10 September Newsletter 2011

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					                                                                                          Remember Preschool tuition is
                                                                                          $80 and due the 1st of every month!

             We are happy to welcome new and returning families to Little Learners. It is great to
         see all of the children and we are looking forward to this being a great year! We have a lot
         in store for this school year & will be sending home a newsletter each month with our
         monthly news. This year I am glad to introduce our new Preschool Teacher Assistant
         Jamie. Jamie has recently joined our class & in the upcoming weeks you will all have the
         opportunity to meet her. I hope you will join me in making her feel welcome. 

                                        Little Learners will be following the
                                        2011-2012 Vallivue School District
                                                                                               We are proud to offer
                                        Calendar. Preschool will not be held
                                                                                               Scholastics book orders. Please
                                        on days when there is no school for
                                                                                               see attached letter for details.
                                        Vallivue students. However daycare
                                         will be provided unless otherwise posted.

                                                Please NO TOYS at
                                                   school, NO
                                                $5 late fee for late                     Any Question or Concerns
                                                   payments                              Call Torrie 459-4229

                                                                                                    Welcome Preschoolers:
  What to expect this year?
  ▫ Conferences will be held in January & May                                                                Dax
  ▫ Field Trips each month starting in October
  ▫ Observations & Assessments on each child                                                                 Garrett
  ▫ Working Portfolio for each child                                                                         Claire
  ▫ Class Play Dates                                                                                         Aaden
  ▫ Parent Socials/Swaps/Meetings
                                                                                                             Dylan
                                                                                                             Annabelle
                                                                     Sept. 19th No Preschool                 Zach
 September: Personal awareness Health Nutrition                      Sept. 25th Annabelle B-day
                                                                                                             Bailee
October: Fall and Fire Safety (Pumpkin Patch)                        Sept. 30th Aaden B-day
                                                                                                             Kaylee
November: Family, Gratitude, Food (Grocery store)                    Sept. 30th Open House @ 7pm
December: Holiday Traditions/Hibernation/Review                                                              Keyten
of letters & numbers learned so far. (Nursing Home)                                                          Denten
     Field Trips are subject to change!!

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