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Sir. Shafique Gul

NATCO (Northern Areas Transport Corporation)
The Northern Areas Transport Corporation was established in 1974 under Companies Act 1913 with the registered office at Lahore to provide road transport system to the people of Northern Areas. In 1976 the registered office was transferred from Lahore to Islamabad with its Head office at Rawalpindi. The Government decides to shift the Head office to Gilgit dated 23-08-1977 which was not materialized till 1979. After establishment of the office of the registrar Join Stock Companies at Gilgit, NATCO was voluntarily dissolved in accordance with the provisions of Companies ordinance 1984, as per orders of the Government and Board of Directors. Accordingly it was registered with registrar Joint Stock companies Gilgit on 23rd February, 1989 under the Companies ordinance 1984. Since then the NATCO is Functioning Under the Direct Control of the Chief Secretary, Northern Areas. NATCO offers passenger road service between Islamabad, Gilgit and Sost (near the Chinese border). Passenger road service between Tashkurgan and the Pakistani cities of Sust and Gilgit also exists, and road service between Kashgar and Gilgit (via Tashkurgan and Sust) started in summer 2006. However, the border crossing between China and Pakistan at Khunjerab Pass (the highest border of the world) is open only between May 1 and December 31 of every year as the roads are blocked by snow during winter. On 30 November 2006 NATCO started a non-stop express bus service from Islamabad to Gilgit

NATCO is Operating is 35 Routes in the Entire N.As, Linking with the rest of the Country and is the flag career of the Government of Pakistan on KKH.

Name of Routes

Distance (KM)

Name of Routes

Distance (KM)

Gilgit To Rawalpindi Rawalpindi To Karachi Gilgit To Sost Gilgit To Ishkoman Gilgit To Phundar Gilgit To Sherqilla Gilgit To Chitral Gilgit To Yasin Gilgit To Astore

630 205 112 162 40 365 140 120

Gilgit To Chilas Gulmat To Shamshal Sost To China Skardu To Rawalpindi Chillas To Mansehra Skardu To Khaplu Skardu To Dumsum Chillas To Niat Darel To Chillas

115 75 240 760 490 180 160 60 55

    Establish road transport system in Northern Areas. Provide reliable transport facilities to the people of NAs on subsidized rates. Link Northern Areas by road with rest of the country. Provide transport system for movement of passengers & goods to and from the NAs of Pakistan as well as to foreign countries.  Provide transport to tourists and tour operators.  Enter into any partnership arrangements and joint ventures for sharing profits either in Pakistan or in foreign countries.

Board of Directors
1. Chief Secretary, Northern Areas. Chairman 2. Joint Secretary, KA & NA Division Director 3. Secretary, Home, Law, S & GAD, Northern Areas Director 4. Secretary, Finance & Revenue, Northern Areas Director 5. Secretary, Food, Agriculture, Forest, Northern Areas Director 6. Secretary Planning & Development, Northern Areas Director 7. Managing Director NATCO, Gilgit, Northern Areas Director


ROAD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Hino Buses Mercedes Buses Hiace Wagons Station Wagons Coasters Toyota Pickups Nissan Buses China Buses 48 19 17 10 8 11 1 114

REPAIR 3 6 2 1 3 1 2 18

ROAD 1 5 6 51 25 19 11 11 13 6 2 138

Despite of the passenger coaches, NATCO (Northern Areas Transport Corporation) has the also cargo vehicles for carrying carriage. Which follow the same routes; it includes Mercedes Trucks Model 1313, Mercedes Trucks Model 911, Mercedes Trucks Model 315, Kamaz Trucks, Fiat Trucks, Hino Trucks, Bedford Trucks and Tankers. Total cargo vehicles are 156 from which 128 vehicles are on road and the rest of the vehicles are off the road and some of them are under repairing.

Future planning of NATCO;
The future prospective of NATCO is that they want to give better and better service as compare to its competitors to its customers in the field of transportation. For that they are acquiring the luxury buses with a low fare to satisfy their customers. In this prospective they have recently purchased six luxury buses with the name of NATCO Daewoo. The management of NATCO is believe in the hard work and good relation to its customers, for this it gives different trainings to its employees to behave well to its customers.

Major competitors of NATCO in the field of passenger buses;
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mash broom Silk Route United Express Zafer Travels Sargan Northern Hunza Travels Morning Star travels

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