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9 August Newsletter 2011


									We have had an absolutely AMAZING AND FUN summer and are very sad
to see it end. However, Friday, August 19th will be our last day of summer
camp. We return to our regular schedule and new school year on
Wednesday, September 7th. The weeks of August 22nd – Sept. 2nd
will be “laid back” weeks, as we will be slowly getting the kids back into            Scholastic Book Clubs will be available
routine. We will be closed on Friday September 2nd and Monday September               beginning in September. Please look for
5th for Labor Day (Reminder: Labor Day is a PAID Holiday).                            the catalogs to come out with our
Beginning September 5th, we will welcome all of our new students and                  September newsletter. Scholastic offers
families! We are excited to begin a new school year, and look forward to              great prices
working with your children. The first few weeks we will be working with the           on many favorite books! When you order
children on routines and becoming comfortable with the Teacher and new                from Scholastic, it helps our classroom earn
friends.                                                                              free books! YEAH!!!
Daycare is a very stressful job and unfortunately there is always a big turn
around with staff members. We have had a few different teachers this
past year and they have not worked out. Miss Megan may still come once in
a while, however she is expecting her first child and will not be here as
often. Miss Hailey was great with the kids but will be going into a different
profession. The next couple weeks we will be conducting interviews to find
the best teacher we can.                                                            “Musical Kids” would like to know if we want
                                                                                    them to come back this year. I need to know who

      CHANGES:                                                                      is interested in another year of “Musical Kids”.

               Preschool classes will be held Mondays & Wednesdays
                this year.
               We are still hoping to fill up a AM & PM classes, but
                this will not be set for sure until late August.                Moving On…
               Hours of Operation will be changing this year from              My heart is heavy as we will be saying sad good-byes
                6am-6pm to 6am-5pm. Those already enrolled will not             to a few of our friends. This last month, we had to
                                                                                say good-bye to Abby, Dylan, and Rylee as they move
                be charged late fees if picked up between 5 -5:30,
                                                                                to Utah. We also have a few kids moving on to
                just try to get here as close to 5 as possible.
                                                                                Kndergarden. We will miss you and wish all of the
               After School rates will be the same as Daily rates $15          school-agers a fabulous new school year!
                per day per child (the reason for this change is due to         LOVE, Miss Torrie☺
                limited spots. The only way for me to ensure there is a
                spot for after school kids is to charge the same rate)
               September 1st non-potty trained rate $20/day

                                                                                                              Miss Torrie
                       Our Lending      Library……..
                                                                                                            Little Learners
                       will be available beginning Monday September 12 . I will have the details
                       and the items ready to view September 7th. There will be a variety of                  459-4229
                       items to choose from, Games, books, toys, learning kits, and more.

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