7 June Newsletter 2011 by torriespapers


									        Summer is in full swing, the sun is finally starting to shine, and most kids are happy and
        carefree, far removed from the new school year which is just around the corner. This school
        year seemed to just fly by, and now we are ready for a fun busy summer. We are glad to see
        many of our school age friends returning and are looking forward to meeting some new
        children as well.

                       Summer Program
                          All ages                         As all of you know this past year has come with
                          $80/Mo                           many changes. We received a Grant & were able to
                         M, W, F 9:30-11:30                purchase new materials for the preschool. We have
                         July 6th —August 19th             also been working on all the new policy & procedure
           *** All kids attending daycare on               changes that go along with it. So that everyone is
           any of the days (M, W, & F) will be             aware of all the new policies in effect . Please visit
                                                           our blog at:
           required to pay the monthly $80
                                                           torrieslittlelearners.blogspot.com here you will be
           program fee.
                                                           able to view and print an updated version of the
                                                           parent handbook.
           We will be learning about Nature,
           Recycling, the Ocean, Camping,
           Science, Dinosaurs, art, and more.
                                                                         Thank you to everyone for all your
                                                                        help & support with our Spring
                 Please bring a swimsuit,                               Carnival. We think it was a great
                 towel, and an extra change                             success in spite of a few mishaps. We
                 of clothes during the summer. Also                     know 2 of the main attractions were
Remember to apply sunscreen to your child                               either late or did not show and
before arrival. Every Wednesday starting in July will be “WET WEDNESDAY”was a little disappointed, but
and the summer program will incorporate water play.                     what can you do. This was our
                                                                                 first attempt at an event of this
                                                                        magnitude and hope you all
                                                                        understand things do not always go as
We are currently set up with                                            planned. We do hope to do this again
Scholastic’s to order books online.                                     next year and look forward to your
You can currently go to scholastic                                      support in the future.
and order books with our class code. We will earn books with each parent order & you will have the
opportunity to order low cost books. Our class code is: HWKPZ and the last day to put in a book order is June
28th. Orders will be delivered directly to our classroom. Scholastic books orders will resume again in
August/September. Call if you have any questions. (459-4229 Torrie)

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