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        As we discussed, Massachusetts only issues licenses to persons or entities acting as a “public insurance adjuster” in the
Commonwealth. Massachusetts does not license “company adjusters” (who are employed by an insurer to adjust claims) or
“independent adjusters” (who hire themselves out to insurers to adjust claims on behalf of the insurer).

        To determine if one needs to be licensed as a public insurance adjuster, one needs to refer to the second paragraph
of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 175, §162 (link below) which defines “public insurance adjuster” as follows:

            Whoever, for compensation, not being an attorney at law acting in the usual course of his
            profession, directly or indirectly solicits from an insured or the representative of the insured,
            or performs services pursuant to an agreement, engagement or undertaking to represent the
            insured in connection with the assessment of damages, negotiation, settlement, appraisal or
            reference of a loss under a fire insurance policy, homeowners insurance policy, commercial
            multi-peril insurance policy, business interruption insurance policy, fidelity bond or crime
            insurance policy, inland or ocean marine insurance policy, or other property damage
            insurance coverage of any sort, shall be a public insurance adjuster.

         If one’s activities fall within this definition of public insurance adjuster, then one would have to comply
with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 175, §172(link below) as regards licensing and other provisions. A listing of
licensed public insurance adjusters can be found on the Division’s website (see link below).

         [Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 175, §162J that sets out those who do not have to be licensed refers to
insurance producer licensing, not adjuster licensing. So, it does not apply to your question.]

        Below is a link to the Division’s webpage relative to public insurance adjuster licensing. Let me know if you have
any questions. – Ed

Link to MGL Chapter 175, §162
[Put the cursor anywhere in the blue text and hit Enter]

Link to MGL Chapter 175, §172

Link to List of MA Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters:

Link to the Division’s Licensing webpage:

Link to MGL Chapter 175, §162J [does not

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