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					                               HERITAGE REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL
                                            Cycle 1, Year 1
            Teachers: Ms. Barrans, Ms. Haas, Ms. Melo-Serpa, Ms. Rouette, Mrs. Quinn

                               English Language Arts & Mathematics

        Welcome to Heritage and to the Cycle One Program. We are looking forward to a fantastic

       This year we are pleased to be continuing our ELA pilot project, the Advanced Five, which
allows us to focus on student literacy daily. This is an innovative approach to classroom organization
that maximizes each student’s opportunities for meaningful reading and writing and is a literature
based program.

       Students will be reading both fiction and nonfiction material during the year. They will read at
least two novels, either individually, or in literature circles. We will also be studying mythology,
poetry, and possibly plays.

       Students are to come to class with all necessary materials such as their pencil case, agenda
and accordion folder. The students are expected to bring a personal novel to each English class as
they will be reading daily. Ideally the books should be chapter novels with at least 150-200 pages. If
they have any questions about the suitability of the book they should ask one of us.

       When assignments are given, the students will be told the due date. Those who do not hand
work in on time will lose marks. Some marked assignments will be sent home for parents to review,
sign and return. The teacher will then collect these assignments and keep them on file to be used
during conferences between teachers, students and parents.

      There will be work to be completed after each English and Math class. Sometimes the
students may have time to complete this work during class time. Whether there is English and/or
Math homework or not, each student should read every night.

       Each teacher has a personal website (go to www.hrhs.rsb.qc.ca website to access them) to
inform you of the class work and the homework assigned each class. If a student is absent it is
his/her responsibility to check the respective teacher’s website for any class work/homework
assignment(s). Teachers will be available 3 times at lunch in the 10 day cycle to help students review
lessons/homework/assessments and answer questions.

       Hopefully this information will help make the year a successful one for all of us. The supply list
for both Math and English is on the other side, please sign the slip on the bottom to let us know that
this note has reached you and feel free to share with us any information that you would like us to know.
We look forward to meeting you.

        Ms.Barrans : tessa.barrans@rsb.qc.ca                    Mrs.Quinn: elizabeth.quinn@rsb.qc.ca
        Mrs. Haas : anitamarie.haas@rsb.qc.ca                   Ms.Rouette : julie.rouette@rsb.qc.ca
        Ms.Melo-Serpa: stacy.meloserpa@rsb.qc.ca
The material required:

      1 plastic pocket accordion folder with an elastic, velcro or snap closure
      2 three ring binders – 1 to 1½ (larger would not work for storage in class)
      7 dividers
      25 plastic sleeves
      2 duotangs
      2 notebooks – Spiral notebook of at least 80 pages (or 4 “Canada”/ “Hilroy” copybooks)
      Loose leaf – (2 packages recommended)
      Pencils, sharpener, eraser
      Coloured pens, post-its, white out
      Blue or black pens for written assignments. Some assignments may be printed at home but
       many will be completed in class and these must be written in dark blue or black ink.
      Highlighters (4 colours)
      A dictionary and a thesaurus (optional)
      Scientific Calculator
      Geometry set (a good one)
      Graph paper (optional)

    Note that IPODS, MP3 players, cellular phones and cameras do not appear on this list  see p.24
     of the student agenda
    Nov 17th and 18th and March 1st (parent-teacher interviews)
    If lateness becomes an issue parents will be contacted.

Please try to have these materials by September 6th, as course work begins right away.

Please sign and return to your child's English teacher by September 9th, 2011.

Student's Name__________________________________________
I have read this letter and understand the expectations for ELA Sec 1.

Parent's signature_________________________________________

Parent's email ____________________________________________
If you have any concerns about your child’s progress this year please do not hesitate to phone (you will have
to leave a voicemail message), e-mail or write a note in the agenda.

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