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					Risk ID            Risk                    Description                Category         Root Cause             Probability

                                   Unknown cost of additional
                                   customization that needs to                   Under-estimating the
                                   be completed may incur                        initial scope and cost for
                                   additional costs over initial                 ABC corp.’s web-
                                   budget for ABC corp.’s                        application
   1      Cost for Customization   customization                   Cost          customization

                                   Nora went to senior                           ABC corp.’s demand for
                                   management (without telling                   additional payment for
          Internal Team mis-       me) to discuss terminating                    unexpected amount of
   2      communication            ABC corp.                   People            customization

                                                                                 Under-estimation of the
                                     Matt and Najwa reported                     scope and of
                                     that they feel like they’re                 responsibilities given to
          Team members              being underutilized on this                  members of the internal
   3      underutilized                        project           People          team members

                                   Team members are not
                                   speaking up and addressing
                                   issues in weekly status
                                   reports and meetings, which
                                   is causing confusion and lost                 Communication among
   4      Team communication       time                          People          team members

                                   Crashing resources to have
                                   the IT staff work with the
                                   vendor and project manager                    Customization is
   5      Resource Crashing        on other tasks             People             exceeding cost

                                   Due to Nora’s dilike of the
                                   supplier, cost increase, and
                                   managements knowledge of
                                   the supplier it is possible that
          Termination of the       the supplier could be                         Team member conflict
   6      supplier                 terminated                       People       and cost increase
                   Impact                         Risk Owner      Assigned   Stragety    Response Description

Unable to compensate ABC corp. for their
customization and running over budget           Program Manager

Termination of ABC corp.,
delay/cancellation of customization and
schedule and cost impacts                       Project Manager

Positive impact: Matt and Najwa can assist
with tasks for ABC corp.’s customization
and other project responsibilities and better                                           Risk exploitation, risk
utilization of team members may enable the                                              sharing, risk enhancement
project to complete before or by the deadline   Project Manager                         and risk acceptance

Issues are not being addresses promptly and
outstanding issues are causing delay time
with the project                                Project Manager

Positive impact: Lost time due to
communication issues will be gained back by
having tasks completed simultaneously           Project Manager

Project would be put on hold in order to find
another supplier, if a new supplier comes on
board the would have to be brought up to
speed and cost increase would remain
because of payout to former supplier plus
bring on a new supplier                         Project Manager

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