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             24th MAY 2006 AT KINGS PARK INDOOR BOWLS AT 2pm



      Michael Parkinson (MP), Neil Poulton (NP), Noel Raine (NR) Pam Clarke (PCl),
      Geoff Carpenter (GC), Harry Cutler (HC), Dee Henderson (DH), John Ludlow (JL),
      Graham Meadows (GM), Colin Mitchell (CM), Bill Perkins (BP)

Members of the Public:    Gary Sherborne

1.    Chair’s welcome

      MP welcomed everyone to the Board meeting.

2.    Apologies/conflicts of interest/substitutions

      Apologies had been received from Pat Clark, Jilly Grower, Ryan Harris, Peter Munns
      and Joy Reynolds. There were no conflicts of interest or substitutions. MP queried
      whether the RDA could send a representative when Ryan Harris was unavailable. NP
      responded there was no-one else with sufficient knowledge of the Scheme who could

      Comment was also made regarding Council representation at Boards, a problem shared
      by NM. The Board found this surprising given Boscombe regeneration's position on
      the Top Ten priorities for Bournemouth Borough Council. MP agreed to write to the
      Leader of the Council expressing the Board's concern.

3.    Minutes of previous meeting held on 22nd February 2006

      These were accepted as a true record of the proceedings.

4.    Matters arising

      NP was still trying to ascertain the situation with the Customer Care Centre and
      where it was going to be sited. DH reported NM had been told that the premises
      next to Going Places were still being considered.
5.   Finance Report – Noel Raine

     NR had taken up the question of Capital expenditure with SWRDA and the figures
     has been corrected and included in the Delivery Plan for 2006/07, i.e. £279,400 was
     the total amount allocated, of which £200,000 was Capital. The Delivery Plan for
     2006/07 has now been finalised and the signed agreement received from the
     SWRDA. The Shelley Manor figure in NR's finance report will be adjusted to show
     £200,000 Capital now that confirmation has been received. The finance report
     showed £29,090 was available for new schemes. This figure will be ratified at the
     end of Quarter 1. M&A was underspent by £320.

6.   NM/HLC/SWRDA/Shelley update

     An information sharing paper from NM was circulated to the Board.

     HLC - one member a staff has left. A range of activities were planned for half-term
     but no details had been provided.

     NP had met with JL the previous day to discuss a number of things around Shelley
     Manor and it was felt that someone to drive it forward was urgently required. A
     project worker needed to be recruited as soon as possible. There were still some
     rumours and doubts over the PCT's intentions and it was decided all parties should be
     called together to try to get a written agreement. NP agreed to arrange.

     MP reported that after October 2006 the PCTs would not exist in their current form
     - there would be one PCT for Bournemouth and Poole and one for the rest of Dorset.
     New Chairs and Non-Executives would be appointed and there would be new people
     driving the PCT within the next three months. Therefore the PCT personnel who
     agreed with the Shelley Manor plans may no longer be in post, so it was vital to have
     a written agreement as soon as possible.

7.   SRB Scheme Manager's report

     NP ran through his report which had been circulated to the Board. NP had seen a
     cutting from the Western Morning News regarding £120m of European funding
     which was available to the South West mentioning Torbay and Bournemouth. He had
     asked SWRDA but they did not seem to be able to throw any light on it.

     MP had written to Jane Henderson, the new Chief Executive of SWRDA inviting her
     to come to Boscombe but had received no reply to date.

     NP had been tasked by Peter Munns and Pam Donnellan to draft a paper on a
     Bournemouth-wide regeneration strategy in time for a meeting some time in June.
     This paper was on its sixth draft. It was believed the BBC Councillors for
     Bosocombe did not agree with this plan.

     Discussion took place on the £25,000 underspend returned through the College
     Outreach project. It was thought that £10,000 could go to the Community Grant
     programme. St Clements Church had also requested some funding. NP said £5,000
     needed to be set aside for the evaluation report which was a condition imposed by
     the SWRDA and no money was set aside by them for this purpose.

     NP felt the question "what happens after SRB ends" had not been properly answered.
     NM's Training Sessions on Succession had been poorly attended but had discussed
     the various options including forming a limited company. A major funder would be
     required if SRB were to continue past March 2007.

     After much discussion it was decided that the Board needed a complete briefing on
     Areas Forums and Local Strategic Partnerships.

8.   AOB

     GM volunteered to have a series of photographs of the SRB projects put into some
     form of animation for the Evaluation Report if required.

     GM also mentioned the state of the Kings Park Skate Park. There were no rubbish
     bins, some ungrassed muddy areas around the outside and part of the skate park was
     under water and unusable. NP would contact the team responsible.

9.   Date of next meeting - 19th July 2006 at 2pm at Kings Park Indoor Bowls.

                           The meeting closed at 3.10pm

                 SRB BOARD HELD ON WEDNESDAY 24th MAY 2006

                          PART II   -   BOARD MEMBERS ONLY

1.    Minutes of previous meeting held on 22nd February 2006

      These were accepted as a true record of the proceedings.

2.    Matter arising

      Professor Michael Carley, Professor of Town Planning from the University of
      Edinburgh who works with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation had been asked by NM to
      undertake a survey of Boscombe. It was hoped this would lead to getting
      development plans reversed and the number of flats reduced.

3.    Succession Detail

      Following on from what had been already been discussed in Part I, it was agreed that
      clarity was needed on what may be available in the way of funding. NP would arrange
      a meeting involving SRB Board members, Stuart Twiss and John Wicks from the BBC,
      Nigel Williams from SWRDA and representation from the GOSW.

4.    Board discussion/decision on allocation of SRB Project Underspend (£25K from
      College Outreach)

      Following on discussions that had taken place in Part I, it was agreed that £10,000 of
      the College Outreach underspend would be allocated to Community Grants. GC and
      CM were going to meet with NP with a view to submitting applications on behalf of St
      Clements Church and Just Kids. We will look at achievement/non-achievement of
      outputs against applications coming forward.

5.    Date of next meeting - 19th July 2006 at 2pm at Kings Park Indoor Bowls

                            The meeting closed at 3.50pm

N.B. Ryan Harris arrived after the meeting had closed, having previously given his


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