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									DECEMBER                                                        2007

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2                                                                             THE PANTHER                                               DECEMBER 2007
It Won’t Be Long
Now                                                            BULLETIN BOARD
    It won’t be long until Baker Industries
starts to work on Village VI. Projected to         Large-Item Pick-Up                               Christmas Tree
be the largest village in Panther Valley,             The next date for large-item pick-up is
                                                   Fri., Dec. 7. The deadline for pick-up is
this 450 condominium/townhouse com-
                                                                                                       Residents should place their discarded
plex will be constructed in the rear of PV         Wed., Dec. 5. There is a $20 fee for each
                                                                                                    trees—free from all ornaments—at curb-
in the area across Bald Eagle from Village         item. All fees are NONrefundable!
                                                                                                    side on Jan. 7 and Jan. 21. The trees will
IV Townhouse.                                         Once the deadline has passed for the
    The early stages of construction, currently                                                     be recycled into woodchips.
                                                   current month, stickers for the next month’s
slated to start around February of 2008, will      pick-up will be available after the 10th.
require a major adjustment for all PV resi-                                                         On-Street Parking
dents living west of Village VII. The plan for
the new village includes extending Mallard
                                                   Garbage Info                                        Parking on any street or roadway
                                                      Waste Management does not enter the           is prohibited when sanding or snow
Drive from its current terminus, along the                                                          clearance operations are in progress or
ridge line and connecting with Bald Eagle at       community until 7:30 a.m. We ask that resi-
                                                   dents do not put out their garbage the night     expected.
that road’s current intersection with the east-                                                        Vehicles parked in violation of these
erly end of Sparrow Hawk. Due to line of           before unless they will not be home the morn-
                                                   ing of the scheduled pick-up. If garbage must    regulations are subject to towing at the
sight restrictions, Bald Eagle is going to be                                                       owner’s expense—without prior notice.
re-aligned for almost 900 feet and lowered by      be put out early, please place it in a sealed
almost fifteen feet at its highest point.          container so as to prevent the garbage from
    This is not an easy or quick undertaking.      being blown throughout the community and         Attention!
The current timetable for the lowering of          to prevent scavenging from wildlife on site.        All cars registering for a bar code must
Bald Eagle is anywhere from two to six                                                              have permanent plates; no cars with tem-
months depending on how fast the various           Chimney Cleaning                                 porary plates can receive bar codes. A
utilities can be moved. To help reduce the                                                          temporary pass can be obtained at the
                                                       This should be done every year. Do so
inconvenience for the residents of IV SFC, IV                                                       guardhouse until permanent plates are on
                                                   before you light a cozy fire to take the chill
Townhouse, IV Condo and Village IX while                                                            the vehicle.
                                                   off a cool winter evening.
Bald Eagle is closed, Baker Industries has
agreed to construct a temporary by-pass. The
by-pass will run to the north of the current
Bald Eagle route and will start just west of
Village VII and end just east of the PVPOA
administration building. The by-pass will be a                                     All your Christmas
24/7 paved road to reduce dust etc. It will not
have an intersection with Sparrow Hawk, thus                                      decorating needs at
requiring temporary changes in school bus
routes and slightly longer detours for approx-                 TAKE
                                                                       E           Tranquillity Farms
imately 785 unit owners.                                    AD
                                                               OF OU R
    Rest assured, your Board of Trustees has
been working with Baker to make this con-                    CUSTOM
                                                                      ER               Trees up to 14 feet!
struction period as painless as possible. If you            APPRE              Balsam • Fraser • Douglas Fir
have any thoughts on the subject, please feel                   CARDS
free to attend an open Board meeting and                                      Poinsettias • Wreaths • Blankets
voice your concerns.                                                     Firewood Available for Pick-up or Delivery
                         Neil Stokoe, Treasurer
                    PVPOA Board of Trustees                            Kissing Balls • Apple Cider • Fresh Baked Pies!
                                                                             Let us help you enjoy the beautiful
‘08 Community                                                                     holiday season this year!
   The deadline for making changes or                                                               908-979-0303
corrections for the 2008 Community                                                 Route 517, Allamuchy • 1 Mile North of I-80
Directory has passed. The committee                                                          Open daily - 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
wishes to thank all the residents who sub-
mitted written requests by the November
11 deadline. The new 2008 directory will                                                       Visa & Mastercard accepted!
be mailed in February 2008.

DECEMBER 2007                                                   THE PANTHER                                                                 3
Accounting                                       Residents who have signed up for the
                                              ACH Debit for their monthly association
                                                                                              from the siding and posts.
                                                                                                 This is to advise all homeowners that
Department News                               dues please note that it is only available to   exterior repairs resulting from improp-
   Thank you to everyone who drops their      be taken out on the 5th of each month.          erly-stacked firewood will be the
assessments in the lock box that is avail-                                                    responsibility of the homeowner, not the
able at the PVPOA office. We would like       Firewood Stacking                               Association.
                                                                                                 In the interest of safety, PVPOA
to request that when you do use the box,         It has come to the attention of the
the checks are placed in an envelope with                                                     reminds all homeowners to be aware
                                              PVPOA that some homeowners are                  that man-made fireplace logs are filled
the coupon. This is to assure that all pay-   stacking firewood between deck posts,
ments are applied to the proper accounts.                                                     with wax, which coats your chimney
                                              causing the posts to bow, or against the        and creates a fire hazard.
The reason being some homeowners have         siding, causing the siding to discolor.
different last names, may not live here or    PVPOA recommends that firewood be
the assessments are paid by other than the    placed on concrete at least six inches          Snow Removal
    VIEW OUR NEW & USED INVENTORY ONLINE AT:                                                      Snow-removal procedures are clearly

    WWW.JOHNSONDODGE.COM                                                                      spelled out for the contractors to ensure
                                                                                              that the community is cleared as quick-
                                                                                              ly as possible.
                                                                                                  The main roads: Bald Eagle, Sparrow
                                                                                              Hawk, Cardinal, Mallard, Mockingbird,
                                                                                              Sandpiper, Marsh Hawk, House Wren,
                                                                                              Killdeer, Goldfinch Dr., Canada Goose,
                                                                                              Osprey, Brown Thrasher, Cedar
                                                                                              Waxwing, and Everest will be the first
                                                                                              priority, followed by side streets, cul-
                                                                                              de-sacs, driveways, and then sidewalks.
                                                                                                  The contractors will start at one end
                                                                                              of the Villages and work their way

    JEEP                 CARS, TRUCKS                                                         through in a systematic progression.
                                                                                              Their starting point will be reversed
                     ®   VANS, SUV’S                                                          each time so that every homeowner will
                                                                                              have an opportunity to be among the

    CHRYSLER                                                                                  first cleared.
                                                                                                  Homeowners        have     sometimes
                                                                                              stopped workmen and asked them to

                                                                                              clear their area “next,” which actually
                                                                                              results in work disruption and confu-
                                                                                              sion. The contractors have been
                                                                                              instructed that their men are not to move
     SERVICE HOURS                                                                                  Covenants
       8AM-2PM                                                                                   Complaints & Fines
                                                                                              • Five residents were fined $100 each
                                                                                                for not obtaining an ACC permit to
      OVER 100 CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED                                                              do work on his/her house.
    CARS, TRUCKS AND SUV’S AVAILABLE                                                          • Two residents were fined $50 each
                                                                                                for two parking violations.
         8 YEAR/80K MILE WARRANTY*                                                            • One resident was fined $25 for park-
                                *See Dealer For Details                                         ing violation.
                                                                                              • One resident was fined $100 for a
    ON RT. 46 & Naughright Road, BUDD LAKE                                                      common party complaint.

                                                                                              • One resident was fined $100 for
                                                                                                abusing a guard.
                                                                                              • One resident was fined $400 for
        OPEN: Mon-Thurs: 8:30am-9pm; Fri: 8:30am-8pm; Sat: 8:30am-6pm.                          numerous complaints on parking a
       PARTS & SERVICE: Mon-Thurs 8am-7pm; Fri: 8am-6pm; Sat: 8am-2pm                           commercial vehicle.

4                                                          THE PANTHER                                             DECEMBER 2007
from one place to another but to proceed
in an orderly fashion. Since they do not
                                                 sinks to help keep pipes warm;
                                             5. When it’s extremely cold, open
                                                                                            Village III TH
wish to offend a homeowner, please do            faucets to let water drip through          Annual Meeting
not ask them to move from their                  water lines in outside walls;                 The     Village    III  Townhouse
assigned position.                           6. Find the water valves for your sinks and    Association will hold its annual meet-
   During snowstorms Security is fre-            toilets and learn how to close them;       ing on Mon., Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the
quently swamped with phone calls, and        7. Locate the main water valve serving         PVPOA office. The purpose of this
residents cannot get through for real            your unit so you can give directions       meeting is to approve the 2008 budget
emergencies. Please, call security for           in an emergency.                           and to elect two board members. If you
snow removal requests only if it is a true      Generally, units on top floors and          did not send in your ballot, please
emergency situation.                         units with north exposures are most sus-       attend the meeting and vote. All are
  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE                 ceptible to freeze damage.                     encouraged to attend.

Winter                                            Buying, Selling or Investing???
   If you are traveling this winter sea-
son, here are some helpful hints that
                                                   Call Us or Visit Our Website
make life easier:
1. Drain pipes, or leave heat at level to
   keep pipes from freezing;
2. Let someone know where to reach
   you in an emergency;
3. If possible, leave key with neighbor
   or friend;
4. If you have water lines in outside           Golf Course Ranch
   walls, open cabinet doors under                                              Colonial + One Acre
                                               Townhome For Sale!
                                                                                     For Sale!              Townhome For Sale!
                                              Best Location! End Unit! 3      Just Listed! 1 mile to PV -        3 Bedrooms!
Welcome New                                  BR, 2 1/2 Bath, LR, DR, EIK,
                                                Finished Walkout Lower
                                                                             “Ridge Road Estates” - 4BR,    Updated beauty with all
                                                                                2 1/2 Bath, LR, DR, FR,
Residents!                                      Level to Golf Course, 2
                                              Fireplaces, Garage, Ground
                                                                               Basement, 2-Car Garage,
                                                                               Double jacuzzi and more.
                                                                                                            3 BR on Second Floor.
                                                                                                             LR, DR, EIK, Garage.
Dominick Cetani & Lori Cetani                                                                                     $269,900
                                                   Level - $399,900          Allamuchy Twp. - $499,800
  50 Bowers Drive
Colleen Maciejczyk                                        Internet Advertising - on Several Websites!
  201 Old Farm Drive
                                                               A Customized Marketing Program
Caryn Smith
  122 Osprey                                    As proprietary members of the Panther Valley Golf and Country Club, I,
Jennittee Joost                                 John Abromitis and my wife Linda, along with our staff, have greatly
  151 Old Farm Drive                            increased our sales volume in Panther Valley.
Rick Schoch & Stephen Rollin
  47 Sandpiper Drive                            For a no-obligation consultation for buyers and sellers,
                                                call and ask for a Realtor.
Renica Shipe & Lawrence
  22 Purple Martin Drive
Teresa Peirano                                                                                           North Warren Realty
  115 Old Farm Drive                                                                                24 Route 46, Hackettstown
Lisa Emusov
   55 Bowers Drive                                                          www.c21northwarren.com
Gina Rollin                                                                 (908) 852-0007 • Fax: (908) 850-5799
  47 Sandpiper Drive
Jon Roth
  180 Old Farm Drive                                                        John & Linda Abromitis, Owners and Brokers

DECEMBER 2007                                            THE PANTHER                                                              5
Security Admittance                                            staff be able to issue a bar code for the guest.
                                                               Checks will be accepted from residents only.
                                                                                                                          admission to Panther Valley. Residents must
                                                                                                                          provide a written list of names to the
Guidelines Update                                                  In addition, residents may obtain a spe-               PVPOA Office
    Two rules help expedite the admission of                   cial one-time admission pass for guests.                       In all other instances, residents are
guests into Panther Valley.                                    This policy would apply to residents who                   reminded that they should call the guards to
    Primarily, guests on residents’ permanent                  are planning to host a party. In advance of                inform them of their guest’s arrival. If a
admission list may obtain bar codes for their                  sending out invitations to the event, the res-             guest arrives and the resident has not pre-
vehicles. The resident can accompany the                       ident should register the event with the                   authorized his/her entry, and if for some
individuals or the individuals can bring writ-                 PVPOA office. The office will take the                     reason the guards cannot contact the resi-
ten authorization from the resident at the                     information provided and print passes for                  dent, the guards are instructed not to allow
time he or she receives the bar code. Only                     the resident’s guests. This should be includ-              the guest to enter. Alternately, if the guards
after the office receives the signed authoriza-                ed and mailed with the invitation. When the                allow a guest to enter without pre-authori-
tion and prepaid bar code fee will the office                  guests arrive, they simply surrender the pass              zation, the resident should note the time,
                                                               at the guardhouse and will be granted                      date of the occurrence, and report it to the
                                                                                                                          office. Under the penalty clause in the secu-
                                                                                                                          rity contract, the security firm will be fined

        Classic Designs, LLC...                                                                                           if this is allowed to occur. The telephone
                                                                                                                          number for the guardhouse is 852-6277.
                                                                                                                          The guardhouse also has fax service avail-
                                                                                                                          able at 852-7265.

                                                                       Why Buy?                                           Safety Alert—
                                                    When Remodeling is so easy...
                                                                                                                          Hydrant Markers in
                                                     Let our Professional Staff Team                                      Panther Valley
                                                          Design You Your Own                                                 As always we are again installing hydrant
                                                         NEW Remodeled Home!                                              markers in Panther Valley.
                                                                                                                              The markers were installed in November
                                                  • Decks & Patios                • All Season Patios                     and will be removed in April, weather per-
                                                                                                                          mitting. We do not intend to keep them
                                                  • Screened Porches • Kitchens                                           installed year-round. The markers are made
                                                  • Basements                     • Bathrooms                             of fiberglass and comply with both the fire
                                                                                                                          and water department’s specifications for
                                                  • Painting                      • Family Rooms                          hydrant markers.
                                                                                  • Floors                                    Due to the placement of these markers
                                                                                                                          on all streets where hydrants are located,
                                                                                                                          we hope to enlist your cooperation by alert-
                                                                   Licensed Plumber                                       ing you and your children that these mark-
                                                                        On Staff                                          ers are not toys and should not be played
                                                   We’re Only A Phone Call Away                                           with. Someone could get hurt should they
                                                                                                                          attempt to bend or remove these markers.
                                                           To Your New                                                    Anyone observed vandalizing these mark-
                                                       REMODELED HOME…                                                    ers will be remanded to the Covenants
                                                                                                                          Committee for further action. We thank

                                                         908-637-8900                                                     you for your cooperation.

                                                                                                                                  BECOME A
     $100 Off                              $200 Off                                $500 Off                                      VOLUNTEER!
    Any Deck (300 sq. ft.)                Any Deck (500 sq. ft.)                  Any Deck (1000 sq. ft.)

                         (908)                                  (908)                                   (908)
                       637-8900                               637-8900                                637-8900

       With Coupon Only. Cannot be            With Coupon Only. Cannot be              With Coupon Only. Cannot be
        combined with other offers.            combined with other offers.              combined with other offers.
    Present coupon at time of estimate.    Present coupon at time of estimate.      Present coupon at time of estimate.

6                                                                                THE PANTHER                                                     DECEMBER 2007
Security Notes
   The gate can only help to deter crime.
It cannot prevent it. Please remember to
lock your homes and your car in order to
                                                                           Holiday Catering
help stop a thief.
                                                                                                               Whether you’re hosting an
‘08 Entertainment                                                                                                  intimate gathering or a
and KidStuff Books                                                                                              corporate bash, we’ve got
   The Allamuchy Township School PTO                                                                         you and your guests covered.
is selling 2008 Entertainment Coupon
Books. Each book is filled with up to 50
percent savings on formal and casual din-                                                                      Don’t wait until it’s too late!
ing, entertainment, travel, shopping, and
so much more. They make great gifts. The                                                                         Contact one of our event
books cost $25 and are available for
immediate pick up or delivery right to
                                                                                                                specialists today to discuss
your door. Call Jessica Taenzer at 979-                                                                                your holiday plans.
9573, or purchase them at the Allamuchy
Tax Collector’s office in Town Hall.
   We also have KidStuff Books avail-
                                                  G ENERAL S TORE
able. They are similar to the
Entertainment books, but contain a differ-
ent variety of coupons. Please call Kathy                                                                         Open 7 Days A Week!
Ramirez at 852-0616 to purchase these               Main Street, Allamuchy Village
books for $25.                                         Allamuchy, New Jersey                                Sunday-Thursday 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
   Thank you for supporting our school!
                                                      (908) 852-7004                                         Friday-Saturday 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

                              FRANK GODINO                                                                              !
                              Relocation Specialist

                              OFFICE: 908-879-8866
                                      908-813-1210                                  UN
                                                                                               17 AJAX COURT
                        Renown Realty
                        275 Main Street, Chester, NJ
                     Outstanding Agents,                           WANT THE HIGHEST PRICE
                          Outstanding Results!

         Visit My Websites at:
                                                                   POSSIBLE? Call Me Today!
              remax-nj.com                                         I’m an Area Specialist of
              realtor.com                                          Panther Valley and A
              mls.com                                              Resident As Well!
           Each Office Independently Owned and Operated           If your home is listed with another broker, this is not intended as a solicitation.

DECEMBER 2007                                             THE PANTHER                                                                                   7
Holiday                                    accept your generous items from toys,
                                           clothing and even something small for
                                                                                         to turn on all your lights between 5-
                                                                                         10 p.m. Make it “hard to choose!
Decorating                                 the women who suffer from abuse.          • Winners will be announced on Fri.,
                                           Please help and spread a little joy to        Dec. 14.
   If you are planning to decorate your
                                           those who would really appreciate it!!        PLEASE NOTE: We will have a
home for the holidays, keep in mind
                                              Please bring unwrapped gift items to   special day set aside on December 16
that homes with vinyl siding cannot
                                           Panther Valley Realty, Inc. in the        for all of our winners to come to our
have nail holes. This will permanently
                                           Panther Valley Mall. Our office is
damage the siding by preventing it                                                   office at Panther Valley Realty, Inc.
                                           located in the yellow center building
from expanding in warm weather and                                                   from 1-3 p.m. for cookies and punch
                                           along with Vanilla Café and Fit
contracting in cold weather, thus caus-                                              and to collect your winning gifts.
ing the siding to warp and become                                                        There will be ten first place winners,
                                              On behalf of the shelter, and the
unsightly.                                                                           each of whom will receive an engraved
                                           children, we thank you for your contri-
                                           butions. Happy holidays!                  trophy, plus a rosette ribbon. The run-
Toys For Tots                                                                        ners up will receive honorable mention
Collection                                 2007 Holiday                              and be recognized with rosette ribbons.
                                                                                     Each area will be judged separately.
“Help Make a Difference”                   Outdoor                                   1. Carillon Village/Eaglet Glen
   We must think of this time of year
as, joyous, filled with happy memories     Decorating Contest                        2. Mallard Drive/Nuthatch/Everest
                                                                                     3. Audubon Woods/Cardinal Townhomes
of years gone by, family traditions, and     Panther Valley Realty, Inc. will be
                                                                                     4. The Crest
sharing with others.                       sponsoring the 24th Annual Outdoor
                                                                                     5. Country View
   But, CHILDREN WHO LIVE                  Decorating Contest this year.
                                             A lot of effort goes into making this   6. Sparrow Hawk/Deer Run/Quail
have a different view of the Holidays.     contest as FAIR as possible. We need          Run/ Old Farm Village
   Panther Valley Realty, Inc. will be     your support.                             7. Sandpiper/Wood Thrush/Cardinal
collecting donations for the Domestic      • All decorations should be in place          Homes
Abuse & Sexual Assault Crisis Center,         by Wed., Dec. 12.                      8. Canada Goose/Bower’s Glen
Inc. (DASACC). Starting November           • All day and evening judging will be     9. Mountainside
30 through December 14 we will                held December 13. Please remember      10.Westgate
                                                                                         IMPORTANT: In the past, some
                                                                                     homeowners have decorated over their

                           TGM                                       PLUMBING
                                                                                     house address number. This makes
                                                                                     judging more difficult.
                                                                                         PLEASE NOTE: Previous winning

                   • PLUMBING          • ELECTRICAL
                                                                                     decorations are not eligible to win
                                                                                     again. Also, professional decorations
                                                                                     will not be eligible for judging.
                   • HEATING           • AIR CONDITIONING                                Winners will be notified on Fri., Dec.
                                                                                     14. The results will be posted in our
                                 852-6355                                            office in the Panther Valley Village
                     ELEC LIC#                PLUMBING LIC#
    AIR                                                                              Square Mall. Please join the fun and par-
CONDITIONING           6070                       6323               HEATING         ticipate in this festive event. Good Luck!

8                                                     THE PANTHER                                          DECEMBER 2007
                                                Directions: Rte 517N to Rte 206N,
Cut to the Chase                             located on Route 206 one mile south of
                                                                                           78, exit 17 to Rte. 31 N to Rte. 46 W to
                                                                                           Rte. 519 S (mi. marker 39) Open 8:30
   For the upcoming holidays there is        Newton. Open 9-4 (Daily & Weekends),          a.m. - 4 p.m. (daily).
nothing nicer than fragrant, freshly cut     thru Dec. 20.                                 Jolly Holly Christmas tree Farm
greenery. We in Panther Valley are
                                             Mt. Bethel Christmas Tree Farm                56 Maple Lane - 908-362-6327
privileged to have a number of tree
                                             41 Mt. Bethel Rd., Washington - 908-             Directions: I-80W, exit 12 rte 521 N,
farms within short driving distances of
                                             852-58ll                                      left onto Mohican, right onto Maple
our homes. These farms offer a variety
                                                Directions:     Rte   517S      into       Lane, farm is on right. Open 12 - 4 p.m.
of evergreen trees and other greenery
                                             Hackettstown, Grand Ave./Rte. 629 off         (Sat. & Sun), thru Dec. 17.
for the holiday season. While “cut ‘em
                                             Rte. 46- 6 mi. - rt. on Mt. Bethel Rd.        Perfect Christmas Tree Farm
yourself” is the general rule, some of
                                             Open 9 a.m.-dusk, Thurs.-Sun., thru -         999 Rte. 22 - 908-387-1225
these farms also sell already-cut trees.
                                             Dec. 23.                                         Directions: Take Rte. I-78 or U.S. 22
Cutting implements are generally pro-
vided. Most places wrap the trees for        Hidden Hollow Farm                            West, which will split at Phillipsburg.
easier transport.                            18 Spring Lane - 908-689-5678                 Take 22 West 2.3 mi. on right. From
   The following is a selected list of       www.hiddenhollowxmastrees.com                 Hackettstown, take 57 West. Turn left on
farms within a one-hour drive from              Directions: Rte. 57W to Washington,        Rte. 519, second traffic light right, go 1.3
Panther Valley. We make every effort         go 3 lights, turn rt. on #623 (Brass Castle   mi. on right. Open 10 a.m. - dark (daily),
to ensure the accuracy of this list. It is   Rd.), Go 1 1/2 mi. to #647 on left. Follow                      thru Dec. 22
advisable, however to contact an estab-      the Christmas Tree signs to                                               So, this holi-
lishment before visiting to ensure that      farm. Open 10-5 (Fri, Sat,                                               day season pack
times, dates, etc. have not changed.         Sun only), Dec. 1 - 16.                                                  the kids and the
Glenview Farm                                Wyckoff’s Tree Farm                                                      dog into the ol’
                                             249 Route 519                                                               SUV       and
2 Glenview Lane, Blairstown
                                             908-475-4508                                                                  toodle on
362-6904 - www.glenviewfarm.com
                                                                                                                          down to the
   Directions: I-80W Exit 12 N. - Rte.       www.wyckoffs.com
                                                Directions: I-80W, exit                                             tree farm of your
52l—4 mi. to Blairstown, left on Rte.
                                             12 to Rte. 521 S to 519 S                                            choice. And happy
94, l mi. to Mohican Rd.; Open 9-5
                                             (10 miles from Rte. 80); I-                                        hunting!!
(daily & weekends) thru Dec. 23.
Sunset Christmas Tree Farm
2l Frontage Rd - 908-459-4048
   Directions: I-80W (Exit 12) to Rte.
52l S., 1/4 mi., Rt. on Foundry Rd. 1/2
mi. to end, Rt. on Mt. Hermon Rd., 3 mi.
                                              Holiday Pastries
to bridge over I-80 to an immediate Rt.
onto Frontage Rd., follow signs. Open 9
- 4:15 (Fri, Sat, Sun), thru Dec. 22.
                                              & Homemade Pies
The Quick Farm                                All desserts are created
4 Morris Lane - 908-637-6426                  by Uwe, our traditional
   Directions: Rte. 46 W. to Great            old-world baker from
Meadows, turn right onto Hope Rd. at
St. Peter & Paul Church, 3/4 mi., turn        Germany.
left on Mountain Lake Rd. 1 mi. to
farm on left. Open 8-4:30, Weekends
                                              Our talented baker will
thru Dec 23.                                  create and customize
Rolling Green Farm, Long Valley               any dessert or pastry
61 Hacklebarney Rd - 908-879-4497             you desire.
   From Chester: Rte. 513, follow
signs to Hacklebarney State Park. Farm        Order early!
1/4 mi. past park on left. From Long
Valley: take Old Farmers Rd. to end,
                                              G ENERAL S TORE
bear left, farm on right. Open 9-5
(weekends), thru Dec. 23.                                                                       Open 7 Days A Week!
Saint Paul’s Abbey                                                                         Sunday-Thursday 6 a.m. - 8 p.m.
                                                Main Street, Allamuchy Village
297 Route 206 S., Newton                                                                    Friday-Saturday 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
                                                   Allamuchy, New Jersey
                                                  (908) 852-7004                                  Catering Available

DECEMBER 2007                                            THE PANTHER                                                                 9
The Island of                                            1983 because someone special lived there
                                                         more than 19 centuries ago. Our tour bus
                                                                                                              cated and mysterious level that after more
                                                                                                              than 19 centuries they still have a strong
Revelation—Patmos                                        delivered us to the main destination of most         influence on religious belief, the arts and
By Alex Lubashevsky                                      tourists on this island—the monastery of St.         even common culture. You can find refer-
                                                         John the Theologian (as the Greeks called            ences from the Book of Revelation in very
    We disembarked at 7 a.m. from our cruise             the apostle John) which was established in           recent films, books and songs.
ship, “Perla,” at one of the smallest inhabit-           the 11th century. After a short explanation of          We went through the Greek Orthodox
ed Greek islands, Patmos, having a popula-               the history of St. John and the monastery we         Church of St. Anne (the same denomina-
tion of about 3,000, which is also referred to           quietly proceeded to the “Cave of the                tion as the Ukrainian Church on Route 517,
as the “Jerusalem of the Aegean”. This                   Apocalypse.” It is there according to legend         which sells very nice pirogi on Sundays!)
charming gem of only 15 square miles, with               that the evangelist John lived from 95 to 97         which was built at the opening of the cave
its scenic beaches and calm blue sea, color-             AD, exiled for his proselytizing activities,         where St. John lived. To the right of the
ful fishing boats, stark white houses and tra-           and wrote the Apocalypse, which later                church expands the rocky vault of the
ditional small taverns, was formally declared            became the last book of the New Testament,           famous cave where we were met by a monk
a Holy Island by the Greek government in                                     undoubtedly one of the           who guided us through the cave, illuminat-
                                                                             most famous and still not        ed by golden icon lamps, beautiful old
                                                                             fully understood of the          icons and frescos depicting the miracle of
                                                                             Bible’s messages to future       St. John. The most impressive part of the
                                                                             generations. Although this       cave is the massive crack in the rock which
                                                                             book (as some others in          divides it into three parts and extends from
                                                                             the New Testament) used          south to north above the spot where the
                                                                             stories and references           Evangelist used to rest (now outlined in
                                                                             from the great prophets of       gold). This is where John reported hearing
                                                                             the Old Testament such           the voice of God, which caused the rock to
                                                                             as Isaiah, Jeremiah,             split. (For the sake of objectivity, it should
                                                                             Ezekiel and Daniel, St.          be mentioned that some early church histo-
                                                                             John lifted his prophecies       rians thought that the author of Revelation
                                                                             with imagination and             was not the original apostle St. John but
                                                                             style to such a sophisti-        another monk with the same name; but by
                                                                                                              the end of the 3rd century AD the current
                                                                                                              thinking prevailed).
                                                                                                                 The monastery has a large modern muse-
                                                                                                              um and library with many priceless artifacts
                                                                www.vernaymovinginc.com                       from early Christian, Greek and Roman peri-
                                                                                                              ods. It houses an amazing collection of
                                                                                                              icons, sacred relics, more than 2000 ancient
                            MOVING AND STORAGE, INC.                                                          books, 900 original manuscripts and 13,000
           WE TAKE SPECIAL CARE IN HANDLING AND STORING YOUR VALUABLES                                        historical documents. Though the tour guide
                                                                                                              walked pretty fast, I lagged behind to browse
                                                                                                              some of the documents and to my great sur-
                                                                                           No Job             prise found one written in old Russian—an
                                                                                            Is Too            original order by Peter the Great to all
                                                                                            Small             Russian authorities to give assistance to the
                                                                                                              monks of Patmos in their mission inside the
         FULL                                                                                                 Russian Empire. This order was followed
        PACKING                                                                                               until the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 which
                                                                                                              proclaimed with brutal force Lenin’s famous
                                                                                                              aphorism: “Religion is the opiate of the peo-
                                                                                                              ple!” Only with the collapse of the Soviet
                                                                                                              Union in 1991 did the situation significantly
      All Local Moves • Low Rates • Residential & Commercial                                                  change; and about four years ago, visiting St.
      Specializing in Piano Moving • Fully Insured & Licensed!                                                Petersburg during the celebration of its
       Climate Controlled Storage Facility • 5% Senior Benefit                                                300th anniversary, I witnessed an amazing
               85% Repeat & Recommended Customers                                                             scene—a procession through the city center
                      3rd Generation of Movers!                                                               carrying the remains of another apostle, St.
                                                                                                              Andrew, which were brought for this occa-
      1 Goldmine Rd • Mt. Olive • (908) 684-4673                                                              sion from the famous Greek monastery at
     FAX (908) 684-9305 • Open M -F 8 a.m. til 5 p.m., Sat til Noon                                           Aphon. The procession included an honor
 Licensed to perform moves within the State of New Jersey (PC00680) - Serving Warren , Morris & Sussex Area                          Continued on page 31

10                                                                       THE PANTHER                                                  DECEMBER 2007
After The Accident                                              through the process of dealing with the insur-
                                                                ance and repair matters. My accident was
                                                                                                                            copy of the accident report and get a claim
                                                                                                                            number. Give them the body shop phone
By Jesse L. Acker                                               clearly established as being the fault of the               number and address and when you rent a
    None of us want to have an auto accident                    other driver.                                               car tell the rental agency that the rental is
and many of us are ill prepared for one. I have                     Step 1: Clearly establish who is at fault.              covered by the insurance company and give
recently been through such a trauma and hope                    Have the investigating officer put it into the              them the claim number.
to help our readers with advice to help them                    accident report. Try to get a copy of the acci-                 As they say, there is no free cup of coffee.
navigate through the necessary steps.                           dent report as soon as possible.                            Having adequate collision insurance is a
    I was coming home on westbound route 80                         Step 2: Report the accident to your insur-              must, but be careful how you use it! Second
exiting off on Exit 19. As many of you know,                    ance company.                                               bit of advice: If anyone in your car sustained
as you come around on the exit ramp, sudden-                        Step 3: Go to a reputable body shop for an              bodily harm, all bets are off as the other
ly there is a line of cars waiting to turn onto                 estimate and advice. (This is the most critical             insurance company will be very cautious
Route 517. I left at least a car length between                 step you can take) The repair shop knows most               about settling any claims and it may take a
myself and the car ahead after coming to a full                 of the insurance companies and adjusters.                   long time with physical exams, and other lia-
stop. Suddenly, there was a crash and my car                        Step 4: Suggest calling the other dri-                  bility considerations.
lurched forward. Another driver decided to                      ver’s insurance company and send them a
pull around me into the right lane and
smashed into my right rear.                                       • A Full Service Window Treatment Company
    We both pulled off across Route 517 into                      • Shades • Blinds • Shutters
the Allamuchy exit. My car was undriveable. I
immediately tried calling 911 on my cell                          • Custom Furniture • Accessories
phone. After several calls, there still was no                    • Top Treatments • Drapes & Curtains
police presence. The 911 operator finally told
me to call the Hope Barracks for the State                        • Personalized Shop at Home Service
Police, who came quite quickly. The other
driver told me and the trooper that it was her                    908-689-4136
fault, which he wrote down.                                       Fax: 908-689-9380
    Having just picked up my repaired car after
the accident, I would like to impart some of
the hard-won wisdom I acquired after going                        E-mail: the.windowdresser@verizon.net                                    Serving North Jersey Since 1985

         Live Belly Dancing
       on Fridays & Saturdays                                               Kaptan                                           133 Main Street • Hackettstown
                                                                                                                                     Tel: 908-979-9222
   Please Call For Reservations                                                                                                      Fax: 908-979-9003
                                                               Turkish Grill & Restaurant
                 Cold Appetizers                                                                                                          Wraps • Sandwiches
   1. Stuffed Grape Leaves . . . . . . . . . 4.95                                      Entrees                              38. Lamb Shish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50
   2. Eggplant Salad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.95           17. Shish Kebab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.95         39. Lamb Adana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50
   3. String Beans w/Olive Oil . . . . . . 4.95                 18. Adana Kebab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.95           40. Donar Kebab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50
   4. Hummus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.95         19. Chicken Adana Kebab . . . . . . . 11.95                 41. Chicken Shish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50
   5. White Beans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.95          20. Gyro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.95    42. Chicken Adana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50
   6. Cacik . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.95    21. Lamb Chops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21.95          43. Kofte . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.50
   7. Spicy Vegetable Salad . . . . . . . . 4.95                22. Grilled Turkish Burgers . . . . . . 11.95
                                                                                                                                    Combination Meat Entrees
   8. Mixed Appetizers . . . . . . . . . . . 19.95              23. Turkish Style Sausage . . . . . . . 12.95
                                                                                                                            44. Lamb Thunder, Shish Kebab,
                    Hot Appetizers                              24. Stuffed Cabbage . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
                                                                                                                                Gyro, Lamb Chops
   9. Fried Beef Liver . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.95           25. Grilled Chicken Burger . . . . . . 11.95
                                                                                                                                & Grilled Turkish Burger . . . . . 26.95
  10. Sigari Boregi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.95        26. Chicken Shish . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12.95
  11. Spinach Pie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.95        27. Chicken Chops . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.95                 Combination Chicken Entrees
                           Soups                                28. Lamb Thunder . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.95            45. Chicken Adana Kebab, Chicken Cutlet
  12. Red Lentil Soup . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.50                            Seafood • Balig                                 Chicken Shish Kebab &
  13. Soup Of The Day . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.50              29. *Royal Durado Orata . . . . . . . . 16.95                   Chicken Chops . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24.95
                      Salads                                    30. *Grilled Whole Striped Bass . . .16.95
                                                                31. *Red Snapper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16.95                     Lunch Special – $8.95
  14. Shepherd’s Salad . . .sm. 5.96 lg. 7.95
  15. Season Salad . . . . . . sm. 5.96 lg. 6.95                32. *Whole Brook Trout . . . . . . . . . 14.95              Includes: Soup, Salad & Your Choice
  16. Arugula Salad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.95          33. *Salmon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95                 Chicken Dish or Gyro
       Add Feta Cheese To Any Salad . . . . . .1.00             34. *Tilapia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.95       Shish Kabobs Made to Order for Your BBQ
                                                                             Vegetarian Entrees                              We Deliver! Within 10 mi., min. $5000 order
  Celebrate Christmas & New Years                               35. Spinach with Yogurt . . . . . . . . . . 8.95
       with us! Call NOW for                                                                                                                                 BUY 1 COLD APPETIZER
                                                                36. Okra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.95
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                                                                                                                                                 ONLY         GET 2ND
    reservations. Also perfect for
         ANY Special Event!
                                                                37. Vegetable Kebab . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.95
                                                                                                                             Min. $15      exp. 1/31/08
                                                                                                                                                              APPETIZER   20% OFF
DECEMBER 2007                                                                    THE PANTHER                                                                                             11
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes - Wed., Sept. 26
   Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes -         1. Call to Order                             4. Announcements
Members in Attendance: John Young,                The meeting was called to order at 7:30       Mr. Young announced that a member of
President; Ken Dunlap, Vice President;         p.m. by President Young.                     the maintenance staff, Otto Stranak, will cele-
Neil Stokoe, Treasurer; Isobel Weill,          2. Pledge of Allegiance                      brate his 20th anniversary with Panther Valley
Secretary; Art Schmelter, Asst. Treasurer;                                                  on Friday, September 28, 2007, at which time
Gerald Kuehn, Asst. Secretary; Karen              All present stood and recited the
                                               pledge.                                      a Certificate of Achievement will be given to
Stachnick; Jeff Guidette; Gary Sarno                                                        Mr. Stranak. On behalf of the Board, Mr.
   Staff in Attendance: Doug Byrd,             3. Minutes of the 8/29/07 Board              Young thanked him for his years of dedicated
General Manager; David Main, Finance           Meeting                                      service. Mr. Guidette added that Mr. Stranak
Manager; Thomas Lunger, Maintenance               Mr. Sarno made a motion approving the     is a real asset to the community.
Manager; Sally Prell, Administrative           minutes of the August 29, 2007 meeting.          Mr. Young noted that a New Resident
Manager                                        Mr. Guidette seconded the motion and it      Orientation will be held on October 4th at
                                               carried unanimously.                         7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                Regarding the questions raised about “Tag
                                                                                            Sales”, Mr. Young stated that the Board has
                                                                                            approved a “Tag Sale” to be held on October
                                                                                            6th. However, he reminded all that Panther
                                                                                            Valley is a gated community and, as such, the
                                                                                            names of all persons invited into the Valley by
                                                                                            residents for the sale must be given to the
                                                                                            guard house for proper clearance.
                                                                                            5. Open Session
                                                                                                Mr. Joseph Bryan, 8 Brown Thrasher, with
                                                                                            regard to the Pinnacle Estates development,
                                                                                            noted that at the October 26, 2005 meeting,
                                                                                            President Young noted that if the intersection
                                                                                            does not satisfy the state AASHTO require-
                                                                                            ments, the proposed development will not
                                                                                            proceed, but it is the duty of the Planning
                                                                                            Board to determine compliance. He asked if
                                                                                            the BOT has discussed this with the Planning
                                                                                            Board and if the design of this intersection has
                                                                                            started. Mr. Young responded that the Board
                                                                                            has not discussed this issue with the Township
                                                                                            Board, but any resident may ask at a Land Use
                                                                                            Development Board meeting. Regarding the
                                                                                            design, Mr. Young stated that he believes the
                                                                                            preliminary plans were filed at the Township.
                                                                                            Approvals of specifications, the intersection,
                                                                                            engineering, traffic studies are by the
                                                                                            Allamuchy Land Use Board, not the PVPOA.
                                                                                                Secondly, Mr. Bryan noted that in the
                                                                                            Maser Traffic Engineering Review of May 23,
                                                                                            3005, page 6, Item D “Intersection Safety
                                                                                            Issues at the Bald Eagle Road—CR 653
                                                                                            Intersection” it is recommended that 5 items
                                                                                            be done. Mr. Bryan asked if these 5 things
                                                                                            have been accomplished. Mr. Young respond-
                                                                                            ed that the Board has no authority over this
                                                                                            issue. Again, it is an issue for the Land Use
                                                                                            Development Board.
                                                                                                Third, Mr. Bryan asked if the revised
                                             CFP®                                           temporary construction access road loca-
                                                                                            tion on PVPOA property—Block 701.2,
                                                                                            Lot 27.01 has been granted. Mr. Young
                                                                                            responded affirmatively, but noted that all
                                                                                            safety improvements will be performed
                                                                                            before any other work commences. He
                                                                                            also informed all present that the develop-
                                                                                            er will be installing a natural buffer to min-
                                                                                            imize dust, noise and view of the site.

12                                                         THE PANTHER                                               DECEMBER 2007
    Fourth, Mr. Bryan asked if Rutherfurd           uled to discuss permissible traffic calming          the Association. Mr. Byrd stated that if there
Estates is now known as the Pinnacle                devices and the planned road construction.           is an inherent drainage problem, existing
Development by Kalian from Red Bank. Mr.               Mr. Alan Kleinschrodt, 4 Meadowlark,              since the building was built, that is not a
Young responded affirmatively.                      inquired as to whether or not the proposed           maintenance issue. However, if there is a
    Lastly, Mr. Bryan asked if Mr. Pantel is        budget for 2008 will contain the “Security           drainage system which breaks down, the
still the PVPOA professional engineer               Car Lease” line item which appeared in both          Association will be responsible for repair.
reviewing the ALD project for the Board of          the 2006 and 2007 budget. Mr. Young                  Mr. Young informed him that his drainage
Trustees. Mr. Young responded affirmatively.        informed him that the 2008 budgets are cur-          issue will be reviewed by management.
    Ms. Carol Budzinski, 313 Red Tail Hawk,         rently under management review.                          Ms. Patricia Batchis, 36 Mockingbird,
requested the status of the proposed quarry on         Mr. Kleinschrodt expressed thanks for             spoke to the issue of “tag sales”, which she
Alphano Road. Mr. Young stated that he had          the noticeable landscaping improvements              initially brought to the Board in April of this
attended two of the meetings on the proposal        made recently.                                       year. Although the new rules and regulations
in Independence Township and believes that             Mr. Martin Tomich, 29 Rushmore                    were promulgated in July, she received an
the proposal was turned down. Mr. Schmelter         Lane, expressed satisfaction with the sig-           elaborated version of the “tag sale” guideline
added that the Council denied the application,      nificant increase in landscape and building          yesterday. Mr. Young responded by inform-
but the builder is litigating.                      maintenance services provided in Village             ing her that upon receipt of a postal card from
    Ms. Budzinski expressed thanks for the          VIII which he attributed to PVPOA’s new              a realty company indicating that such an event
clean new cones at the entrance.                    management team. Mr. Tomich thanked                  was to take place in Panther Valley, he
    Ms. Noreen Percival, 38 Rushmore Lane,          Mrs. Weill for the inordinate amount of              thought that there might be some misinterpre-
addressed the Board regarding the use of            time spent with him bringing resolution to           tation and asked Mr. Byrd to address a letter
signs as well as balloons on vehicles denoting      various Village VIII issues.                         to the realtors, clarifying the rule for these
where open houses are held. Mr. Young noted            Mr. Young thanked all residents for               sales so the one they were sponsoring would
that such practice is prohibited per the estab-     their patience in allowing the new man-              be successful. Mrs. Batchis noted that the let-
lished “Open House Policy.”                         agement team time to assess the various              ter stated that any need for additional security
    Mr. Frank Miller, 9 Pheasant Run, noted         needs of the valley and implementing                 guards would be billable to the realty compa-
that the temporary speed bumps at Rec III           plans of improvement.                                ny and asked, if that were to be the case, when
have been removed and asked if permanent               Mr. Michael Salerno, 210B Goldfinch               would the need for additional guards be deter-
ones will be installed. Mr. Young responded         Court, requested clarification of the new            mined and what would that cost be. Mr.
by stating that it was the Board’s intent to        maintenance responsibilities as they relate to       Young responded by stating that the determi-
install them temporarily to test their effective-   outstanding issues. Specifically, he spoke to        nation as to whether or not additional securi-
ness over the summer months. A meeting              the ongoing drainage issue at the rear of his        ty guards are needed will be made when the
with the Township Engineer has been sched-          unit which formerly was the responsibility of                               Continued on page 14

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DECEMBER 2007                                                     THE PANTHER                                                                         13
‘Minutes’          Continued from page 11          Board. Mr. Sarno seconded the motion and it            Mr. Dunlap made a motion to send a let-
                                                   carried unanimously.                               ter to the Township requesting that the
total number of non-resident participants is           After discussion, the Board requested          Township initiate the bonding process on
known; the cost to be approximately                that the General Manager develop a com-            behalf of the PVPOA. Mr. Schmelter sec-
$30/hour/guard, minimum of four hours.             prehensive plan to account for cash receipts       onded the motion and it carried unanimous-
    Mr. Tomich stated his opposition to garage     at the pools and any other recreation activ-       ly. Mr. Byrd was asked to draft the letter for
sales, asking how the Association can provide      ities, and proper supervision of the guards        Mr. Young’s signature.
assurances that his privacy will not be com-       and supervisors.                                       b. Architectural Control
promised during such events. Mr. Sarno             7. Manager’s Report                                    Mr. Schmelter made a motion approving
responded by stating that the issue of privacy         Mr. Byrd reported no updates since             actions taken by the Committee in Sections III
as well as other potential problems will be        issuance of his September report.                  and IV of their September 11, 2007 meeting
monitored during the upcoming “tag sale”. If                                                          minutes, as amended. Mr. Guidette seconded
it is determined that problems occurred, the       8. Road Patching                                   the motion and it carried unanimously with
Board will consider whether or not to permit           Mr. Byrd noted that the project is expected    Mr. Dunlap abstaining.
such sales in the future.                          to commence on October 22nd and last                   c. Audit
    Mr. Ric Henderson, 7 Raven Drive, ques-        between two and three weeks. Resident noti-            Mr. Dunlap made a motion appointing the
tioned if the revised maintenance guidelines       fications will be made by the Maintenance          accounting firm of Wilkin & Guttenplan as
are intended to be an amendment or adden-          Department.                                        the Association’s auditors for the fiscal year
dum to the documents. Mr. Young responded              Mr. Lunger informed the Board that there       2007 at an estimated fee of $41, 500.00. Mr.
that it is an interpretation and a clarification   will be no disruption of traffic flow. Milling     Stokoe seconded the motion and it carried
and a matter of record through resolution. Mr.     will take place one day and paving the next.       unanimously.
Henderson asked how the resolution will be             Mr. Sarno made a motion amending the               Mr. Dunlap made a motion that the
“passed down” upon conveyance of a Panther         previously approved paving contract amount         Financial Policy Manual is to be revised as
Valley unit. Mr. Byrd stated that one of the       with Onorati Paving to $111,824.16 with up         follows:
reasons the Board undertook the interpreta-        to an additional 15% for undesignated costs.           1. To the Management Fee charges to the
tion of the village documents is because peo-      Mr. Schmelter seconded the motion and it car-      villages section, under Item 1 add the follow-
ple are generally reluctant to wade through        ried unanimously. Mr. Stokoe asked that Mr.        ing:
the Declaration of Covenants and                   Kozimor, SMSD Treasurer, be notified by let-              G. Professional Services - Legal
Restrictions, By-laws and Village documents,       ter, detailing which villages had road work               H. Professional Services - Financial
so the maintenance responsibilities list is a      performed and the amount for each village, in             I. Budget Printing
compilation, summarization and interpreta-         order that he may adjust his records.                     J. Coupon Books
tion of what is contained in those documents.      9. Policies                                            2. Replace the second paragraph of Item 1
Potential owners are informed of such docu-            a. Garage Sales                                with the following:
ments through the attorney and realtor han-            Discussed during the Open Session of this          Of the remaining total Administrative
dling their real estate transaction.               meeting.                                           Expenses, 25% are allocated to Village III
6. Treasurer’s Report                                  b. Open House                                  Townhouse, Village IV Townhouse, Village
    Mr. Stokoe made a motion authorizing the           Discussed during the Open Session of this      IV Condominium, Village VII and Village
Treasurer to disburse a maximum of                 meeting.                                           VIII Townhouse based on the number of units
$35,000.00 from the Quail Homeowners               10. Goldfinch Fire Status                          in each village. The per unit Management Fee
Association reserve accounts, payable to the                                                          rate is equal to 25% of adjusted total adminis-
                                                       Mr. Byrd reported that more work will be       trative expenses as above, divided by the
Quail residents to reimburse them for out-of-      performed around the complex, including
pocket costs incurred by them for the repair of                                                       aggregate number of units in those villages.
                                                   replacing the shutters and the removal of at           Mr. Stokoe seconded the motion and it car-
their decks. The Board also authorizes the         least four additional severely damaged trees.
General Manager and the Maintenance                                                                   ried unanimously.
                                                   It is anticipated that approximately 20 - 25           At the recommendation of the Audit
Committee to determine if some of the work         new shrubs will be planted in the area.
performed on one of the decks qualifies as                                                            Committee, to handle hardship cases in a
                                                   11. Committee Reports                              more expeditious manner, the Board delegat-
repairs and thus subject to reimbursement
under the plan previously approved by the              a. Road Committee                              ed authority to review and decide hardship
                                                                                                      requests to Messrs. Dunlap, Stokoe and
                                                                                                      Young, acting as a sub-committee of the

  Terranova Pizzeria Tr attoria                                                                       Audit Committee.
                                                                                                          Mr. Main was excused from the meet-
                                                                                                      ing at 8:30.
                                         Panther Valley Mall • Rte. 517                                   d. Communications
                                            Allamuchy, New Jersey                                         No report.
                                                                                                          e. Covenants
                                                   908-852-7606                                           Mr. Kuehn made a motion approving
                                      Pizza by the Slice • Hot & Cold Sandwiches                      actions taken by the Committee per their
                               Appetizers • Salads • Pasta • Veal • Chicken • Seafood                 September 10, 2007 meeting minutes.
                                                                                                      Mrs. Weill seconded the motion and it car-
                                      Let Us Cater Your Next Event!                                   ried unanimously.
                               Bring Your Own Wine or Beer To Our Dining Room!                            f. Maintenance
                                                                                                          Report given under Item 8 of these
     Present this coupon for $1.50 OFF one large pie!                                                 minutes.
                                                                                    Expires 1/31/08
                                                                                                                            Continued on page 32

14                                                               THE PANTHER                                                   DECEMBER 2007
     ExpectBetter GetBetter

                                                                        Knowing Can
                                                                        Save Your Life

                                                                           The Cardiac Catheterization Lab

                                                                            651 Willow Grove Street
                                                                            Hackettstown, NJ
                                                                            (908) 441-1301


     Diagnostic cardiac catheterization lets you know if
     you have coronary disease that requires specialized
     treatment. At Hackettstown Regional Medical Center,
     our new Cardiac Catheterization Lab has the medical
     expertise and the most advanced technology available to
     diagnose coronary artery blockages. (Pictured at right is
     the SIEMENS AXIOM Artis scanner.) Catheterizations
     performed at HRMC have shown a full range of
     conditions ranging from no blockages to life-saving                Cardiac Catheterization/Vascular Lab

     diagnoses requiring immediate care for cardiac stenting
     and bypass.

     In addition, HRMC’s technology safely and securely sends
     images to your physician or cardiologist electronically, in a
     matter of minutes. To learn more, call (908) 441-1301.
                                                                                  ExpectBetter GetBetter

DECEMBER 2007                                             THE PANTHER                                          15
                      anther y
Halloween Party-‘07                            hay and to all of the volunteers that know
                                               that “not all treasure is silver and gold,
                                                                                             its work to insure successful events and
                                                                                             happy occasions for our community and
   The room was filled with ghosts and         mate” and made this event possible by         wishes you all the best in the New Year!
witches, princesses and superheroes.           giving the gift of their time.
Approximately 85 children joined in on
the games and excitement at the annual
                                                  See you next year!!
                                                                                             Visit With
Halloween Party!
   The Art Show proved to be a huge suc-       Growing Pains –                               Santa Party
cess with many paintings and drawings
entered. Each artist was a “winner” as a
                                               Part II                                           For those of you that have registered
                                                                                             for the Visit With Santa Party, you
ribbon was placed on each work of art.            The importance of pre-registration was     should have received a card with your
   Thanks to our honored guest                 realized this year. Due to the parents that
                                                                                             child’s name on it. If you have a card,
“Captain Jack Sparrow” (a.k.a. Jesse           signed up and picked up their registration
                                                                                             you can pass by the registration table. If
Barker) who took time off from his             cards in advance, the check in-line to
                                                                                             you have not pre-registered (which we
adventures on the high seas to help out        enter the Halloween Party was almost
                                               completely eliminated.                        all hope you did so Santa brought plen-
with the activities at the party. Calling to
                                                  The Recreation Committee would like        ty of toys with him!), you will need to
the children that “any man who falls
                                               to extend its sincerest thanks to those who   stop and register at the door to receive
behind, is left behind” Captain Jack
lined up the princesses, ghosts, and           took the time to preregister for the          your card.
superheroes and led them in the annual         Halloween Party and we hope to experi-            The Committee wishes to extend its
Halloween Parade!                              ence the same wonderful results at the        thanks to all those who help make our
   Thank you to Fullerton Landscaping          “Visit With Santa” party.                     events successful and welcomes mem-
for donating the mums, cornstalks and             The Recreation Committee continues         bers, volunteers and suggestions.

16                                                          THE PANTHER                                            DECEMBER 2007
                       December 2007    If you plan on attending a PVPOA meeting, call 852-8400 to confirm date and time.
                                 If you plan on attending a township meeting, please call 852-5132 to confirm date and time.

 • Garbage pick-up is on Tuesdays & Fridays.
 • Meetings subject to change. Call to verify if you plan to attend.
 • PLEASE NOTE: All Board of Trustees reg. meetings are open to the public.
 • If you would like to attend an ACC meeting, please notify the office in writing at least one week
                                                                                                                                  Tree Lighting /
  prior to the scheduled date.                                                                                                       Visit with
 • Please confirm Board & Townships meetings with the office.                                                                       Santa Party
                                                                                                                                     2-4 p.m.

                                                Garbage                                                           Garbage
                                                                                                             Large-Item Pick-up

                                                                  Committee Meeting
                                                                  6 p.m.
                     Village 3 TH Assoc.   Committee Meeting Deadline for Large
                     Meeting - 7:30 p.m.   7 p.m.            Item Pick-up

                                                                                                             Garbage/ Recycling

                                            ACC Meeting           Security Committee
                                            7 p.m.                Meeting - 7 p.m.

                                                 Garbage                                                          Garbage

                                            Allamuchy Twp.
                                            Town Council          BOT Regular
                                            Meeting 7:30 p.m.     Meeting - 7:30 p.m.

                          PVPOA                                                                              Garbage/Recycling
                       Office Closed

                                             PVPOA Office
                                             & Town Hall
                      New Year’s Eve           Closed

DECEMBER 2007                                                     THE PANTHER                                                                  17
     2007 PVPOA Halloween Party      TOWNSHIP SCHOOL
                                     7th Grade Visits
                                     Mineral Mine

                                       Allamuchy Township School students
                                         search for minerals at the Sterling
                                                   Mineral Mine.
                                        As part of the seventh grade study of
                                     rocks and minerals, The Allamuchy
                                     Township School visited the Sterling
                                     Mineral Mine in Ogdensburg. The trip
                                     included the rock discovery zone, a tour of
                                     the zinc mine and the museum. Each stu-
                                     dent was able to being home a variety of
                                     rock samples and was able to view fluores-
                                     cent minerals under a black light.

                                     1st Grade Learns
                                     from REBEL2

                                         Members of the REBEL2 of
                                     Allamuchy Township School met with
                                     first grade classes on Oct. 25. New Jersey
                                     REBEL2 is a statewide youth-led anti-
                                     tobacco movement organized with in
                                     school chapters in all 21 counties. This
                                     includes ten high schools and five middle
                                     schools in each county. The REBEL2 stu-
                                     dents taught the first graders about the
                                     dangers of smoking and/or using drugs.
                                     REBEL2 members went into the first
                                     grade classrooms, read them a story and
                                     completed a Red Ribbon Project. This
                                     was in honor of RED RIBBON WEEK,
                                     October 22-26.

18                     THE PANTHER                         DECEMBER 2007
              PETS ON PARADE
Growing Up With Mac                                        Macky’s Back in Town
By Jack Sissick                                            It’s five in the morn and I roll on my side,
    He is sitting here now, looking at me with those           the howl and the whimper, a horren-
big brown eyes, and quietly following my every move            dous cry.
on the computer. Lately, as one of my own birthdays        Down the stairs fleeting I lurch in one
broke the sound barrier, I noticed that Macduff, my            gear to the sounds of my Scottie who
Scottie, is graying at the beard and flecks of gray are        sits there in tears.
streaming down his back. How did this happen? Mac,         “Let me out of this house you construct-
Macky or Big Mac as he is known because of his                 ed from wire, I need food in my belly
voracious appetite—the words eat, cookie and chewy             before I expire.”
move him with alacrity, emitting a throaty sound—          Out to the paper he moves with a dash. I              2000
will be eight years old in January. A look in the mir-         thank God for the “Times” I so wise-
ror answers my own questions. At my recent birthday,           ly stashed.
my own mortality was challenged when I received a          Then it’s on to the floor with this pup in
hat with a skeleton of a dog and an inscription, “In           motion, my slippers and jamas are
dog years, I am dead.”                                         cause for commotion.
    It has been a Scottie love affair in the family. Mac   Macduff’s the name, call him Mac for
is Scottie number five and, quite candidly, I do not           short, his teeth are like needles, his
remember the individual personalities of the other four        body a squirt.
and perhaps only one or two names. However, Mac’s          Black as coal, with beady eyes, and at
unyielding loyalty and presence in the home are                seven pounds, a scourge in disguise.
rewards within themselves as they most likely were         My friends say, “Jack, you’ve got to be
with the other Scotties.                                       kidding. You’ll be up to your knees in
    As with any pets, there comes a time in life when          all the piddling.”
they can no longer function—the words “put down”           I question my sanity at five every morn,
turns me off. What to do? There was no deliberation.           as I stare at this pup who was recent-
Within weeks, another bundle of fur, the future Mac,           ly born.
was destined for Panther Valley.                           But a wag of the tail and a tilt of the
    With this sege completed, the following poem,              head, puts life in perspective for my      2007
dated April 2000, served as a welcome to the Valley.           day ahead.
So far, it has been a great ride for both of us.

                                                           FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS
                                                      30TH Annual House Tour - Thank You!

DECEMBER 2007                                                 THE PANTHER                                               19
                          Civic & Social
                         O r g a n i z at i o n s
                                                 Now I had no idea what “Plus Ultra”         that will be on the front table (checks
                                              meant, so I turned to the dictionary for       should be made payable to PVEC with
                                              help. I found a definition for “plus” and      “Christmas Angel” written on the memo
                                              one for “ultra,” but putting the two defi-     line of the check) and gifts, either wrapped
                                              nitions together made no sense. But it         or unwrapped, can be placed under the
Friends & Neighbors                           didn’t matter because when the words           Christmas tree. If you wrap your gift,
Month At A Glance                             were spoken aloud, I thought they had a
                                              certain ring to them that made you think
                                                                                             please indicate on an attached tag the age
                                                                                             and gender of the intended recipient.
PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT INFOR-                maybe they denoted something special—              Let us always keep in mind those who
MATION YOU SHOULD KNOW!                       like graduation.                               may be struggling and make a special
   The next meeting is on Wed., Dec. 5 at        Anyway, to those who participated in        wish for them that the New Year treat
the Ecumenical Church and will begin at       our 30th Annual House Tour, I say “Plus        them well.
10 a.m. For more details, please read “This   Ultra.” You’ve indicated quite clearly             For the month of December, please
and That From Pat K.”                         your ongoing commitment to helping oth-        note the following changes regarding
   This & That From Pat K: (908-852-          ers by making this house tour the best it      both the Board Meeting and the
6965): My high school had only one guid-      could be. We can be quite proud of our         General Meeting:
ance counselor for all of the students in     tour and generous to those whom we will            The December meeting of the board
grades seven through twelve. I met with       invite to our March meeting to support the     will be at the home of Dale Rivera on
her just once and that was when I was         work they do. Thank you, everyone, for         Mon., Dec. 3 at 10 a.m. If you are unable
about to graduate. To this so called exit     your participation.                            to attend the meeting, please give Dale a
meeting, all seniors were required to bring      At our December 5 meeting, we will          courtesy call at 908-850-5070.
their yearbooks so that our counselor         again have an opportunity to make the              The December general meeting will
could write something appropriate for         Christmas Season a little brighter for those   be held at our usual place, the Panther
each of us. In mine she wrote two words,      who may be struggling. Monetary contri-        Valley Ecumenical Church and will
“Plus Ultra.”                                 butions can be placed in the Santa basket      begin at 10 a.m.
                                                                                                 As of this writing, the understanding is
                                                                                             that we must vacate the church meeting
                                                                                             hall no later than 1 p.m., thus the early

             Wilbur’s Country Store                                                          start for the general meeting with the
                                                                                             board meeting on a separate day.
                                                                                                 HOUSE TOUR WRAP-UP: Arlene
                                                                                             Metrione. The 30th Anniversary Annual
                                                                                             Friends and Neighbors House Tour was a
                                                                                             great success thanks to all the members,
                                                                                             friends and neighbors who contributed
                                                                                             either by taking part, supporting with
                                                                                             donations, ads, supplies, food, time or
                                                                                             attendance. We also cannot thank the
                                                                                             home owners enough for their generous
                                                                                             and thoughtfulness by sharing a little of
                                                                                             themselves with so many. The many
                                                                                             comments we have received back
                   735 Route 94 (between Newton & Blairstown)                                expressed much excitement about the
                               908-362-8833                                                  variety of homes on this year’s tour. We
                                                                                             also appreciate the support and help
              # British Foods & Candy         # Old Village Paint
                                                                                             given to us by the Historical Society and
              # Yankee Candles                # Braided Mats &                               Allamuchy Schools for opening the Villa
              # Preserves & Teas                Chair Pads                                   Madonna for visitors who were greeted
                                              # Cookie Cutters                               by Mr. Charlie Fineran and a wonderful
              # Burt’s Bees
                                                                                             slide show as well as an art show by local
              # English Tea Pots, Cups        # Gourmet Items                                students through the help of their art
                & Saucers                                                                    teacher. And, each year so many enjoy
                                                                                             their ride from the parking lot to the door
                                                                                             of the Country Club, thanks to the gen-

20                                                         THE PANTHER                                              DECEMBER 2007
tlemen from the Seniors Group.
    It seems the whole community pulled
together to help with several local busi-
nesses selling tickets for us or contributing
to our Silent Auction. We also appreciate
those who placed ads in the program to
help defray printing expenses. And, the
advertising that was so kindly generated
through local papers and our local radio
station. An event like this always reminds
me of the story of “Stone Soup!” We start-
ed with a stone and it became a full bodied
broth full of delicious additions because of
all who took part. Thank you!
    This is our one and only fund raiser and
we look forward to giving back to the com-
munity in the spring of 2008!
    ART: Fran Clary (908-852-5779):
The Art Group will continue to meet on
the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.
The dates are: Mon., Dec. 3 and 17. If
you plan to attend, please call Fran. We
welcome any level.
Germain (908-850-5410). On Tues., Dec.
11 we will meet at Joyce Forman’s home,
37 Osprey, discuss “THE GLASS CAS-
TLE” by Jeanette Walls. This is a memoir
and was suggested by Liz Balke. Please
call either Wendie (908 850 5410) or Joyce
Forman (908 852 7243) if you will not be
at the meeting.
    COMMUNICATIONS: Linda Miller
(908-684-3566). Please have your informa-
tion—completed and ready to go for the
JANUARY newsletter—to me by Wed.,
Dec.. 5 at the latest. Information can be
sent to “frlbailey1@comcast.net” or regu-
lar mail to: 3 Dallarda Drive,
Hackettstown, NJ 07840 or brought along
to the meeting that day.
    If you live outside of Panther Valley and
would like to have your newsletter sent via
email, please provide me with your email
address (this will save on postage).
Hughes (908-684-0716). On Wed., Dec. 12
we are going to Warren Haven to play
Bingo. If you are interested in joining me,
please call me at the above number (espe-
cially those who do not live in Panther
Valley and will need their names left at the
front gate). We will meet at my house at
1:30 p.m.
    The list for Christmas presents for the
Warren Haven residents was distributed at
the November meeting. However, if you
did not pick up a list or have misplaced it,
                    Continued on page 22

DECEMBER 2007                                   THE PANTHER   21
                                               BE IN SIZE LARGE AND ABOVE.                    Gourmet Group. At present however, the
‘F&N’      Continued from page 21                  CRAFTS: Betty Gombka (908-850-             group is at its maximum number. If you
the items are listed below. If feasible        1219). The Crafts Group will meet on           would like to form a second Gourmet
please bring your gift to the December         Tues., Dec. 4 to finish our clean up and       group, please contact Dayle Thornton and
meeting or drop it off at my house no later    sorting. On December 11 we will be wrap-       she will be more than happy to give you
than December 10th. The gift does not          ping gifts for Warren Haven. Then we will      some information to get you started.
have to be wrapped as the ladies from the      be off until the New Year. We wish every-         HIKING: There is no program planned
Crafts Group have offered to help again        one a crafty holiday season.                   as yet for December For more information
with the wrapping.                                 We will be bringing crafty gift items to   call Gerry Borelli at 908-326-3228.
   Here is the list for Warren Haven:          the December meeting for your shopping            HOSPITALITY: Judy Sissick (908-
Unisex: Powders, lotions (hypo allergic),      pleasure.                                      979-1943). The hostesses for our annu-
after shaves, perfumes, playing cards, cas-        Please call Betty if you have any          al Holiday Party are: Fran Clary, Joan
sette tapes (appropriate music or books on     questions.                                     Cipra and Ann Clerico. Bring your
tape), video tapes (appropriate titles for         FOOD BASKET REMINDER: The                  favorite recipe!
seniors), stuffed animals, food items (indi-   PV Ecumenical Church asks for assistance          PLEASE NOTE THE TIME
vidually wrapped) posters, mobiles, sound      with the collection of food for deserving      CHANGE FOR THE DECEMBER
machines, large print magazine or books,       families in our area. Our donations are        MEETING—10 A.M.
word finds.                                    important. Items can be dropped off any           LUNCH BUNCH: JoAnne Ciccone
   Women: Jewelry (costume necklaces,          weekday before 2 p.m. at the church or         (973-691-5927). The next Lunch Bunch
pins, bracelets and clip earrings),            bring your donations to our monthly meet-      will be on Wed., Dec. 19 at 12:30 p.m. We
sweaters (washable), sweatshirts,              ings. The Trinity United Methodist Church      will be dining at “Benito’s,” 44 Main
scarves, hats, deodorants, stationary,         also has a food pantry. Food can be left at    Street, Chester. If you have any questions,
and stamps, slippers.                          the pantry from 9 to 11 a.m. on Monday,        please call me at the above number.
   Men: Baseball caps (wildlife, autos and     Tuesday and Thursday or any day at the            MEMBERSHIP: Dale Rivera (908-
other emblems), t-shirts and sweatshirts,      church office between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.        850-5070). Friends and Neighbors is an
flannel shirts, deodorants, wildlife/ out-     Any kind of contribution you make is           “all season” group—you can join at any-
door posters, slippers, sweaters.              appreciated.                                   time! You do not have to be a resident of
   Please NO soaps (bar and liquid) and            GOURMET: There has been quite a            Panther Valley to join—anybody from the
candles. CLOTHING ITEMS SHOULD                 lot of interest by new members to join the     area is welcome, but we do ask that you be
                                                                                              a member of Friends and Neighbors to
                                                                                              partake in our interest groups. For more
                                                                                              information, please call Dale at the above
                                                                                                 Membership is $25 and your check
                                                                                              should be made out to “Friends and
                                                                                              Neighbors” and mailed to Dale Rivera, 21
                                                                                              Mockingbird, Hackettstown, NJ 07840.
                                                                                                 PROGRAM: Sharon Lykins (908-852-
                                                                                              5057). Several of us had a lot of fun at
                                                                                              November’s meeting learning basic line
                                                                                              dance steps! Thank you Ronnie!
                                                                                                 For our December program, Arlene
                                                                                              Metrione is going to play the piano,
                                                                                              accompanied by Jack Sissick on the accor-
                                                                                              dion. We will be singing old favorites to
                                                                                              celebrate the season.
                                                                                                 WEEKENDERS: The Weekenders
                                                                                              Group will meet on Sun., Dec. 9 at 4:55
                                                                                              p.m. at the Panther Valley Post Office to
                                                                                              carpool to “The Black Forest
                                                                                              Restaurant”, in Stanhope. If you have
                                                                                              any questions, please contact Sandy
                                                                                              Ciuccio at 909-441-2145.
                                                                                                 NOTE: Since Weekenders is rotated
                                                                                              throughout the group, please make sure
                                                                                              that the person organizing the event each
                                                                                              month contact Linda Miller (908) 684-
                                                                                              3566 with the information for the next’s
                                                                                              month’s event.

22                                                          THE PANTHER                                             DECEMBER 2007
Allamuchy Senior                              served as officers and on the Board of
                                              Directors. Kudos!
                                                                                                to sell their ticket may do so for a total
                                                                                                cost of $130.50, which includes the bus
Citizens Club                                    And to all club members and non-               fare and driver’s gratuity. If you have a
By Ric Henderson                              members, all seniors and nonseniors,              problem selling your ticket please call
                                              future seniors and anyone who reads this          Drew Calandriello, 813-1535.
    Winter is finally upon us and the year    column: Happy holidays and may you                   Our second play of the season will be
2007 is fast fading away. So, as most old     have a healthy and prosperous new year!           “Ink The Heights,” a new musical which
folks do, let’s remember the past. The           Remember, you might be a senior citi-          has been given very good reviews by the
club had another terrific year of fun,        zen if: you think happy hour is time to           Group Sales Box Office. The date is April
games and travel. For those of you who        take a nap!                                       16, the theater is The Richard Rogers
are not senior citizens yet, you don’t           Note: due to the annual dinner, there          Theater. Members wishing to sell their
know what you are missing. Along with         will not be a meeting in December. See            ticket may do so for a total cost of $83.
our monthly meetings that presented edu-      you in January on the second Friday of               Looking forward to seeing you at the
cational programs that kept us up to date     the month at 10 a.m. at Town Hall. Join           bus stop on Dec. 5.
on the Allamuchy School, Allamuchy            the OWLS! Older, Wiser, Lively, Seniors!
State Park, computers, health care, etc.
We had a picnic, traveled to Matterhorn
Gardens, Brotherhood Winery, Sight and
                                              Garden Club                                            Villa Venice
Sound Theater, Radio City Music Hall,
and ended the year with our annual dinner
                                              Celebrating the Season
                                                 Each year, at the beginning of the
at Mattar’s. By the way, if you haven’t       holiday season, the Garden Club puts                     Wonderful food
picked up your ticket for the dinner, you     together the swags and wreaths that                   Comfortable atmosphere!
only have until Monday, December 3rd          appear on the lampposts and panther in
when final reservations must be submitted     Panther Valley. We will meet at 9:30
to the restaurant.                            a.m. on Thurs., Nov. 29 at Sheila
    The final meeting of the year conclud-    Librizzi’s to create the greens. Panther
ed with a presentation by freeholder John     Valley Maintenance will hang the swags
Dimaio. Mr. Dimaio briefed us on the          on Sat., Dec. 1.
financial status of Warren County, plans         Pat Mahon will host our annual
for the coming year and the future. He        Holiday Tea for members in her home on
completed his program with a question         Mon., Dec. 10. Each member will bring
and answer period that was very benefi-       their favorite finger sandwich, dessert, or          Compliment your meal with
cial and informative. It helped us under-     other favorite specialty. A regular busi-            our beer & wine selections
stand how our tax dollars are at work and     ness meeting will follow.
what to expect in the future.                    Happy holidays to all!                                       Panther Valley
    Election of officers for the coming                                                                          Residents
year also took place at the November
                                              PV Theater Club                                                      10% Off
meeting. The results are as follows: Ric                                                                             Food Order
Henderson, President: George Fette, Vice          Our first play of the 2007-08 theater
President; Ann Clerico, Secretary; Doris      season will be “Curtains,” the play star-                               489 Rt. 46
Cote, Treasurer; Ellen Tensen, Registrar.     ring David Hyde-Pierce, on Wed., Dec. 5
                                                                                                                  Great Meadows, NJ
    Now let’s look forward to the year        at the Al Hirschfeld Theater, 302 W. 45th
2008. In the planning stages, along with      Street. This play was nominated for a                                908-637-6329
our traditional picnic and dinner, are West   Tony, and David Hyde-Pierce did win as
                                              best actor in a musical. Members wishing              10 minutes from back gate
Chester Broadway Theater, Hunterdon
Hills Playhouse, Penn’s Peak in Jim
Thorp, PA., and Woodloch Pines, also in
PA. As more suggestions that have been
recently submitted are investigated, the
                                                      offer a high
                                                                             I’M YOU! When YOU can’t be there,
                                                                                            call me!
                                                                                      While you’re at work or away, or just too busy.
list will grow. Can you add to this list?         quality professional
Stay tuned!                                                                                            I will do:
                                                  service that can be
    Since this is the final Panther col-
umn for the year, I would like to thank             customized to                     Home Security…Elder Care…Grocery Shop…
all those who supported the club with              suit your needs.                        Child Care… Water your plants…
their assistance, suggestions and dedi-                                                           Care for your pets:
                                               There is no errand or job too small.
cation. Thanks for taking the lead as                                                 A Panther Valley Resident for 6 years
                                                Rates by the hour or by the job.
committee members with nominations,
picnic arrangements, annual dinner,               Give the Gift of Time:                      References Available
speakers, etc. Especially those who              Gift Certificates Available             Call Ginny - (908) 813-9911

DECEMBER 2007                                              THE PANTHER                                                                 23
                      N ove m b e r H e re & T h e re
COMMUNITY SERVICES                             Centenary Stage Co.
                                               400 Jefferson St., Hackettstown -
                                                                                           Gethsemane Lutheran Church
                                                                                           409 E. Baldwin Street, Hackettstown, NJ
Open AA Big Book Meeting                       Box Office: 908-979-0900                    852-21561
Mondays - 6-7 p.m. Open AA Big Book
Meeting in Conference Room at                                                              Hackettstown Baptist Church
                                                                                           916 Route 517, Hackettstown • 852-6577
Hackettstown Regional Medical Center. All
Welcome.                                          RELIGIOUS NEWS                           Pastor Alan Parker

American Cancer Society                        Breakpoint Community Church                 Jewish Center of Northwest NJ
                                               55 Newburgh Rd. (Between Rt. 57 &           Youman’s Ave., Washington, NJ - 689-0762
To find out more about attending or volun-
                                               Schooley’s Mtn. Rd) • 852-6940
teering at these and other events and pro-                                                 Jewish Center of Sussex County
grams, please call 1-800-ACS-2345              Church of the Assumption                    13 Washington Street, Newton, NJ
                                               305 High Street, Hackettstown. 852-3320     973-383-4570
          DAY TRIPS                            Church of the Covenant                      Panther Valley Ecumenical Church
Pax Amicus Castle Theatre                      319 Blau Road, Hackettstown • 850-8910
                                                                                           1490 Route 517, Hackettstown, NJ
www.castletheatre.com - www.paxamicus.com                                                  852-5444 - 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily •
23 Lake Shore Drive, Budd Lake, NJ 07828                                                   www.pvem.net
- (973) 691-2100.                              Emmanuel Bible Church
                                                                                           Schooley’s Mountain Presbyterian
                                               Corner of Rt. 24 & Pleasant Grove Rd.,
Skylands          www.njskylands.com                                                       Church
                                               Schooley’s Mtn. - Hackettstown - 852-7305
Blair Academy                                  http://users.nac.net/emmanuelbiblechurch    PO Box 33, Heath Lane & 12 Pleasant
                                                                                           Grove Rd., Schooley’s Mtn., NJ 07870
Info & Ticket Reservation call                 First Presbyterian Church                   908-852-2910
(908) 362-6121 ext. 5682                       298 Main Street, Hackettstown - 852-4011
                                                                                           St. James Episcopal Church
                                                                                           214 Washington St., Hackettstown
                                                                                           852-3968 Rev. Cathy L. Deats, Rector
     PANTHER VALLEY PHARMACY & GIFTS                                                       Website: http://home.goes.com/~stjames/
                                                                                           Temple Hatikvah
                                 Your local home for…
                                                                                           Pleasant Hill Road, Flanders, NJ
                             Home Medical Equipment                                        973-584-0212
                                 Canes • Nebulizers • Crutches                             Tranquility United Methodist Church
                                    Walkers • Wheelchairs                                  5 Kennedy Road., Tranquility - 852-0218.

                             Aids for daily living, bath & safety                          Trinity United Methodist Church
                            products, and advanced orthopedics                             213 Main St., Hackettstown - 852-3020
                                                                                           Frank Fowler III, Ph.D., Sr. Pastor
 Route 517 - Village Square Mall • PO Box 399 • Allamuchy, NJ 07820                        Joseph McCarthy, M. Div., Assoc. Pastor
          Phone (908) 852-8818 • Fax (908) 852-8775                                        trinity@catchthespirit.org •

                                                                                           Waterloo United Methodist Church
                                                        Family Owned                       Waterloo Village Rd., Byram Twp., NJ
                                                     Operated for 25 years                 (973) 347-7900 • bjen@ptd.net
           A FULL SERVICE FLORIST & COUNTRY GREENHOUSE                                     www.waterloochurch.org
                                                                                           Rev. David L. Jones
             See us for all of your Holiday                                                Western Hills Christian Church
             decorating and gift giving needs                                              40 Kennedy Rd., Tranquility • 908-850-8081
                                                                                           Ken Taylor, Minister • whcc@nac.net
    MON. THRU SAT.               1-800-437-FREE                                            www.westernhillsnj.org
    9 A.M. TO 6 P.M.                                             Schooley’s Mtn. Rd.
 SUN. - 10 A.M. TO 3 P.M.        1-908-850-0700                    Hackettstown
 (May, June & Dec. Only)    www.greenwayflowers.com              MAJOR CREDIT CARDS

24                                                          THE PANTHER                                              DECEMBER 2007
                                               many interesting places located in               ‘Warren County Chronicles’ and who has
                                               Allamuchy Township including the Villa           written several books about our region,
                                               itself, Rutherfurd Chapel, our L.H.R.RR          including “Bridges over the Delaware
                                               Freight Depot, Allamuchy Pond and many           River—A History of Crossings” was also
                                               more! Certainly a job well done by our           present the entire tour and had several of
                                               young artists!!                                  his Warren County Chronicles on display
                                                   As Director of Open Space and a mem-         and for sale.
                                               ber of the Allamuchy Township                       I think you can see why I believe all in
 By Charlie Fineran                            Environmental Commission, had the                attendance not only had an enjoyable visit
2007 House Tour                                opportunity to display an aerial chart           but also a very informative visit.
    This year’s Friends and Neighbors          along with site specific photos of same,            In closing I would like to thank Friends
House Tour included The Rutherfurd             the “new” Allamuchy Pond Trail which is          and Neighbors for giving all of us the
Mansion/Villa Madonna as one of the            one of our Open Space ongoing projects.          opportunity to become part of their House
places to visit. I am happy to report that     Photos,      with    inscriptions,     from      Tour! More importantly, I would also like
there was a steady crowd of visitors from      Allamuchy Township’s Collection, were            to thank them, for all their hard work
9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.—that was when we           displayed featuring our many beautiful           throughout the year generating funds
finally got a chance to lock up. So if I use   natural and historical sites.                    which they distribute to various charities,
this as an indicator—the 2007 House Tour           The Allamuchy Historical Society pro-        non-profit groups and service organiza-
2007 was been a great success!!                vided an aerial photo of the Villa, proba-       tions in our communities!
    Adding the Mansion certainly gave the      bly taken in the 50s, showing the Mansion                                   Charlie Fineran
tour another interesting place to visit and    amid large fields without I-80 or the infir-                        Director of Open Space
it also opened up opportunities for several    mary building later added on by the                     Allamuchy Township Environmental
local organizations to show off their activ-   Sisters. A booklet “History of Allamuchy                                        Commission
ities and projects.                            Township” was also displayed and offered            Allamuchy Historical Society President
    The Allamuchy Township Board of            for purchase.
Education was able to again allow people           State Park Service handouts where dis-
see the actual building and grounds.           played and available to all the visitors.             SEE FULL COLOR
                                                   Frank Dale, Author and Historian,
Board of Education member Mary
                                               who has written the ongoing series                  PHOTOS ON PAGE 19!
Renaud was present the entire tour along

with       several     appearances        by
Superintendent Tim Frederiks who could
answer all questions about the “new
school project.” There were several archi-
tectural presentations depicting what the
future school would look like. The                                                      T H E
Elementary School’s Art Classes had a
wonderful art show with drawings of the

 Township News
                                                                                 S T U D I O
 Breakfast with
 Santa                                                                 O F      L O N G          V A L L E Y
    The        Allamuchy       Township
 Volunteer Fire Department is hosting
 an all-you-can-eat breakfast with Santa
 on Sat., Dec. 15, from 8 a.m. to 12
 noon. The cost is $8 per person; chil-
 dren under 5 are free. Due to construc-                                                             TEL (908) 876•3790
 tion at the firehouse, the breakfast will                                                           FAX (908) 876•3702
 be held at the Panther Valley
 Ecumenical Church on Route 517 at             Susan Schertl                                   Long Valley Village Mall
 Cat Swamp Rd. Call 908-850-4850 for                                                          62 E. Mill Road Building A3
 questions. Please mark your calendar
 now and support your local volunteers!        tileladysue@yahoo.com                                Long Valley, NJ 07853

DECEMBER 2007                                              THE PANTHER                                                                 25
                 Licensed Cosmetologist
                                           School News
                   Certified Esthetician

          Beautiful Skin                   Senator Lance Addresses 8th Grade
                                                                               Eighth grade students at the Allamuchy Township
               By Lauren                                                    School were honored to receive a visit from Senator
              Full Skin Care                                                Leonard Lance on October 16. As part of the Legislators-
           (908) 850-9258                                                   Go-Back-To-School program, Senator Lance brought his
                                                                            extensive knowledge of New Jersey government and
                                                                            experience as a lawmaker to the students, providing them
                                                                            with a firsthand look at state politics. Questions posed by
     20% Off                                                                the students indicate a strong civic awareness and an inter-
                                                                            est in the issues that remain of concern to their district.
         Any Wax Service                                                    New Jersey Senate Minority Leader Leonard Lance
      eye, lip, chin, bikini, arms, legs                                    addresses Allamuchy 8th Graders.
             Gentle Soy Product
       (908) 850-9258 by Appt.             6th Grade Designs 3D Cells
     Present Coupon - New Clients Only        Sixth grade students at the Allamuchy Township
                                           School constructed fantastic 3D cell projects during
     $10 Off                               their recently completed unit on cells. Students pre-
                                           sented the projects to the class describing the struc-
          European Facial                  ture and function of the cell’s organelles. Eighth grade
                                           students also studied atoms and elements. They creat-
        includes neck & shoulder           ed their own periodic Table of the Elements and mod-
                massage                    eled various elements during class.
       (908) 850-9258 by Appt.               Atoms and Cells were the subject of recent Science
     Present Coupon - New Clients Only             Projects at the Allamuchy Township School.

     $10 Off                               Teacher Shares “Buzzing” Secrets
         Glycolic Acid Peel                                               Allamuchy Township School teacher Dawn Asjborn
      removes fine lines, shrinks large                                recently gave a presentation on bees and bee keeping to the
     pores, and eliminates sun damage                                  fourth grade students in Lindsay Johnson’s class. The stu-
                                                                       dents were learning about bees as part of their science unit.
       (908) 850-9258 by Appt.                                         Students were able to see equipment used for beekeeping and
     Present Coupon - New Clients Only
                                                                       learn about the habits and characteristics of honeybees.

                                                                        Allamuchy Township School teacher
                                                                        Dawn Asjborn shares beekeeping
                                                                        secrets with fourth grade students.

          WHO YOU GONNA CALL?                                                                 Interested in advertising in

                                                                                              The Panther?
                                                                     PV References
                                                                                               call Good Impressions
                                                                      Available!                  at 908-852-1111
                                                                                                  or 908-689-3071
                                                                                                      for display & Service
                                                                                               Directory pricing and info.

26                                                      THE PANTHER                                               DECEMBER 2007
                                               Speaking of Windows Vista, things              In the first quarter of 2008,
Click Here                                  have come a long way since I last              Microsoft will release Service Pack 1
By Charles Bihler                           wrote about Vista. Microsoft has               for Windows Vista, which will contain
                                            released a number of performance and           even more fixes and improvements.
Home Server for the Holidays                reliability updates for Vista that fix         For anyone who has been waiting to
    Microsoft has just released an inno-    many of the most annoying problems.            move to Vista, that will be the time to
vative new product that will be of          Other hardware vendors have also               do it. You will still have the best expe-
interest to anyone with multiple com-       improved their Windows Vista sup-              rience if you get Windows Vista with
puters and lots of media files.             port. When Vista first launched, there         your next new computer, but if you
Windows Home Server will be sold as         was little or no support for many high-        bought a computer in the last year or
part an external storage appliance,         ly popular sound cards, video cards            two, your chances of a successful
essentially a small computer without a      and printers. My sound card and print-         upgrade to Vista have improved con-
keyboard, mouse or monitor that has         er are now fully functional under Vista,       siderably.
the sole purpose of connecting to your      something I could not have said six
network so that other computers can         months ago.
access pictures, music and any other
files stored there.
    The HP Media Smart Home Server
will be among the first Windows
Home Server devices on the market. A
$599 model will include a 500 GB
hard drive and a $799 model will
include 1 TB of storage. Either way,
that’s a lot of storage. The HP Media
Smart is available for pre-order now
from www.HP.com and Amazon.com
and will be shipping by the time you
read this.
    Windows Home Server is intended
for households with multiple comput-
ers that share an Internet connection
using a router. Just plug the Home            Delivering to the
Server into an extra port on your router,
install some software on each of your
computers and you’ll be able to:
                                                   Panther Valley Community
1. Have Windows Home Server auto-
    matically back up all of your com-
    puters in one place.
2. Restore files from Windows Home
    Server to any of your computers or
    even restore the whole computer.
3. Share music, photos and videos and
    stream multimedia content from the
    Home Server to any of your com-
    puters or to an X-Box 360.
4. Access any files you have stored on
    the Home Server from anywhere
    via the Internet and even use the
    Home Server to remotely access
    any of your connected computers.                                                           for over 20 years!
5. Monitor the health of every con-
    nected computer from one place,
                                                                                       325 W. Washington Ave., Washington
    including whether each computer
                                                                                                (908) 689-3071
    has the latest Windows security
    updates or has been backed up                                                      2200 State Rte. 31N, Ste. 17, Lebanon
                                                                                                  (908) 735-7309
    Windows Home Server works with            PRINTING & MAILING                          Hackettstown - (908) 852-1111
Windows XP or Windows Vista.

DECEMBER 2007                                          THE PANTHER                                                               27
                                              to your body as possible. If you have to             don’t use the sofa arm as a pillow. The
                                              turn to place it, step in the direction of the       angle is much too sharp for your neck.

                                              turn. That way, you’re not twisting your
                                              body and straining your spine.
                                                                                               • Use a cold pack if your back begins to
                                                                                                   hurt. Wrap an ice pack in a towel
                                                                                                   moistened with warm water. The
                                              Back-Saving Tips
                                                 Dr. Fedich and the American                       warmth gives way to gradual cold,
For Your Health                               Chiropractic Association (ACA) suggest               which likely will alleviate the discom-
By Dr. James R. Fedich                        the following dos and don’ts for chores              fort. (No ice? Try frozen veggies
                                              and relation:                                        instead.)
Don’t Let Housework                           • When you wash dishes, open the                 • If pain persists for more than a day or
Be a Pain!                                       cabinet beneath the sink bends one                two or if you experience numbness,
   Household chores can be a pain in the         knee and put your foot on the shelf               tingling or weakness in your arms or
sacroiliac. Unless you’re careful, routine       under the sink. Lean against the                  legs, see a chiropractor.
activities around the home—washing               counter so some of your weight is                Simple House Chores can be a real
dishes, vacuuming even talking on the            supported in front.                           pain in the back. Its amazing how many
phone—can strain your back, including         • To vacuum, use a “fencer’s stance.”            people come to my office suffering from
the sacroiliac area near the tailbone, and       Put all your weight on one foot, then         sever lower back pain from simple chores
result in debilitating discomfort.               step forward and back with the other          around the house such as vacuuming and
   But you can protect your back by              foot as you push the vacuum forward           dusting. Avoid these injuries, with some
knowing the right way to go about those          and back. Use the back foot as a pivot        simple preventative tips and a little care
activities, says Dr. William J. Lauretti, a      when you turn.                                and caution.
Bethesda, MD chiropractor who’s an            • While talking on the phone, don’t                 If you like to surf the Net, check out
expert in pain management.                       cradle the phone between your ear             the American Chiropractic Association’s
   Consider lifting. “Whether you’re             and shoulder. That can lock up the            Web site. Not only can you find a doctor
picking up the baby or a can of paint, you       spinal joints in the neck and upper           of chiropractic near you, but you can also
need to it the right way to avoid hurting        back, and cause pain. Instead, hold           obtain additional information and
yourself,” says Dr. Lauretti.                    the phone with your hand or use the           research that shows chiropractic is effec-
   How? Bend from the knees, not the             speakerphone.                                 tive for preventing a variety of conditions,
waist. As you lift, hold the item as close    • While watching television or relaxing,         read important studies about the effective-
                                                                                               ness of chiropractic care, and learns about
                                                                                               chiropractic education and the history of
                                                                                               chiropractic profession. Visit www.acato-
                                                                                               day.com or www.villagefamilychiro.com
                                                                                               for further information.
                                                                                                  “Never Regret Yesterday, Life is in You
                                                                                               Today, and You Make Your Tomorrow.”

                                                                                               Nutrition Expert
                                                                                               Offers Healthy Eating
                                                                                               Advice for New Year
                                                                                                  As obesity rates continue to rise
                                                                                               nationwide, fad diets offering a quick fix
                                                                                               are becoming more and more prevalent.
                                                                                               While some people might swear by such
                                                                                               diets, the goal of dieting is sustainable
                                                                                               long-term health, something many fad
                                                                                               diets simply can’t offer.
                                                                                                  In lieu of seeking avenues for rapid
                                                                                               weight loss, people looking to make a
                                                                                               change during this dieting season, should
                                                                                               heed the advice of professionals who sug-
                                                “Your Natural Choice for Healthcare.”          gest making subtle changes to daily rou-
                                                                                               tines as a means of weight management.
                                                                                               By making the right changes an ongoing
                                                                                               part of their lifestyles, dieters are more
                                                                                               likely to keep the weight off permanently.
                                                                                               Such an accomplishment can greatly

28                                                         THE PANTHER                                                DECEMBER 2007
reduce a person’s risk of heart disease,
stroke and diabetes.
   Laura Molseed, a registered dietitian at
Del Monte Foods, offers these tips for
healthy, sustainable weight loss.
• Live a more ‘fruit’ful life. As more
    Americans are recognizing the coun-

    try’s growing obesity problem,
    healthier foods continue to move to
    the forefront of diets. Foods low in
    calories, trans fat and sugar, such as
    fruits and vegetables, can help many
    Americans lower their weight, man-
    age their blood sugar levels and main-

                                              Trial Week
    tain a healthy heart.
    “Fruits and vegetables are naturally
    low-calorie foods that are excellent
    sources of vitamins, minerals and
    fiber,” said Molseed. “Taking simple
    steps toward a healthy lifestyle each
    day will yield significant results in
    your overall health. For starters, just

                                               Bring this ad in for
    add one more serving of fruit, vegeta-
    bles or tomatoes daily, and one more
    serving weekly of tuna, to your diet.”

                                              your free trial week.
    Leading consumer goods companies
    are responding to consumers’ demand
    for healthy, convenient items that they
    can keep in their pantry with innova-
    tive new products.
• Snack, but snack wisely. Part of the
    reason many fad diets fail to result in
    long-term health is because they set
    unrealistic guidelines by which to fol-
    low. For instance, as good as a shake
    might taste a couple of times per day;
    sooner or later dieters are going to      Where exercise is a fun, challenging
    want real, tangible food.
    Instead of starving themselves               and rewarding experience.
    between meals, dieters are encouraged
    to make smart choices when it comes
    to snacking. In fact, small, healthy
    snacks can help to motivate your
    metabolism and boost energy. There is
    a variety of on-the go snacks available
    to calorie-conscious consumers, as
    well as low-fat pretzels and high-pro-
    tein nuts.
• Make your food work for you. Dieters
    tend to look at food as the enemy, but
    that’s not necessarily the case. While
                                                  Panther Valley Village Square
    large portions of anything is never a
    good idea, moderate portions of
                                                          Route 517
    healthy foods can actually help dieters
    reach their goals of achieving optimal
                                                      Allamuchy, NJ 07820
    health. Single-serving products like
    fruit cups, yogurt, pouch tuna and
    even cookies are a great way to ensure
                    Continued on page 31

DECEMBER 2007                                    THE PANTHER                         29
Matthew Guidera
   After four months of training at the
Federal Law Enforcement Training
Center in Artesia, New Mexico, Matthew
Guidera graduated on October 4. He is        By Jim Brennan                                 Wilson - Clark
now serving in Yuma, Arizona as a           Newark Regional Office
Border Patrol Agent. A life-long resident      The Newark Regional Office is located
of Panther Valley, Matthew graduated        at 20 Washington Place, Newark, NJ
from Pope John XXIII High School in         07102. The phone number is 800-827-
2002 and the Military College of South      1000. It is one of the 57 offices located
Carolina in 2006.                           throughout the nation that provide services
                                            and benefits to honorably discharged veter-
            Law Offices of                  ans of the US military and their dependents.
                                               The regional office is reaching out to
     Vincent W. Rickey, L.L.C.              veterans to file claims for injury or illness
                                            incurred while in service, or to file claims        Mr. & Mrs. Al Clark are happy to
                                            for increase if the injury or illness has       announce the marriage of their daughter
                                            worsened over time.                             Sarah to Joshua Wilson on Oct. 20. Sarah
                                               The following service organizations          is a 2000 graduate of Hackettstown High
                                            are also available to represent and assist      School and a 2004 graduate of
                                            veterans:                                       Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove,
                                            American Legion: (973-297-3377)                 PA. She is a Human Resources Generalist
                                            Disabled American Veterans:                     for Hertz Corp. in Alexandria, VA. Her
                                              (973-297-3378)                                husband is a high school music/choir
                                            Jewish War Veterans: (973-297-3388)             director for Potomac High School and
                                            Military Order of the Purple Heart              they make their home in Columbia, MD.
         Wills & Trusts                       (973-297-3389),
           Real Estate                      NJ Dept. of Military and
                                              Veterans Affairs: (973-297-3230)
         Personal Injury                    VFW: (973-297-3226),                            ‘Patmos’          Continued from page 10
                                            Vietnam Veterans of America:                    guard and finished at the Senate square in
          Business Planning
                                              (973-297-3227)                                front of the Winter Palace where the revolu-
           Incorporations                                                                   tion started! There I waited, with thousands
         Environmental Law                   Do you know something that’s                   of other art lovers, for free admission to the
                                                                                            Hermitage (one of the world’s three greatest
         Complex Litigation
                                             NOTEWORTHY?                                    museums along with the Met and Louvre),
                                                                                            which for the first time stayed open all night
        (908) 852-1062                       Have it published in The Panther!              for a concert and celebration.
                                                  Call Jane at 908-852-8400                    After visiting St. John’s monastery our
      Panther Valley Resident!                                                              tour buses drove us through other small
                                                    for more information!
                                                                                            towns of Patmos and we had time to walk
                                                                                            through the picturesque narrow streets up to
                                                                                            the very impressive gate of the ruins of the
     Lunch • Brunch • Cakes • Coffee                                                        original castle which the Crusaders built in
     Gourmet Pastries • Custom Cakes                                                        the 12th century. Walking through those
                                                                                            ruins we came to the recently discovered
         New Take Home                                                                      and partially restored ruins of an ancient

          Dinner Menu                                  sweet                                Greek temple which St. John must have seen
                                                                                            during his time there. The temple stood at
                                                                                            the highest point of this island overlooking
                                                                                            on one side an amazing view of the azure
Crossroads Center • 915 Route 517, #9                                                       sea and on the other side the town and St.
                                                                                            John’s monastery. It is truly amazing that
        850-5332 • FAX: 850-5220
       www.sweetpotionpastry.com                       potion                               such a small island can be a treasury of so
                                                                                            much history, culture and beauty.

30                                                       THE PANTHER                                                DECEMBER 2007
Holiday Tree Tips
   When the time comes to bring the hol-
iday tree inside, it’s best to take a few pre-
cautions to ensure the tree and its orna-
ments last through the season.
• Keep away from heat: Make sure
   the tree is kept away from sources
   of heat, such as heating vents, fire-
   places (keep a reasonable distance
   away from flames), and even
   sources of direct sunlight so the tree
   can remain healthy.
• Ward off all pets: Cats, in particular,
   have exhibited a puzzling desire to
   jump into Christmas trees. If you can’t
   keep pets out of the room entirely, use
   a ceiling hook to keep the tree from
   falling over should a pet bump into it.
• Turn lights off when leaving the
   house or going to bed: Trees are a
   fire hazard even when the lights
   aren’t on, and that risk only gets
   greater if lights are left on when
   you’re not home.
• Place heavier ornaments near the
   top: Keep heavier and fragile orna-
   ments higher up on the tree to lessen
   the risk of them breaking at the hands
   of curious kids.

‘Nutrition’ Continued from page 29
    that you’re getting the proper number
    of servings of the foods you need,
    while regulating your portions.
• Make exercise as much a part of
    your routine as diet. No successful
    weight loss regimen is complete
    without incorporating exercise into
    the daily routine. Simply eating
    healthier and smaller portions is not
    enough to achieve optimal health. In
    addition to eating fewer calories
    through such foods as fruits and veg-
    etables, dieters need to exercise to
    help burn off excess calories, which
    can linger in spite of your best
    efforts to alter your diet.
    Though the season for dieting is upon
us all, it’s important for dieters to keep in
mind that a commitment to weight loss is
also a commitment to keeping the weight
off. With the right approach, even the
most subtle changes can end up making
all the difference.

DECEMBER 2007                                    THE PANTHER   31
‘Minutes’         Continued from page 14       to assess the situation; and asked what his        the monthly agenda.
                                               findings were. Mr. Young responded that                Mr. Henderson thanked whoever was
   Mr. Lunger was excused from the             Maintenance Techs report to the                    responsible for changing the lights in the con-
meeting at 8:45.                               Maintenance Manager and emergencies                ference room.
   g. Nominating                               are handled expeditiously. Otherwise, rec-             Mr. Henderson informed the Board of
   Mr. Dunlap informed the Board that          ommendations for remediation are for-              “drag racing” occurring at the front entrance
one candidate has withdrawn, Mr.               warded to the Maintenance Committee for            when bar coded vehicles access the valley via
Emanuel Curasi.                                review and action.                                 both lanes. Mr. Byrd noted that the updated
   h. P & A                                        Ms. Budzinski asked for clarification of       Rules and Regulations, passed by the Board
   Discussion was tabled to Executive          the Architectural Control Window Policy            on July 25, 2007, include a rule stating that
Session.                                       mentioned in the Committee report given ear-       residents shall not use the visitors lane unless
   i. Recreation                               lier in the meeting. Mr. Schmelter responded,      to conduct business with the gate house oper-
   Mrs. Weill informed the Board that a        informing her that it is with regard to the col-   ator. The gate house operating should write
Blood Drive at Town Hall, sponsored by         ors assigned to the multi-family units and the     up reports on any violators of this rule.
the Recreation Committee will be held on       numerous violations of that policy.                    Lastly, regarding the “tag sale” situation,
September 29, 2007.                                Ms. Budzinski next suggested that, since       Mr. Henderson suggested that additional
   She reported that $2,618.42 was col-        there are a lot of new personnel in the office,    mobile security would definitely be required
lected for pool badges and $6,450.70 for       that employees’ names and their titles be list-    just to monitor the illegal parking which
guest fees this season.                        ed somewhere. Mr. Young responded that all         would occur.
   j. Security                                 employees are listed on the website and will       13. Board Member Items
   Mrs. Stachnick made a motion approv-        be included in the new directory.
ing actions taken by the Committee per                                                                Mr. Guidette made a motion approving
                                                   Mr. Miller asked what the extent of the        placement on the ballot of the amendment to
their August 8, 2007 meeting minutes as        anticipated road repair. Mr. Young stated
amended. Mrs. Weill seconded the motion                                                           the By-Laws to revoke the previous vote
                                               that repair and patching will be on Quail,         regarding term limits for Board of Trustees.
and it carried unanimously.                    Killdeer,      Barn       Owl,      Grosbeak,      Mrs. Weill seconded the motion and it carried
12. Open Session                               Meadowlark,            Mourning          Dove,     unanimously.
   Mr. John Percival, 38 Rushmore Lane,        Whippoorwill, Green Heron, Duck Hawk,
                                               Eaglet Glen, Goldfinch Glen, Mockingbird,          14. Adjournment
requested the status of roof replacements
in Village VIII. He stated his roof has been   Cardinal, Mallard, Goldfinch Drive, Bald               Mr. Guidette made a motion to adjourn
leaking for years; he has knowledge that       Eagle and Rec III area.                            the meeting. Mr. Dunlap seconded the
40 and 36 have also reported leaks. Mr.            Mr. Henderson suggested that both the          motion and it carried unanimously. The
Percival said that Maintenance Tech David      Audit and Maintenance Committee’s reports          Board adjourned to Executive Session at
Ricker was at his unit earlier in the week     be moved to after the Treasurer’s Report on        9:30 p.m.

                                                        Barber Shop                                 carpet & upholstery Cleaning

                                                  Bob’s Family Barber Shop
Service Directory
                                                       290 Route 46 West
                                                                                                      AL’S CARPET and
 Appliance installation & Repair                 Great Meadows, 908-637-8887                       UPHOLSTERY CLEANING
                                                At the corner of Alphano Rd & 46                     RESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL
                                                      Men’s regular - $11
 Warren County Appliance
                                                     Women’s Start at $13
        (908) 835-0065                                                                              Carpet • Upholstery • Auto
                                                         Buzz Cut - $8
       Residential • Commercial                                                                    Water Extraction-Restoration
                                                    Senior Citizens - $2 OFF
       Expert Appliance Repair
                                                  Mon. 9-5, Tues & Wed 9-7,                                   973.669.0636
                                                   Thurs 9-5, Fri 8-6, Sat 8-2

     Auto Detailing                                                                                 clean-up & hauling
                                                   Our price will bring you in!!

             BOB’S                                 Your haircut will bring you
     Auto Detailing                                          back!!!

                                                                                                    • Attics • Yards • Garages •

                                                                                                     • Basements • Furniture •
           AT YOUR HOME!                                 Beauty Salon

                                                                                                   Appliances • Building Material
  Carpet Shampoo • Scratch Repair

                                                                                                        I TAKE IT ALL!
       Exterior Finish Waxing                       STYLES BY FORTÉ
     All Work Done By Owner!                           Creative Hair Design

                                                                                                       Phone: (973) 948-3817
          PV References                                Panther Valley Mall
     908-794-9595                                        908-852-9392

32                                                            THE PANTHER                                                  DECEMBER 2007
 Service Directory • Service Directory • Service Directory
     Computer Services                                Excavating/Paving                         Handyman services

Got Computer Problems?                                                                          EXPERIENCED HANDYMAN
                                                                                                     ALL TYPES OF REPAIRS!
   Call The PC Doctors!                            T.R. Bertholf & Sons                        ~ IMPECCABLE QUALITY & SERVICE ~
 • System Running Slow?                                                                                  PV RESIDENT
 • Infected with a Virus/Spyware?                    Excavating • Trucking                        CALL HERSH - 908.343.4106
 • Looking to setup a home network?
                                                            Paving                                Budget Handyman
    The PC Doctors can handle
                                                                                                    Small Repairs
   ALL YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS!                              (908) 362-8851                                   908-813-1230
      973-479-0158                                      Cell: (908) 319-0965                   FREE ESTIMATES!! • SENIOR DISCOUNT
                                                                                               We do the little jobs the big guys don’t want,
                                                                                               at a Budget Price! No Job To Small.
                                                       58 Four Corners Road                         Telephone Jacks • Repair Grout
                                                          Blairstown, NJ                       Leaky Toilets & Faucets • Light Carpentry
                                                                                               Repair Sheetrock • Painting • Window Repair
                                                                                                Patch Work • Sump Pump Replacement
                                                                                                  Clean Up Work - Plus Much More.

                                                                Firewood                          YOUR AD HERE!
                                                   Do you have a fireplace, but no               To place a Display or Service
                                                                                                  Directory Ad, Call Coleen at
                                                   room to store firewood?
 C O S M E T I C S                 P L U S
 Featuring: Make-up Lessons • Hair Pieces • Wigs
                                                   Yukon Bob can deliver small
            Gift Certificates • Gift Items
             (908) 850-4700                        allotments of firewood.You can
          Panther Valley Village Square                                                             HOME accessories
                                                   enjoy the warmth of a pleasant
            Electrical                             fire without hassles. Have a safe                      Longaberger             ®

                                                   and fun Holiday Season.
    CRAIG NEWTON                                                                                            Susan Cecere,
                                                                                                  Independent Home Consultant
     ELECTRICAL                                       For more information call
1374 FIVE PTS. RICHMOND ROAD                              Yukon Bob                                   More than baskets…
BANGOR, PA • NJ LICENSE #13633                                                                     Everything you need to make
                                                                at                                     your house a home!
       FAX (610) 599-1052
                                                      (908) 852-6999
         (610) 588-3084                                                                                  Panther Valley Resident
 • RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL •                         12 Year Running In PV!
                                                          th                                               scc56@verizon.net
• INDUSTRIAL • FULLY INSURED •                                                                              908-852-4020
  NO JOB TOO SMALL OR BIG!                                     Floor Care                        HOME IMPROVEMENTS
                                                    New Age FloorCare
  Wilkens Electrical                                           specializing in                    TOM NOBILE
            NJ Licensed & Insured                        • Residential/Commercial                 CONTRACTING
                                                           carpet cleaning                         • Bathroom Remodeling •
                    #15523                               • Hard surface cleaning
                                                         • Upholstery & fabric cleaning
                                                                                                • Hardwood Floor Installations •
         (908) 328-5600                                  • Vehicle interiors                       • Tile Work • Trim Work •
                                                         • Pet urine treatment                 • Window & Door Replacements •
         10 Years of Experience                          • Spot Dying                            • Indoor & Outdoor Painting •
 Prompt, Reasonable, & Efficient Services          call today for a free telephone estimates
          Any Kind & Size Job
                                                       all services are 100% guaranteed              908-343-9572
                                                               973-653-8307                    Insured                  Lic#13VH03038900

DECEMBER 2007                                                   THE PANTHER                                                               33
     HOME IMPROVEMENTS                                    House Cleaning                                          painting
                                                       Dependable, Efficient & Quality
                                                        Cleaning Service Guaranteed!                     FLT PAINTING CO.
                                                           Homes # Apartments # Condos                 EXTERIOR & INTERIOR PAINTING
                                                          References provided upon request            • Residential and Commercial
                                                           Call Lystra (908) 852-8934                 • Custom painting
                                                                                                      • Power washing and deck restoration
                                                                  MOP TOP                             • Spackling and sheetrock repairs
                                                               Cleaning Services                      • Wallpaper Removal
                                                            Reclaim Your Weekends!                    • 25 years of Professional & Reliable Service
                                                          House • Apartment ~ Weekly • Biweekly       • Fully insured
                                                         Over 8 Years Experience • FREE Estimates!    • Free Estimates and References Upon request
                                                       908-475-4952 or 908-451-7263                   908-813-3388 - 908-813-9977
                                                         CLEANING BY LANA
                                                         *Residential & Business for over 11 years.       YOUR AD HERE!
                                                              Quality, old fashioned cleaning.
                                                                Excellent Local References
                                                                                                        To place a Display or Service
                                                                                                         Directory Ad, Call Coleen at
                                                                 (908) 850-7625
     Aiello’s Four Seasons                                                                                 VASSILIOU
 Exterior/Interior Painting - Including Faux
    Wallpapering • Tiling & Moldings
                                                                                                           Commercial # Residential
               Decks Stained                                                                               Interior Exterior
      Powerwashing Decks/Houses
                                                                                                           Power Wash
 Local references can be provided upon request                                                             Custom Painting

 Fully Insured. Meticulous Work. Allamuchy Resident.                                                       Fully Insured
                                                                                                           Free Estimates
          Cell: 908-763-3382
                                                                                                             References Available
                                                                                                      908-979-3158 Cell: (201) 400-7423

      YOUR AD HERE!                                                                                                pet care
     To place a Display or Service                                                                    TENDER TOUCH HOME & PET CARE
      Directory Ad, Call Coleen at                                                                              908-269-5401
           908-852-1111                                                                                    Daily dog walking weekdays only.
                                                                                                            Cats, birds, indoor pets all days
                                                               Limo service                            May board certain small pets in my home.
          HOME Services                                                                                Insured, bonded, experienced, references.
                                                             NEED A RIDE?
      NJ Home Alone
                                                                    Airport Service                   JUST LIKE YOU DO!
                                                       I can transport you or just about anything!
                                                          Reasonable Rates • PV Resident                  Pet Sitters
            Professional Home
              Watch Service                                Call Vince: 908-917-7697                    We take care of your pets
       Stationary Engineer with over                                painting                           “JUST LIKE YOU DO!”
       20 yrs of building experience
        will watch your home while                         ASKO PAINTING                              Experienced with senior and special needs pets
                                                                                                           Veterinarian office recommended!
        you are away, providing you                      Interior/Exterior - Brush • Roller • Spray      Certified by Pet Sitters International
      with the peace of mind knowing                   • Power Washing           • Small Repairs
      that your home will be the way                   • Deck Restoration        • Sheetrock Work               Jacqueline Pinto
         you left it when you return.                  • Custom Paintings                                       Green Township, NJ

        Michael Salerno
                                                                   References Provided
                                                                                                                  References Available
                                                           Written Guarantees • FREE Estimates!

         (908) 269-5502
                                                            (908) 850-9220
     Panther Valley Resident                                (973) 361-7655                                 (908) 850-8501
                                                          www.askopainting.com                           www.justlikeyoudo.com

34                                                                  THE PANTHER                                               DECEMBER 2007
              pet care
                                                            Happy Trails
                                                           Happy Trails                                        SEWING ALTERATIONS,
                                                                                                               TAILORING, BRIDALS &
    Purrfect Pampered Petsitting                        Professional Petsitting
                                                       Professional Petsitting                          RESTORATION OF VINTAGE CLOTHING
  14 Years Exclusive in Panther Valley!               Dog Walking & House Sitting
       Your pet’s personal petsitting               Pet Nutritionist & Weight Loss Mgt.                Sarah Konsevick - (908) 813-8283
        service in their own home!                  Vet Recommended! Available 24/7
  • We now take care of a pet                                 Stephanie L. Ferri
    on every street!                                     Veterinary Nurse/Petsitter
  • Flexible with all types of schedules                   PSI Recognized & Insured                      C.W. Wallcoverings
                                                                                                         Specializing in All Types of Wallcovering Installations
  • Trained in administering
    Sub-Q fluids
                                                             973-214-6232                                     Wallpaper Removal & Painting
                                                                                                        PV Refs. Available/Over 25 Years Experience
  • Daily, weekends or just
    once in a while
                                                     Sewing / Tailoring                                FREE Estimates • Fully Insured •      908-852-4573
        “Some pets are too special
          to be put in a kennel”
                                                       JOAN “The Seamstress”                                 YOUR AD HERE!
                                                             Tailoring & Alterations                       To place a Display or Service
           Call Your Pet Au Pair                             26 Years Experience                            Directory Ad, Call Coleen at
              850-9288                                        908-852-7076                                          908-852-1111

Disclaimer: The editors and Good Impressions       Farm Village, PV. All new appliances, refrig-       TUTORING: An experienced high school
are not responsible for the accuracy of ads that   erator, washer/dryer, dishwasher, gas marble        math teacher available for tutoring math and
have not been printed clearly or typed.            fireplace, blinds, attic storage, wooded views      physics at any grade level. Specialty: Calculus
                                                   with neutral colors. Available immed. No            ABIBC. Contact Mrs. G. at 908-684-9536.
              FOR SALE                             pets. Security and refs. If interested, call 908-   NEED SOME EXTRA HELP? Two au
AVON: The holidays are around the corner,          684-1803.                                           pairs available for weekend and evening
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. A                                                              babysitting, cleaning or holiday party help.
gift for someone or something for everyone.                     SERVICES                               References available. Please call Alena at
Think AVON! Contact Barbara at 684-1669            FIX IT AND PLUMB IT: Patch and paint,               269-5237.
or check out my website 24/7 at                    caulk and grout, repair or replace. Plus all        RENOVATIONS & REPAIRS: PV
www.youravon.com/bglynn.                           plumbing needs—vanities, sinks, drains,             Resident will do carpentry, sheetrock, tile,
FOR SALE: NordicTrack C1800 treadmill.             leaks. Call Bob for fix-it. 908-797-1896 or         painting, decks, kitchens, baths, offices,
Like new. 10 levels of speed; several training     Dan for plumb-it. 908-887-3658.                     and finished basements. Free estimates.
programs. $350. Call Jane (PV Resident) at         PETSITTING: Bonded PV resident of 19                973-464-2560.
908-269-5225.                                      years going on the 14th year of petsitting in       WOODSMITH               CONSTRUCTION:
FOR SALE: Outdoor patio set, 60”x38” oval          the valley! Still taking pride in giving love and   Specializing in interior trim work, decks,
glass-top table (green frame) with 6 all-          care while you’re not there. A long time mem-       patios, door and window installation, room
weather chairs (green striped) $75. 9’x12’ rug     ber of the National Association of                  overhauls and repairs. Free estimates. Serving
(blue/mauve pattern) with 3” fringe - $50.         Professional Petsitters. Call your Pet Au Pair      Warren and Sussex. Contact Peter at
Outdoor sun umbrella, green with wood              with any questions or concerns. 850-9288.           WoodSmith         Const.       908-763-2528.
frame and metal base - $75. Weslo Cadence          Experienced with all types of animals.              www.woodsmithconstruction.com.
Treadmill, 2.0 hp - $75. All items are in excel-   LEGAL SERVICES: Need a will, trust or
lent - very good cond. Call Dave or Phyllis at
                                                   estate planning? Buying, selling or renting a
                                                   property? Municipal court or other litigation?
                                                                                                               Classified Ad
FOR SALE: Rowe sofa 86Lx35Dx25H,                   Leave the stress to us! Call PV resident                Deadline—Dec. 10
camel/gray/oak $125 OBO; hardwood futon            Vincent W. Rickey, Esq., L.L.C. with law
frame (74L) $25; hardwood adjustable draft-        offices now conveniently located at Panther                 PV RESIDENTS ONLY
ing table (42x31) $30 OBO; Realistic               Valley Village Square Mall (directly above             Rates: $5 for 50 words or less
AM/FM stereo car cassette play (new) $25;          Styles by Forte). Georgetown Law graduate.                  $7 for 51-85 words
Pioneer PL-518 direct drive turntable with         20 years experience. Daytime, evening and
Stanton stylus $90 OBO; JVC stereo double          weekend appointments available in our office               $10 for 86-100 words
cassette deck $40 OBO. Call 908-684-5502           or at your time. See our display ad in the                   (there is a 100 word limit)
after Dec. 10.                                     Verizon Yellow Pages under “lawyers.” Call
                                                   908-852-1062.                                          Payment MUST be received by
          REAL ESTATE                              HOUSECLEANING: Housecleaning with a                   the deadline in order for your ad
FOR RENT: Must see! Brand new 2 BR, 2              European touch. Spring cleaning, windows,                  to run in the next issue.
full bath, second floor condo. Located in Old      low rates. Please call Eva at 813-1629.

DECEMBER 2007                                                    THE PANTHER                                                                                 35
THE PANTHER                                                                                           PRST STD
                                                                                                      US Postage
      Published by
 Panther Valley Property                                                                                 PAID
                                                                                                   Hackettstown, NJ
  Owners’ Association
                                                                                                     Permit No. 8
      P.O. Box 54
 Allamuchy, NJ 07820



     Happy Holidays & A Special T hank You
     to all of our Friends & Neighbors who have referred business to our office
         The specialist in Panther Valley with over 26 years of experience.
                             You are TOP PRIORITY!
                    We are hopeful for a BETTER Spring Market.
                  We can help with all of your real estate concerns.
                                     Looking for an end unit                          Immaculate End Unit TH
                                     with lots of space?                              Tucked away in a quiet
                                     All your living space on                         wooded location. LR w/ new
                                     one floor, including -                           sliders to deck, LR w/fplc,
                                     2 BRs, 2 full baths, LR,                         DR, updated kitchen, 2 BRS,
                                     DR, EIK, Gas fireplace,                          2 1/2 Baths, LL fin/walkout,
                                     hdwd floors, cath. ceiling.                      new sliders. New furnace &
                                     Extra room for lounging                          a/c. Lots of upgrades. A
                                     downstairs. $295,000                             pleasure to show. $239,000

                                      Ranch Style End Unit                            Great 3 Bedroom,
                                      Truly private park-like set-                    2 1/2 Bath TH
                                      ting. LR/DR combo w/                            Newly painted, ceramic tile
                                      fplc, sliders to deck. 2BRs,                    in kitchen w/ breakfast
                                      2 Full baths, Hdwd floors                       nook. New windows. DR,
                                      throughout first level. EIK,                    LR w/ fireplace and deck.
                                      LL: FR w/ sliders to patio.                     2-car garage. Laundry/utili-
                                      Laundry/storage. Tandem                         ty. New a/c unit. $270,000
                                      garage. $359,000

                                                          Please call us with any questions you may
                                                              have regarding this real estate market.

                           LIC. REAL ESTATE BROKER

                           (908) 852-1333
       www.panthervalleyrealty.com • www.panthervalleyrealty.net • sales@panthervalleyrealty.com

36                                                        THE PANTHER                          DECEMBER 2007

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