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Students should undertake to complete this assignment to help familiarise themselves with the installation of Windows 2000 server
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                         Server Cluster Lesson 38
               Configuring IAS as a RADIUS Proxy

Objective – to configure a RADIUS proxy. IAS can be used as a RADIUS proxy. IAS
can be used as a RADIUS proxy to provide the routing of RADIUS messages between
RADIUS clients (access servers) and RADIUS servers that perform user authentication,
authorization, and accounting for the connection attempt. When used as a RADIUS
proxy, IAS is a central switching or routing point through which RADIUS access and
accounting messages flow.

This activity adds the RADIUS proxy, which will contact the RADIUS server on behalf
of RRAS. The server SERVER01 is functioning in multiple roles (as a RRAS server,
RADIUS Server, and a RADIUS proxy.)


   1. Verify that you are at the SERVER01 server with the Routing and Remote Access
       console open.
   2. Restore the Internet Authentication Service console.
   3. To create a connection request policy, expand Connection Request Processing
       in the console tree, click Connection Request Policies in the console tree, click
       the Action menu, click New Connection Request Policy, click Next, type Allow
       Course Remotes in the Policy name text box, and then click Next.
   4. To specify the remote RADIUS server, verify that the Authenticate connection
       requests on this server option is selected, click Next, type TEST? In the Realm
       name text box, clear the Before authentication, remove the realm name from
       the user name check box, click Next, and then click Finish.
   5. Return to the SERVER02 server.

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   6. To connect to the Routing and Remote Access server, click Start, click Connect
         To, click Course, type RASUser in the User name text box, and then type
         Password1 in the Password text box. Click Dial.
   7. Wait for the connection to complete. Verify that the Course is now connected
         balloon appears on the taskbar.
   8. To disconnect the communications, right-click the Dial-up connection icon, and
         then click Disconnect.
   9. Close all open windows, and then shut down the SERVER02 server.
   10. Return to the SERVER01 server. Close all open windows, and then shut down the
         SERVER01 server.

The following questions are to be answered using any means at your disposal to recover
the answers. Circle the correct response.

         1. Match the server type to the proper definition.

1. IAS             a. Performs authentication, authorization for its access clients
2. RADIUS          b. Forwards incoming requests to specific servers for additional
3. RADIUS          c. Performs authentication, authorization on behalf of a RADIUS client
4. RADIUS          d. As a component of Windows Server 2003, performs centralized
                   authentication, authorization, auditing, and accounting functions

         2. Professor Chunder has lectured on RADIUS. You decide that your network
            could benefit from a RADIUS proxy. Which of the following willyou include
            in the memo to your boss?
                                a. Use cross-forest authentication
                                b. Provide load balancing
                                c. Use connection policies
                                d. Provide fault tolerance

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