HARTSHORNE PARISH COUNCIL
                               South Derbyshire District in the County of Derby

                           MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
                                      Monday 8 January 2007
                               Goseley Community Centre, Hartshorne.
          Councillors – Mrs P Worthington ( Chairman),R Bell (Vice Chair), A Jones, D Jenkinson, D
          Tagg, Mrs J Slawson, G Wheat, I Blood, D Adams, P Murray, Mrs J Burley, M Vorley, R
          Shadrack, N Tilley & G Blood


        ALSO PRESENT – R Smith Clerk to the Parish Council. Mr M Draycott, Mrs G Smith and Mcr &
        Mrs Oakey
           Four residents of Mount Road, Mr M Draycott, Mrs G Smith and Mr & Mrs Oakey attended the meeting to
           express their concerns about the surface water that was draining off the recreation ground onto their property
           and down Mount Road. They felt that although this has been an ongoing problem for several years the
           situation had worsened since the football pitch area had been drained and they felt that water from the pitch
           was now draining towards their properties they also pointed out that the hedges had been cut to short and
           recently laid hedges had been vandalised. The Chairman said that the Parish Council were aware of the
           problems they were encounting and at a recent Finance sub committee it has recommended that £10000.00
           be used to improve the area around the main entrance grant. These recommendations will be discussed by
           the full council later in this evenings meeting.
           Mr Draycott felt that the Parish had not kept resident in touch with what was happening within the Parish. The
           Chairman said that a regular Parish Newsletter was distributed to all residents informing them of all aspects
           of the Parish Councils work. With regard to any improvements to the recreation ground all residence directly
           effected with be consulted prior to any work commencing.
           Councillor Burley said that problems with youths hanging around the area, particularly at week-ends will be
           redressed with more frequent visits by the Police and area PCSO’s.

01/07      MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF 11 December 2006

           RESOLVED The minutes were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

           Any member to declare an interest
                Councillor Alan Jones expressed an interest in Item - Finance – Community Transport Swadlincote.

              1. Councillor Jenkinson reported that he had supplied the Police with further information about the
                  recent vandalism at the Dethick Hall. He had received no reply.

                2. Councillor Murray said that there were still grave concerns about the sale of alcohol at the off licence
                   on Salisbury Drive. He felt that the shop owner knew the ages of the people he was selling alcohol.

               3. Councillors reported that speed guns were being used in Hatton by selected members of the public.
                  Councillor Jones said that this was a pilot scheme and if successful it would be past out to other
              Clerk’s outstanding Action Report
                The actions were received and noted.
                The Clerk was asked if there was any progress on the resiting of the post box on Woodville Road.
                  He said he had heard nothing.

            Councillor G Blood expressed his concerns about the poor condition of Coal Lane and the apparent dumping
            of waste materials in fields near to the abattoir. He also asked aif planning permission had been obtained for
            an additional opening into the field which is situated directly opposite the entrance to the abattoir.
            RESOLVED Clerk to contact SDDC.

        Councillor G Blood also reported that 3 gullies on Manchester Lane were still full and a stop cock near to the
        Manor House on Main Street was broken.
        RESOLVED Clerk to contact both SDDC and STW.

        Councillor Bell reported he had prepared the next issue of the newsletter which he hoped would be
        distributed in February.

        It was agreed to have a Recreation sub committee on 22 January and invite Chris Mason, SDDC to discuss
        the development of both Goseley and Salisbury Drive recreation grounds. The sub committee will also
        discuss the issues raised by the residents at Public Participation earlier in the meeting.

            Reg No. 9 2006 1480 FH the erection of an extension and detached garage at 59 Manchester Lane,
           No Comments.

           Granting of Planning Permission
            Reg No. 9 2006 1204 FH the erection of a detached garage at 10 Tower Road, Hartshorne.
            Reg No. 9 2006 1176 FH the demolition of existing garage and the erection of a new garage at 143
               Ticknall Road, Hartshorne.
            Reg No. 9 2006 1166 F the erection of 2 ensuite bedrooms at first floor level at land adjacent to 13
               Church Street, Hartshorne.
            Reg No. 9 2006 1077 FH the erection of a fence around the first floor balcony at 45 Manchester
               Lane, Hartshorne.
            Reg No. 9 2006 1031 F the erection of a replacement dwelling, detached garage/playroom building
               and the formation of a vehicular access at 37 Repton Road, Hartshorne
            Reg. No. 9 2006 1074 F amended scheme for dwelling previously approved under 9/200/0939/f for
               Plot 4 Weir House, Netherhall Road, Hartshorne.
            Reg. No. 9 2006 1140 FH the erection of a conservatory at Ash House, Netherhall Road,

           Refusal of Planning Application
             Reg No. 9 2006 1174 FH the formation of a vehicular access to serve 267 Woodville Road,

               Cheq No.            Pay                               Details                        Amount
                           R Smith              Clerks Salary - January                               218.74
                           R Smith              Expenses                                               30.00
                           G Watts              Lengthsman Wages - January                            445.05
                           G Watts              Expenses                                               22.86
                           Inland Revenue       Clerks & Lengthsmans Income Tax & NI                  548.97
                           Zurich Municipal     Renewal of Insurance cover                            471.47
                           D Adams              Security Cain for Salisbury Drive Recreation           40.00
                           STW                  Dunsmore Lane                                          15.65
                           Powergen             Dunsmore Lane                                         130.56

            The above are approved for payment.

            Finance sub committee held on 4 January 2007
            The recommendations were approved.
            The recommendation of the Finance Sub committee outlining a precept for 2007/8 of £8000.00, this is
            the same as for financial year 2006/7.
            Councillor Jenkinson proposed a precept of £8000.00 this was seconded by Councillor G Wheat.
                1. the Parish precept for 2007/8 is £8000.00 (Eight Thousand Pounds).
                2. the Parish Council give further consideration to the formation of an Allotments sub committee
                    and a Best Kept Allotment competition.

09/07   Correspondence
             General Correspondence
             DCC – Consultation on Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2006-2011
             DCC – Reorganisation of Probation Service
             DCC – SACRE Annual Report 2005/6
             East Midlands Airport – Master Plan 2006, Summary Document.
             East Midlands Regional Plan
             SDDC – Refuse collections over Christmas and New Year.
             Mark Todd MP – Additional Police cover within the Parish.
             CVS - Annual Report
             South Derbyshire Local Strategic Partnership Sustainable Environment Group - 25 January
             SDDC – Standards Board Bulletin No.31
             Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service – Annual Integrated Risk Management Plan 2007

             DALC Circulars

10/07   Date of Next Meeting

        Monday 12 February 2007 at Eureka School, Dunsmore Way, Midway.

        Signed…………………………………………….. Dated……………………………….


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