Document Sample
                      (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
      Office of General Manager Telecom District

                TENDER DOCUMENT

& CONVENTIONAL P/P 25/50/100 & 400
 NIT No: - W-98/Tender/Power Plant/Repair/2008-09/20   Dated         05-08-2008
 Name of work: Comprehensive Annual maintenance contract of 25 /50/100/400 Amp
 SMPS Modules/ Conventional Power plant in Jhunjhunu SSA.

 Estimated cost of tender:-           Rs. 965800/-
 Date of application for tender form:
 Date of issue of tender form :
 Cost of Tender form :                Rs 500/- CR No:-
 Earnest money :                      Rs. 24145/-
 Security Deposit ::                  10% of approved cost
 Name of Tenderer ……………………………………………………………………….
 Tender form No:-

 Issued by :-                                      Issued to:-
                                                    M/s ______________
 O/o GMTD (BSNL), Jhunjhunu
 Jhunjhunu- 333001

                                                           Signature of bidder

S. NO         Particular                               Page No

1. Notice Inviting Tender                                   3-4

2. Near relative certificate                                 5

3. Under taking/ declaration                                 6

4. Bid form                                                  7

5. Tenderer’s profile                                        8

6. Instruction to bidders                                    9-16

7. Special terms and conditions                              17-23

8. Letter of authorization for attending bid opening         24

9. Documentation to be submitted with Technical Bid.         25

10. Agreement                                                26

10. Financial bid                                            27-28

13. Status of Power Plant                                    29

                                                          Signature of bidder
                         BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED
                             (A Govt.of INDIA Enterprise)
                Office of General Manager Telecom District
                            Jhunjhunu- 333001
NIT No.W-98/Tender/Power Plant Repair/2008-09/20              Dated at JJN 05-08-2008

                               NOTICE INVITING TENDER

Properly sealed tenders with Packing PVC tape or Sealing wax are invited for and on
behalf of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited by the GMTD Jhunjhunu for annual
comprehensive maintenance contract for SMPS Modules/ Conventional Power Plant
25/50/100 & 400 Amp in Jhunjhunu SSA as detailed below:-

S.N.        Name of work        Estimated Nos.    Estimated       END          Date of
                                                   Cost (in     Amount       tender open
                                                     Rs.)       (in Rs.)
 1.     25/50/100 Amp            25 Amp = 15
        SMPS Power Plant         50 Amp = 08       922600/-
        Module                  100 Amp = 218                    24145/-      27-08-2008
 2.     25/50/100/400 Amp        25 Amp = 10
        Conventional Power       50 Amp = 06       43200/-
        Plant                   400 Amp = 02

      3. The tenderer should be manufacture or the authorized agent or experienced
         contractor who have the experience of repairing of Power Plant of amount Rs.5
         lacks within last three years and the experience certificate should be issued by
         the Divisional Engineer. The experience certificate should be enclosed with
         qualifying bid.

      4. The tender form will be available for sale with SDE (Planning) office of GMTD
         Jhunjhunu up to 26-08-2008 on cash payment of Rs.500/- to Accounts Officer
         (Cash), BSNL office of GMTD Jhunjhunu or it may be down loaded from BSNL
         web site for which the D/D of cost Rs.500/- in favor of Accounts Officer (Cash),
         BSNL office of GMTD Jhunjhunu, Payable at Jhunjhunu is to be enclosed with
         qualifying bid otherwise bid will be rejected.

      5. The estimated tender quantum of work may be decreased or increased by 25%.

                                                                        Signature of bidder
6. The sealed tender should be address to DE (Planning) office of GMTD
   Jhunjhunu duly is marked tender for comprehensive AMC of Power Plant and
   should be dropped in the tender box available in chamber of DE (Planning) on or
   before 27-08-2008 up to 15:00 Hrs. & which will be opened on the same date at
   15:30 Hrs.
7. The tender form can be obtained on every working day on deposit of Rs.500/- in
   cash to Accounts Officer (Cash), BSNL office of GMTD Jhunjhunu or on
   providing D/D of Rs.500/- in favor of Accounts Officer (Cash), BSNL office of
   GMTD Jhunjhunu, Payable at Jhunjhunu.

8. Each tenderer have to submit of D/D in favor of Accounts Officer (Cash), BSNL
   office of GMTD Jhunjhunu, Payable at Jhunjhunu for amount of Rs.24145/- as
   EMD with the tender form.

9. The EMD of the successful tenderer shall be adjusted towards performance
   security deposit. The 10% amount of the estimated rates will be deducted from
   the bills of successful bidder and it will be under security deposit against
   guarantee of good work.

10. The GMTD JJN reserves the right to cancel any or all the tender with out
    assigning any reason. The work may be allotted more than one tenderer. The
    GMTD JJN reserves the right to extend the date of opening of the tender.

11. The tenderer or their representative should have the original document with them
    at the time of tender opening which photocopies are enclosed with the technical
    bid so that incase of doubt these can be compared.

                                                      DEP (Planning)
                                                      O/o GMTD, Jhunjhunu

                                                                  Signature of bidder
                      (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
          Office of General Manager Telecom District
                 Visit us at: http\\www.rajasthan.bsnl .co. in


From: -                                       To,
                                              DE (Planning)
M/S……………………..                                 O/o GMTD, Jhunjhunu.

Tender No: - W-98/Tender/Power Plant/Repair/2008-09/20       Dated 05-08-2008



certify that none of my relative(s) as defined in the tender

documents are employed in BSNL unit as per details given in the

tender documents. In case at any stage, it is found that the

information given by me is false /incorrect BSNL shall have the

absolute right to take any action as deemed fit without any prior

intimation to me.

                                       Signature of Tenderer.
                                                                 Signature of bidder

                    UNDER TAKING/ DECLEARATION

M/S ………….                           To
…………..                              The GMTD, Jhunjhunu

No:-………………….                                      Dated…………………

Ref: - W-98/Tender/Power Plant/Repair/2008-09/20                  Dated 05-08-2008

I,………………………………………………….Prop/authorized signatory of

M/s……………………………………………………… hereby declare that I have

gone thorough all the scheduled items of tender and I have quoted the rates for

all items of financial bid .In case it is found that rates have not been quoted for

any item BSNL shall have the absolute right to take any action as deemed fit

regarding approval of tender without any prior intimation to me.

                                                  Signature of Tenderer

                                                                     Signature of bidder
                                    Bid Form

Tender: - W-98/Tender/Power Plant/Repair/2008-09/20            Dated 05-08-2008

The GMTD, Jhunjhunu

Dear Sir,

Having examined the conditions of contract and specifications including addenda
No ….. the receipt of which is hereby duly acknowledged, we, undersigned, offer
to execute the work of AMC of 25/50/100/400 Amp SMPS Modules/ Conventional
Power Plant of all make in Jhunjhunu SSA on the conditions of contract and
specifications as may be ascertained in accordance with the schedule of prices
attached herewith and made part of this Bid.

We undertake, if our Bid is accepted, we will execute the work in accordance with
specifications, time limits & terms and conditions stipulated in the tender

If our Bid is accepted, we shall submit the securities as per the conditions
mentioned in the contract.

We agree to abide by this Bid for a period of 150 days from the date fixed for Bid
opening (qualifying Bid) and it shall remain binding upon us and may be
accepted at any time before the expiry of that period.

Until a formal Agreement is prepared and executed, this Bid together with your
written acceptance there of in your notification of award shall constitute a binding
contract between us.

Bid submitted by us is properly sealed and prepared so as to prevent any
subsequent alteration and replacement.

                                   Dated this …day of … (the year)
                                   Signature of Authorized Signatory………….
                                   In capacity of………………………..

Duly authorized to sign the bid for and on behalf of ……………….
Witness …………….


                                                                   Signature of bidder
Signature …………..

                             TENDERER’S PROFILE

1. Name of the tendered/firm ____________________________________

2. Name of the person submitting the tender

Shri / Smt…………………
(In case of Proprietary / Partnership firms, the tender has to be signed by
Proprietor / partner only, as the case may be)

3. Address of the firm…………………………………………………………………….

4. Telegraphic Address………………………………………………………………

5. Tel no. (With STD code) (O) ……………(Fax)………………….[R]……………..

6. Registration & incorporation particulars of the firm:

i) Proprietorship
ii) Partnership
iii) Private Limited
iv) Public Limited
(Please attach attested copies of documents of registration /incorporation of your
firm with the competent authority as required by business law)

7. Name of Proprietor / Partners /Directors ………………………………………..

8. Tenderer & bidder’s bank, its address and his current account number

9. Permanent Income Tax number, Income Tax circle

I/We here by declare that the information furnished above is true and correct.

                                    Signature of tender / authorized signatory
                                    Name of the tendered
                                                                   Signature of bidder
                         INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS

a. CMD BSNL: The CMD means the Chair Man cum Managing Director BSNL
and his successors.
b. BSNL: The BSNL means Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited a Govt. of India
Enterprises. Which invites the tenders on behalf of the CMD All references of
        Chief General Manager
        Principal General Manager
        General Manager
        Deputy General Manager / Area Manager
        Divisional Engineer
        Sub Divisional Engineer
        Junior Telecom Officer
        Chief Accounts Officer
        Accounts officer
        Assistant Accounts Officer
        Junior Accounts Officer
Including other officers in the BSNL, whatever designations assigned to them
from time to time, who may be the in-charge of direction, supervision, testing,
acceptance and maintenance including their successor(s) in the office appearing
in various clauses shall be taken to mean the BSNL a Govt. of India Enterprises
under D.O.T. under the Ministry of Communication, Government of India.
c. “The SSA Head” means General Manager Telecom District, Jhunjhunu and
his successors.
d. The Jurisdiction of “The SSA Head”: The jurisdiction of GMTD, Jhunjhunu
means Jhunjhunu SSA which coincides geographically with “Whole Jhunjhunu
Telecom District”
e. Site Engineer: Site Engineer shall mean an SDE/SDO/JTO of the BSNL who
may be placed by the GMTD, Jhunjhunu as in-charge of the work at site at any
particular period of time.
f. Contract: The term contract means, the documents forming the tender and
acceptance there of and the formal agreement executed between the competent
authority on behalf of the CMD of BSNL and the contractor, together with the
documents referred to therein including these conditions, the specifications,
designs, drawings and instructions issued from time to time, by the engineer in-
charge and all these documents take together shall be deemed to form one
contract and shall be complementary to one another. In the contract, the
following expressions shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the
meanings, hereby respectively assigned to them. The expression works or work
shall unless there be something either in the subject or context repugnant to such
construction, be construed and taken to mean the works by or by virtue of the

                                                                 Signature of bidder
contract contracted to be executed whether temporary or permanent, and

original, altered, substituted or additional.
g. TOC & TEC: - The “TOC” means tender opening committee and “TEC” means
Tender Evaluation Committee. Both the committees shall be nominated in
advance by competent authority.
h. Contractor: The contractor shall mean the individual, firm or company, having
experience of similar work in BSNL/MTNL/DOT /Govt.PSU/Government
department or any License Telecom service provider and undertaking the works
and shall include the legal personal
  i. representative of such individual or the persons composing such firm or
company, or the successors of such firm or company and the permitted
assignees of such individual, firm or company.
h. Works: The expression “Works” shall unless there be something either in the
subject or context repugnant to such maintenance be maintained or taken to
mean the works by virtue of the contract contracted to be executed whether
temporary or permanent and whether original altered, substituted or additional.
i Normal time or stipulated time: Normal time or stipulated time means time
specified in the work order to complete the AMC work of Power Plant Modules.
j. Extension of Time: Extension of Time means the time granted by the BSNL to
complete the Work beyond the normal time or stipulated time.
k. Expected risk : Expected risk are risks due to war ( whether declared or not ),
invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution,
insurrection, military or usurped Power , any acts of Government damages from
aircraft, acts of God, such as earthquake , lightening and unprecedented floods
and other causes over which , the contractor Has no control and the same having
been accepted as such , by the Accepting Authority or causes solely due to use
or occupation by the government of the part of the work , in respect of which a
certificate of completion has been issued.


The AMC work to be carried out, goods required, bidding procedures and
contract terms are prescribed in the Bid Documents. The Bid Documents include:
             1.1 Qualifying Bid:
             Notice Inviting Tender.
             Bid Form.
             Tender’s Profile.
             Instruction to Bidders.
             Agreement (Sample).
             Bank guarantee (sample)
             Letter of Authorization for Attending Bid Opening.
             List of Documents to be submitted along with the Qualifying bid.

                                                                 Signature of bidder
1.2 Financial Bid: - Schedule of rates – for Annual Maintenance contract of
Power Plants
1.3 The Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and
specifications in the bid documents. Failure to furnish all information required
as per the Bid Documents or submission of bids not substantially responsive
to the Bid Documents in every respect will be at the bidder’s risk and shall
result in rejection of the bid.

A prospective bidder, requiring any clarification of the Bid Documents shall notify
the BSNL in writing or by fax or cable at the BSNL’s mailing address indicated in
the invitation for Bids.

The BSNL shall respond in writing to any request for clarification of the Bid
Documents, which it receives not later than 20 days prior to the date for the
opening of the bids. Copies of the query (without identifying the source) and the
clarifications by the BSNL shall be sent to all the prospective bidders who have
purchased the bid documents and all such clarifications issued by the BSNL will
form part of the bid document. Fax No 01592-251117 E mail

3.1 At any time, prior to the date for submission of bids, the BSNL may, for any
reason whether sub motto or in response to a clarification requested by a
prospective Bidder, modify the bid documents by amendments.
3.2 The amendments shall be notified in writing or by email or FAX or put on the
website of the BSNL to all prospective bidders on the address intimated at the
time of purchase of bid document from the BSNL and these amendments will be
binding on them.
3.3 In order to afford prospective bidders reasonable time to take the
amendments into account in preparing their bids, the BSNL may, at its discretion,
extend the deadline for the submission / opening of bids suitably.


5. Cost of Bidding:
The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of
the bid. The BSNL, will in no case, be responsible or liable for theses costs,
regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.


6.1 The bidder shall furnish, as part of his bid security (EMD) for an amount of
Rs.24145/- (Twenty four thousand one hundred forty five only) (In words). No

                                                                  Signature of bidder
interest shall be paid by the BSNL on the bid security for any period, what so
6.2 The bid security is required to protect the BSNL against the risk of bidder’s
conduct, which would warrant the security’s forfeiture,
6.3 Bid Security or cost of tender document shall be paid in the form of Cash or
Crossed Demand Draft issued by a scheduled bank, drawn in favor of “Accounts
Officer (Cash), BSNLO/o GMTD Jhunjhunu”, payable at Jhunjhunu or in cash
deposited with A.O. (Cash), BSNL O/o GMTD Jhunjhunu.
6.4 The bid security of the unsuccessful bidder will be refunded as promptly as
possible as but not later than 30 days after the expiry of the period of bid validity
prescribed by the BSNL.
6.5 The Successful bidder’s bid security will compulsorily be converted to part
performance security deposit.

6.6 The bid security shall be forfeited;
 6.6.1 If a bidder withdraws his bid during the period of bid validity specified in
the bid document or
6.6.2 If the bidder makes any modifications in the terms and conditions of the
tender before acceptance of the tender, which are not acceptable to the BSNL.


7.1 The bidder shall give the total composite price inclusive of all levies and taxes
except service tax, packing, forwarding, freight and insurance in case of
materials to be supplied and inclusive of all taxes except service tax and levies in
case of works to be executed. .
7.2 Prices shall be quoted by the bidder as item wise in the schedule of rates
given in schedule of rates (Financial Bid). Prices quoted at any other place shall
not be considered.
7.3 The price quoted by the bidder shall remain fixed during the entire period of
contract and shall not be subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted
with an adjustable price quotation will be treated as non-responsive and rejected.
7.4 Service tax, if any will be paid to the contractor if claimed by him along with
document as demanded by the BSNL time to time.


8.1 Bid shall remain valid for 90 day from date of opening of the bid (Qualifying


9.1 The bidder shall submit, as a part of his bid, the bid documents (in original)
duly signed on each and every page, establishing the conformity of his bid to the
bid documents of all the works to be executed by the bidder under the contract.

                                                                    Signature of bidder
(Note: The tenderer is advised to keep a photocopy (at his own cost) of the bid
documents for his own reference.)
9.2 The bid shall contain no inter- lineation, erasures or overwriting except as
necessary to correct errors made by the bidder in which case such corrections
shall be signed with date by the person / persons signing the bid.
9.3 The tenderer will be bound by all terms, conditions & specifications as
detailed in the tender documents.
9.4 Any tender with conditions other than those specified in the tender document
is liable to be summarily rejected. No modification by the contractor in any of the
conditions will be permitted after the tender is opened.


10.1 Tenders should be dropped in person in the tender box placed in the office
of DE (Planning) O/o GMTD, Jhunjhunu, before the closing date 27-08-2008 &
time at 15.00 Hrs of tender, as mentioned in NIT. The tenderer is to ensure the
delivery of the bids at the correct address. The BSNL shall not be held
responsible for delivery of bid to the wrong address. The slit of the tender box will
be sealed immediately after the specified time for receipt of tender. Any tender
presented in person after the sealing of tender box will not be received by DE
(PLG) O/o GMTD Jhunjhunu or by any of the subordinates or will not be allowed
to be deposited in the tender box.
10.2 Postponement of Tender opening: Whenever it is considered necessary
to postpone the opening date of tenders, quick decision shall be communicated
to the tenderer, who have purchased the tender documents. Such notice of
extension of date of opening shall also be put up on the notice board and
displayed at website. If the date of opening of bids is declared as holidays, the
bids will be opened on the next working date at the same time and venue.
The BSNL if subsequently declares date fixed for opening of bids as holiday, the
revised schedule will be notified. However, in absence of such notification, the-
bids will be opened on next working day, time and venue remaining unaltered.

11.1 Tenders will not be received after the specified time of closing of the tender
and the same shall be rejected and returned unopened to the bidder. It is the
sole responsibility of the tenderer that he should ensure timely submission of

12.1 The bidder may modify his bid after submission and before opening,
provided that the intimation is deposited by the bidder in a properly sealed
envelope (With Wax / Packing PVC tape) in the tender box, before the scheduled
time & date for closing of tender.
12.2 No bid shall be modified subsequent to the deadline for submission of bids.

                                                                    Signature of bidder

13.1 The BSNL shall open the bids in the presence of bidders or his authorized
representatives who authorize choose to attend, at 15.30 Hrs on due date. The
bidder’s representatives, who are present, shall sign an attendance register. The
bidder shall submit authority letter to this effect before they are allowed to
participate in the bid opening.
13.2 A maximum of one (1) representative for any bidder shall be authorized and
permitted to attend the bid opening.
13.3 The Bids shall be opened in the following manner:
The bid opening committee shall count the number of bids and assign serial
numbers to the bids. For example, if 10 tenders have been received the bids
shall be numbered as 1 of 10, 2 of 10 etc. All the members shall initial on the
outer envelopes of all the bids with date.
13.4 The envelopes containing the tender offer and not properly sealed, as
required shall not be opened and shall be rejected outright. Closing the cover by
gum will not be treated as sealed cover. The reasons for not opening such tender
offers shall be recorded on the face of the envelope and all the members of bid
opening committee shall initial with date.
13.5 First the outer envelope containing the two envelopes is opened. The bid
opening committee shall initial on all three envelopes with date.
13.6 Among these two envelopes, the envelope marked “QUALIFYING BID” shall
be opened first and examined.
13.7 (The bidders who have submitted proper bid security as per tender
document, their “QUALIFYING BID “ Shall be opened and papers / documents
submitted by the bidder shall be examined and recorded by the TOC.) After
opening the qualifying bid, all the documents contained therein shall be serially
numbered and signed by the bid opening committee members.
13.8 The Financial Bid shall be opened in the following manner:
13.8.1 The envelope marked “Financial Bid,” will be opened only for qualified
tenders in “Qualifying bid”.
13.8.2 The date and time of opening of “Financial bid “shall be conveyed to all
the bidders who have qualified in Qualifying Bid and their representative shall be
allowed to attend the financial bid opening.
13.8.3 After opening the “Financial Bid “ the bidders name, bid prices,
modifications, bid withdrawals and such other details as the BSNL, at its
discretion, may consider appropriate; will be announced at the opening.
13.8.4 In case there is discrepancy in figures and words in the quote, the same
shall be announced in the bid opening, but the quote in words shall prevail.

                                                                 Signature of bidder
To assist in examination, evaluation and comparison of bids, the BSNL may, at
its discretion ask the bidder for clarification its bid. The request for its clarification
and its response shall be in writing. However, no post bid clarification at the
initiative of the bidder shall be entertained.

15.1 BSNL shall evaluate the bids to determine whether they are complete,
whether any computational errors have been made, whether required sureties
have been furnished, whether the documents have been properly signed and
whether the bids are generally in order.
15.2 If there is discrepancy between words and figures, the amount in words
shall prevail. If the Contractor does not accept the correction of the errors, his bid
shall be rejected & EMD forfeited.
15.3 Prior to the detailed evaluation, the BSNL will determine the substantial
responsiveness of each bid to the bid document. For purpose of these clauses a
substantially responsive bid is one which conforms to all the terms and conditions
of the bid documents without deviations.
The BSNL’s determination of Bid’s responsiveness is to be based on the
contents of the bid itself without recourse to extrinsic evidence.
A bid, determined as substantially non responsive will be rejected by the BSNL
and shall not subsequent to the bid opening be made responsive by the bidder
by correction of the non-conformity.
15.4 The BSNL may waive any minor infirmity or non-conformity or irregularity in
a bid which does not constitute a material deviation, provided such waiver does
not prejudice or effect the relative ranking of the bidder.

16.1 The BSNL shall evaluate in detail and compare the bids previously
determined to be substantially responsive pursuant to clause 13 to 15.
16.2 The evaluation and comparison of responsive bids shall be on the total cost
of the tender arrived at by multiplying No. of items indicated in schedule of rates
of the bid documents and rate quoted by the tenderer.


17.1 Subject to clause 17 no bidder shall try to influence the BSNL on any matter
relating to its bid, from the time of bid opening till the time the contract is

                                                                        Signature of bidder
17.2 Any effort by the bidder to modify his bid or influence the BSNL in the
BSNL’s bid evaluation, bid comparison or the contract award decisions shall
result in the rejection of the bid.


18.1 The BSNL shall consider award of contract only to those eligible bidders
whose offers have been found technically, commercially and financially
18.2 The work against the tender is for one year’s requirement and the terms and
conditions of this tender shall be operative for a period of one year from the date
of signing of agreement between the BSNL and the contractor. Validity of Tender
can be extended for further one year on the same terms & conditions with mutual

The AMC is limited to the existing quantity of P/P of all makes and beyond
warrantee period. The additional P/P of any make may also be added on expiry
of the warrantee, during the currency of the contract. If any power plant is
replaced and not inducted into network, no AMC amount shall be paid for this
power plant till it is put into service.

The BSNL reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to annul the bidding
process and reject all bids, at any time prior to award of contract without
assigning any reason what –so sever and without thereby incurring any liability to
the affected bidder or bidders on the grounds for the BSNL’s action.

                                                                  Signature of bidder
                      SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

These conditions are specific to the job. If any condition is in conflict with the
previous condition, the condition in this annexure will prevail.
1. 1. Scope:
Comprehensive AMC for proper maintenance and working of All Make of
25/50/100/400 Amp SMPS Modules/ Conventional Power Plant in Jhunjhunu SSA
including repair of any parts or components and its replacement for proper
maintenance and working of Power Plant during the AMC period. This also
includes repairing of control cards, Amp meter, DC supply meter AC supply
meter and other accessories of the Power plant modules. The contractor shall be
fully responsible for fault free working of the system to the entire satisfaction of
the BSNL authorities.

(a) Power Plant Manufacturer, or authorized Dealer of manufacture or
experienced firm/ workshop.
(b) Experience for maintenance and repairing of any make of 25/50/100/400 Amp
SMPS       Modules/     Conventional    Power     Plant    in   BSNL/MTNL/DOT
/Govt.PSU/Government department or any License Telecom service provider of
work done worth Rs. 5 Lakh or more in last three years. Experience Certificate
should be issued by the officer not below the rank of Divisional Engineer/STS or
equivalent. In case of BSNL/MTNL/DOT/Govt. PSU/Govt. Department. In case of
license service provider it should be by purchase order/work order issuing
authority or above level officers.
(c)     Essential documents to be submitted with bid document in envelop
marked “Technical Bid”
2.1 (a) EMD as per NIT.
2.1 (b) D/D of tender form cost in case tender documents downloaded and used.
2.2 Certificate issued by the manufacturer of Dealership in case of Dealers.
2.3 Photo copy of PAN card of Income tax Deptt.
2.4 Partnership Deed in case Partnership firm. /Memorandum & Article of
association in case of company.
2.5 Signature of tenderer on each page of tender document.
2.6 EPF registration certificate.
2.7 Service tax registration number from central excise department.
2.8 Experience certificate.
2.9 All undertaking duly signed by the bidder.

3. Other conditions:-
1. The Contractor shall keep the P/P in good working order with necessary
adjustment, repairs and replacement of faulty components if any. The replaced
component should be compatible and of good quality.

                                                                   Signature of bidder
2. The Contractor shall carry out repairing of P/P in Straight manners that fault
free operations are ensured during routine check up or otherwise on reported
3. Complaint shall be reported to contractor by the concerned DE/SDO/JTO and
the contractor will give a unique docket No. The faulty power plant etc. will be
attended by contractor where the Power Plants are installed. BSNL will not be
responsible for any theft or loss of the card or components during their transit, if
taken for repair at bidder’s workshop. No transportation charges to and fro will be
paid by BSNL. The concerned Site In-charge will maintain a log book for
recording details of faults and visit of the contractor for general servicing and
4. The contractor’s Engineer will visit at least once in a quarter for quality and
routine check up of the Power Plant with general servicing failing which penalty
clause will be applicable. The engineer must have identity slip before entering the
BSNL premises and display it before security person on duty.
5. The annual maintenance contract will come into force from the date of signing
of agreement
6. The contractor will arrange its own transportation means for visiting faulty P/P,
BSNL shall in no case be responsible for any loss of person or vehicle or material
during execution of contract at BSNL site or on transit.
7. The period of contract can be extended on the same terms and conditions by
the GMTD for a further period of one year on mutual consent of contractor. The
GMTD Jhunjhunu reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time if
contractor fails to make compliance any contractual liability of this contract or any
reasons and no compensation will be given to the contractor. BSNL also
reserves the right to get the work executed during balance period of contract
through any agency at the risk and cost of bill in such eventually.
8. Pre condition with the tender or any condition put forth after acceptance of
tender shall not be accepted.
9. Comprehensive AMC cost should be quoted in ink or type written duly signed
by the tenderer which shall hold good up to the period of agreement/extended
period. These AMC costs are to be given in the financial bid enclosed with the
10. Each tenderer will have to deposit Earnest Money as per NIT in form of D.D.
(Interest Free) payable to “Account Officer (Cash), BSNL O/o GMTD Jhunjhunu”
payable at Jhunjhunu.
11. The EMD amount is refundable to the unsuccessful Tenderer as promptly as
possible and it shall be adjusted towards Security Deposit in case of successful
12. The GMTD, Jhunjhunu reserves the right to forfeit the Earnest Money and the
security deposit to the BSNL if the tenderer after acceptance, fails to comply with
any of the terms & condition set herein or any contract /agreement which may be
drawn up as consequences of acceptance of tender. In such cases the right to
cancel the tender/contract is reserved with the BSNL.

                                                                    Signature of bidder
13. No rate revision will be allowed for any reasons during the period of
contract/extended period. Any dispute during the period of agreement will be
refereed to Arbitrator appointed by GMTD Jhunjhunu.
14. It shall be open to the GMTD, Jhunjhunu to accept /reject any tender without
assigning any reason (s).
15. No charges for transportation will be given to the contractor. AMC rates
finalized will be for comprehensive Maintenance of SMPS Modules/ Conventional
type power plant with out Batteries in Jhunjhunu SSA for one year.
16. The power plants installed in Jhunjhunu SSA which are under warranty
period will also be covered under this AMC after the expiry of warrantee period
as per desecration of BSNL.
17. The rates quoted for AMC of SMPS Modules/ Conventional type power plant
are inclusive of components, repair charge and all other incidental Charges and
BSNL will not pay any amount on these accounts except service Tax. The
service charges will be paid to the contractor as per actual. The contractor will
submit the proof of deposit of service tax with in 15 days from the approval AMC
order and date of receipt of payment.
18. All the faulty modules of power plant/ Conventional Power Plant in all respect
are to be brought in to working condition by bidder at the start of AMC.
19. The contractor will be responsible for safely transportation of faulty modules
from BSNL sites to repairing center at his own cost and risk. In case missing of
modules either contractor shall replace it with new module of same make or 1.5
times cost of new modules will be recovered from the contractor’s dues.
20. The obsolesce of components and acute shortage of parts shall not be taken
as an excuse for repairing or delay in repairing. The Component used for
repairing of P/P should be standard make and cannibalization of parts is strictly
prohibited and leads to violation of tender terms and condition. The modules
found RNP by the contractor would be brought to the place specified by the Area
DE., where a Technical Committee would examine each case before arriving at
RNP status. The decision for RNP will be taken by concerned DE (in charge) No
transportation charges would be paid for it. The committee would be constituted
by the GMTD Jhunjhunu.
21. The successful contractor will be responsible for AMC of the rack, control unit
etc. of power plant. For this no extra payment will be made. The responsibility of
contactor will be to keep power plant working including the modules. RNP will
normally be done if the module is physically damaged, components or cards are
burnt, components/cards, are missing, components / cards are permanently
damaged by foreign particles for e.g. Damaged by excreta of rat etc.

4. Penalty Clause
4.1 If the P/P module is not repaired with in 48 hrs days from reporting fault
booked penalty @ Rs. 100=00 Per P/P modules SMPS/ Conventional per day
will be imposed up to maximum 15 days. Beyond 15 days, the faulty modules

                                                                  Signature of bidder
would be got repaired by the BSNL at the risk and cost of the contractor. If such
an event happens more than three times in rural area and one time in urban area
during currency of the contract, the contract is liable to be terminated and
security deposit is liable to be forfeited.

4.2 The penalty amount will be deducted from the bill itself .Breakdown period
will include Saturday, Sunday and Holidays also.

4.3 In case of delay in repair due to reasons beyond the control of contractor,
delay can be condoned on the recommendation of Technical committee. The
decision of GMTD Jhunjhunu will be final and binding to the contractor. The
committee will be constituted by the GMTD Jhunjhunu.

4.4 The decision of the GMTD Jhunjhunu will be final and binding to the

5.1 During the performance of the works the contractor shall at his own cost and
initiative fully comply with all applicable laws of the land and with any all
applicable by-laws rules, regulations and order and any other provisions having
the force of law made or promulgated or deemed to be made or promulgated by
the Government, Governmental agency or BSNL, municipal board, Government
of other regulatory or Authorized body or persons and shall provide all certificates
of compliance therewith as may be required by such applicable law. By-laws,
Rules, Regulations, orders and/or provisions .The contractor shall assume full
responsibility for the payment of all contributions and pay roll taxes, as to its
employed, servants or agents engaged in the performance of the work specified
in the contractor documents. If the contractor shall require any assignee or sub-
contractor to share any portion of the work to be performed here under may be
assigned, sub-leased or sub-contracted to comply with the provisions of the
clause and in this connection the contractor agrees as to undertake to save and
hold the harmless and indemnified from and against any/all penalties, actions
,suits, losses and damages, claims and demands and costs (inclusive between
attorney and client ) charges and expenses whatsoever arising out or
occasioned, indirectly or directly ,by failure of the contractor or any assignee or
subcontractor to make full and proper compliance with the said by-laws ,Ruled
,Regulations ,Laws and Order and provisions as aforesaid.

5.2 The contractor will get him self registered for Service tax with in 15 days from
the date of approval of the tender.

5.3 The contractor will follow the EPF Act 1952 Rules. The contractor will submit
details of employee engaged, wages paid, EPF contribution etc. to GMTD

                                                                   Signature of bidder
If any time, during the continuance of this contract, the performance in whole or
in part by either party or any obligation under this contract shall be prevented or
delayed by reason of any war, or hostility, acts of the public enemy, civil
commotion sabotage, fires, floods, explosions, epidemics, quarantine restrictions,
strikes, lockouts or act of God (Here in after referred to as events) provided
notice of happenings, if any such eventuality is given by either party to the other
within 21 days from the date of occurrence there of , neither party shall by reason
of such event be entitled to terminate this contract nor shall either party have any
such claim for damages against the other in respect of such non-performance
and work under the contract shall be resumed as soon as practicable after such
event may come to an end or cease to exist, and the decision of the as to
whether the work have been so resumed or not shall be final and conclusive,
provided further that if the performance, in whole or part of any obligation under
this contract is prevented or delayed by reason of any such event for a period
exceeding 60 days either party may, at his option terminate the contract.

7. FOREFIT OF EMD: - (A) If a Tenderer withdraw its offer during the period of
Tender validity.
8. If the tenderer fails (i) to sign the contract with in stipulated time when he is
asked to do so or (ii) to furnish security deposit, (iii) to execute the order in
stipulated time or manner, in accordance to clause of notification of acceptance
of the tender.

9. PERFORMANCE SECURITY DEPOSIT (PSD): - Within fifteen days of receipt
of the BSNL’s notification of acceptance, the successful tenderer shall furnish
performance security deposit equivalent to the10% of the total contract /order
amount (as advised by BSNL) in the following form (a) Demand Draft in favor of
“AO (Cash), BSNL O/o GMTD Jhunjhunu (b) BG of Nationalized Bank. The EMD
of successful tenderer shall be adjusted towards performance security deposit.
No interest is payable by BSNL on the performance security deposit. The SD can
also be deducted @10% from the bills of the contractor.

10. PAYMENT: -The contractor will submit AMC bills quarterly to the DE
concerned O/o GMTD Jhunjhunu in duplicate duly pre receipted for payment.
The certificates regarding AMC performance report will be sent by all site in-
charge through departmental cells to
11. DE concerned in the 1st week of every month for verification of bills. The
payment will be made by Cheque. No interest shall be paid for any delayed
payment. No advance payment will be made.

12. VALIDITY PERIOD OF CONTRACT: - Once the BSNL accepts or approves
the tender, all supply/work order(s) given by the BSNL during a period of one
year from the date of agreement, shall be binding on the part of the Successful

                                                                   Signature of bidder
tenderer. Successful tenderer will not be relieved for his obligations until he
executes and complete the AMC work order(s) given by the BSNL, in the
stipulated manner. The tender can be further extended for one year on the same
terms and conditions and with mutual consent subject to satisfactory
performance of the contractor. However BSNL reserves the right to terminate the
contract after giving a notice of one month in advance without assigning any

13. COST OF TENDER: - The tenderer shall bear all the cost associated with the
preparation of his tender and submission of his tender/bid, and BSNL will not be
liable for such cost regardless the outcomes of the tender process.

14. SIGNING OF TENDER DOCUMENTS: - The original tender form shall be
filled (typed or handwritten in indelible ink) and shall be signed by the tenderer or
his authorized person (s), on each page of the tender as token of acceptance,
including enclosure there of (except the printed leaflets). The signatory shall
indicate his capacity like proprietor/partner/authorized signatory in case of
company and mark seal with the signatures. The tender shall contain no
interlineations, erasures or over writing except as necessary to correct errors
made by the tenderer, in which case corrections shall be signed (not initialed) by
the person signing the tender.

15. SIGNING BY PARTNERSHIP FIRM: - Tender papers must be signed by all
partners otherwise it must be clearly stated that whether the tenderer (who is
signing the tender papers) is authorized by all other partners of the firm, to sign
ed bind the partnership firm. Copy of partnership deed and firm registration with
the Registrar of the Firms, shall be submitted invariably with the original tender
documents envelope. Status of signatory will be counter checked with Income tax
clearance certificate of the tender by the BSNL.

right to reject any or all the tenders, partially or as a whole at any stage without
assigning any reason. The BSNL is not bound to accept lowest offer, or to give
order of full quantity to a single contractor and the decision of The GMTD
Jhunjhunu shall be final in this respect.

17. DISQUALIFICATION: -BSNL reserve the right to disqualify such tenderer
who have a record of not meeting the contractual obligation(s) against earlier
contract (s) entered with the BSNL, any where in India.

   1. INTEREST: -BSNL will not be liable to pay interest on the earnest money
      or security deposit or any outstanding amount.

                                                                    Signature of bidder
2. ARBITRATION: - The BSNL and supplier shall make every effort to resolve
amicably by direct informal negotiations to resolve any disagreement or dispute
arising between them under or in connection with this tender/contract. If after
thirty days of from the commencement of such informal negotiation, parties have
been unable to resolve the dispute(s). [except as to matter(s) the decision or
solution of which specifically provided in tender terms or contract], either party
may seek that dispute(s) be referred for resolution in accordance with the
Arbitration and Conciliation act 1996 to the next higher authority of the GMTD
Jhunjhunu arbitrator, which is currently General Manager Telecom District,
Jhunjhunu. No objection will be raised by the supplier that such sole arbitrator is
Government officer or such sole arbitrator had dealt with this case in previous. In
case such sole arbitrator is transferred or vacated his office or being unable to
act for any reasons, the same authority (the General Manager Telecom District,
Jhunjhunu) will appoint another person to act as such sole arbitrator and such
sole arbitrator shall be entitled to proceed from the stage at which it was left out
by his predecessor(s). The place or Venue for the proceedings shall be decided
by the sole arbitrator. The award(s) of such sole arbitrator shall e final and
binding on the both parties.

3. JURISDICTION: - For the settlement of any disputes arising out of this tender/
contract, this contract is subject to jurisdiction of court at Jhunjhunu only.

                                                                   Signature of bidder

Tender NO: - W-98/Tender/Power Plant/Repair/2008-09/20           Dated 05-08-2008

Subject: Authorization for attending bid opening on _________________(date) in


Following persons are here by authorized to attend the bid opening for the tender

mentioned above on behalf of ________________________________(Bidder) in

order of preference given below.

Order of Preference          Name                         Specimen Signatures


                                                Signature of bidder
                                                Officer authorized to sign the bid
                                           Documents on behalf of the bidder.

No.     1. Maximum of two representatives will be permitted to attend bid
           opening. In cases where it is restricted to one, first preference will be
           allowed. Alternate representative will be permitted when regular
           representatives are not able to attend.

   2.     Permission for entry to the hall where bids are opened may be refused
          in case authorization as prescribed above is not recovered.

                                                                     Signature of bidder
            Documentation to be submitted with Technical Bid.


(a)   Experience for maintenance and Repairing of any make of 25/50/100/400
      Amp SMPS Power Plant modules/ Conventional Power Plant in
      BSNL/MTNL/DOT /Govt.PSU/Government department or any License
      Telecom service provider of last three years for having the satisfactory
      work done worth Rs.Five Lakh or more. Experience Certificate should be
      issued by the officer not below the rank of Divisional Engineer or
      equivalent. In case of BSNL/MTNL/DOT/Govt. PSU/Govt. Department. In
      case of license service provider it should be by purchase order/work order
      issuing authority or above level officers.

(b)   EMD as per NIT

(c)   Certificate issued by the manufactured of Dealership in case of Dealers.

(d)   Photo copy of PAN card of Income tax Deptt.

(e)   Registered copy of Partnership Deed in case Partnership firm.

(f)   Signature of tendered on each page of tender document.

(g)   Technical part and Price Bid properly sealed separately with WAX/PVC

(h)   All under takings duly signed.

(i)   EPF Registration if applicable.

(j)   D/D of tender cost in case tender form down loaded from web site.

(k)   Photocopy of certificate of service tax registration from central excise

                                                                   Signature of bidder
This     agreement       made       on     this     ____day     of____(month)_…….between
M/s______________________ here in after called “The Contractor” (Which expression shall
unless excluded by or repugnant to the context, include its successors, heir, executors,
administrative representative and assignee) of the one part & the CMD BSNL acting through
GMTD Jhunjhunu.

           Where as the contractor has offered to enter into contract with the said Government
for the execution of work of Annual maintenance works of 25/50/100/200 AMP Power plant
modules in (_________________) on the terms and conditions here in contained and the rates
approved by the BSNL (copy of Rates annexed) have been duly accepted and where as the
necessary security deposits have been furnished in accordance with the provisions of the tender
document and whereas no interest will be claimed on the security deposits.

             Now these presents witness and it is here by agreed and declared by and between
the parties to these presents as follows.
1)       The contractor shall, during the period of this contact that is to say
from……………………………… ……………………………… or completion of work for Rs
______ ___________(In words) __________________________whichever is earlier or until this
contact shall be determined by such notice as is here in after mentioned , safety carryout , by
means of labors employed at his own expenses and by means of tools, implements and
equipment etc. to be supplied by him to his labor at his own expenses, all Annual Maintenance
(annexed to the agreement ) , when the BSNL or (________________) or any other persons
authorized by (_______________________) in that behalf require. It is understood by the
contractor that the quantity of work mentioned on the schedule is likely to change as per actual
requirements as demanded by exigencies of service. The validity of the tender can be extended
for one year on the same terms and condition with mutual consent.
2)       The NIT (notice inviting tender), Bid documents (Qualifying and Financial), letter of intent,
approved rates, annexed here to and such other additional particulars, instructions, drawings,
work orders as may be found requisite to be given during execution of the work shall be deemed
and taken to be an integral part of the contract and shall also be deemed to be included in the
expression “The Agreement” or “The Contract” wherever here in used.
3)       The contractor shall also supply the requisite number of workmen with means & materials
as well as tools, appliances, machines, implements, vehicles for transportation, cartage etc.
required for the proper execution of work with in the time prescribed in the work orders.
4)       The contractor here by declares, that no body connected with or in the employment of the
BSNL of Telecommunications /DTs is not/ shall not ever be admitted as partner in the contract.
5)       The contractor shall abide by the terms and conditions, rules, guidelines, Maintenance
practice safety precautions etc. stipulated in the tender document including any correspondence
between the contractor and the BSNL having bearing on execution of work and payments of work
to be done under the contract.
In witness whereof the parties present have here into set their respective hands and seals the
day and year in
Above written:
                                                   Signed sealed & delivered by
                                                   The above named Contract in the presence of.

1                                                          Signed & Delivered on behalf
                                                           Of the CMD BSNL by the.

                                                                                  Signature of bidder
            (A Govt. of India Enterprise)

 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract
    for SMPS Modules/ Conventional Power
 Plant 25/50/100 & 400 Amp in Jhunjhunu SSA.

                      FINANCIAL BID

Tender No: - W-98/Tender/Power Plant/Repair/2008-09/20 Dated 05-08-2008

                                                         Signature of bidder

                                       Financial Bid
The GMTD, Jhunjhunu

Subject: Our Financial Bid for AMC of 25/50/100/400 Amp. SMPS Power Plant
            Modules/Conventional type in Jhunjhunu SSA.

Ref.: NIT No: - W-98/Tender/Power Plant/Repair/2008-09/20          Dated 05-08-2008

Dear Sir,
                Having examined the tender documents, terms and conditions stipulated there in.
Specifications of work etc. we the under signed offer to execute the Work repairing of
25/50/100/400 Amp P/P in conformity with the said specifications and conditions of contract in
standard schedule rates quoted as under.

S.N                    Description                   Estimat    Rates Quoted per       Total
 o                        (b)                          ed       module per annum       Cost
(a)                                                  Qty.(c)           (d)              (e)

1      AMC of 25 Amps. SMPS/Conventional                       Rs…………
       Power Plant modules including common                        (In figures)
       control panel problems of all make of power   25        Rs………………
       Plant at site including with replacement of                  (In words)
       faulty components if any.

2.     AMC of 50 Amps. SMPS P/P modules                        Rs…………
       including control panel problems module of                  (In figures)
       all make of power Plant at site with          08        Rs………………
       replacement of faulty components if any.                    (In words)

3.     AMC of 100 Amps. SMPS/Conventional                      Rs…………
       Power Plant modules including control                       (In figures)
       panel problems module of all make of          224       Rs………………
       power Plant at site with replacement of                     (In words)
       faulty components if any.
4.     AMC of 400 Amps. Conventional Power                     Rs…………
       Plant modules including control panel                       (In figures)
       problems module of all make of power Plant    02        Rs………………
       at site with replacement of faulty                           (In words)
       components if any. Float & Charger

Note: -1. Above rates are inclusive of Transportation/ all other taxes and duties
          what so ever except service Tax.
       2. The rates quoted inclusive cost of component required for repairing.

                                                               Signature of bidder

                                                                            Signature of bidder

                              FOR AMC

S.No.      Unit     Equipped Capacity (module    Conventional Power Plant
                           wise) Total
                     25    50 Amp 100 Amp       25 Amp   100 Amp      400
                    Amp                                               Amp
1.      DE NWG       08      04          62        -         -          -
2.      DE(R) JJN    03      04          53       05        01          -
3.      DE CWA        -       -          33       03        05         01
4.      DE KEC       04       -          42       02         -         01
5.      DE(P) JJN     -       -          28        -         -          -
        Total        15      08         218       10        06         02


S.No.      Unit     Equipped Capacity (module    Conventional Power Plant
                           wise) Total
                     25    50 Amp 100 Amp       25 Amp   100 Amp      400
                    Amp                                               Amp
1.      DE NWG       03      01         20         -         -          -
2.      DE(R) JJN     -       -         23        02         -          -
3.      DE CWA        -       -         11        03        03         01
4.      DE KEC       03       -         09         -         -          -
5.      DE(P) JJN     -       -         03         -         -          -
        Total        06      01         66        05        03         01

                                                           Signature of bidder
     Signature of bidder

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