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									                    CITY OF NOVI LIBRARY BOARD
                     MINUTES, SPECIAL MEETING
                          OCTOBER 3, 2007

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

   Library Board
   Robert Cutler, President
   Palma Fouratt, Secretary
   Larry Kilgore, Treasurer
   Larry Czekaj, Board Member
   Ramesh Verma, Board Member

   Absent and Excused
   Laura Casey, Vice-President
   Mark Sturing, Board Member
   Emily Bank, Student Representative

   Library Staff
   Mary Ellen Mulcrone, Interim Director
   Marcia Dominick, Administrative Assistant

   The meeting was held in the Novi Public Library Meeting room, 45245 W. Ten
   Mile Rd, Novi, Michigan 48375, and was called to order by Robert Cutler,
   President at 7:00 p.m.

2. Approval and Overview of Agenda

   There was a motion to add items 4c. Novi Public Schools Robotics Team Project;
   5a. Offer to Julie Farkas; and 5b. Frequency of Library Board Meetings to the
   October 3, 2007 Facilities Planning Meeting.

                 1st – Larry Kilgore
                 2nd – Palma Fouratt

   The motion was passed unanimously.

3. Public Comment

   There was no public comment.

4. Facilities Planning
      a. Architect Selection

          BEI Associates, Inc. / Diamond & Schmitt has been selected based on the
          selection process by Plante & Moran CRESA and the Library Board. The
          four architectural candidates were:
              • BEI/Diamond & Schmitt
              • Neumann Smith/Hidell
      •   French Associates/MS&R
      •   Fanning Howey

   Each of the architectural candidates was requested to give a half-hour
   presentation with a 20-minute question and answer session following the

   The Building Authority met the following week to reduce the number of
   candidates. Two were eliminated for various reasons, one of which was
   pricing. After the reduction, the vote was unanimous for BEI/Diamond
   Schmidt. BEI/Diamond Schmidt presented options that were not
   presented by the other firms.

b. Pre-election Architectural Materials

   The architectural and engineering firm, BEI Associates, Inc. with
   Diamond & Schmitt will be awarded the Novi Public Library new facility
   project, subject to approval by the community on November 6, 2007. A
   proposal was sent to Greg Van Kirk, Plante & Moran CRESA, requesting
   a signature of acceptance from Mary Ellen Mulcrone, Interim Library
   Director. Larry Kilgore suggested that the Building Authority approve of
   the letter and that the check for the seed funding of $30,000 to $35,000 be
   written on November 7, 2007, after the election so that funds could be
   reimbursed from the bond. Larry Czekaj stated that the Library Board
   authorized to fund up to $50,000 to encourage an immediate start to the
   process. He stated that this was positive public relations. Larry Czekaj
   stated that this was not a security deposit, but for BEI Associates, Inc. to
   start phase one of the project. Larry Kilgore stated that once the contract
   is signed, the Library would be funding the project until the November 6,
   2007 election and then the Library would be reimbursed once the election
   passes. Larry Czekaj stated that the Building Authority has no funding
   and relies on the Library to bankroll the project and once the election is
   successful, the funds will be reimbursed.

   A motion was made to approve and authorize Mary Ellen Mulcrone to
   accept and sign the BEI Associates, Inc. acceptance letter dated September
   27, 2007.

          1st – Larry Kilgore
          2nd – Larry Czekaj

   The motion was passed unanimously.

   Mary Ellen Mulcrone questioned the Library Board if the acceptance letter
   needs to be spelled out as to what will be received for the funding
   requested. Larry Kilgore suggested that this be left to the Building
   Authority to ask for the work from BEI Associates, Inc.

c. Novi Public Schools Robotics Team Project
           Cynthia Buckley, Novi resident and spokesperson for the Novi Public
           Schools Robotics Team, submitted a question through the Long Range
           Planning website:

                   “I'm working with a group of 6th and 7th graders on a
                   community project related to energy conservation. I
                   was wondering if the Library Board has met with an
                   architect yet about the planned library. I see
                   reports from the Library Planner, but wondered more
                   specifically about the architect/builder. In lieu of
                   that, has the Board considered how "green" this new
                   building will be?”

                   Thank you,

                   Cindy Buckley

           In response, the RFP will be provided to the Robotics Team to review.
           The Robotics Team will then make a 5-minute presentation to the Library
           Board. The Team would also like to speak to the architect. Mary Ellen
           Mulcrone was to contact Melissa Place, Administrative Assistant to the
           City Manager, to have this placed on the next Building Authority agenda.

           An informal gathering will be scheduled to introduce BEI/Diamond &
           Schmitt to the City Council at a future meeting.

5a. Offer to Julie Farkas

Palma Fouratt provided a comparison of salary schedules and benefits as to what Julie
Farkas is presently receiving compared to what the Novi Public Library is offering.
A call has been placed to the City of Novi Human Resources Department to see if
Ms. Farkas can combine her years of service at Birmingham, MI. with Novi’s to vest
her retirement. Once Ms. Farkas signs the contract, she will begin her employment as
Director of the Novi Public Library approximately 30 days after the signed
acceptance of the position.

Once the draft contract has been created, Larry Kilgore suggested that Tom Schultz,
Novi City Attorney, review the contract and then submit it to Julie Farkas for signing.
Ms. Farkas is considered a salary employee and is at-will.

A motion was made to offer Julie Farkas the position as Director of the Novi Public

                   1st – Larry Kilgore
                   2nd – Ramesh Verma

The motion was passed unanimously.

Palma Fouratt indicated that the selected person for the Library Director position
should be announced to the Library staff. It was determined that the announcement to
the staff would not be made until a signed contract is received. It was suggested that
a reception to introduce Ms. Farkas to the Board, staff and the public be arranged and
that it coincide with a City Council Meeting. Another suggestion was to have BEI
Associates, Inc. be introduced to City Council at the same Council meeting. A date
is to be determined.

5b. Frequency of Library Board Meetings

Due to the Library Board relinquishing the authority of the New Novi Public Library
facility to the Building Authority, Larry Kilgore would like to suggest that the Library
Board meet only at its Regular scheduled meeting, the third Wednesday of the month.
Larry Kilgore also suggested that the Library Board meetings be held at the Novi
Public Library instead of at the City of Novi Council Chambers. He felt that it made
for a better connection to the Library. Mary Ellen Mulcrone stated that the meetings
could not be cablecast from the Library, that the Library building doesn’t have that
capability. The Library meetings could be videotaped and placed on the website if
meetings were to be held at the Library, but would not be simulcast.

A motion was made to hold Regular Library Board meetings to once a month.

                   1st – Larry Kilgore
                   2nd- Palma Fouratt

The motion was passed unanimously.

The Building Authority meeting schedule is to be provided to the Library Board.

6. Public Comment

   Gary Gudes questioned if the Library had received the $30,000 donation that was
   provided by Twelve Oaks mall. The large check was received on Friday,
   September 28, but the actual check has not yet been received.

   Gary Gudes questioned the background information on Julie Farkas. Palma
   Fouratt provided the audience some information regarding her background.

   Gary Gudes is wondering if BEI Associates, Inc. was aware of the issues with the
   Township Hall. Larry Czekaj stated that the sketches have been provided and that
   they will work around it. Gary Gudes stated that the Historical Commission is

   On Tuesday, October 2, 2007, Mary Ellen and Bev Papai attended two events that
   were sponsored by the Friends of the Novi Library; one at the Novi Senior Center
   at 10:30 a.m. and another at the Village Oaks Homeowners Association at 7 p.m.
   Vicky McLean stated that questions were asked such as ‘What are the plans?’ and
   ‘Has an architect been selected?’ In response, the Board informed the Friends
   that an architectural firm has been selected and is ready to get started. Vicky
   McLean asked if it was going to be one story or two and if 60,000 square feet was
   going to be too small quickly. She indicated that the northern section of Novi
   would like their own branch of the Library. She stated that the more information
   the Board can get out to the public, the better. Larry Czekaj responded that the
   60,000 square foot building is expected to be expanded to 90,000 square feet in
   the future and that the RFPs went out indicating this information. BEI Associates,
   Inc. came forward with the idea of two stories. BEI indicated that 60,000 square
      feet is 1.5 acres or the length of a football field and two times the width of a
      football field, to give a comparison. They stated that one floor is doable, but
      visually is hard to maintain.

      Jim McLean questioned the robotic book sorting that other area libraries have in
      service. Mary Ellen Mulcrone informed Jim that it is considered a RFID system
      which checks in and out materials and it will be designed in the plan. Mary Ellen
      Mulcrone stated that Farmington Hills has placed it in their new library and that at
      first they had a number of problems, but that it is now working fine. It is also a
      security system.

      Mary Ellen Mulcrone was questioned about the Twelve Oaks $30,000 donation
      and did the donor earmark it for any special purpose. Mary Ellen informed the
      Board that when she was contacted by representatives of Twelve Oaks about the
      possible donation, she informed them that there were naming possibilities and
      provided them with the list. Twelve Oaks chose to use $25,000 of their donation
      to name the New Book Area and take the additional $5,000 and designate it to
      new materials.

   7. Adjourn

      There was a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:06 p.m.

                     1st – Larry Czekaj
                     2nd – Larry Kilgore

      The motion was passed unanimously.

                                          October 17, 2007
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Palma Fouratt, Secretary                  Date

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