit badge for science-oriented scouts. The cla ss h n s n a d
involves wiring up simple circuits with lights, bells, switches, and batteries. This is a
very popular class appropriate for scouts of any age, including younger scouts. There
are two simple pre-requisites that scouts MUST complete at home and bring to class in
order to complete the badge at MBU.

Though not absolutely required, we strongly recommend that scouts earn the Electricity
MB prior to attempting this merit badge. This badge is about electronics at the circuit
   ad e l n e u e b t n li lkl n
         v            r
bo r l e a drq i s oha a ta si a dmah(a t n )oa py h sa t
                                    yc       ls             r i
                                                        t f co s t p lO m’lw o
electronic circuits. Taught by an electrical engineer, this is a small, relatively intense
class for older scouts. It can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.
An Eagle required badge designed for the older, experienced scout. There are several
pre-requisites, including the earning of First Aid MB, in order to complete this badge at
MBU. This is not a class for younger, less experienced scouts.

This badge is about how we use all forms of energy to make our lives better and easier.
It is a relatively easy merit badge but the one pre-requisite MUST be done at home and
brought to class in order for scouts to complete the badge at MBU.

    u n h n s n c us o a a ta t n r. c us it o i r u h w
                                     yc h k
Afna d“a d o ” o refr n li l i es S o t wlr t f ueo t o       ly g
stuff works, conduct several physics experiments, and build an in-class project. The MB
is targeted at the high school crowd and can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

An Eagle required badge. The class will cover a lot of material in a relatively short time.
Not recommended for brand new scouts. Class size will be limited and all sections are
likely to fill up. There are some pre-requisites that must be completed prior to MBU.

An Eagle required badge. Most of the requirements for this badge must be done at
 o e i h c u’ a i, o h -hour class at MBU will focus on preparing the
         h            s
h m wt teso t fm l s te2    y
scout to work on the merit badge rather than on actually completing it at MBU. Scouts
who come with appropriate evidence (i.e., note from a parent supported by notes, logs,
photos, etc.) of having completed the required family projects (listed pre-requisites) will
be able to complete the badge at MBU. The class has an age restriction.

One of the easiest merit badges for scouts of any age to earn. The class will be taught
by evidence technicians from the Shepherdsville Police Department and will only take 2
 o r. h l ss h n s n a d h a g a e o l e , t to is a MB .
h us T ec s i“a d o ” n teb d ec nb c mp td s rt f i , t U  e      a      nh

This is another fun, interesting, and relatively easy merit badge that is appropriate for
scouts of any age. The class will be taught by professional firefighters from the
Shepherdsville Fire Department. To prepare and practice a home fire evacuation plan
with their family is the only pre-requisite (they should bring a note from a parent along
with a sketch of their home showing exit paths).

An Eagle required badge. This is a fast-moving and very intense merit badge. Scouts
need to read and study the FIRST AID MB pamphlet, cover to cover, BEFORE coming
to class. Unprepared and/or immature scouts will NOT complete the badge. Age is
less a factor than maturity and attention span, but this class is definitely NOT for brand
new scouts. FIRST AID and LIFESAVING are probably the two most serious Eagle
 e u e a g s b c u e e p si s a e e d p n h c u’ rp rt n
      r                          e v
rq i db d e , e a s p o l’le c nd p n u o teso t pe aaina d              s         o
training. The passing standard for this class is very high. There are two pre-requisites.
This class will be taught by a professional educator from the Kentucky Department of
Fish & Wildlife Resources. Part of the class will be conducted outdoors. The MB can
be completed at MBU and the class is appropriate for scouts of all ages.

Part of the time in this class will be spent outdoors in the woods, so scouts need to
dress appropriately, including waterproof boots. The leaf collection is a pre-requisite.
The badge is appropriate for scouts of all ages.

This badge is about the popular sport of geocaching and a considerable amount of the
class time will be spent outdoors seeking caches. Scouts who can bring their own GPS
unit and already know how to use it will have a definite advantage. Scouts need to
dress for the weather, including waterproof boots. Scouts need to possess a basic
understanding of orienteering, so the class is for boys 1st Class or above.

  h s n fh s h d n e c us s
    s                    d                        e te a y r b d e h t o s
                                                   av y
T iio eo to e“i e g m” o re .Arl i le s mei a g ta b y               t
  fe v r k e a s h y o ’ n w h th od e n ! a i l,h a g s
             o                     t
otno elo b c u ete d n k o w a tew r m a s B s ay teb d ei              cl
  b u t i n ’ a i ioy c us e d o nev w aents and/or other
        an          s      y s
a o trc go e fm lh tr.S o t n e t itri p r                  e
                                                       e u i (a y. h yl l e d
relatives prior to class to complete the required pre-rq its e s) T e ’a on e  l s
to know the name, approximate year of birth, and place of residence (in the U.S.) of at
least one ancestor born before 1920 in order to complete an in-class project. Once they
get into it, most boys find the subject and the class to be very interesting. A good merit
  a g o so t o a y g , n t n
b d efr c us f n a e a di o la2       s
                                     ’ y -hour class!

This badge is about rocks, rock formations, and soil strata. The MB can be completed
start to finish at MBU and is appropriate for scouts of any age.

This class is about designing and printing all forms of written material, from pamphlets
and flyers to signs and banners. It will be taught off-site and scouts will need some
measure of computer literacy in order to complete several in-class design assignments.
The badge is more for older boys and can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

This badge is all about horses. Scouts will learn how to care for, lead, saddle, and ride
a horse. A majority of the class time will be spent outdoors working with horses, so
scouts need to dress for the weather. LEATHER SHOES OR BOOTS WITH A HEEL
                                              ce tb i e t s aeys e. l s r
ARE REQUIRED --- tennis shoes are not a c pa l (’as ft i u ) Go e ae   s           v
also recommended. The badge is more appropriate for scouts possessing some
maturity, so there is an age restriction. It can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.
                            h r l ioy rte te H lw o ” es n f ai
                                 e s                     l
This merit badge will teach te“ a h tr”ah rh “ oy o d v ri o n te      o          v
American history. Scouts will make some Indian-style tools and jewelry in class, play
some Indian games, learn some Indian words, do some Indian dances, and eat some
 n i o d . h yl l
   a                l s
Id nfo s T e ’a oget to examine some authentic Indian artifacts. The class is
appropriate for scouts of any age. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

Taught by the editor of the local Shepherdsville newspaper, this class has been one of
        r o u c se a MB o s v rle r, atu r i h l r u s t
                a a                                     i ay h
the moep p lr l s s t Ufr e ea y as p rc l lwt teo e g y.I                  d             ’s
a relatively easy MB with 2 easy pre-requisites. The class will include a field trip to the
Pioneer News newspaper office and a tour of the printing plant.

This class is for all the scouts who are Law & Order fans! The class will be taught by
an attorney and, if enrollment is sufficient, will involve a mock court exercise. A certain
degree of maturity is needed, so this course is recommended for the high school crowd.
Class size is limited, but those who get in will really enjoy it. A great class for a group of
older scouts to take together! If the mock court can be done, the badge can be fully
completed at MBU.

The best leatherworking class in Boy Scouting taught by one of the top leatherworking
 x et n o i i ti s oay h n s n c s w ee c use n y o . L
       s       sl
e p r i L u vl,h iattl “a d o ” l s h r so t l r b d ig A L
                   e s             l              a                   a       n
requirements will be completed at MBU and scouts get to take their projects home. The
class is appropriate for scouts of any age. And the class only takes 2 hours!

  h n a l e u e a g . i IS I, e p ’le c n e e d n c u’
    s        e        r               k
T ia E g rq i db d e L eFR TAD p o lsi s a d p n o aso t    e v                             s
training and ability to appropriately handle an aquatic emergency. For this reason, the
passing standard for this class is very high. While Swimming merit badge is no longer a
pre-requisite to take this class, it is still strongly recommended. This will be a full-day
class taught in an indoor pool at an off-site location. Scouts must be able to swim 400
yards using a combination of the crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke. They
must be able to float and do the elementary backstroke. They must be able to dive and
retrieve a weight from 8~10 feet of water. Scouts need to be strong swimmers who are
comfortable in the water. A well-prepared swimmer can fully earn the MB at MBU.

This class is all about mammals and may be taught off-site at Bernheim Forest. It is
appropriate for scouts of all ages and can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

This class typically attracts only a handful of students each year, but how many chances
 o s c u g to i o n n t k h p wt
                       t             a             h o t fr o r? o o e so t
d e aso t e t s d w a d“ ls o ” i ad c ro 4h us F r l r c us                  d
seriously interested in a career in Medicine, this is the badge.
This class will be taught off-site by an experienced metalworker. It is for older scouts
who have the maturity and common sense to listen and follow directions. The use of
powerful machinery is involved. No horseplay. Class size is limited. A great badge for
older scouts. The MB can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

  h a g s f e n w lu ” a i n s n a y a g o so t w o e d
   s             e                        s
T ib d eiofrdo a“ ak p b s a dia e s b d efr c us h ra
music and play an instrument --- any instrument. Scouts DO NOT need to bring their
instrument. But they MUST bring a note from their school band teacher or other
professional music teacher stating their ability to read and play an instrument. Scouts
MUST also download the MUSIC merit badge worksheet from,
complete it at home, and bring it to MBU. The counselor will be available throughout
the day, so scouts are strongly encouraged NOT TO WAIT until the end of the day
(when the waiting line may be long) to seek an appointment.

This was an Eagle required badge until replaced by Environmental Science. The class
will be taught by a professional educator from the Kentucky Department of Fish &
Wildlife and will include some time outdoors on a nature hike. It is appropriate for
scouts of any age.

 o so t w n b ud g n ao c o sn l s b th y il n o
                t        ln                         a
N , c us o ’ eb ii a y tmib mb i c s, u te wle r h wa             la
nuclear reactor operates and some other things about nuclear science. The class will
be a combination of lecture and demonstration. Seldom offered anywhere else, this is
one of our most popular classes for the high school crowd. The badge can be
completed, start to finish, at MBU.

                                      h at s c a s t a l s e i e o
                                             h           ’
                                                         s        a
The badge is about the ecosystems of tee r ’o e n .I albc s d s n dfr        g
boys who have an interest in science. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at
MBU. There is an age restriction.

                                                            cr e p n l d t
                                                                     n vv
One of the toughest Eagle required badges because of the re odk e igi o e .I        ’s
 l n fh o t s fl a c u’ o -tr i n i s c ry t l b u ws
  s                         o
a oo eo tem s u eu fr so t l g em f a c le ui.I a a o t i
                                       s n         n a          t ’ ls             e
money management, from loans and credit cards to saving and investing. Scouts really
need to be 14 or older to understand the concepts and do the math. Everything but the
required project work can be completed at MBU.

The name of the badge pretty much says it all. This badge is about pets. Pretty much
any kind of pet counts, so long as the scout is able to demonstrate that he has taken
significant responsibility for caring for the pet for the required period of time. Scouts
need to bring photos and other written evidence that they have met the requirements.
 h l ss f e n w l p b s ah rh n s oma c
       a        e                k          s
T ec s iofrdo a“ a u ” a irte ta a afr llss. Scouts will meet           a
with the counselor either during the lunch break or at the end of the day to discuss their
pet and show their documentation.
A fun and relatively easy merit badge for scouts of any age, but every scout needs to
            n it c m r o s ui l s C l h n a ea w n s fc .
                ga                      n a           l
have his ow d i la eat u ed r gc s.( e p o ec m rs o ’ ufe)                 t i
There is one pre-requisite. Class size is limited.

   h n s n c s a g t y rfsi a p m es h t ih v o s o r g o t
                a                     o     u             l
A“a d -o ” ls tu h b poe s n l l b r ta wl a eb y s lei jns                 d n i ,
threading pipes, and learning how the water system in a house flows from the supply
line to the sewer or septic tank. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU
and is appropriate for scouts of any age.

 h s n te “i e e ” a g . r ro h e e
   s               d                        o            o
T iia oh rh d ng m b d e Pi t ted v lpment of vaccines and wonder
 rg i h 9 0 ,h a a a l e u e
                   s s                e        r
du snte1 5 ’ tiw s nE g rq i dmei a g .T o g w d n ti  t
                                                      r b d e h u h e o ’h k    t n
much about it today, public health is still a major concern behind the scenes in areas
ranging from water quality to food safety to disease control to waste disposal. This
merit badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU and is appropriate for scouts of
any age. It is a 2-hour class.

 h a g s p rpi e o so t o a y g . t l b u ma i f te eb l
   s                   a                         ’ l
T ib d eia po r t fr c us f n a e I a a o t k gefcv v ra           n     ei
presentations --- how to speak before a group, manage an audience, and hold the
 ru ’ t t . c us itk un g i
      s e o                  l            v g ei o s ot p e h s eoe h
go p atnin S o t wla etrs in as r s f h rs e c e b fr te
class and receive constructive feedback. Class size will be limited so that the badge
can be completed at MBU. Advance thought about speech topics and maybe even a bit
of advance research will make things easier.

This badge is about the production and value of the various paper products we use in
our daily lives. Today, we take paper for granted, but this was not always the case.
The class will discuss how paper is made and boys will actually make paper in class.
This badge is appropriate for scouts of all ages and will be completed at MBU.

This class is about radio communication --- both amateur and commercial. The
counselor is a licensed HAM. This is a moderately intense subject that requires
concentration. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

                                                s h o d c p se b …
All aboard! Please have your tickets ready a tec n u tr a s s y We o et           c
                                                                                  lm o
the history of rail transportation and the fun of model railroading. This badge is for guys
who like trains --- both real ones and the small electric ones. The class is appropriate
for scouts of any age. All requirements can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

  f e n w l p b s . o n e r ib v ib ho g o th a . h
   e             k          s            o l
O frdo a“ a u ” a i Ac u s l wl ea aa l tru h u ted y T il e                          s
badge is for scouts who love to read. Every troop has a bookworm and this badge is for
that kid. Scouts need to bring written proof for the listed pre-requisites and meet with
 h o n e ro i s te o k te ’ e d o l i a e a o t 5 iue .
            o       c                    v                 eo
tec u s l t dsu s h b o s h y era .C mp t ntk s b u 1 m n ts
This badge is about the safe handling and proper shooting of a rifle. The class will be
taught by an NRA-certified counselor and the shooting will be supervised by an NRA-
certified Range Safety Officer. The class will be taught off-site at Boy Scout Camp
Crooked Creek. It will be an all-day class. Scouts will be shooting single-shot, bolt
action .22 caliper rifles on an approved shooting range. Because it is an outdoor range,
boys need to dress for the weather. The amount of time spent outdoors on the range
will be directly related to their individual skill in shooting. The class is open to scouts
aged 13 or older. Most boys should be able to complete the MB, start to finish, at MBU.

This is a relatively easy merit badge that can be completed in only 2 hours if scouts
come prepared with proof of having completed the few simple pre-requisites. The class
is appropriate for scouts of any age.

From door-to-door fundraising to mail order to retail to the Internet, it seems everyone is
selling something! This class is all about marketing and the art of selling. Scouts will
learn about merchandising, packaging, and techniques for face-to-face selling. This
class is appropriate for scouts of all ages, but a bit of maturity and seriousness is
required. There are two listed pre-requisites.

  f e y p o t e t hs a g s l a g g r t o s e t w o o e i
   e             n                       o         n u”
O frdb a p i m n.T ib d ei“ wh n i f i fr td ns h d w ln       u                  l
 c o l u s h o s tnl a e h o o rlPi i l i, r i a a a e c
      .                  s y                       l np s s
sh o G y w oc n ie t m k teh n ro, r c a’L to s lr c d mi              mi
recognitions have already done the tough part of the badge. Membership in the Junior
Beta Club, Beta Club, or National Honor Society pretty much seals the deal; otherwise,
scouts will need to provide other evidence of both good grades and good citizenship at
school. Scouts who think they qualify should check the MB requirements and bring
appropriate proof to show the counselor. There is also an essay that must be written.

This is a brand new merit badge that was introduced in 2010 in conjunction with the Boy
  c us e tn i. t b u the
        ’        a ’   s
S o t c ne n l I a o t history of Boy Scouting and the contributions of
Scouting icons such as Robert S.S. Baden-Powell, Daniel Carter Beard, James West,
and others. It includes a nostalgic look at how Scouting has changed and evolved over
                                    l a g t y ru fo i ” c um s s
                                      b                         d me
the past 100 years. The course wil etu h b ago po “l t rso t a tr                  e
who will share stories of what Boy Scouting was like when they were a youth. This 2-
hour class should be interesting for scouts of all ages. There are 3 pre-requisites.

This badge is appropriate for scouts of any age. Boys must bring their own roller skates
 roe b d s t i h i ) h yl e k t g n o cee s h y a w n t r g
     l a        hr c                l         n
o rlr l e ( e c o e.T e ’b sai o c n rt, ote m y a tobi                              n
pads and helmets, too! The badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

This badge is new for MBU 2010. It will be taught by a biologist. One requirement that
may not be able to be completed in the class time available is listed as a pre-requisite.
Boys will be outside for part of the class. The badge is open to scouts of any age.
  ct  y     em e p
S ot … b a m u !We, o e a t.T ic s ia o te l space exploration
                              ln t x cy h l ss b u ra
                               l         l      s a                -life
in the 20 Century and continuing through today. Scouts need to build and bring a
ready-to-launch model rocket (constructed from kits that are commonly available at
hobby or discount stores) to class. The counselor will supply a launch pad and rocket
engine to launch the rockets during class. Full-sized rockets that use standard A, B, or
     n i s r e u e ;m n rces r o
       n              r        i
Ce g e aerq i d “ i”o k t aen t acceptable. Other pre-requisites are
listed. This is a fun class for space enthusiasts of any age.

 h a g s l a g r t o a y c us h r l a yn h o b o s
   s            o         n u”                            r
T ib d ei“ wh n igf i fr n so t w oaea e d i oteh b y f tmp        t                a
 oe t g h s w lu ” a g es s
   l i         s
c lcn .T iia“ ak p b d ev ru a formal class. A counselor will be
available to meet with scouts at the end of the day. Scouts need to bring their stamp
collection and any other documentation or evidence needed to demonstrate that they
have satisfied all the requirements of the badge. Completion will take about 15 minutes.

 h h n s n c s io e f u moe o u c us s o o e g y. c us i
   s               a                           a
T i“a d o ” l ss n o o r r p p lr o re fr l r u s S o t wl      d                    l
spend a large part of the class outdoors surveying the school campus. Some geometry
and trigonometry are required, so admission is restricted to boys having the necessary
math skills and class size is limited. The MB can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

Scouts must be able to pass the BSA Swimmer Test at the beginning of class. Since
 h l ss a g t f i n a e te u d y to e h a ’ wm 5 ad u i
       a               se                   l
tec s itu h oft a dtk s h fl a ,h s w oc n s i 7 y rs s ga         t                  n
strong forward stroke, swim 25 yards using the elementary backstroke, then float
motionless on their backs for 2 minutes are going to be pretty miserable sitting on the
bleachers all day while the rest of the boys work on earning the merit badge. This is a
class for boys who can swim --- not a class for boys wanting to learn to swim. Scouts
  in e
   l          u s t fs e t l h s t e rn h o l h e u ed
wl e dafl e o “t e c te ”ow a i otep o T erq i outfit includes a
                         r       o               t           .            r
button up the front dress shirt, long trousers, belt, socks, and shoes. It is very important
 h th h ti rp r n ut s n g l th oa. t d e n ,h o s o ’
              r ts       y
ta tes i f po ela db t n s u g a tec lr Ii o s ’ teb y w n
                                     o         y           l      f        t              t
be able to properly inflate it and requirement 4 will be more difficult to complete. Do
NOT bring 100% cotton dress shirts or blue jeans. Cotton clothing is too porous --- it
instantly absorbs water and becomes very heavy --- thus making it considerably more
difficult to complete requirement 4. Polyester blend shirts and trousers are far better.
Tennis shoes are OK, but they will be soaking wet afterward, so scouts will need
another pair of shoes to wear home (or wear wet shoes). Scouts need to bring a
personal towel. Scouts who own a personal mask and snorkel should bring it, but the
  e r g f wm o g s o ’ e emi
       n                e        t         t n c us h u e e h s t o e
w ai o s i g g l w n b p r t da dso t s o l l v to ea h m .      d a
Good swimmers should be able to fully complete the merit badge at MBU. There is a
rank restriction.

       a g s b u a te i e ta r s e e r n s n ay a i t
                      l       f
This b d eia o t lh d frn fbi w w a a du eo ad i b s .I a
                               e         c                           l      s ’   s
relatively easy and enlightening merit badge that can be completed, start to finish, at
MBU. Scouts will do some simple weaving. The class is open to scouts of all ages.
This class is about the performing art of live theater. There are several pre-requisites
that cannot be done at MBU. For the older scout who has been involved in one or more
actual productions at his school or church, this will be a great opportunity to earn one of
the less frequently earned merit badges. The class is also a good introduction to live
theater for those who simply have an interest in the subject. The class is open to scouts
of all ages, but older scouts will probably appreciate it more than younger boys.

This is a great --- and very appropriate --- course for scouts 15 and older who are
hn n b u g t h t h r h d r e’ i n e o n e so t po a l o ’
ti i a o t et gta c ei e di r le s .Y u g r c us rb b w n
                     n           s        v sc                                  y   t
get as much out of it. The 2-hour class will be taught by an officer from the
Shepherdsville Police Department. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at

This class will be taught off-site at the shipping terminal of a local trucking company.
 o s ig t n i i i ” fh r k g n s y r
         l         nd e                  u n d r o n fh em n l a a es
B y wl e a “ s ev w o tet ci i u t f m o eo tetr ia m n g r.
Scouts of any age may take the class, but older scouts will get more out of it --- younger
guys may have trouble grasping some of the terminology and concepts. Class size will
be limited. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

This class will be taught by a veterinarian and is all about caring for animals, from
tropical fish to household pets to farm animals. The class is open to scouts of all ages
and the badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU.

This class is about the science of meteorology. The counselor is a professional
forecaster for the National Weather Service. It is not a difficult merit badge and is
appropriate for science-minded scouts of all ages. The badge can be completed, start
to finish, at MBU.

 h a g ib l s e te h n s n wt c use n g y ud
    s           l
T ib d ewl ea o t ni l“a d o ” i so t l ri b b iigs m
                      m        ry                h            a n         ln o e
actual projects. For safety reasons, class size will be limited and boys must be 14 or
older. The badge can be completed, start to finish, at MBU. Scouts will be required to
 h w ad oe N h ad th e i i f l s h s h o ’ a e n
            i             p               nn          a
s o av l T t ’ C i c r a teb g n go c s --- to ew od n h v o e              t
will not be allowed to take the class.
                                                                       BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
UNIT REGISTRATION FORM                                                 MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011
                                                                       Saturday, February 26, 2011
                                                                       Bullitt Lick Middle School (Shepherdsville, KY)

                                                                         Doors Open @ 7:30 AM; Program Starts @ 7:45 AM
                                                                         Program Ends @ 5:30 PM; Building Closes @ 6:00 PM
     Type of Unit & Unit Number:
                                                                                   To qualify for the group rate, all scout
        Chartering Organization:                                                   registration forms MUST be collected
                                                                                   by a troop adult and submitted in a bundle
            Council (if not LHC):                                                  along with this form, a single check, and
                                                                                   information on AT LEAST 2 ADULTS who
                         District:                                                 volunteer to help at MBU.

    Unit Contact (Please PRINT):                                                  Please review all Scout Registration Forms to
                                                                                  check for the following:
                 Email Address:                                                     * Make sure we can READ the scout's writing.
                                                                                    * Make sure every scout has listed 7 choices.
              Phone Number(s):                                                      * Make sure every scout meets the listed age,
                                                                                      rank, and/or grade restrictions for all the
                Mailing Address:                                                      merit badges he has selected.
                                                                                    * Make sure every form is signed by both the
                                                                                      scout and his parent/guardian.

MBU is designed to be a COOPERATIVE EFFORT. To run a program of this magnitude, we NEED and actively seek the help of
adults from all participating units to assist with a variety of tasks throughout the day. We particularly need parents to help
transport scouts to off-site MB classes and to help with the preparation and serving of lunch. Please provide information (phone
number and email address) for at least 2 adults from this unit who will be in attendance at MBU and willing to assist.
      Name (please PRINT)            Driver?   Kitchen?      Phone Number                          Email Address

1                                      ___       ___

2                                      ___       ___

3                                      ___       ___

4                                      ___       ___

5                                      ___       ___

How did you learn about T-868's MBU?           Email direct from Troop 868 (includes participation at MBU 2010)
                                               Information was distributed at District Roundtable
                                               Information was brought in by a scout or scout parent
                                               Information was picked up at Scout HQ or Scout Shop
                                               Information was picked up at the University of Scouting
                                               Heard about it from another scout leader
                                               Just happened upon it while surfing the Internet
                                               Other (Please specify):

Did this unit participate in Troop 868's MBU program last year?       No          Yes

Has this unit recently participated in other MBU-like programs?       No          Yes, hosted by ________________________

Total number of active scouts in this unit?                                       Number of Scouts attending MBU this year?

Though we have counselors secured for this year, we're always interested in identifying good resources for future years and/or
last-minute substitutes. Please list on the back of this form information about any adults in your unit who might be a potential
counselor. (Name, phone #, email address, and the subject areas of interest.)
                                   BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
COURSE LIST                        MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011                                                                                         Page 1 of 2

             MERIT BADGE            Course #     Time       Restrictions    Notes PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS (Bring proof of completion to class)
    American Heritage                   11      4 hours   13 or older             Req 3c
    American Labor                      12      4 hours                           none
    Archaeology                         13      6 hours                           none
    Archery                             14      8 hours   13 or older      C      none
    Architecture                        15      4 hours                    BC     none
    Art                                 16      4 hours                           none
    Automotive Maintenance              17      4 hours                    A      none
    Aviation                            18      4 hours                    AC     none
    Backpacking                         19      2 hours                           Req 6, 8c, 8d, 9, 10, 11
    Basketry                            20      2 hours                           none
    Bird Study                          21      4 hours                    AC     Req 5 (will be worked on in class, but may not be completed at MBU)
    Bugling                          (circle)   Walk-In                           Bring qualifying instrument and completed worksheet from
E   Camping                             22      4 hours   Tenderfoot              Req 3, 5e, 7b, 8d, 9a, 9b, 9c (Bring note from Scoutmaster)
    Chemistry                           23      2 hours                           none
    Cinematography                      24      4 hours                    A      none (Bring camcorder & cable to display output on TV)
E   Citizenship in the Community        25      4 hours   13 or 1st Cl            Req 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 (bring presentation to class)
E   Citizenship in the Nation           26      4 hours   14 or Life              Req 2, 3, 8
E   Citizenship in the World            27      4 hours   13 or 1st Cl            none
    Coin Collecting                     28      4 hours                           none
    Collections                         29      2 hours                           MUST BRING your qualifying collection for the counselor to inspect
E   Communications                      30      4 hours   14 or Life              Req 5, 6, 8
    Computers                           31      4 hours                           Must ALREADY KNOW how to use software to pass Requirement 4
    Cooking                             32      4 hours   2nd Class        BC     Req 4, 5, 6, 7 (Bring note from parent/guardian/scoutmaster)
    Crime Prevention                    33      4 hours                           Req 2, 4
    Dentistry                           34      4 hours   12 or older             none
    Disabilities Awareness              35      2 hours                           Req 2, 4, 5c, 7
    Electricity                         36      4 hours                           Req 8, 9a
    Electronics                         37      4 hours   14 or older             Experience soldering would be helpful
E   Emergency Preparedness              38      4 hours   13 or 1st Cl            Req 1, 7, 8, 9
    Energy                              39      4 hours                           Req 4 (bring log to class)
    Engineering                         40      4 hours   14 or older             none; but analytical thinking skills are very important
E   Environmental Science               41      4 hours   12 or 2nd Cl            Req 3f, 4, 5, 6
E   Family Life                         42      2 hours   13 or 2nd Cl            Req 3, 4, 5
    Fingerprinting                      43      2 hours                           none
    Fire Safety                         44      4 hours                    B      Req 6a (bring note from parent and home fire evacuation plan)
E   First Aid                           45      4 hours   13 or 2nd Cl     A      Req 1, 7. Obtain, READ, and STUDY the MB booklet BEFORE coming to class
    Fish & Wildlife Mgmt                46      4 hours                    BC     none
    Forestry                            47      4 hours                    BC     none; but doing the required leaf collection in advance is recommended
    Geocaching                          48      4 hours   1st Class        BC     Req 8, 9. Bring your own GPS unit (if possible).
    Genealogy                           49      2 hours                           Complete Req 3 and bring info for Req 6, 7 to class
    Geology                             50      4 hours                    BC     none
    Graphic Arts                        51      4 hours   14 or older      A      none
    Horsemanship                        52      4 hours   14 or older      AC     none; MUST wear leather shoes or boots with a heel -- no tennis shoes!
                              BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
COURSE LIST                   MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011                                                                                        Page 2 of 2

          MERIT BADGE          Course #     Time       Restrictions    Notes PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS (Bring proof of completion to class)
  Indian Lore                      53      4 hours                           none
  Journalism                       54      4 hours                    B      Req 2a1, 4
  Law                              55      4 hours   high school             Req 6a
  Leatherwork                      56      2 hours                           none
E Lifesaving                       57      8 hours   13 or 1st Cl     A      Strong swimmer; know all the strokes; Swimming MB is strongly recommended
  Mammal Study                     58      4 hours                           none
  Medicine                         59      4 hours   14 or older             Req 1, 10
  Metalwork                        60      4 hours   14 or older      A      none
  Music                         (circle)   Walk-In                           Bring note from music teacher & completed worksheet from
  Nature                           61      4 hours                    BC     none; class will include an outdoor nature hike (dress appropriately)
  Nuclear Science                  62      4 hours   14 or older             none
  Oceanography                     63      4 hours   13 or older             none
E Personal Management              64      4 hours   14 or Life              Req 1, 2, 8c, 8d, 10b
  Pets                          (circle)   Walk-In                           Do ALL requirements in advance; bring photos
  Photography                      65      4 hours                           Req 4; (Bring a digital camera to use in class)
  Plumbing                         66      4 hours                           none
  Public Health                    67      2 hours                           none
  Public Speaking                  68      4 hours                           Be prepared to give the required speeches
  Pulp & Paper                     69      4 hours                           none
  Radio                            70      4 hours                           none
  Railroading                      71      4 hours                           none
  Reading                       (circle)   Walk-In                           Do ALL requirements in advance; bring written proof for Req 4
  Rifle Shooting                   72      8 hours   13 or 1st Cl     AC     none
  Safety                           73      2 hours                           Req 1, 2, 5, 6
  Salesmanship                     74      4 hours                    B      Req 5, 7
  Scholarship                   (circle)   Walk-In                           ALL requirements; bring written proof for Req 1; bring essay (Req 5)
  Scouting Heritage                75      2 hours                           Req 4a, 4b, 5, 6
  Skating                          76      4 hours                    A      Bring own roller skates and/or roller blades
  Soil & Water Conservation        77      4 hours                    BC     Req 7 (will be worked on in class, but may not be completed at MBU)
  Space Exploration                78      4 hours                    C      Req 2, 5c, 7 (Bring fully assembled full-size rocket to class w/o engines)
  Stamp Collecting              (circle)   Walk-In                           Req 6A, 7, 8
  Surveying                        79      4 hours   10th grade       C      Req 6 (Dress warmly, part of the class will be conducted outdoors.)
E Swimming                         80      8 hours   2nd Class        A      Must pass BSA Swimmer Test; must bring clothes to do Req 4
  Textile                          81      4 hours                           none
  Theater                          82      4 hours   14 or older             Req 1, 2, 3
  Traffic Safety                   83      2 hours   14 or older             none
  Truck Transportation             84      4 hours                    A      none
  Veterinary Medicine              85      4 hours   12 or older             none
  Weather                          86      4 hours                           none
  Woodwork                         87      4 hours   14 or older      A      Must have a valid Tote 'N Chip card on person to take this MB.

                                                            NOTES: A          This class will meet at an off-site location
                                                                   B          This class may include an off-site field trip
                                                                   C          This class will include significant time outdoors (Be Prepared!)
                                                             BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
                                      MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011
                                                        COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS
A number of the merit badge classes on the COURSE LIST have specific age/rank restrictions. These are based
on the experience of counselors in prior years and will be enforced. A scout who takes merit badges for which he is
not prepared or that require skills beyond his current ability is not likely to enjoy his day or fully benefit from the
opportunities that MBU offers. We reserve the right to remove from class any scout who does not meet our
guidelines or shows up unprepared.

Each year, many Scoutmasters ask our recommendations about which merit badges are most appropriate for
scouts at various stages in their Scouting careers. We are happy to share the following general guidelines, but
caution Scoutmasters to also consider the specific talents, skill level, maturity, and interests of each individual

Appropriate for scouts who have never been to Boy Scout summer resident camp and for whom MBU will be their
first experience earning any merit badge (note that some may have age restrictions):

    Archaeology (6 hr class)                  Electricity                              Plumbing
    Art                                       Energy                                   Public Health (2 hr class)
    Backpacking (2 hr class)                  Fingerprinting (2 hr class)              Pulp & Paper
    Basketry (2 hr class)                     Fire Safety                              Safety (2 hr class)
    Chemistry (2 hr class)                    Leatherwork (2 hr class)                 Skating
    Coin Collecting                           Mammal Study                             Soil & Water Conservation
    Collections (2 hr class)                  Nature                                   Weather
    Crime Prevention                          Oceanography

For guys who have been Boy Scouts for at least 6 months and understand how the merit badge program works,
these badges are also appropriate:

    Archery (8 hr class)                      Disabilities Awareness (2 hr class)      Public Speaking
    American Heritage                         Emergency Preparedness                   Radio
    American Labor                            Environmental Science                    Railroading
    Auto Maintenance                          Family Life (2 hr class)                 Salesmanship
    Aviation                                  Fish & Wildlife Mgmt                     Scouting Heritage (2 hr class)
    Bird Study                                Forestry                                 Space Exploration
    Camping                                   Genealogy (2 hr class)                   Swimming (8 hr class)
    Cinematography                            Geology                                  Textile
    Citizenship in the World                  Indian Lore                              Truck Transportation
    Cooking                                   Journalism                               Veterinary Medicine
    Dentistry                                 Photography

The following badges are only appropriate for scouts who possess the maturity to tackle more difficult subjects that
require critical thinking, analysis, and focus. Most have age/rank restrictions. Some of these subjects are rarely
offered in other settings, so MBU provides an excellent opportunity to earn them.

    Architecture                              First Aid                                Nuclear Science
    Citizenship in the Community              Geocaching                               Personal Management
    Citizenship in the Nation                 Graphic Arts                             Rifle Shooting (8 hr class)
    Communications                            Horsemanship                             Surveying
    Computers                                 Law                                      Theater
    Electronics                               Lifesaving (8 hr class)                  Traffic Safety (2 hr class)
    Engineering                               Medicine                                 Woodwork
                        BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
                     MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011
                         SELECTING COURSES

      PLEASE READ !!!
The first course, American Heritage, is course number 11. All MBU course numbers
  are two digits; there are no courses numbered 1~9. (Scouts may ask about this!)

There ar n c us n m es o a y fh mei a g s h t r ofrd“y
           e o o re u b r fr n o te r b d e ta ae f e bt               e
   p o m n. c us i l i l h s a g s n h e ir i om h n
         n        ”          m y re
  a p it e t S o t s p c c to eb d e o teR g t t nF r te         s ao
  come to the Registration Desk sometime during their day at MBU and we will link
  them up with the appropriate counselor. They should try to do that early in the day
  or during the lunch break, as boys who wait until the end of the day may have to wait
  their turn in line, thus delaying others in their car pool.

It is VERY important that ALL scouts list 7 course selections, even if they register early.
There is a simple reason why this is necessary ---

Not all courses are offered multiple times throughout the day. Some classes are only
offered for one session. Scouts have no way of knowing when courses will be offered.
Therefore, it is quite possible for a scout to choose two (or more) classes that conflict
with each other.

      iw r f
Wewl ok rm tetpd w , otet i lc u wl rb b g t i“rt h i ”
                 o h o o n s h y c so t ipo a l e hs fs c o e
                                            pa            l       y           i      c
 l s U , h s c n h i ” l s o f s i i i t n oh r n f e
  a            fs
c s.B T i i“e o dc o e c s c nlt wt h fs a db t aeo lofrd
                                  c a          ic      h sr                      y e
  n i , N e o s ’n c e n a en t o re ta d n c nl o ae ’
      m                     tda
o et e A Dh d e n i i t a y l raec us s h t o ’ o f t r rn
                                            t                         t     c
                                                                            i         t
already filled, then he will only be pre-scheduled for one class. If that happens, we will
have to contact the unit leader and the unit leader will have to contact the scout then
advise us of alternate selections. This is a very time-consuming process for everyone
involved and classes may fill up as we proceed to process other registration forms that
scouts completed according to directions.

This unfortunate situation can be avoided if scouts follow instructions and list 7 different
courses (as requested) at the time of initial registration. By doing this, the scout is
much more likely to get into classes he really wants.

As always, we will do our very best to give scouts their 1st and 2nd choice classes --- but
f i s o p sie h
 ts               b,
i h in t o s l temoea en ts h yi,h b t r h n ete ’h v o
                             r l rae te ltte et c a c h yl a e f
                                 t              s            e              l
getting the best possible schedule.

             h e ie n a te e ir i e dn ,sn
                   s               s ao           i ii
For scouts w org tr e rh rg t t nd a le lt gmoeta 7c o e i ’         c   na
                                                             r h n h i ss t
bad idea, as many classes may already be full by that point.
                                                                                        BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
SCOUT REGISTRATION FORM                                                                 MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011
                                                                                        Saturday, February 26, 2011
                                                                                        Bullitt Lick Middle School (Shepherdsville, KY)
                                                                                          Program Starts @ 7:45 AM; Program Ends about 5:30 PM
 1 This is a Scouting event --- full "Class A" Scout field uniform is the expected attire for all participants.
 2 Scouts must obtain and bring with them an official merit badge BLUE CARD signed by their scoutmaster for each MB class they wish to take at MBU.
 3 Counselors have the right to refuse class admission to scouts who do not meet the published prerequisite age/rank/grade requirements, arrive without
   required materials, and/or arrive without a properly completed BLUE CARD signed by their scoutmaster.
 4 All classes will be limited to a size appropriate to the subject being discussed and the facilities available.
 5 Advance registration and other conditions must be met by the unit in order for scouts to receive the "group rate."
 6 Registrations will be processed first come, first served in the order that Scout Registration Form and accompanying payment are received. In fairness
   to others, requests to "hold space" or "make reservations" before payment is received will be declined.
 7 Any requests to change course selections must be cleared through and approved by the Registrar; scouts will not be permitted to attend classes for
   which they are not properly registered.
 8 Lunch will be served on-site. Scouts may not leave the campus of Bullitt Lick Middle School except on class-related field trips in the company of their
   merit badge counselor. Transportation for all such trips will be provided by adult drivers at least 21 years of age.
 9 Completion of merit badges taken at MBU is not guaranteed. Scouts must complete all BSA requirements to the satisfaction of the counselor(s).
   Many merit badges require advance preparation and/or paperwork. Partials will be given for work completed at MBU if the entire MB is not completed.
10 This Registration Form and payment must be RECEIVED by Troop 868 by Sunday, February 20, 2011.
11 In the unlikely event a course must be cancelled at the last minute, scouts will be rescheduled into another class that is able to accommodate them.
12 Scouts must attend the classes and sessions to which they are assigned. All schedule changes must be approved by the Registrar. Those who register
   near the deadline may not get their first choice classes.
13 Chewing gum, snacks, personal electronics, cell phones, playing cards and other items not required for merit badge classes are inappropriate and should
   not be brought to MBU. Items that cause a distraction or disruption in a class will be confiscated. USB memory devices are specifically prohibited.
14 Cancellations after Sunday, February 20 and "no shows" are not eligible to receive a refund.
15 Scouts should make sure their name and troop number is on all items brought to MBU (coats/jackets, caps, MB books, notebooks, cameras, etc.).
   Lost & Found items not claimed by March 15 will be discarded.
                                                                                                                              PARTICIPATION FEES
    Scout's Name (PRINT clearly)
                                                                                                             $25 Individual Advance Registration
    Scout's Home Phone Number ( ______ ) ______________________
                                                                                                             $17 Group Advance Registration (all conditions met)
                        Scout's Age                 (on February 26, 2011)                                        * At least 3 scouts from the same unit
                                                                                                                  * Unit Registration Form submitted
  Scout's Current Grade in School                                                                                 * Group payment made with a single check
                                                                                                                  * At least 2 adults volunteer to assist
             Scout's Current Rank

            Scout's Troop Number

Indicate class selections by entering course numbers on the lines below. List 7 different courses in order of preference -- we will do our best to honor
your requests from the top down, but classes do fill up and other scheduling conflicts occur, so it is foolish not to list alternate selections.
                                       Course #                       Course Title                                WALK-UP COUNSELING AVAILABLE

                   FIRST CHOICE                                                                          Circle if you wish to meet with a counselor about:
                SECOND CHOICE
                   THIRD CHOICE

                 FOURTH CHOICE                                                                                                     PETS

                   FIFTH CHOICE
                   SIXTH CHOICE
                                                                                                                          STAMP COLLECTING
               SEVENTH CHOICE

APPLICATION TO PARTICIPATE. I have read the CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION listed above and understand my responsibilities in being able to
successfully earn one or more merit badges at this event.
                                                                 Scout's Signature
PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE. As parent/guardian of this scout, I hereby grant permission for him to participate in this event. Where necessary for the
subjects he has chosen, I also grant permission for him to be transported offsite in an appropriate vehicle operated by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age.
I fully understand there are certain risks of physical injury associated with some MBs and I agree to hold harmless the Bullitt County Public School System, Boy
Scout Troop 868 as hosts of this event, the volunteers who make the program possible, and any businesses or organizations that allow classes to be held on
their premises. In the event of serious injury, I authorize the Scout Leaders in charge of this event to secure immediate emergency medical treatment for this
minor child with the understanding that I will be contacted as soon as possible.
                                                                                                         Make checks payable to BSA TROOP 868 and
                   Parent/Guardian                                                                       mail or deliver to:
                                                                                                               3917 Kurtz Ave, Louisville, KY 40229-1133.
                                                                                                         Form and payment must be RECEIVED by Troop 868
            Emergency Number(s)                                                                          on or before Sunday, February 20, 2011.
                        BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
                     MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY 2011
                           ADULT TRAINING
In cooperation with the Lincoln Heritage Council and the American Red Cross, the
following ADULT TRAINING COURSES will be offered in conjunction with MBU 2011.
Advance registration is required for all courses and should be submitted to us along with
your Unit Registration Form and Scout Registration Forms. There will be a fee for the
Red Cross CPR Training that must be submitted with the Adult Registration Form. All
other courses will be free, but advance registration is still required.

This is supposed to be the first training course for new scout leaders. The course will
provide an overview of how a unit is organized, how leaders are selected, the role of the
chartering organization, and the role of the Unit Committee. This is a required course
for ALL registered leaders, including Committee Members. The class will last about an
hour and multiple sessions will be offered.

This class was formerly called New Leader Essentials. It picks up were Fast Start ends
and provides a basic introduction to the Boy Scout advancement program and the
various health and safety rules and regulations that are in place to insure the safety of
both youth and adult members in Scouting activities. Beginning this year, this course is
required for ALL registered leaders, including Committee Members. The class will last
about an hour and multiple sessions will be offered.

This training in required at least every 2 years for ALL registered leaders, including
Committee Members. There is an on-line version of this course that some people
prefer, but not everyone has access to the Internet and there are also folks who just
simply prefer a classroom course to an on-line course. This will be the classroom
version of the YPT course. The class will take about an hour and multiple sessions will
be offered.

This is an all-day class. Part of the training will be classroom instruction and part will be
 h n s n e ec e , o e f hc
                   s                  h y e o e ud os h o re s e u e o
“a d -o ” x ri s s m o w i ma b d n o to r.T ic us irq i dfr         s                r
all Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters. It is also recommended for the Troop
Committee Chairman, Unit Advancement Chairman, and any Committee Members who
sit on boards of review. It is appropriate for Webelos Leaders moving up into Boy
Scouting and any parent who simply wishes to understand more about Boy Scouting.
The course provides a comprehensive overview of the goals, structure, and methods of
the Boy Scouting program. The course will take about 6 hours. Lunch will be provided.
This course is designed specifically with the parents who serve on the Unit Committee
in mind. The role of the Troop Committee is discussed. A good deal of the course is
 r e l i ” h r ati ns r id n ma go p (e, y c To p
  o an                   ip              ve t
“ l p y g w eep rc a t aed i di os l ru s i .at i l ro  l         .        pa
Committee) and presented with various scenarios --- things like the challenges of
 u da i e c ua i
       sg              n
fn rin , n o rg gaso t h i ’ d a c g d an wt a u l d rh
                             c u w o s t v n i , e lg i d le es i
                                          na         n       i      h      ta       p
issues, getting more parent participation, etc. There is a great deal of brainstorming
and sharing of ideas to come up with solutions for the various challenges. The course
lasts about 3 hours and is a lot of fun. At least two sessions will be offered.

This will be an introductory course designed to educate scout leaders about the
principles of Leave No Trace. It will NOT provide any kind of Leave No Trace
 etc t n s o rq i d r n g tasno h ae oy fc ni i
    i o
     i                       r ai             l
c rfaina din te u e t in .Ifl it tec tg r o “o t u g                    nn
  d c t n fr c u l d r w o i o e i ur t h rga
        o             e               h             e n
e u ai ”o so t a es h ws t rmanc r n i tepo rm.T ec us wl                h o re i l
include suggested methods to use in teaching Leave No Trace principles to scouts.
The class will take about 90 minutes and two sessions will be offered.

CPR TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION                                              ($40 Fee)
This is the full-blown American Red Cross CPR Certification course that costs $50~$60
to take just about anywhere else. The class will be broken into two 3-hour sessions.
The morning session will cover ADULT CPR. The afternoon session will cover
INFANT/CHILD CPR. Both sessions will include training on the use of an AED
(automated external defibulator) to shock a heart back into a normal rhythm. The $40
 o re e p ls h te y u a e n r oh o re (o h r’ o e s n o t
c us fea pe w eh r o tk o eo b t c us s s tee n ra o n to          s
take both). Class size is limited.
ADULT TRAINING                                                             BOY SCOUT TROOP 868
REGISTRATION FORM                                                          MERIT BADGE UNIVERSITY
                                                                           Saturday, February 26, 2011

While the scouts are working on their merit badges, this will be an excellent opportunity for adults to take many of the training courses
they need. After all, Every Scout deserves a Trained Leader .

Adult courses will offered at Roby Elementary School (located about a mile from Bullitt Lick Middle School). We will have maps and
driving directions available at MBU. Adults will need to provide their own transportation.

The starting / ending times of the adult courses have been planned so that leaders will be able to see that all their scouts get squared
away into their first period merit badge classes before heading off to take their own training courses. With the exception of those taking
the full-day Job Specific Training for Boy Scout Leaders course, adults will drive back to BLMS to help serve lunch and/or eat lunch with
their scouts.
The grid below shows the adult training courses that will be offered, the times, and how they align with the scouts' class schedule. To
register for an adult course, simply plan your day and circle the class(es) you wish to take and return this form along with your Unit and
Scout Registration Forms. Don't forget to include the $40 fee if you wish to take CPR.

       8:00 AM
                   MB Period 1

       9:00 AM
                                  FAST     THIS IS             YPT            JOB            TROOP              LEAVE          American
                                 START    SCOUTING                          SPECIFIC       COMMITTEE             NO            Red Cross
                                                                            TRAINING       CHALLENGE            TRACE           ADULT
     10:00 AM
                                                                              FOR                                                CPR
                                  FAST     THIS IS             YPT            BOY
                                 START    SCOUTING                           SCOUT                                              $40 FEE
                                                                            LEADERS                             LEAVE
     11:00 AM
                   MB Period 2

                                                               YPT           (6½ Hrs)                           TRACE


     12:30 PM
                                                                            (Lunch is
                                                                            and eaten
                                                                             in class)
       1:30 PM
                                  FAST                                                       TROOP                             American
                   MB Period 3

                                 START                                                     COMMITTEE                           Red Cross
                                                                                           CHALLENGE                            INFANT
       2:30 PM
                                                                                                                                & CHILD
                                  FAST     THIS IS                                                                                CPR
                                 START    SCOUTING
                                                                                                                                $40 FEE
       3:30 PM
                                                                                                                                No add'l
                                           THIS IS             YPT                                                             cost if also
                   MB Period 4

                                          SCOUTING                                                                               taking
                                                                                                                               Adult CPR
       4:30 PM

       5:30 PM
                                                                                                            Fees Submitted $

         Adult's Name (PRINT clearly)                                                                        Troop Number

                 Adult's Phone Number    ( ______ ) ______________________                       Position
                                         MERIT BADGE COUNSELOR APPLICATION
                                                        BOY SCOUT TROOP 868                                 MOHAWK DISTRICT

Please type or print AND fill out completely.                                                                     Social Security # _________________________
Name ______________________________________________ Age ____ Home Phone (                                                                        ) ____________________
Address ______________________________________________________ Other Phone (                                                                    ) _____________________
City _____________________________________________                                           State ____          Zip Code __________________
Email Address ____________________________________________________________________________
(Please mark one box.)      I am willing to Counsel (        ) Only Scouts in Troop 868
                                                    (        ) Scouts from any unit at any time (by appointment)
                                                    (        ) Scouts from any unit but only at Troop 868 Merit Badge University

There are currently over 100 merit badges that Scouts may earn. Those designated with an asterisk (*) are required to be earned for the rank of Eagle
Scout. For each merit badge, the Boy Scouts of America has published a merit badge booklet that details most, if not all, of the information a Scout
needs to know in order to earn that merit badge. These booklets are available for purchase at the local Scout Shop for approximately $3 each. Scouts are
advised, but not required, to purchase the booklet in order to work on or earn a merit badge. Counselors, however, would typically want to own a merit
badge booklet for each badge they counsel.
     American Business                                  Cycling (*)                                     Inventing                                      Rifle Shooting
     American Cultures                                  Dentistry                                       Journalism                                     Rowing
     American Heritage                                  Disabilities Awareness                          Landscape Architecture                         Safety
     American Labor                                     Dog Care                                        Law                                            Salesmanship
     Animal Science                                     Drafting                                        Leatherwork                                    Scholarship
     Archaeology                                        Electricity                                     Lifesaving (*)                                 Scouting Heritage
     Archery                                            Electronics                                     Mammal Study                                   Scuba Diving
     Architecture                                       Emergency Preparedness (*)                      Medicine                                       Sculpture
     Art                                                Energy                                          Metalwork                                      Shotgun Shooting
     Astronomy                                          Engineering                                     Model Design & Building                        Skating
     Athletics                                          Entrepreneurship                                Motorboating                                   Small-Boat Sailing
     Automotive Maintenance                             Environmental Science (*)                       Music                                          Snow Sports
     Aviation                                           Family Life (*)                                 Nature                                         Soil & Water Conservation
     Backpacking                                        Farm Mechanics                                  Nuclear Science                                Space Exploration
     Basketry                                           Fingerprinting                                  Oceanography                                   Sports
     Bird Study                                         Fire Safety                                     Orienteering                                   Stamp Collecting
     Bugling                                            First Aid (*)                                   Painting                                       Surveying
     Camping (*)                                        Fish & Wildlife Mgmt                            Personal Fitness (*)                           Swimming (*)
     Canoeing                                           Fishing                                         Personal Management (*)                        Textile
     Chemistry                                          Fly Fishing                                     Pets                                           Theater
     Cinematography                                     Forestry                                        Photography                                    Traffic Safety
     Citizenship in the Community (*)                   Gardening                                       Pioneering                                     Truck Transportation
     Citizenship in the Nation (*)                      Genealogy                                       Plant Science                                  Veterinary Medicine
     Citizenship in the World (*)                       Geocaching                                      Plumbing                                       Water Sports
     Climbing                                           Geology                                         Pottery                                        Weather
     Coin Collecting                                    Golf                                            Public Health                                  Whitewater
     Collections                                        Graphic Arts                                    Public Speaking                                Wilderness Survival (*)
     Communications (*)                                 Hiking (*)                                      Pulp & Paper                                   Wood Carving
     Composite Materials                                Home Repairs                                    Radio                                          Woodwork
     Computers                                          Horsemanship                                    Railroading
     Cooking                                            Indian Lore                                     Reading
     Crime Prevention                                   Insect Study                                    Reptile & Amphibian Study

By signing below, I certify that:        I   am at least 18 years old.
                                         I   am proficient by vocation, avocation, or special training in all the merit badge areas indicated above.
                                         I   am able and willing to work with boys of Scouting age (11~17 years old).
                                         I   am registered (or am registering at this time) with the Boy Scouts of America.

As a merit badge counselor, I agree to   Adhere to the requirements of the merit badge, making no deletions or additions, ensuring that the advancement standards are fair and
                                         uniform for all Scouts.
                                         Adhere to BSA "two deep" youth protection guidelines.
                                         Avoid any appearance of favoritism by not counseling my own son(s) except as part of a class or group teaching situation.
                                         Renew my BSA registration annually if I continue as a merit badge counselor.

By submitting this application you are authorizing a Criminal Background Check of yourself. This check will be made from public record sources. You will have an opportunity to
review and challenge any adverse information disclosed by the check.

     Signature ___________________________________________________________                                                              Date __________________

     Troop Approval _____________________________________________________                                                               Date __________________

     Council Approval _____________________________________________________                                                             Date __________________


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