Tai Chi 2012 by ericarae


                                                 Every Tuesday
                                             Starting March 6, 2012

                                         Cops 4 Kids & Communities
                                         208 East Devonshire Avenue

                                      Cost: $5 per class or $20 monthly

                                Contact: eekfitness@yahoo.com or 375-6906
                                (Be sure to wear loose comfortable clothing)

                                          It’s an enjoyable way to
  Tai Chi is a fun and gentle                improve mobility,
                                                                               No experience necessary and all
exercise for the body and mind.             balance, and overall
                                                                                     abilities are welcome.

    Some Benefits of Tai Chi for Adults:                         Some Benefits of Tai Chi for Children:

    Reducing anxiety and depression                                Fun, positive outlet (non-competitive)
    Improving balance, flexibility and muscle strength             Increases focus and concentration
    Reducing falls in older adults                                 Reduces anxiety and hyperactivity, ADHD
    Improving sleep quality                                        Greater awareness and calmness
    Lowering blood pressure                                        Boosts self-esteem
    Improving cardiovascular fitness                               Improves coordination, strength, conditioning and
    Relieving chronic pain and Fibromyalgia                        flexibility
    Increasing energy, endurance and agility                       Helps diabetes and asthma
    Improving overall feelings of well-being                       Improves overall health and fitness

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