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                             Magazine                                SPRING/SUMMER 2010

                                                                  A MATTER OF LIFE
                                                                        AND DEBT
                                                              As more and more personal
                                                                debt is wracked up in the
                                                                     UK, Kleeneze has an
                                                                       alternative solution

Kleeneze invests thousands
in Television advertising

                             A REWARDING AND AWARDING BUSINESS
WELCOME                                  ENTERPRIZE COMPANY MAGAZINE

                                                                      Welcome to the Spring/Summer edition of
                                                                      Enterprize Magazine.
        Contact us...                                                 Global recession, unemployment and severe
             Service Centre                                           weather conditions saw out the back end of
         +44 (0)844 848 5000                                          2009, but while the world struggled on                                    Kleeneze has continued to thrive.

             Training and                                             Last year, while other companies were, in some
        Distributor Meetings                                          cases fruitlessly, resisting the economic                                        downturn, Kleeneze was building the business
            Registration                to a stronger position than ever. In the last six months, we’ve continued to     accumulate massive success stories – and offered more rewards for business
                                        success than ever before.

                                        One of the big stories, was our new television advertising campaign. It was
             Editorial                  long-beyond time to let the rest of the world know what a fantastic
          Editor Xenia Poole,           opportunity we have here, so it’s been great to see that happen.
         Design Katie Burrows
                                        In this issue of Enterprize Magazine, you’ll see how and why our Distributors
                                        have been doing so well, despite the economic situation. We’ve spoken to

                                        people from all walks of life – from mothers to students to pensioners – and
    Enterprize Magazine is published
                                        the result is we know we have a business model that can work for anyone.
             by Kleeneze Ltd
              Express House             I am incredibly excited about the rest of 2010. As a company we ended
         Clayton Business Park          2009 on a massive high, with December sales over 10% up on the previous
            Clayton Le Moors
                                        year. We also have more support for new starters than ever before. There is
          Accrington, BB5 5JY
                                        so much excitement within the Network at the moment, because we all
                                        know that this is the year that Kleeneze is going to grow beyond


                                        Many reaped a better income than ever before in 2009. Our new
                                        Distributors of the Year, Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes received a massive
       Registered Offices               £43,800 cheque for just four weeks work (page 26)! I know it’s only a
                   UK                   matter of time before I’m signing the next unbelievable cheque.
              Kleeneze Ltd.
                                        2010 promises to be a year like never before.
      Burley House, Bradford Road
          Burley-in-Wharfedale          Everything and I mean everything is in place for you to achieve more than
        West Yorkshire LS29 7DZ         ever before.
          Kleeneze Ireland Ltd.
    Unit 11, Naas Road Business Park,
          Naas Road, Dublin 12
            Republic of Ireland
                                                         JAMIE STEWART, MANAGING DIRECTOR

CONTENTS                                        ENTERPRIZE COMPANY MAGAZINE
                                                                                                            COVER STORIES

COVER STORIES                                                  Page 48 Isn’t it time you got a life?
Page 4     As seen on TV ‘ad’s’ to success                             The income isn’t always the biggest thing for
                                                                       some of our Distributors
           Kleeneze invests in your business with its
           nationwide TV advertising campaign                  Page 56 They think it’s all over…
Page 19 A rewarding and awarding business                              The effects of the recession continue to
                                                                       reverberate through the country
        Kleeneze prides itself on recognising its
        Distributors in a big way. We catch up with the
        Network stars of 2009                                  GOALS
Page 28 A matter of life and debt                              Page 9    An incentive that was Med to measure
        Nearly everyone has some amount of personal                      We follow one group of Distributors on a dream
        debt. We look at how to pay it off once and                      incentive to Cyprus
        for all                                                Page 32 The adventure of a lifetime
                                                                       What other job would take you to the top of
SUPPORT                                                                Table Mountain in Cape Town?
Page 8     Kleeneze supports local economy
           Local economy became even more important            Page 39 A company car for life
           once the recession hit, so Kleeneze launched it’s           From Mini Coopers to a 6-Series BMW, find out
           very own campaign to keep the pound local                   how to win a car with Kleeneze

Page 16 Seeing in the New Year the                             Page 58 Anyone can do it
        Kleeneze way                                                   You too could be boarding a plan for Hong Kong
        Dragons’ Den panel member, James Caan joins                    come November. Find out how
        us to see in 2010
Page 51 How to market your
        Kleeneze business                                      Page 34 The Big Spring Kleen
        We speak to Kleeneze’s PR company, Citypress,                  It’s that time of year again, but why not let
        to find out the best way for you to market your                Kleeneze take the stress out of your spring clean
                                                               Page 54 Introducing Kleeneze’s very own
Page 60 Discover a new way of life                                      celebrity chef
        Not part of Kleeneze yet? Here’s how to join us                He’s worked with Albert Roux and Anton
                                                                       Edelmann at the Savoy, as well as hosting his
THE PEOPLE BUSINESS                                                    own TV series. Now Nigel Smith has joined the
                                                                       Kleeneze team
Page 14 Mum’s the word
        With the cost of raising a child increasing
        every year, Kleeneze offers an extra income as
        well as the flexibility to spend more time with
        your family
Page 44 The future’s bright
        Have you got a pension lined up? We look
        at why the spend-now, pay-later generation
        could suffer
Page 46 Objection, objection!
        An opportunity missed is an opportunity lost –
        how some Distributors almost missed the
        chance to change their lives

COVER STORY                                          ENTERPRIZE
                                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE

As seen on TV just ‘ad’s to success!
2009 saw the beginning of great things for the company with the launch of its first ever television advert.
Such was the success of the advert, we went on to create another one and have further plans to take the
campaign over to Irish television in the summer.

The TV ad campaign has led to Distributors’ sales increasing, as more people – becoming aware of the brand
– open the catalogue packs and order. We’ve had more people than ever before also requesting a copy of the
catalogues through our website, which we pass on to the nearest ordering Distributor. So, before we even
launched our TV recruitment advert, sponsoring was increasing as people became more aware of the brand.

The story so far…
5 September 2009
The audience of the Kleeneze Xmas Showcase at the NIA in Birmingham are the first to see Kleeneze’s new
advertising campaign. “TV changes people’s perceptions,” stated Managing Director Jamie Stewart after the
first showing of the ad. “How many people do you know who watch TV during the day who could see your
Kleeneze business being advertised on national TV? I’d urge you to spend some time really thinking about
how you will use this powerful media to benefit your business.”

COVER STORY                                           ENTERPRIZE
                                                      COMPANY MAGAZINE

21 September 2009
Worth almost a quarter of a million pounds, the advert ran for four weeks from Monday 21 September across
a wide-range of channels. Working with the media agency, Kleeneze had opted for daytime TV, specifically
targeting the average Kleeneze customer profile.

28 September 2009
Our new advertising campaign certainly hit the ground running in its first week, as hundreds of leads came
pouring through. The first showing was on ITV1 at 10.10am on Monday morning and just seconds later, the
catalogue requests came flooding in. Here is some of our Distributors’ feedback:

                                              “Angel and I would like to say a big thank you to all those
                                              involved with the TV ad campaign and the email notifications we
                                              get when a customer requests a catalogue,” said Bronze
                                              Executive Distributors Angel and Stuart Hill from Leeds.
                                              “We received an email last week to advise us that a local lady,
                                              Jackie, had requested a catalogue. I clicked the link to inform the
                                              company that we would deliver one to her.

                                              She only lived 5 minutes away, just outside the area that we
                                              drop our books, and she had a catalogue through her door
                                              within a few hours of the request. That evening she called us to
                                              ask for another order form as the first was full! When I dropped
                                              it off the next morning she completed her order for £154.
                                              She has recently moved to the UK from the USA and needed
                                              loads of stuff for the house so she sent the text after seeing the
                                              TV ad.”

“I recently received an email from Kleeneze to deliver a catalogue to a prospective customer that had seen the
television advert,” said Silver Distributor Jason Jones in Birmingham. “I thought I’d do a blanket drop of
catalogues in the area while I was there. I dropped 200 catalogues, including the prospective customer, and
collected 24 orders totalling £355.50!”

“We received an email from Kleeneze asking us to drop a catalogue to an address in our area, and after a bit
of searching found a door behind a shop which was marked flat A and flat B,” explained Keith Glass and
Margaret Holvec, Bronze Executive Distributors in Surrey. “As we don’t usually put books through
these types of doors (because it’s often difficult to find out which person picked up the package), I sent a text
to the person who requested the catalogue asking her to ensure that it was she who retrieved it. I said that I
would collect it the following morning. She texted me back saying that she would leave the book outside
before going to bed. When it wasn’t there this morning I sent another message to remind her. Within a few
minutes of me driving off I got a text saying that it was there now. I turned around and went back to find an
order for £73.75. Thank you Kleeneze for finding a customer for us that we would never have found

28 October 2009
Throughout the whole of October, Kleeneze continued to reel from the response of its TV campaign. Both
sales and sponsoring figures soared and Distributors all over the Network got out there to back the campaign,

COVER STORY                                           ENTERPRIZE
                                                      COMPANY MAGAZINE

ensuring they branded everything with the Kleeneze name and passed on the advert to their friends and

So, imagine the excitement when, on 28 October, we announced we were running the advert again. It’s a
well known fact that repeating your advertising works. With repeat advertising, not only do you increase the
number of people who see it, you also shift the expectation of the viewer. The more times a prospective
customer sees YOUR advert, the more he or she will shift their expectations about the number of other
consumers who will ask for a Kleeneze catalogue. Simply put, the more advertising the customer sees, the
more likely they are to buy from you.

December 2009
The Kleeneze TV ad runs for another four weeks:

“I just thought I would email you a thank you for the TV advert,” emailed Mick McCaul, Gold Distributor
from Bradford. “You passed on to me two requests from people who wanted to see the catalogue. The first
gave me an order for £18. With the second one, I decided to do a blanket drop of the whole area. I put out
around 200 catalogues and picked up £447.25, gaining myself another 35 customers in the process

It worked out at £12.77 per order, but when you take into account I got one order for £62 and one for £50
the rest still average out at £10.15 per order. I earned about £93 for about 7-8 hours work which is over £11
per hour!

Brilliant, this is better than my previous job! Roll on the next advertising campaign!”

“I just wanted to let you know that the TV advert has really created awareness to customers about Kleeneze
products,” said Felix Onyema, Distributor in Newcastle. “A customer contacted me after the Kleeneze
advert and I gave her the catalogue. The next day she placed an order worth £157. Today, she has placed yet
another order worth about £77 and has also contacted all her friends to see the catalogue too.”

“Thank you for passing on the catalogue lead,” said Gold Distributors, Cathy and John Reilly in
Northampton. “We dropped the catalogue pack the day we got the email and our lead couldn’t believe she
got it so quick after she requested it. She was delighted and spent £22. We did the street and got another
order for £25. Keep the requests coming!”

9 January 2010
A brand new year and a brand new advertising campaign! Kleeneze announces that it’s going back on TV
screens this time with a recruitment advert.

“The 4-week advertising campaign was a trial to see what you and TV advertising combined can do together,”
said our Managing Director, Jamie Stewart. If we saw growth, we’d give serious thought to bigger investment
very soon. Well we tripled catalogue requests over the 4-week period and had responses from Distributors of
amazing order values. And then - with sponsoring, during the 12-week period from September to end of
November - we saw a steep change in Distributor number growth.

So, to support your team building through 2010 we are investing heavily in TV advertising and branding, and
over the next 12 months we have over £2million worth of TV advertising planned. We will help you take this
life changing opportunity to more people than ever before.”

COVER STORY                                          ENTERPRIZE
                                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE

The new TV ad, featuring
distributorships Chrissy Sykes,
Helen Kolbusz and Phil Lowe and
Mark and Alison Bird ran in
conjunction with our first radio advert
on Real Radio.

16 January 2010
The advert may have brought in
floods of leads, but not as many in
Ireland as we would have liked. So on
16 January, Jamie Stewart announced
that we were going to be running a
targeted campaign in the Republic of
Ireland throughout summer to test
the impact of TV advertising in the
country. With a dedicated Irish response number, we’re hoping for a great impact there too!

1 February 2010
“I think the TV ad was brilliant and we all think it should keep running all the time as much as possible. I have
so many people come up to me in the streets, or call asking for a catalogue. All the parents at my daughter’s
school have been asking, but also asking how to join. I have had so many leads from this advert; I wish it
could run all the time,” Tina and Paul Cole, Distributors.

This on the first week that our new recruitment advert ran! The Distributors who starred in the advert also
secured major press publicity for their roles, so it was a double-whammy for the brand.

                              “I have had yet another lead from the Kleeneze advertising campaign and this is
                              6 in total now. So far I have received £111.75 on just four catalogues. The other
                              books are due for collection soon. When I received the fourth lead I took the
                              pack of catalogues immediately to the house and as there was no one in, I just
                              pushed it through the door with a little note explaining who I was and why I
                              was calling. The house was in a street of what I can only describe as mansions
                              and I never even knew they existed.

                               When I collected the book the lady told me she was so impressed with the
                               Kleeneze service. She had requested a catalogue on the Sunday and the same
                               evening it was on her doormat. I received an order for £15.75, but she has
                               asked me to keep calling. I am planning to drop the whole street now. This just
                               goes to show that we should never pre-judge who will or who won’t be
interested in receiving our catalogues. Thanks Kleeneze!”
Kira McKibbin, Senior Distributor

To come…
With brand exposure on the up, it can only mean growth for the company.                       AS SEEN ON
Check out our TV advert here:
THE PEOPLE BUSINESS                                                               ENTERPRIZE
                                                                                  COMPANY MAGAZINE

As we limped out of one of the worst and longest
recessions the world has ever experienced, every
pound spent in the local economy became even more
important. In the last four years, we’ve all started to
have a renewed interest in, but with the collapse of
the global economy, this just skyrocketed.

Local economy means the people closest to you
geographically – nearby businesses, neighbours and
anyone else who contributes to the economy in a
neighbourhood. Supporting it means choosing your
local retailers over superstores for example.

For Kleeneze, this is a subject close to home. That is
why, earlier this year, we launched the Shop Local
campaign to show support for our Distributors and
their fellow small traders.

Small businesses and independent traders are the backbone of communities. They offer a friendly personal
service and, now more than ever, they need the support of their communities as they face increased competition
from high street giants and global brands.

Since the campaign launched, Distributors from all over the country have been the subject of media attention as
they campaign in their local areas for people to shop locally.

Why shop locally?

• It keeps money in the local economy – every £1 spent with a local supplier keeps £1.76 in the local economy
  (source: New Economics Foundation)

• Small businesses offer a personal service and extra care – local business owners know their customers and are
  able to offer a more personal service

• It maintains local character – supporting local businesses ensures their survival and maintains the local
  provision of services and character of local communities

• It’s better for the environment – shopping locally promotes fewer and shorter car journeys, plus local stores
  use less CO2 than superstores (sources: DEFRA, Sheffield Hallam University)

Get behind your local retailers.


An incentive that was
Med to measure!
In October 2009, one lucky group of Distributors boarded flights that were to whisk them away for four days of
five-star luxury in Southern Cyprus. All their hard work and dedication over the previous six months had paid off
with resulting its in them qualifying for Kleeneze’s Autumn Destination 2009.
The group spent time in the beautiful, sunny town of Limassol with its base being the luxurious Le Meridien Spa
and Resort. Situated right on the beach, Distributors looked out of their hotel rooms to see miles of sandy
coastline and sparkling blue waters and had a choice of dipping into one of the many freshwater and seawater
pools peppered all around or popping into the spa for a pampering session.
Fine dining, plenty of wine and lavishness the likes of which you don’t experience every day was part of their
everyday routine. SEDs had an extra day in which to experience the Kleeneze way. Taking them off to board
three separate millionaires’ yachts, the leaders raced their way across the Med to a sumptuous
barbecue on the beach.
Later the same day, the rest of the group arrived in Cyprus and what followed
was a whirlwind of great times – from a fiesta in a traditional
Cypriot village and an afternoon of hilarity in the boat building
competition to a toga night at the breathtaking site of Aphrodite’s
Sanctuary and a conference of inspirational proportions.
The Autumn Destination 2009 was another huge success for
Kleeneze and with over half of the qualifiers new to the business,
proof that everyone really can succeed!

     “It was just an out-of-this-world experience. The fantastic thing is you get the
     chance to mix with leaders in the business and ask their advice and for tips on how
     they achieved what they achieved. We’re going to take away lots of pictures,
     souvenirs and amazing memories but, most importantly, priceless advice from
     leaders and some fantastic new friends!”
     Sam Rushton and Dean Worrall
     Gold Distributors and first-time qualifiers

“The resort was spectacular, the excitement of being with all those other Kleeneze
people was overwhelming and the fact that we had to ’work’ on Monday morning
(conference day) just drove home how much we love our ’work’! We run our own
team camp every summer and have always wanted to do something like the boat
building - trust Kleeneze to pull that one off too! We were teamed up for the boat
building and the Gala Dinner evening with all first-time qualifiers, so to see the
conference from their perspective was very special, because even though we try and
tell people how fantastic the conferences are, you can’t really appreciate it until
you’ve experienced one!”
Paul and Helen Allgood, Bronze Executive Distributors

This has been by far the best Autumn Destination ever. For us, the boat building
was the best bit, because of the team spirit, plus it was just absolutely brilliant fun!
We have to make sure that we go back and help and support our teams to make
sure more of them are on the next one.”
Mike and Amanda Bibby
Silver Premier Executive Distributors

“We had so much fun while we were in Cyprus. The boat building was a brilliant
afternoon and we were so amazed that we managed to sail our ’yacht’ all the way
to the buoy and back - how, I will never know! What a fabulous afternoon! There
were so many wow moments on this trip we couldn’t possibly pick out just one -
memories are a bonus that we can store and keep forever and boy do we have
some of those. Hong Kong is a must for all Distributors to work towards. I know we
definitely will be and we hope to see you all there.”
Simon and Helen Fogwill
Gold Distributors and first-time qualifiers

THE PEOPLE BUSINESS                                                                 ENTERPRIZE
                                                                                    COMPANY MAGAZINE

Mum’s the word
This year, the average cost of raising a child to the age
of 21 has crashed through the £200,000 barrier for the
very first time in history.

It’s not just the day-to-day running costs of the family
that can hurt either. With many people facing added
pressure to put in more time at work, those with
families are looking for other options that will allow
them to earn an income while also being there for their
little ones. Scheduling hours around school time, many
parents leave work altogether after having children
because of a lack of flexible working arrangements.
Those who continue, still have to shell out for the cost
of childcare and therein goes their income.

Gold Executive Distributor, Caroline Harris, went
from part-time Distributor to mother seamlessly
thanks to Kleeneze:

“I started Kleeneze way back in 1998 working it around
my full time job. Having got stuck into building a team
right from the start I was able to give up my job in        “Having a Kleeneze business means that I don’t have to
November 1998 and go full time in Kleeneze along with       send Trinity off to a child minder while I go to work. I
my partner Craig Cox who also ’sacked his boss’ to work     didn’t have to be in a position where I came home from
Kleeneze with me.                                           work to be told that she had said her first word, or had
                                                            taken her first step, and I had missed it!
“In March 2008 we had a baby daughter, Trinity.
Because we had a residual income coming in from             “I didn’t - I was there to share it with her and so was
Kleeneze we were both able to take some time out            Craig. In fact Kleeneze has meant that Trinity has both of
when she arrived and since then I have continued to         us around and gets to see her Dad far more than a lot
work part time, fitting in business around being a mum.     of young children. We also don’t have to pay large child
                                                            care costs either!

                                                            “I am able to take time out during the week to take her
                                                            to playgroup and other activities, but the flexibility of
                                                            Kleeneze means I can still fit in working the business - In
                                                            2009 our Kleeneze business turned over in excess of
                                                            £850,000 and we are able to continue working to
                                                            develop this further.

                                                            “Later on when she goes to school, I will be there to
                                                            take her and pick her up - we won’t have the cost of
                                                            sending her to an after school club, we will both be able
                                                            to attend school events and we will not have problems
                                                            with childcare during the school holidays.

“Personally, I cannot think of any other job or business
that would allow me the opportunity to be a full-time
mum while at the same time earning a full-time

With four children, all under the age of 12, Silver
Distributor Vanessa Hodgkinson had her work cut
out. Thankfully, Kleeneze was there to help with
the costs of a family as well as giving her the
time to be there for her youngsters:

“I joined Kleeneze in October 2007 to earn a little extra
cash. Previously,, I had worked full-time in an accounts
department for over 12 years before starting a family. I
now have 4 children, all under 8 years old, of which the
youngest is 3 weeks old.

“Over the past few years I have been thinking about
going back to work but only wanted part-time, and I         “My husband, Eunan, works full-time as a Medical
wanted to work around the children, being able to take      Laboratory Scientist. He used to work on-call rotas as
them to and from school which meant my options were         well. This was very time-consuming, so when our
limited.                                                    earnings from Kleeneze increased we decided that we
                                                            could afford for him to give up doing on-call. This
                                                            worked out great because now that he works more
                                                            reliable hours, we have much more time to work the

                                                            “I believe that Kleeneze is the only viable business
                                                            opportunity available today which enables you to earn
                                                            money and be there for your children. Many mums who
                                                            choose to stay at home, having given up a career, feel
                                                            very isolated. The reason I joined Kleeneze was primarily
                                                            to meet people (I didn’t believe at the start that I would
                                                            actually make any money!). I made my investment back
                                                            with profit after only two weeks and I was hooked.

                                                            “Now I have made tons of new friends, spend a lot of
                                                            time in customers’ kitchens drinking tea and making
                                                            money all the time. And I can do all this around my
“Kleeneze has been a lifesaver. Since joining, I enjoy a    children’s needs. After a year and a half, my husband
stress-free job, have made lots of new friends and, most    (initially very dubious) got involved. It was the ever-
importantly, am there for my children whenever they         increasing cheques that changed his mind! Now both of
need me.”                                                   us are working hard to get our business to the next
Stephanie Barry, Silver Distributor in Ireland, has
found the benefits of working Kleeneze extend               Kleeneze has now teamed up with the Working
far beyond being there for her children.                    Families charity to create a family-friendly work
                                                            guide. The guide contains advice about rights in
“I would never contemplate doing anything other than        employment, becoming self employed, tax credits
Kleeneze, even though I am a qualified secondary school     and benefits and how Kleeneze offers a flexible
teacher. We have two children, aged 8 and 6, and            earning opportunity for parents.
Kleeneze gives us the flexibility we need to earn some
extra money as well as being there for our children. That
is vitally important to us both.


Seeing in the New Year
the Kleeneze way

One of the busiest large scale indoor venues in Europe will see the likes of the X-Factor, Stereophonics, Strictly
Come Dancing, Rod Stewart, the European Gymnastics Championships and Alicia Keys pass through its doors
over the next 12 months. However, to kick start the year, it was Kleeneze that took to the stage of
Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena.

Culminating in a sumptuous Gala Dinner, the day saw around 3,000 Distributors come together to launch
another successful year for the company, as well as celebrate the year just gone.

“There are more people than ever before looking for work and unemployment is forecast to rise still further,”
said Managing Director Jamie Stewart at the start of the event. “At this time of year many think about finally
clearing their credit card bills or for some it might be some extra money to
afford a little luxury in life. Whatever it is, we have the Kleeneze solution.

“2010 will be a year that changes people lives for good and for bad, let’s help
as many people as we can change their lives for the better. There’s a General
Election coming up this year and no doubt there will be some major changes in
tax and earnings that we can’t even imagine yet.

“2010 is set to be the year that the recession impacts people’s lifestyles. And
Kleeneze is set to shout to the world that we are ready to help everyone change
their lives for good.”

It wasn’t just Kleeneze Distributors that were shouting to the world either. Our
special guest speaker was Dragons’ Den panel member – James Caan. And
what a talk it was! His life story is actually not too dissimilar to those starting up


with Kleeneze! For instance, does any of this ring any   Rolls Royce service, something that others did not.
bells?                                                   He looked for an office in Mayfair and, although he
                                                         could only afford a broom closet of a place, he had a
When James decided he didn’t want to work in his
                                                         grand address. Alexander Mann was born.
father’s family business making garments, his family
were against him leaving and setting out on his own      In 2002, Alexander Mann had a turnover of £130
with just £30 in his pocket. He left school at the age   million and Caan sold it to a private equity firm.
of 16, with no qualifications, but a need to prove       Since then, Caan has gone on to co-found an
himself to the family who didn’t believe he could        executive headhunting firm with partner Doug
make it.                                                 Bougie, which they successfully expanded globally
An interest in commission-based jobs led him to start    through its Humana International brand, growing to
working for a recruitment agency and he worked           over 147 offices across 30 countries before it was
hard to pay the rent. By the age of 19 he was            bought by a New York-listed company. He also has
working in financial services. His gift-of-the gab       set up the James Caan Foundation to help children in
meant he loved engaging with the candidates. When        both the western and developing world, as well as
a woman called Aisha, his future wife, turned down       setting up many schools in his native Lahore in
a job working there as she wanted to open her own        Pakistan. And, of course, the reason he shot to fame
boutique he offered to invest in her business. A few     – the successful entrepreneur also earned himself a
years on and the boutiques were making around            place on Dragons’ Den.
£12,000 a month, but James still wanted to set up a      From £30 to multi-millionaire and all he accredits this
business of his own. So he decided to open his own       to is belief, confidence and determination. If he can
recruitment business. He wanted to give people a         do it – what’s stopping you?!

The Showcase was also vital for internal training. We’ve so
much going on this year – the qualification for Hong Kong, a
major advertising campaign and fresh new support for new
starters, so it was important that those who have already
had success in this business stepped up to give others help
and advice. Silver Senior Executive Distributor, Geoff
Webb; Bronze Executive Distributor, Debra Pusey;
Silver Executive Distributor, Dave Birtwistle; Gold
Distributor Sharon Allsop and Silver Principal
Executive Distributor, Bob Webb were our Network
speakers for the day on hand to give everyone some brilliant
tips on moving their businesses forward.
Of course, it wasn’t all about training, though. In the
evening, everyone donned their finery for a Gala Dinner of
luxurious proportions and partied long into the evening.
However, once all the wine had been supped and everyone’s
sore dancing feet were tucked up in bed, the Showcase
Organisers were at it again – this time getting ready to host
the Kleeneze Ireland New Year Showcase!
There was more training from the likes of newly-crowned
winner of the Distributor Challenge Trophy John Morgan;
the very inspirational Distributorship Peter and Jackie
White and testimonials from Laura Cleland and Ninan
Puliyayil Kuriakose; this time in Dublin.
Kleeneze Ireland has a completely different feel to the NIA
Showcase. The day was packed full of training and
recognition and a great deal of laughter and humour, as is
Birmingham, but it’s an entirely intimate, personal event.
Don’t take our word for it though! The Christmas Showcases
in Birmingham and Dublin will take place in September, so
come and see for yourself!

RECOGNITION                                           ENTERPRIZE
                                                      COMPANY MAGAZINE

You’ve worked hard at work for 12 solid months, put in hours above and beyond the call of duty, completed
those projects in record time and have basically had an exemplary year. So, how were you rewarded? A pat on
the back? A ‘well done’ and a firm handshake? Or simply more work thrown your way (hey, you’ve proved you
can do it, so here’s some more!).
Kleeneze prides itself on recognising its Distributors in a big way. Yes, there are holidays, cars and cash bonuses
to be won, but it’s also important for us to recognise our top performers in the Network on stage in front of
their team mates and peers. This is why, every year, Kleeneze holds its own awards ceremony

There are six main business awards presented by Kleeneze every January at the New Year Showcase. The
award winners accept their prize in front of thousands in the Network and often the awards come with their
own reward – this year, all of our winners have automatically won a trip to Hong Kong!
Designed to recognise exceptional effort in all areas of the business, there’s the VIP Trophy for consistency of
effort and outstanding personal retail sales; the Distributor Challenge Trophy and Harry Crook Trophy awarded
for outstanding business development; the Executive Distributor Challenge Cup and the SED Challenge Trophy
awarded for Outstanding Executive group sales and, of course, the Distributor of the Year Award - given, at
the company’s discretion, to the distributorship that has shown amazing ambition and dynamism.

                                     2009 WINNERS

RECOGNITION                                          ENTERPRIZE
                                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE


How has the first part of 2010 been treating you?
What a way to start 2010 by winning the Distributor Challenge Trophy and finding out we’re are going to
Hong Kong! And just this past week Vinny Tsoi and Lorraine Lawlor in our team have qualified for Cape
Town! So 2010 is going GREAT!! It’s a wonderful feeling to help someone in your team not only earn a
fantastic income, but to see that hard work rewarded also with a trip of a lifetime. There’s nothing else out
there that gives such a sense of pride.
As you’re a trophy winner, you automatically qualify for our next Destination. How did that feel?
We couldn’t believe it when the video of Hong Kong started playing at the New Year Showcase. We just kept
looking at each other whispering: ‘Wow! Are we going to Hong Kong?’
Was winning the Distributor Challenge Trophy a goal for you?
Yes it was a massive goal for us, one of many goals for 2009. We had a fantastic finish to 2008 and we kept
the momentum going into 2009. We knew if we continued to build our customer base, share the opportunity
with more people and help our team we would have a great chance to win.
And in qualifying for it, has it strengthened your business?
Absolutely. Our own customer base was pretty solid but we continued to find new customers ensuring we
had strong personal retail. It also fired up the team, it got everyone excited to know they could be part of a
winning team.
How do you think winning something like a trophy changes your business?
It will definitely help with sponsoring - it shows new prospects the massive rewards available to everyone in
Kleeneze and they will be part of a winning team. It has boosted morale in the whole ROCK team. It shows
that winning a trophy is achievable to anyone who is willing to work hard enough for it.

What did you have to do to qualify for it?
We had a great start to 2008 and knew if we continued as we started we would be in with a shout of
winning. We believe in leading by example, so we set a goal to do 18% personal retail per period. The more
we retailed, the more everyone in the team retailed. We continued to sponsor and started to run our own
sizzles to help new people get their businesses off to the best possible start.
What are your goals for this year?
Having goals is massively important to us - small goals as well as big ones. We want to continue to build our
team and help each person to achieve their goals. We recently sat down with some of our team and followed
Jim Rohn’s guide to setting goals. Something we would recommend to everyone. A huge goal is to help as
many of our team to join us in Hong Kong, and a Mini Cooper would also be nice!
Do you have any advice for anyone who wants that trophy in 2011?
Make a plan and take massive action. The saying goes: ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail.’ Follow the system and don’t
change it. You also need to work hard on your own personal development. We recommend reading many of
the books available; anything by Jim Rohn is a good start! Believe you can and keep rocking!

So once again, you’ve snapped up the trophy. How do you keep up the consistency it obviously
takes to keep on qualifying for these things?
It’s all about the system. Personally for us, 2009 was a challenging year with family illness that necessitated us
taking quite a chunk of time out when Fiona’s mum (who lives over 200 miles away) was critically Ill. We’ve
always believed that there are two ways to build a successful networking business: Firstly to make yourself
pivotal to the organisation whereby it grows largely on your personal effort - and indeed it is possible to earn
huge incomes by doing this. The only problem is that when you stop, it all starts to fall away. So, we’ve opted
                                                                               for what we consider to be a
                                                                               much smarter business model,
                                                                               and that is to coach our amazing
                                                                               team with a simple, duplicatable
                                                                               system, that perpetuates even
                                                                               when we cannot be there.
                                                                               As trophy winners last year,
                                                                               did you notice anything
                                                                               different it brought to your
                                                                               As (Geoff) mentioned at the
                                                                               January Showcase, track record
                                                                               inspires others to believe that
                                                                               they too can achieve something
                                                                               someone else has achieved. Back
                                                                               in 1955 no one believed that it
                                                                               was possible to run a mile in
                                                                               under 4 minutes, until in 1956
                                                                               Roger Bannister proved everyone
                                                                               wrong. What is amazing is that

RECOGNITION                                          ENTERPRIZE
                                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE

in the following year another 30 runners broke that belief barrier, and the year after that, another 300!
Winning the trophy was down to the success within the team - record new Gold Distributors breaking, record
numbers attending the conference on board Club Med ll and again in Cyprus. All of this has combined to
help everyone in our team to believe that they too can achieve their own success within the group. Team
morale is at an all time high, and we are massively privileged that the team synergy is so strong - with
everyone wanting others to achieve - even cross line, and that’s very special!
2009 brought about a lot of new things for the company. Was there one thing that helped your
business more than anything else?
Most definitely the TV advertising - not just for the exposure of our brand, but even more so for the
confidence we’ve seen in the Network on the back of this. We’ve always believed in our opportunity and have
been proud of our business, but the power of the advertising has given everyone pride in this world class
opportunity, and that’s led to more lead generation activity, more people contacting their warm market with
confidence, and overall better conversion rates because Distributors feel altogether more confident about their
Tell us about your goal setting
Goal setting has always been a very important subject for us - we believe passionately that if people don’t
have their own strong personal goals in place, then this will hamper their success. For us, our goals are very
personal. We believe in, and try to practise, Zig Zigler’s wisdom: ’Help enough people achieve their goals, and
you will achieve yours’.
To be honest, we live our ultimate goal now, on a daily basis - we choose when we work, we report to no
one, we have a business that feels like our favourite hobby which we can do 24/7 if we choose, and we have
a quality of life that is second to none. Of course, to everyone we teach the importance of smaller goals - we
understand that for someone earning a relatively small amount now, it can seem very difficult to focus on a
£1m house or a £50k car. In our early days we realised the importance of achieving smaller goals - an extra
£15 a week paid for us to send our ironing out! Smaller goals are key to achieving your larger goals -
remember, we only joined to earn an extra £100 per month so we could treat ourselves to a steak and bottle
of red wine at our favourite restaurant a couple of times a month! There is however, one goal that I, (Geoff)
will never achieve though, and that is earning more in a month, than Fiona can spend!

Tell us about your journey to winning the Harry Crook Trophy
Around October of last year, I got a text message from my Upline, James O’Neil, saying ‘do you realise that
you’re third place on the Harry Crook Trophy table? To be honest with you, I’ve never really won anything –
even a trophy at school – so when I was told I had a good chance of getting this, it really made me think
‘right, what do I have to do?’
Did you face any challenges on your journey?
As soon as I knew I was in with a chance, I decided to do more than ever. However, as life is, things happen
when you really don’t want them to happen! The snow was a problem, schools were shut so my routine was
out the window and I had car trouble! However, I wanted that trophy so I just kept at it and focussing.

RECOGNITION                                           ENTERPRIZE
                                                      COMPANY MAGAZINE

                                                                                   How did you feel when
                                                                                   Hong Kong was
                                                                                   announced and you
                                                                                   realised you’d be there
                                                                                   later this year?!
                                                                                   I couldn’t quite believe that
                                                                                   I’d qualified for Hong Kong
                                                                                   too. It felt like it was
                                                                                   happening to somebody else.
                                                                                   I’d found out that I’d
                                                                                   qualified for the Trophy the
                                                                                   day after my birthday and to
                                                                                   realise I’d be going to Hong
                                                                                   Kong too, well, that was an
                                                                                   amazing birthday present in
                                                                                   itself! I really never thought
                                                                                   that something like this
                                                                                   would ever happen to me.

How have things been going since you won the Trophy?
This year has been good so far. The new book certainly picked up for me at the beginning of the year, which
was good. And I’m excited about Hong Kong. Now I just need to make some money before I go, as I’ve
already made quite a long shopping list!
The team’s morale has been raised since I came back with the Trophy. It’s definitely strengthened my belief in
the business and I know it has helped me as a marketing tool, as well. I signed somebody last week and it
was because I was telling him about the trophy and Hong Kong. There was a £50 joining offer at the time
and he took advantage of it straight away. I do believe by winning the trophy and being fired up about it,
people sign up. Now I can tell them that I am going on one of these incentives. It gives it more clout that I’m
going on a Destination rather than just telling them that other people are!
What are your goals for the coming year now?
Before Kleeneze, I was a student. I was a single parent and doing my A-levels and accountancy. My mum
joined Kleeneze and when she told me about it, I thought ok I’ll give it a go. I only really did it for something
to do though, as I was going to go to university. I never really took Kleeneze seriously – it was just a bit of
extra money. In the last 12 months, though, I’ve seen the bigger picture and really decided to get on with it.
I’m now so excited and I know that this year is going to be better than even last year!
By the end of the year, I want to get to Bronze, get some more team members in and stabilise my business.
I’m definitely not going to go to Hong Kong on my own either! The whole team is fired up to get on the
Destination so I’m taking them with me!

RECOGNITION                                            ENTERPRIZE
                                                       COMPANY MAGAZINE

                                 Are you enjoying 2010 so far?
                                 Like everyone else, we had the snow and ice to contend with at
                                 the beginning of the year, so we’re playing a little catch up
                                 now. We’ve been working really hard for our Period 2 turnover
                                 to exceed our Period 12 turnover. Rob Forster once said if you
                                 achieve that you’ll have a great year and that’s what we want.
                                            You had a fantastic year in 2009. Was a trophy win part
                                            of your plan?
                                            It wasn’t a goal right in January, but it became one in March.
                                            We were working hard anyway and when we saw that we
                                            were on the list, it did encourage us. We worked hard to
                                            achieve it. Did more activity and helped the team.
I couldn’t believe that we’d qualified for Hong Kong too. We were blown away by it. Now we’ve got
more time to spend helping our team get to Hong Kong too. We’ve got definitely 8, maybe 11
Distributorships who are actively going for Hong Kong. Everyone’s so excited about it. We’re having a
sizzle on Sunday and ordering in Chinese food to get in the spirit of things!
How has winning the trophy affected your business so far?
When you win a trophy, it’s a fantastic motivator for you and the team. It gives you the belief that you
can achieve anything. Team morale’s very high because of it.
It definitely motivates others too. When I go to see people now, I tell them that the team has won this
trophy this year and if they do decide to join they’ll be in a great team. From that point of view, it really
has helped.
Last year you climbed the sales plan, qualified for Cyprus and won a Mini. Now you have the
trophy and Hong Kong too. What’s the secret?
At the moment, looking at my screen, I have a picture of Hong Kong there. When we were going for the
Mini, we had pictures of the Mini and we put Cyprus up too. You think about it every single day when
you get up. We have a plan and strategy in place and then we just get out there and do it.
It wasn’t always a story of success for you was it?
We’ve been in Kleeneze for 11 years now. We did really well at the beginning and then just slowed down.
I think sometimes you talk about it more than actually doing anything. I always thought that we were
doing Kleeneze, but really we weren’t doing it as much as we should have been.
The turning point for me was when my sisters died. One had a long-term illness and the other died very
suddenly. I started questioning myself and what life was all about. I thought right I’m not going to play
about with this business anymore. I needed to move it on so I focused and pushed for it – I did what it
takes. You can get diverted by things and go off on a tangent sometimes, but I really concentrated on the
elements – retailing, sponsoring and teaching others to do the same. I sat down, started talking to the
team finding out what they wanted to do. Then we just went for it.
We’ve got big goals for 2010 too now. We want to be Bronze SED by the end of the year and the BMW
as well. That’s our plan.
RECOGNITION                                            ENTERPRIZE
                                                       COMPANY MAGAZINE


The Distributor of the Year award - given at the company’s discretion to the distributorship that has shown
amazing ambition and dynamism – is the most coveted Kleeneze award there is. And, over the years, one
name has become synonymous with ambition, dynamism and Kleeneze – that of Gavin Scott.
An incredible rags-to-riches story, Gavin left school with just a few basic qualifications and with no definitive
career plan, following in his father’s footsteps into the Tyneside shipyards. Nine years later, he was still there –
however, he yearned for something better. Something better eventually came along, in the form of a Kleeneze
information pack.
That pack intrigued Gavin enough to start a part-time business with Kleeneze in September 1992. He went on
to create a Kleeneze business with a multi-million pound turnover. Gavin and his partner Bonnie Arapes have
also qualified for conferences to Australia, Arizona, Malta, Monte Carlo, Bangkok, Bali and Florida – to name
but a few, along the way.
In 1994, this huge success in the business meant that Gavin was made Distributor of the Year award. Over 15
years later and his business continues to be an inspiration to all. Towards the end of last year, this
Distributorship flew a whopping four levels up the Sales Plan, collecting a Period 12 cheque in excess of
£43,000 – that’s for only four weeks’ work!
Last year’s success along with their continued dedication to Kleeneze meant that the Distributor
of the Year award once more went to Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes!

RECOGNITION                                             ENTERPRIZE
                                                        COMPANY MAGAZINE

It’s been 15 years since you last won the
Distributor of the Year award. What changes
have you seen since then?
Well, I didn’t have a mobile phone then, there was
no Internet, no voicemail and no technology really.
That’s changed massively. It makes an enormous
difference, because you have so much access to get
in touch with so many people and help them. In the
beginning, you couldn’t do that. When I first started,
I’d do a monthly newsletter and post it out and it
used to take forever to get to them. It’s dead easy

You’re often quoted as being someone who
has been instrumental in the growth of
Kleeneze. What’s your perception of that
It’s obviously nice to be thought of that way, but           Did your love of Kleeneze replace your love of
really I just love what I do. It’s great that people think   surfing then?!
that, but it’s not the recognition for me and it never       To be the standard that I used to be at in surfing,
has been – it’s this business that I love.                   you have to be in six hours a day when the surf’s up.
                                                             I haven’t got the time to do that and I’m older too.
For many, you are a kind of figurehead for the
                                                             I’m more into skiing now. You can do that and have
Network, but who do you look towards for
                                                             a rest in the bar!
I take little bits of inspiration from everybody. Often I    When you first started with Kleeneze was it
hear things on EzeReach from new people that can             simply to fund hobbies like surfing then?
inspire me. Other times, someone will come up with           The plan was to have the time to do these things
an idea and I think, oh I can do something with that.        and the money to be able to afford to surf or
All sorts of people from all around the Network              whatever, whenever I wanted to. I couldn’t have
inspire me.                                                  foreseen things such as the Internet, but what I did
                                                             used to think was wouldn’t it be good to be able to
What question do you get asked the most by
                                                             go surfing and contact everyone while I’m sitting on
others in the Network?
                                                             the beach. It wasn’t possible then. Now you can do
What keeps me going and why do I keep on doing
                                                             the whole thing on the phone. It’s great!
it. The answer is I just love what I do. When I used to
surf, people would say it’s something you get                Yes, you’re a huge advocate of our phone
addicted to and you just can’t get it out of your            messaging system, EzeReach. Why is it so
system. I feel the same about Kleeneze. I do it              important to you?
everyday - even when I’m on holiday.                         Basically, because it stops the Chinese whisper. When
                                                             I first heard about it, it was in America. Someone
                                                             thought of a clever idea and put it out to 54,000

people. I realised then that we weren’t getting          a training CD that 60-70% of leads aren’t followed
information out to people as effectively as we could     up properly, so I decided to do more myself.
be. Voice messaging evolved to get your team
excited and help them realise what was happening in      What’s your secret for successful sponsoring?
the business. By using EzeReach, you can have            If you believe in it, it’s not a problem. People who
someone who’s done really well leave a message to        don’t have the belief in it, will find it harder to
everyone. If someone doubts that you’re telling the      sponsor. One of my friends has just joined and still
truth and they hear it from the actual person along      hasn’t got the concept of sponsoring entirely, but
with what they’ve done, it adds more belief.             you just need to be patient and one day the penny
                                                         will drop. That used to frustrate me when I first
When there used to be articles about people in the
                                                         joined, because I couldn’t believe that everyone
newspapers, we would photocopy them and send
                                                         couldn’t see what a huge opportunity it was.
them out – so it would take about four weeks to get
                                                         Nothing’s really changed in that respect. A lot of
it all out to everyone in the team. Now we can send
                                                         people don’t get it when they join – they don’t
out a voice message telling people that it will be
                                                         understand the power of having a big team.
coming out and they can go and buy the paper and
see it for themselves. Understand that it’s real.        If you grasp the concept of sponsoring, you should
                                                         go for it as soon as you start. A lot of people think I’ll
I often get people coming up to me at the
                                                         give it a couple of months on retail until I know the
Showcases saying, I wouldn’t still be in Kleeneze if I
                                                         business and then try the sponsoring side. For me,
hadn’t heard this message or that message on
                                                         Kleeneze has been trading for 80 odd years. It works,
EzeReach. It’s a great feeling.
                                                         so why do you need to prove it works?
If you could go back in time, what advice
                                                         You’ve had huge success. Is there anything left
would you give yourself when starting out?
                                                         for you to accomplish?
It’s completely different now really. All the things     I still see the company as a billion pound company.
we’ve got now makes it easier to contact people          It’s my goal to build that growth. Even though
faster. Now with everything I know, I would head it a    people would say I’m successful, I still don’t think I’ve
completely different way and much faster!                even started. It frustrates me when people give up so
                                                         easily when there’s so much potential for this
Does your success story hinder you when                  company.
recruiting people, as it could be seen as being
I actually never use my success story when I’m
speaking to people who could join the business. I
just use the normal Opportunity Brochure and DVD.
A lot of people join and have no idea who they’re
joining with.

In 2009, you climbed four places up the Sales
Plan – what did you do differently to make
that happen?
I had decided to sponsor more people than I had in
years before. I simply increased the sponsoring
numbers and am going to carry on doing that this
year. Previously, I’d been passing a lot of leads to
people in the team to let them do it. Then I heard off

SUPPORT                              ENTERPRIZE
                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE

If the last 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that the ‘buy
now and pay later’ culture was a time bomb just waiting to
explode. Over the past year, personal debt statistics have been at
the forefront of the media like never before, and with good
reason. Personal debt in the UK is now at crisis level and tales of
home repossessions and bankruptcies are now commonplace.

So, lesson learnt, right? Wrong. The recession has done nothing
to stop lending or borrowing rates rising and at the end of
2008, figures showed that UK lenders were handing out
£175million to borrowers EVERY DAY. At the same time,
unemployment continues to rise well into 2010 with
approximately 1,522 people per day losing their jobs.

If you thought the end of the recession was a light in the tunnel
when it comes to debt matters, think again. Many experts are
predicting that personal debt in the UK is only going to go one
way in 2010 – up.

So, if you are in the position of living from paycheque to
paycheque, worrying how you’re going to pay off your
Christmas credit cards, at least you’re not alone! However, a
debt-free life can give you immense financial and personal relief,
so make it your resolution for 2010 to ditch the debts by
following a few simple steps:

1.    Acknowledge your debts
      A whopping one in five adults are lying to their partners about the amount of debt they have. It’s time to
      take a realistic look at your situation.

2.    Stop digging
      The hole you’ve dug yourself isn’t going to get any smaller if you keep digging! Cut up those credit cards
      and stop any non-essential spending. We’re sure you can go without that daily cappuccino.

3.    List your income and outgoings
      Sit down and make a realistic budget plan. Monthly bills, one-off car expenses, average supermarket bills –
      include them all. This will not only show you how much you have left over to pay off debt, but will also
      highlight where you can cut back.

4.    Maximise your income
      If there’s nothing you can feasibly cut back on, you could consider getting a second job to supplement your
      income. Kleeneze is ideal, as you can do it whenever you want and for however much money you need

5.    Prioritise your debt
      You now need to work what to pay to whom. Start by
      making regular payments to your creditors (even if it’s
      only a very small amount). Your priority debts are the ones
      that have the harshest consequences should you not pay
      them (mortgage, Council tax, utility bills etc).

6.    Start a debt snowball
      List your debts in order (from smallest to largest). Now
      determine how much extra can be applied towards the
      smallest debt. Pay the minimum payment plus the extra
      amount towards that smallest debt until it is paid off.
      Once that debt is paid in full, add the old minimum
      payment (plus any extra amount available) from the first
      debt to the minimum payment on the second smallest
      debt, and apply the new sum to repaying the second
      smallest debt. Then repeat!

“We joined Kleeneze three years ago and at that time we were like a lot of other families - we owned our own
house, had 3 children, Darren had a full time job and I had a part-time job. We had enough money to be able to
have a treat once a week and be able to let the kids have their hobbies and could afford all our bills quite

Then unfortunately Darren lost his Nana to cancer and exactly one year after, his Granddad passed away, Darren
was very close to them, so as you can imagine he was devastated.

After sorting everything out we were given the chance to buy their house, which was like a dream to Darren for
the memories. At the time we were expecting our fourth child, so it was also good as the house was a lot bigger
than the one we were living in at that time.

Once we had moved in we decided to do it up to how we wanted it and because it was an old house there was
quite a bit of repair work needed. So we started to pay out for the house to be rewired, damp proofed etc and
before we knew it we had spent all our money. As we were only halfway through doing it up we naturally wanted
                                                    to finish it, so we decided to borrow the rest. It was so easy to
                                                    borrow and they kept on offering us more!

                                                     Then things started to go downhill. The house was finished -
                                                     fantastic! But Darren had his hours cut at work and his boss
                                                     started to take him for granted, putting more and more
                                                     responsibilities on him.

                                                     As we had a bigger mortgage, by the time we had completed
                                                     the house we knew there was only one option - I had to find
                                                     another job, so I started to look in the local paper on job

                                                     I found this ’catalogue job’ advertised and made an
                                                     appointment to meet someone. Darren came with me as I was

SUPPORT                              ENTERPRIZE
                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE

quite nervous. When we were told it was Kleeneze I thought ‘Get me out of here! I’ve heard of that rubbish!’

But as we had paid £4 for the car park we listened to what they had to say. They must have done a good job
because the next day we signed up!

Unfortunately our debt was so severe by this time we had started to use credit cards to pay our bills - it was a
vicious circle.

Soon afterwards, we lost our house and found ourselves in rented accommodation waiting to be housed in a
council house. We messed about with Kleeneze for a good year, then one day we both decided enough is
enough. We have our own business; it’s time to take it seriously.

By the end of the year Darren was earning more from our Kleeneze business than in his job and sacked his boss!
We now work our Kleeneze business full time and take it very seriously and the best bit? WE LOVE IT!!

We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, Darren is happier than he has been for years and our business
is growing all the time. Although we still have debt, thanks to Kleeneze, we have it under control. We are no
longer looking to move into a council house, as we love the house we’re renting now and are hoping to buy it
one day! We know that with the way we are working our business it won’t be long before we are totally out of
debt and having whatever we want.

From Darren and my points of view, not only are we clawing our way out of debt but we have got our sanity
back because we are involved with some fantastic positive people! Again we would like to say ‘Thank you
Kleeneze’ for helping us to get our lives back on track, what an amazing opportunity we have!”
Darren and Gail Drew, Senior Distributors from Loughborough

 •   Debt in the UK increases by £154 million every day

 •   The average household debt in the UK is £59,670

 •   One person in Britain is declared insolvent or bankrupt every 4.8 minutes

 •   In the UK around 124 properties are repossessed every day

 •   The amount of people who owe money on credit cards but are unable to pay them has doubled
     in the last 12 months

 •   The total amount of credit card debt in the UK stands at £238 billion and an estimated 24% of
     credit card users are still paying off credit card debts from the previous year’s Christmas.

 •   Doctors say that treatment for depression and anxiety due to debt are common. There have been
     reports in the media of debt stress leading to absenteeism from work, alcohol and drug
     dependency and in some cases, suicide

 •   Around 60% of students claim that finances and debt are their main worries as opposed to
     finding employment when they leave university

”Prior to joining Kleeneze, Myrna and I purchased an
Australian ’Fast food’ Coffee and Donut franchise at
a cost of £108,000. Training took place for six weeks
at a place called Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast
in Queensland, Australia. That was a tremendous
experience, but unfortunately from thereon it was

The franchisors (a £100m company) promised a
blaze of publicity at our grand opening as we were
to be the first store in the northern hemisphere, and
Ralph Harris was going to cut the ribbon. We were
elated, until nearer the time came to our ’Grand
Opening’ when we were informed that on the big
day we were to be given some balloons to inflate
ourselves and give out to passing children!

                                           We worked from 5am most mornings until past 7pm each evening for
                                           little or no wages as our thirteen staff members took priority in the
                                           queue at the end of the week. Although we were experiencing a
                                           steady sales increase each month, the massive overheads devoured
                                           everything we had, and more, necessitating further finance from the
                                           reluctant bank. After two years on this slippery slope we sold the
                                           business to the franchisors ’for a song’, and even then it was a further
                                           three years before they paid us, by which time it had no value, as the
                                           bank snapped it up. After the sale of the business we were left with a
                                           heavily mortgaged home and a huge bank loan which we’d used to
                                           keep the business afloat, and our situation was desperate.

                                           It was at this point that we began frantically scouring the newspapers
                                           for gainful employment and fortunately stumbled across Kleeneze. We
                                           immediately saw the potential with Kleeneze as a viable if not
                                           incredible business opportunity and threw ourselves into it.

                                            With Kleeneze our income has steadily increased over the years which
                                            has enabled us to pay off our debts, and has even allowed us to retire
from the ’rat race’. After researching hundreds of conventional businesses and other income opportunities we
know that the only opportunity that has a guaranteed direct effort and commitment related success formula is
Kleeneze. We would no doubt have lost everything had it not been for this amazing company.“

Peter and Myrna Wellock, Silver Senior Executive Distributors from Manchester


The adventure of a lifetime

At the beginning of 2009, Kleeneze announced that it would be taking its qualifying Distributors on the trip
of a lifetime. To reward them for months of hard work, they were to spend five nights lapping up the sun in
one of the most dramatic and inspiring Destinations in Kleeneze history – the thrilling city of Cape Town!
As this magazine went to print, over 130 Distributors were settling into revel in the five-star luxury of the Table
Bay Hotel with stunning views of the city. They’ll be looking forward to a whirlwind week of fine dining, fine
company and being royally spoilt by Kleeneze! Here are some of the things they’ll be getting up to:
•   Making the ascent in rotating gondolas to the top of the magnificent, famed Table Mountain where
    they’ll toast their success at an exclusive drinks reception
•   Feasting in some of the most famous restaurants in the city and experiencing traditional African dining.
•   Touring the countryside of the historic Cape Winelands and picnicking at one of South Africa’s most
    famous wineries
•   Experiencing a thrilling jet boat ride towards Cape Point, spotting whales, seals, sharks, dolphins and sea
•   Taking a trip up to the Cape Point lighthouse for a spectacular view of the peninsula
•   Visiting Boulders Beach, home to a colony of some 300 penguins!
Plus, they’ll also have an opportunity to wander around in their own time, booking some extra excursions,
such as a trip out to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned or, for the more adventurous,
some shark cage diving!
In a new twist, we had two parts in our qualification criteria this year, the second part being a competition in
which it was anyone’s game! One of our first qualifiers through was:
Bronze Executive Distributor, Ivan Darch.
“It’s fantastic,” Ivan admitted, when asked how he felt about achieving qualification for Cape Town. “Kleeneze
Destinations are pretty awesome events and you don’t want to miss them if you can help it! I’ve been to
Vienna and Cannes with Kleeneze before, so I know what these experiences are like.

                                                         I always put Kleeneze down to work ethic. Most days of the
                                                         week, I’m up at 5 or 6 in the morning and working until
                                                         11pm or midnight! Even when I started, I retailed with all the
                                                         spare time I had. I earned £871 in my first month with
                                                         Kleeneze and that was just four hours a day retailing. You only
                                                         ever get out what you put in with this business. You just need
                                                         to strive and do more than you think you can.”
                                                         Then on Monday 8 February, Distributors throughout the
                                                         Network were to be found in a state of frenzy. Some were
                                                         crying, others screaming, a few even shaking. Such was the
                                                         reaction to a phone call from Head of Network Development,
                                                         Michael Khatkar. Of course, it wasn’t any old phone call that
                                                         brought these Distributors to their knees. Michael was calling
                                                         to let them know that he could happily confirm their
                                                         qualification for the Spring Destination 2010 – Cape Town!
                                                         For the past five months, the Distributors had been battling it
                                                         out in the Cape Town competition. Many upped their retailing
                                                         drastically; held meetings geared towards the Destination and
                                                         basically pulled out all the stops to ensure they were part of
                                                         the Great Kleeneze Destination. And it worked!
                                                         “I wasn’t really sure if I was going to laugh, cry or my heart
                                                         was going to jump about of my body when I heard. I was just
                                                         so excited. In fact, I’m still shaking a bit now! I’m over the
                                                         moon,” said Gold Distributor, John McNally.
                                                “It has been a huge effort, but, without a shadow of a doubt,
                                                it was a team effort. Going out over the last few months with
the snow and this bad weather! If it wasn’t for the team, there’s no doubt about it that myself and Lesley
wouldn’t be going to South Africa in three weeks’ time. I can assure you that these team members will be
rewarded in future, hopefully by getting to Hong Kong”!

Congatulations to all our qualifiers! (in alphabetical order):
Lorraine & Ian Balcombe, Alf & Carol Bell, Michael & Amanda Bibby, David Birtwistle & Angela Tonkin, Andrew & Susan Boswell,
Robert Branch & Marianna Grineva, Mikaela & Andrew Brown, Susan & Geoffrey Burras, Lesley Burroughs, Andrew Buxton &
Laura Kelly, Richard & Clare Chantler, Gary Cooper & Jackie Norris, Patricia & Dennis Corser, James Dale & Claire Daniels, Ivan
Darch, Mike & Jean Day, Adele & Jaime De Caso, Deborah & Allan Dewar, Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward, Jane & John
Dunkerley, Peter & Sheryl Dutton, Richard & Ranti Fallowfield, Sue & Steve Ferguson, Trish & Lee Fisher, Christine & James Foster,
Martin Gardner & Allison Butterworth, Debbie Gee & David White, Linda & Tony Gower, Clare Haines, Amanda & Andrew
Holland, Dave & Susie Horton, Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox, Steve Johnson & Rosemary Rowntree, Jack Kirby, Ramon & Sylvia
Laing, Christine Lappin & Simon Place, Michael & Sandra Laydon, Derrick & Maria Longwright, Jennifer & Garry Luke, Christopher
& Wendy Mason-Paull, John & Lesley McNally, Alan Meldrum, Paul Melville, Denise & Stephen Neal, Stephen & Deborah Nell,
Alison & Michael Ogden, Heather & James O’Neil, Timothy & Tina Pace, Johanna & Stuart Peuleve, Richard & Helen Peuleve,
Rosina & Frank Pocock, John & Christine Prosser, Claire & Peter Rea, Andrew Ridley & Louise Lee, Doug & Sandra Roper, Keith &
Helen Sandland, Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes, Carol Simpson & Douglas Clark, Melissa Squires & Ian Slade, Linda & Ian Stanley,
Kerry & Paul Stonall, Paul Tawn & Clare Bason, Chantele & Barry Travis, Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Lawlor, Bob Webb, Geoff & Fiona
Webb, Mary & Peter Whinfrey, Peter & Jackie White, Craig & Magdalena White, Mel & Irene Wilson

PRODUCTS                                   ENTERPRIZE
                                           COMPANY MAGAZINE

The nights are getting lighter, the flowers have started to
bloom and we’re treated to the sun peaking through our
curtains. But what’s this?! With sun comes all sorts of
other problems – such as its canny ability to highlight all
the cobwebs, dust, film and all the other unmentionable
debris a Christmas of good content has left in its wake.
Springtime is all about renewal and regeneration and
spring cleaning is all part of that process. Before you shut
this magazine with a large groan and close your curtains
again, though, we have some helpful hints and products
that can make your yearly decontamination process a

1. Get all your cleaning supplies together first
2. Pick a day and time to do your spring cleaning and don’t deviate from it
3. Tackle only one room at a time – don’t take on too much or the temptation to give up will be too strong
4. Delegate! Make sure your family or others in your household pitch in
5. Turn up the music – from Britney to Beethoven, a little bit of music can make the task much
   more enjoyable

THE KITCHEN             It’s probably the most frequented room in the house and to
                                                reward us for our loyalty to this particular room, it’s the least
                                                fun to clean.

                                                This is a particularly nasty job and, unlike the oven where the
                                                grease can be hidden simply by shutting the door (we don’t do
                                                that, honest), your hob is on display to anyone who chooses to
                                                enter your kitchen. Using the Ceramic Hob Cleaner means that
                                                you never again need be ashamed of your stove.

                                                Told you we don’t ignore this, but it is possibly our most-hated
                                                job. This is why we love Oven Mate. Paint it on, leave it, wipe it
                                                off. Job done. Possibly the best mate we’ve ever had
Refrigerator                                             Windows
Remove all items and clean all surfaces with the         Use the Natural Window Cleaner with Vinegar and
Fridge and Microwave Deodoriser and Cleaner.             your neighbours will be able to see right through
Restack with items that have the longest expiry date     your streak-free windows into your newly gleaming
towards the back.                                        kitchen!

Drawers and cupboards                                    Floors
Empty them onto the counter. Wash all plates, bowls      You’re almost
and silverware. Then get to work with Worktop            done. Sweep
Magic. Sit back and admire.                              the floor
Small appliances
                                                         with our Green
Time for your Kitchen Wipeout Cleaner again. Please
                                                         and Blue
make sure everything’s unplugged first and then give
                                                         Angled Broom
them a good scrub. Stainless steel appliances? It’s
                                                         then grab a
even easier – use the Stainless Steel Wipes. Your cup
                                                         mop and
of tea will taste much nicer when you can see the
                                                         bucket and the
reflection of your smiling face in the kettle.
                                                         Ezee Orange
Sinks                                                    Laminate Floor
Make ‘em sparkle. Like they do on the washing up         Cleaner to
liquid ads. Fizzy Clean is fantastic for removing all    leave behind a
limescale, stains and watermarks making your sink        nice citrusy
look as good as new.                                     smell.

We don’t even want to start thinking about the           The Toilet
potential horrors that could be lurking in the depths
of this room. So without further ado…

The Shower
You can give your shower the scrub of its life, but if
you have grubby grout it can reflect on your whole
bathroom. Grab this Grout Whitening Pen and grout
refreshed tiles can be yours with a minimum of

                                                         Yuk. Get it over with quickly with Kleeneze Toilet
                                                         Descaler. Squirt it on and leave it to do its magic.

                                                         Get your surfaces sparkly clean with the Anti Mould
                                                         & Mildew spray. It’s bleach free, but gets everything
                                                         squeaky clean. Can’t reach the higher up places of
                                                         the bathroom (or don’t want to reach the lower)?

PRODUCTS                                    ENTERPRIZE
                                            COMPANY MAGAZINE

Use the Extendable Bath & Tile Cleaner for maximum
cleaning and minimum effort.

Mirrors and Windows
Ah, the Window Scrim. We love it. Simply wipe over
your mirrored or glass surfaces and wham – smear
free surfaces.

Treat your floor to a good wash with the No Rinse
Floor Cleaner. Want to make your life even easier?
Then use the Ultimate Mop. Streak-free sparkly floors
without the effort. That’s our kind of cleaning.

Where you do most of your living. Make sure it             Tables, lamps and bookcases
looks nice.                                                Much like underneath the bed, this is one of the
Furniture                                                  least favourite tasks but very worth it. Remove
                                                           everything from said areas and give it a good dust.
Got leather furniture? Don’t worry, our Leather
                                                           Any unwanted marks on your furniture, you can
Cream and Leather Cleaner will not only make them
                                                           easily eliminate with our Wipe
nice and clean, they’ll give them that in-store sparkle
                                                           Out Stain Remover.
              you know and love.
                                                           You know the drill by now. If
                                                           you have blinds in your living
                                                           room though, why not try
                                                           the Antistatic Blind
                                                           Cleaner. Can also be used
                                                           for your TVs or monitors

                                                           When you’re finished,
                                                           clean your floors as you
                                                           did in the other rooms.
Skirting boards
Scuffed skirting boards can make your room look
scruffy to say the least. The Miracle Cloth is just that
though and will remove any stains, scratches or
unsightly marks that may adorn them.

PRODUCTS                                    ENTERPRIZE
                                            COMPANY MAGAZINE

Is your bedroom a haven of tranquillity? Or is it a hell    Dresser drawers and surfaces
of strewn clothes, books and make up? Time to sort          When we think wood, we think dust. Get rid of it
it out.                                                     with the Ezee-Orange Wood Cleaner & Polish. While
                                                            you’re at it, grab the Vacuum Extension Hose to
                                                            reach behind radiators and other hard-to-reach
It’s Spring. Time to pack away your Winter clothes.
With the Vacuum Storage Bags, you can keep all
your clothes packed away safely without threat of           The bed
moths, odours or moisture. Plus it’ll give you loads        Sheets in the wash and flip that mattress. Nothing
more storage space. For more clothes…                       needed – just some muscle.

                                                            Windows too high up? You don’t get out of that
                                                            easily. Use the Kleeneze Window Squeegee with
                                                            Telescopic Handle!

                                                            It’s a spring clean and by the
                                                            very nature of it, you’re
                                                            going to have to make
                                                            more of an effort than
                                                            just cleaning around
                                                            things. Get the furniture
                                                            out the way and give
                                                            your bedroom a jolly
Under the bed
                                                            good vacuum. Then use
Yes, sorry, this has to be done too. Clear out
                                                            the Eezee Carpet Foam
everything and try to resist the urge to just cram it all
                                                            to get rid of any
back in. If you have hardwood floors, use the
                                                            eyesores. And voila – a
Green/Blue Waxed Floor Duster to get rid of all the
                                                            bedroom haven.
dust and then consider a car boot or extra storage to
get rid of anything you don’t use anymore.

Nearly there now. You need to ensure that your
outside looks as good as your inside. Don’t worry,
we’ve products for this too. Try the UPVC Restorer on
your patio furniture and give your path a good
seeing to with our Patio and Deck Scrubber or Patio

YOU ARE NOW READY FOR SPRING! Ah, is that a lovely virtuous feeling you’re getting as you look
around your sparkly home? Well done. You’ve now a home you can be proud of. Invite people
round and feel smug at the gorgeousness of it (make sure they take their shoes off first).

            (All from the Kleeneze Main Book)
                                         Page             Code
            Ceramic Hob Cleaner            42     015083-62 (63 for ROI)
            Oven Mate                      41    043524-62 (63 for ROI)
            Worktop Magic                  43    010600-62 (63 for ROI)
            Fridge and Microwave           62    012220-62 (63 for ROI)
            Deodoriser and Cleaner
            Kitchen Wipeout Cleaner        45    075612-62 (63 for ROI)
            Stainless Steel Wipes          44    075604-62 (63 for ROI)
            Fizzy Clean                    63    049530-62 (63 for ROI)
            Natural Window Cleaner        70     050601-62 (63 for ROI)
            with Vinegar
            Green and Blue Angled Broom    47     016489-62 (63 for ROI)
            Ezee Orange Laminate           49    088617-62 (63 for ROI)
            Floor Cleaner
            Grout Whitening Pen            72    084107-62 (63 for ROI)
            Kleeneze Toilet Descaler       74    017590-62 (63 for ROI)
            Anti Mould & Mildew spray      73    076775-62 (63 for ROI)
            Extendable Bath & Tile Cleaner 73     031178-62 (63 for ROI)
            Window Scrim                  70     056731-62 (63 for ROI)
            No Rinse Floor Cleaner         50    075965-62 (63 for ROI)
            (2 litres)
            Ultimate Mop                   48    010286-62 (63 for ROI)
            Vacuum Storage Bags            99    047503-62 (63 for ROI)
            Green/Blue Waxed               47    030805-62 (63 for ROI)
            Floor Duster
            Ezee-Orange Wood               66    015059-62 (63 for ROI)
            Cleaner & Polish
            Vacuum Extension Hose          51     076171-62 (63 for ROI)
            Kleeneze Window Squeegee      70     012742-62 (63 for ROI)
            with Telescopic Handle
            Eezee Carpet Foam              53     012688-62 (63 for ROI)
            Leather Cream                  67    020516-62 (63 for ROI)
            Leather Cleaner                67    096172-62 (63 for ROI)
            Miracle Cloth                  65    047252-62 (63 for ROI)
            Wipe Out Stain Remover         57     011070-62 (63 for ROI)
            Antistatic Blind Cleaner      70     070343-62 (63 for ROI)
            UPVC Restorer                  71     014303-62 (63 for ROI)
            Patio and Deck Scrubber        135    014990-62 (63 for ROI)
            Patio Cleaner                  135   056677-62 (63 for ROI)


A common rite of passage into middle management is getting the keys to a shiny new motor. It’s a nice
reward scheme, which is seen by many as a status symbol. However, is the traditional company car all it’s
cracked up to be?

Let’s see: it doesn’t really belong to you, it doesn’t increase your wage, you rarely get an upgraded car as you
climb further up the career ladder, often it is only yourself who is allowed to drive the car and there are
occasionally even restrictions on whether it’s available for private use.

Kleeneze’s car scheme is something completely different. There is a range of cars available at all stages of your
journey in your business plus these are yours to keep for life! Put your business into gear and you can drive off
with one of the four brand new Mini Coopers we award every year! We’ve also upgraded our car awards to
include some of the most prestigious models available.

One Distributorship more than most, has
the beginnings of a fleet of cars under its
belt! East-Sussex based Richard and Clare
Chantler have qualified for two Mini
Coopers and won a Corsa in the past 18
months. In their eyes, though, this is just
the start.

“We planned for the first Mini and we
planned for the second Mini,” explains
Richard. “The Corsa, I knew we had a
chance of winning it so again it was just
holding the position for a certain amount
of periods. My overall goal now is to win
four Minis throughout my Kleeneze career
and that’s quite achievable. I’d love for
some of the team to win some of the cars too.”

Richard and Clare have been soaring up the Sales Plan over the last couple of years and are a part of a wave
of Distributorships who are truly making their mark in the Network. Having joined Kleeneze in 2003, it wasn’t
all plain sailing, but hard work has proved very worth it.”

“About 2 and a-half years ago I went to a meeting at which Gold Senior Executive Distributor Dave
Pemberton-Smith spoke about volumes of activity and productivity,” remembers Richard. “That really triggered
it for me and we started to do huge amounts of work immediately. We really started to take massive action
and from two-and-a-half solid years of hard work, our business has grown really quickly.


                                        “Now I do more than I’ve ever done,” he adds. “But that’s because I
                                        want to drive the business quicker than I’ve done before. I want to
                                        have a Premier business.”

                                        As Richard admits, hard work really is the key. However, it’s also
                                        important to have a goal in mind.

                                        “You have your goal and then you set your plan for it and work it
                                        daily,” he explains. “It’s that easy. If you don’t work your daily plan
                                        consistently, it’s not going to work.”

                                        As with any incentive in this business, winning it affects the whole of
                                        the team. It’s a joint effort by every team member that helps a
                                        Distributor get anywhere up the Sales Plan and Richard and Clare are
                                        equally determined that their team achieves the same success that they

                                       “What happens is that it generates excitement within the group itself,”
                                       says Richard on winning the cars. “We’ve got other people now who
want to win a Mini as well. That helps with strengthening the business as well.

“We let people develop at their own pace, but if someone starts to develop quickly we’ll single them out and
work with them directly. You can tell by the volume of work they’re doing. By their actions – the amount of
retail they’re doing, the amount of people they’re bringing into the business, the amount of meetings they’re
attending. If they’re consistently doing these actions, then they’re the sort of person you want to work with to
move the business forward. I know then, once you’ve worked with them, that their business is going to be
sustainable. They’re doing all the right things.”

Of course, all work and no play would make for a very dull Distributor and Clare is quick to add that a car is
not the best bit of the business.

“These incentives are amazing,” she admits. “And
they’re on offer to be taken – so everyone should just
go for them! For our team, I think to have us qualify
brings the incentives closer to home and helps them
believe that they can and will qualify for them as well.
I have to say, though, the best thing about this whole
business are these life-long friendships you develop.
You realise that after coming back from a conference
where you get to talk to people throughout the
Network that you wouldn’t have the chance to
usually. We could never leave this business – if only
for the social side of it!”

Mini Cooper
A Mini Cooper can be won in each quarter
(Periods 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9, 10 to 12)

A car will be awarded to the Distributorship
that has moved the highest number of Sales
Plan positions, in any single quarter (the
starting position is Bronze Executive) and the
qualifying Distributorship must maintain the
new Sales Plan position for three consecutive
sales Periods.

Jaguar X-Type or 3 Series BMW
or C Class Mercedes
Worth approximately £25,000, this is
presented at Gold Senior Executive
Distributor level.

Jaguar S-Type or 5 Series BMW
or E Class Mercedes
Worth approximately £30,000, this is
presented at Gold Premier Distributor level.

Jaguar XK
Worth approximately £50,000, this is
presented at Principal Distributor level.

Aston Martin Vantage
Worth approximately £80,000, this is
presented at Master Distributor level.

Bentley Continental GT or
6-series BMW
Worth approximately £118,000, this is
presented at Grand Master Distributor level.

SUPPORT                             ENTERPRIZE
                                    COMPANY MAGAZINE

Kleeneze’s new website launched
Last year was huge for the Kleeneze brand.
In a bid to provide a solution to the
thousands that were made redundant in the
recession and thousands more who are
unhappy with their jobs and their income,
Kleeneze went to the masses in the form of
advertising. However, with millions now open
to the Kleeneze opportunity, it was important
that the face of the company was the best
too. This was why, last year, we launched our
brand new website.

Kleeneze launched its new corporate website
to reflect its growing vision as a solution to
growing insecurity in the job market, part-
time opportunities and a way of earning an
extra income.

The website,, was
treated to a complete design and layout
revamp, featuring new content along with
enhanced navigation and usability.

The Range shows our potential
customers the vast range of Kleeneze
catalogues that are out there. You can even
view the catalogues online to give you a
taster of what could be delivered direct to
your door.

SUPPORT                             ENTERPRIZE
                                    COMPANY MAGAZINE

Earn with Us
Our Earn with Us section shows the Kleeneze opportunity.
Whether it’s a part-time job that’s being sought or a
self-employment opportunity that would set you up for life,
there’s a range of testimonials from our Distributors who
have been there and done that!
This section is also peppered with videos showing exactly what
the Kleeneze opportunity is all about, how you can start and
grow your business and a little bit about the company.

Kleeneze continues to dominate the news headlines of late.
Our News section is regularly updated with our recent
campaigns such as Shop Local (see page 8) and Being There, a
campaign in conjunction with the Working Families charity to
create family-friendly work. News of our TV advertising and the
latest from our celebrity chef, Nigel Smith, is also updated
frequently on these pages.

If you’re looking to find out more about Kleeneze, there’s no
better place than one of our Showcases. We hold regular
events throughout the UK and if you want to come along, you
just need to let us know and you can join us for free! Our
events section has details of all our up-coming Showcases, plus
details of our overseas conferences too.

The Company
We’re proud of the fact that Kleeneze is one of the leading
home-shopping companies in the UK. Established in 1923, we
now also operate in Ireland, Germany and Holland and
continue to expand on a yearly basis. This section tells you a
little bit about us and how we operate.
Nowadays, seven out of ten people will look at a business
online before ever taking any action, so our new website is
there to ensure that our Distributors have the best possible
company-facing website and thus continue to grow their
businesses and achieve their dreams.

THE PEOPLE BUSINESS                                                                ENTERPRIZE
                                                                                   COMPANY MAGAZINE

The future’s bright?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been living in a spend-now-pay-later culture and now we have a whopping great
financial hangover to deal with. And on top of that painful worry come pensions. The majority of us have
made no pension provisions at all and the downside of living longer and healthier lives is that the state
pension is becoming increasingly, well, paltry.

Before you put your blinkers back on and cry ‘I’ve ages yet’, take a look at Britain’s current situation. One in
three pensioners is living in poverty. And that was the generation that had some savings!

Record fuel, food and council bills means that the elderly have been hit harder than ever, many of them
having to cut back on essential household items. Higher prices for household goods and services and
recreational activities means that while a typical family is facing an annual increase in living costs of 1.85%,
pensioners of between 65 and 74 years old are having to manage a rise of 1.89% in their day-to-day
expenditure and older pensioners with a 1.53% hike.

For many, financial necessity deems that they continue working past the state pension age, however, currently
an employer can legally sack a worker when they reach 65. Then there’s the question of those who have no
pension provision, having spend most of their lives bringing up children.

Now, with two-thirds of full-time workers having no pension, the state pension is to increase from 65 years of
age to 66 in 2024, 67 in 2034 and 68 in 2044. Is this enough, though?

THE PEOPLE BUSINESS                                                              ENTERPRIZE
                                                                                 COMPANY MAGAZINE

                                     “I’ve been self-employed since 1970 and had all sorts of businesses,” says
                                     Silver Premier Executive Distributor, John Hawkes. “In the 1980s, I
                                     had a hotel and towards the end of that decade, I sold it to invest the
                                     money in buy-to-let properties.”

                                     It was these buy-to-let properties that John hoped would provide him
                                     with a reasonable pension. However, come 16 September 1992,
                                     Chancellor Norman Lamont raised the interest rates in an attempt to prop
                                     up the then-failing pound. The result of that day was that many were to
                                     see their mortgages sky-rocket.

                                    “I was playing golf that day,” remembers John of ‘Black Wednesday’. “The
                                    interest rate when I set off was 6%. I played the first 18 holes, came in at
                                    lunchtime and the interest rate was 9%. I went out for the second 18
                                    holes and by the time we’d finished, the interest rate was 16%. All my
                                    properties were mortgaged and it was the rent that was paying for them.
Those interest rises meant I was about £1,000 a month short on the mortgages.”

So John started to look around to find something to help him supplement the mortgages. What he found
was Network Marketing.

“My aim was just to earn £1,000 a month to square the mortgages,” he explains. “After nine months, I hit
Gold and that was the £1,000 a month I needed. After 14 months, I hit Bronze Executive level and remained
there for 20 Periods - my group turnover was £20,000 per Period, but I wasn’t moving! My Upline, Bob
Webb, said ‘keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s right and soon it will start to go up.’ He was right. A
month later it really started taking off.”

John hasn’t looked back since then. Thanks to Kleeneze, he’s travelled around the world, amassed a sizeable
income and has a retirement many would envy.

“I was 58-years-old when I started with Kleeneze and I’m 75 now. In the 10 years I’ve been of pensionable
age, my pension from the State has been around £32,000 (I don’t have a full stamp, as I spent time overseas).
That’s about £3,000 a year. I can earn that with Kleeneze in 2-and-a-half months!”

In John’s 10 pension-entitled years, he’s earned well over £1,000,000 with Kleeneze. Consistently, for the past
five years, his yearly cheque has been over £140,000.

“I probably could have lived off the State pension, but certainly not to any standard I would have liked,” he
admits. “In the time I’ve been with Kleeneze, I’ve helped other pensioners do incredible things as well. I’ve a
lady in my team, who’s about my age. When she joined, she was living in one rented room. Shortly
afterwards, she bought a freehold of a warden-controlled flat. She paid about £45,000 and it’s now worth
£130,000 – Kleeneze has paid the mortgage off on it for her.

“When I come across someone who is in their 50s or older, I really start to make the point about pensions –
quite forcibly really – because you never know what’s coming. It’s such a powerful thing that we have here.”

SUPPORT                             ENTERPRIZE
                                    COMPANY MAGAZINE

Objection, objection!

Every day, thousands of people achieve success with Kleeneze. Equally, though, thousands turn it down for
one reason or another. Gold Distributor, Vinny Tsoi from Dublin took some convincing before he turned to
Kleeneze, but now he’s more than glad he did.

“I had never heard of Kleeneze before,” he admitted. “I was working with John Morgan (now my sponsor) as
an engineer on a site together. I was essentially his boss, but at the end of the month he was basically coming
out with the same money as me, because he was doing Kleeneze.

John told me about Kleeneze now and again, but I thought it wasn’t for me at all. I didn’t want to do it
mainly because I thought it involved knocking on doors and selling. I also didn’t think it would work in my
area either. Where I live, I really didn’t think anyone would buy from the catalogue.

Then we were both let go from the job we were working at. John turned to doing Kleeneze full-time, but I
stayed unemployed for about 6 months. I started toying with the idea of Kleeneze, as John was still doing it
and I thought for an extra hundred pounds a week it might be ok. The thing that really changed my mind,
though, was when John told me that it wasn’t selling at all, you just drop the catalogues off and collect them
and the orders are there. Lorraine, my girlfriend said, why don’t you just try it – you’ve nothing to lose. If you
don’t like it, you can leave.

SUPPORT                             ENTERPRIZE
                                    COMPANY MAGAZINE

In my first 2 weeks in the business I earned €738.92. Since then I’ve consistently stuck to a retailing plan and
I’ve built a fantastic customer base. My girlfriend went on to join me on the distributorship.

I come across the same objections now when I’m sponsoring people. I tell people that I felt the same way and
the last thing I wanted to do is sell things at people’s doors, but I know the business is actually not that. It’s
probably one of the main objections I come across.”

Vinny’s story is not uncommon, so we looked into the main reasons people give in turning this fantastic
opportunity down and why they should think again:

Isn’t Network Marketing the same as pyramid selling?
Absolutely not! Kleeneze, together with the Direct Selling Association was instrumental in outlawing these
scams. Pyramid schemes involve the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme,
often without any product or service being delivered. Kleeneze, on the other hand, has been offering this
opportunity since 1970 and has a very well deserved reputation for being one of the most ethical companies
in the industry.

I’ve heard Kleeneze doesn’t work
Kleeneze isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You do have to put the time and effort into it. Kleeneze works, it’s
people that don’t. We have some distributors who have been with the business for over 50 years!

It’s too expensive to start
According to the British Franchise Association, the average cost of setting your own business up is
£42,200 (a figure that includes fees, working capital, equipment and fittings, stock and materials). And then
you could look forward to many years of non-profit before your business gets anywhere.

Kleeneze only costs between £75 - £165 (€110 - €248) to set up and rather than wait six months to two
years before you yield a profit, you can reap the cash rewards straight away with no overheads, stock holding
or staff costs.

I can’t, I’m on benefits
Kleeneze is a great way to help you get out of the benefits trap
and start to better for yourself and your family. The support and
encouragement you receive every step of the way will help you
to move on to make a great income and have the life you

I’ve already got three Distributors on my street
And you probably have three very successful supermarkets in
your area too! We find that not everyone buys from the same
Distributor and so several can operate in the same area and
quite happily make a profit.

SUPPORT                            ENTERPRIZE
                                   COMPANY MAGAZINE

Isn’t it time you
got a life?
Finding the perfect work/life balance in today’s fast-paced world is no easy quest. If your day starts with a
mad dash to drop the kids off at school, sandwiched by picking up little Maisie’s prescription at lunchtime
before grabbing a quick bite at your desk and culminates with dragging your moping moggy to the vets
before getting home to a pile of washing, a hungry family and the thought of doing it all again tomorrow,
you’re not alone. However, a recent study has proved that it’s more than your mental health you’re hurting by
living a frazzled existence.

Researchers for the Cochrane Libraryin Oxford have found that people who can choose their own working
hours could have lower blood pressure and healthier heart rates. And, confirming what we already suspected,
the review of 10 studies of more than 16,000 people said that having control of your working hours might
also have a positive impact on mental health.

Researchers at the Cochrane Library - an organisation in Oxford which looks at published studies - found the
key was workers, rather than employers, having control over their hours.

“I joined Kleeneze back in 2002, following a nervous breakdown, having been on long term sick from my
employment as a social worker for 18 months,” said Lyn Davies from Hull.

“During this period I had been unable to go outside unaccompanied, so for me Kleeneze was very
therapeutic. It gave me focus and a
reason to leave the house, despite
the initial trepidation I actually found
delivering my catalogues quite
liberating. It wasn’t long before I
regained my confidence and was
able to face the world again, thanks
to the brilliant support network and
wonderful customers I had made in
a very short period of time.

The contrast between the corporate
world and Kleeneze was vast; in
social work the only recognition you
receive is when something goes

SUPPORT                              ENTERPRIZE
                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE

wrong, so it was with great surprise that I received constant praise for my efforts, certificates, badges,
increased income and team support, on reaching milestones in the business.”

The Federation of Small Businesses said many small firms offered flexible working but working from home did
not suit industries such as retail or construction. Plus, office workers who are given the chance to work from
home and choose their own hours believe that their bosses are sceptical about whether people are really
working if they aren’t in the office.

The study comes at a time that the recession has forced companies to re-think traditional nine-to-five roles,
but how easy is it to get a job with flexible working hours?

“I was one of those people many Distributors
wouldn’t think to approach as a prospect,” says
Jamie Cook, a Silver Distributor from
Somerset. “I had a well-paid job, didn’t need any
extra money and, on the outside, it appeared that
Kleeneze wouldn’t have anything to offer me.
However, it also left me very little time to indulge in
my hobby of photography.

In May 2008 I met Heather who had been doing
Kleeneze for about 18 months on a part-time basis.
I was struck by the lifestyle it afforded her. It
seemed every time I rang her from my office she
would be relaxing in the local coffee bar, her work
completed for the day. It got me thinking – ‘Why am I stuck in an office working for somebody else when I
could be out working for myself?’ Heather and I discussed our options and decided that by making Kleeneze
our priority we could afford for me to quit my job, which I did in March 2009.

The benefits have been wonderful. Prior to Kleeneze I suffered from sciatica, high blood pressure and was
seriously overweight. Now I am pain free, I’ve lost 3 stone in weight and my blood pressure is back to normal.
I’ve also been able to focus on my photography more and in September 2009 won my first award in a local

One of our goals when I left full-time employment was to replace my income within 2 years and we are well
on our way to achieving this, and hoping to qualify for Hong Kong! Now I get to sit in the coffee bar, albeit
meeting prospective distributors. Certainly beats the office job!”

With more people working longer hours than ever, toiling hard to ward off unemployment, meet childcare
costs and simply affording to live, a satisfying work/life balance is for many seemingly impossible. But, as Jamie
learnt, there is another way.

SUPPORT                             ENTERPRIZE
                                    COMPANY MAGAZINE

How to market your Kleeneze
business with
Kleeneze’s PR agency, Citypress, gives you the inside scoop on PR and the best way to market your business.

What is PR?
Citypress is a leading PR agency based in Manchester. We’ve been working with Kleeneze since June this year,
and it’s our job to spread the word about what a fantastic opportunity the company offers by securing as
much coverage of the business in the media as we can.

We do this in a variety of ways, but our main method is by issuing press releases to the media. PR differs from
advertising in that we don’t pay newspapers or websites to use our stories; instead, we strive to make our
press releases as interesting and topical as possible so that the media will choose to run them.

The media always wants stories with an ‘angle’ that will provoke public interest. To provide them with this, we
endeavour to put together press releases that highlight the ‘Kleeneze solution’ as a way to tackle topical
problems such as the recession and graduate unemployment.

The topic of each press release we put together is discussed and debated in detail with the team at Kleeneze
before we proceed with putting together the story, which we then issue to the media.
We usually approach both national and regional media with the press release, tweaking the release a little for
each area of the country by including regional statistics and/ or a case study example (i.e. a Kleeneze
distributor who works in that area and who we can relate to the story) to make it more relevant for each
individual media outlet.

How Citypress is working for you
We’re always looking for Kleeneze Distributors who are willing to be used as case study examples in our press
If you’d like to be considered, then please register on our database at
There, you’ll be asked to fill in various details about yourself and your time with Kleeneze so that we have all
of your information on file.

We’re able to search this database for suitable case study candidates each time we draft a release. If we’d like
to use you as a case study, we’ll give you a call to have a chat and double check that you’re right for the story.

We will always ask you to approve any press release that mentions you via email or on the phone before we
issue it to the media, so you can be sure that all the information is correct.

In some cases, we might need to set up a photo shoot with you so we have images to provide to the press. It
might also be that a journalist who picks up the story wants to talk to you themselves to get some more
information. We will always consult you first before organising a shoot or a phone interview to ensure you’re
comfortable with it going ahead.

SUPPORT                              ENTERPRIZE
                                     COMPANY MAGAZINE

If we use you as a case study example and the story appears online or in a newspaper, we will do our very
best to let you know and get a copy of it to you. If we conduct a photo shoot, we will also be able to provide
you with the photos so you can use them for your own promotional work; just let us know and we’ll send
them to you via email.

What you can do to promote your business
Unfortunately, the size of the Kleeneze network means we are unable to draft stories about individual
distributors and their achievements. However, if you think you have a story that’s worth telling, you’ll find a
number of templates on the DSA which you can use to draft your own press release.

Fill in the appropriate template with your details and then you’ll then be able to try and sell your story to local

Call the chosen newspaper/s and ask to speak to the Newsdesk then explain who you are, briefly summarise
what your story is about and ask who the best person to send the releases to is. e.g. ‘I’m Paul Smith and I
work as a Kleeneze distributor in Preston. I recently won a car for my work with the company. I’ve drafted a
press release about it, and I was wondering who would be the best person to send that to?’

The journalist should then give you an email address to send your release through to. If you have a photo that
you think will sit alongside the story – for example, if you’ve won a car, perhaps a shot of you with your prize -
it’s worth sending that to the newspapers too.

If you’d like, you can follow up your story with another call to the newspaper a few days later; make sure you
take a note of the journalist’s name so that you can speak to the same person the next time you call.
However, make sure you don’t pester journalists – if anything, it will put them off running your story.

Please note that we don’t recommend that Kleeneze Distributors approach national media outlets with these
press releases; you’re much more likely to get a positive response from your local media. Nor do we
recommend that you draft your own releases from scratch if the template releases don’t suit your needs.

   • Please respond as soon as you can to any messages or emails that we leave for you – the media
     moves fast, which means you could miss out on an opportunity if you are slow in getting back to

   • Be as detailed as possible when filling out your database entry at as this will help us to make sure we get in touch with the right
     case study examples.

   • You can help us by keeping an eye out on your local press titles and letting us know if the story
     that you’ve appeared in is featured; we have a newspaper cuttings service that should pick up on
     all press coverage, but occasionally smaller pieces are missed.

If you have a story that you’re sure would interest the national media, then you can email
Citypress at

                           er long-term employment
     ’Tis the season to off
      Glasgow Even
                  ing Times

     Graduates go door to
     door to beat recessions
     The Sun                          Flexibility is the
                                      key for parents
                                      Leicester Mercury

     We’re starring in a T
                          V ad   after beating cash w
     Colchester Da
                  ily Gazette

               Be flexible and
               up your income
               Daily Mirror

     Mark cleans up after making a career sh
                 ing Star
     Ipswich Even

SUPPORT                            ENTERPRIZE
                                   COMPANY MAGAZINE

Get dressed for success
What you wear is important to your success. Delivering
catalogues in your pyjamas may result in the same sales,
but to be noticed; to be top of your customers’ minds is
vital for increasing sales. When customers see the
company you are representing, the want to know that
it’s professional, outstanding and successful. Which is
why over the past couple of years, Kleeneze has invested
heavily in producing branded clothing.

                     “This Kleeneze clothing is working
                     wonders for me!” said Gold
                     Senior Executive Distributor,
                     Marie Ryan. “Any day I am out
                     doing activity promoting my
                     business and as soon as anyone
                     sees the name Kleeneze on my
                     fleece T-shirt or whatever I’m
                     wearing, they have no problem
                     putting up my advertisement.

When I was in the bank paying my account a few weeks
ago, the lady behind the counter noticed the name on
the statement and commented that she had seen advert
on TV and she wanted a catalogue. I also had 7 other
people looking for catalogues in various different areas
as we were doing activity with some new team
members. It gives the new Distributors great confidence
to see people looking for a catalogue.

I think every one should invest in branded clothing, as
the company are due to go live on Irish TV channels
soon and they’ll meet us with the brand Kleeneze being
advertised. The power of association will be very
powerful, but only if it’s used. I am proud of what I do
and that is the message I am putting out there - be a
Kleeneze agent not a secret agent.”

From polo shirts to waterproofs, we have everything to
help you brand your business effectively. What better
way to spread the word!

PRODUCTS                                   ENTERPRIZE
                                           COMPANY MAGAZINE

Introducing Kleeneze’s
very own celebrity chef!
                                                           it’s great!” said Nigel about the Kleeneze range.
                                                           “These products have a place in everyone’s kitchen
                                                           and I know you will enjoy my chef’s choices and all
                                                           the recipes – especially the video recipes on this
                                                           website which are really easy to use and I hope will
                                                           inspire you to get cooking! I am so impressed by the
                                                           selection of merchandise and everything can be
                                                           ordered by shopping from the comfort of your own
                                                           home! Kleeneze really does make life easier!”
                                                           However, even we, who are already avid fans of
                                                           Kleeneze, wouldn’t take his word for it. We asked
                                                           him to pick some products, take to the kitchen and
                                                           see what he could do. The result was a whole host
                                                           of yummy recipes exclusive to Kleeneze.
                                                           The video recipes, found on our website and created
At Kleeneze, we know it’s the products that sell           specifically for Kleeneze, showcase a number of the
themselves. However, we thought it’s about time we         cooking aids found in the Main Book, such as oven
started shouting about it a little more. Enter             roasting bags, salad dressers and green food-saving
professional chef, Nigel Smith.                            bags and show how effective the Kleeneze range is.
                                                           There’s also a shopping list and a recipe print-out
The North-West-based Nigel is well-known for his
enigmatic cooking style and he creates contemporary
and classic menus using local and seasonal produce         Since we launched the Cooking with Kleeneze
at Nigel Smith’s Restaurant, Ribby Hall in Lancashire.     website, Nigel’s come up with even more recipes for
Nigel also runs a thriving outside catering business       us, including some specially tailored ones for our
and cookery school and cooks for many celebrities          Kleeneze Chinese New Year incentive back in
and high profile clients. His career has included stints   February. We’re looking forward to many more soon.
working with Albert Roux and Anton Edelmann at   
the Savoy, as well as hosting his own TV series. He
also has a number of awards to his name.
Hence, we were overjoyed when he joined the
Kleeneze team at the end of 2009. His
recommendations of our products run throughout
the kitchen section of the Main Book and he’s
already starred in two of our Showcase events.
“I am overwhelmed by the quality of the cookware –

Topside                                           Garlic & Thyme
of Beef                                           Chicken
Serves:           4                               Serves:           2
Preparation time: 10 minutes                      Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time:     2 hours                         Cooking Time:     25 mins

You will need                                     You will need
400g leftover roast beef, cut into 2cm chunks     2 large sprigs of thyme
400g leftover roasted carrots                     Teaspoon of lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil                            Teaspoon of lemon zest
1 onion, peeled and sliced                        1
                                                   ⁄2 clove of garlic
2 cloves garlic, peeled and roughly chopped       4 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons plain flour                         Salt & pepper
650ml beef stock                                  2 chicken breasts
125ml red wine or stout ale (optional)
1 x 410g tin Borlotti beans in water, drained     Method:
250g cherry tomatoes                              1. Place all ingredients for each marinade
500g white potatoes, peeled and cut into bite-       into Kleeneze salad dresser & shake well.
sized chunks                                      2. Then take Kleeneze oven roasting bags
                                                     and place chicken breast inside with
                                                     Kleeneze tongs.
                                                  3. Pour marinade into the bag and mix
1. Preheat oven to 180C, fan 160C, gas 4.            together.
2. On the hob heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in      4. Roll the bag up and place into Kleeneze
   a 2-litre flameproof casserole pot, then fry      oven-to-table oval dish.
   the onion and the garlic until soft.
                                                  5. Place into a hot oven gas mark 7,
3. Add the beef chunks and flour and stir            185 degrees and roast for 20 mins.
   until the mixture is coated. Slowly add the
   stock, then the wine or stout ale if using,    6. Allow to rest for 4 mins, remove chicken
   allowing the flour to thicken the sauce a         from bag and serve.
   little. Add the Borlotti beans, cherry
   tomatoes and carrots and cook in the
   oven for 11⁄2 hours.
4. Add the potatoes, making sure they are
   covered in stock, then cook for another
   1 hour until the stew is piping hot
   throughout. Serve immediately for a
   warming meal-in-one that really makes
   the most of your roast beef leftovers.

THE PEOPLE BUSINESS                                                               ENTERPRIZE
                                                                                  COMPANY MAGAZINE

Many breathed a sigh of relief when the announcement came that Britain was officially out of recession.
However, looking around the empty towns and cities with as much as a quarter of shops lying empty, it’s
feared that some high streets will never be the same again. Add to that more reports of thousands of job
losses throughout January and February of this year and it makes for a glum realisation – the recession is still
very much alive and well.

“I was a National Sales Manager on a great salary, had a BMW and
all the perks,” explains Surrey-based Carol Talmage. “Then, on
my first day back at work in January after the New Year I was told,
hand your car back – you haven’t got a job anymore.

“I’d looked at Kleeneze in the past, but it had never been the right
time. I decided I’d try Kleeneze and look for another job at the
same time. But something changed. In my old job, I was working
80-odd hours a week, away from home two or three times a week
and I just didn’t relish the thought of working for another boss. In
my first month, I’d qualified for the SOS incentive and then later
went Gold. I began to see what I could really make from Kleeneze.

My partner, Steve Dowling, was a carpenter and due to the way
the market was, lost his job too. Once he saw how well I was doing, he decided to join as well. The recession
is actually helping Kleeneze – there are a lot more people out there looking for this opportunity.

With warnings that unemployment may reach 3 million by the end of 2010, Carol is definitely not alone. In
fact, the recession figures show that women are faring worst because they fill many of the part-time and
temporary posts that are routinely cut first.

                                           “I joined Kleeneze in September 2009,” said Silver Distributor
                                           Wendy Ward in Sheffield. “I had worked at Senior Management
                                           level within recruitment since 1993, working long hours and under
                                           immense pressure. I had my children in 2000 and 2005 and
                                           returned to working part-time, with my children being in private
                                           childcare provision 40 hours a week. My bills for monthly childcare
                                           were double my mortgage payments! I earned a good salary, with
                                           a company car, but I got ill in 2008 and then I was made
                                           redundant in May 2009 and found myself not knowing how I was
                                           going to work around my illness, my kids and my requirement for
                                           an interesting job.

THE PEOPLE BUSINESS                                                             ENTERPRIZE
                                                                                COMPANY MAGAZINE

“Whilst surfing the internet for a work from home opportunity, I came across Kleeneze. I wasn't sure how I
could physically do the distribution as I suffer with chronic fatigue and walk with a crutch. However, I got
more information about the opportunity and thought if I didn't give it a go, I would never know.

“Doing the business in school hours is great; no more childcare! I also have the chance to spend time with the
kids when they are ill and this year I am going to both the kids’ Christmas shows, without asking anyone and
without dashing straight off like the other working Mums and Dads!”

For many, the recession brought a huge amount of doubt and anxiety in its wake. Those who had a career/life
plan mapped out, had to rethink, as suddenly the future wasn’t quite so secure.

Maria and Frank Rendle was one couple who were caught
off guard by the recession. Seven years ago, they started their
10-year retirement plan, only to have their lives turned upside
down in March last year.

“Our retirement plan was to buy a house in the country in
Suffolk and for Frank to work to the age of 70 or 71, by
which time we would be mortgage and debt-free. As we both
worked in Project Management in the rail industry and with
several large projects about to start, this was quite feasible.

“But in late 2008, with the recession biting, both our
consultancy firms were making people redundant. Frank
found a contract position, but the company had their long
term contract reduced, so Frank was again made redundant in March 2009.

“It took us until May 2009 to realise that traditional jobs were really hard to find, so we started looking at
alternative employment options. We responded to an ad for Catalogue Distributors, expecting to go out and
deliver telephone directories or Yellow Pages. When Heather O’Neil sent us the information pack, we felt that
it wasn't for us, partly because neither of us is a sales person, but also because an income of a few hundred
pounds didn't come close to Frank's previous income. So, we turned it down.

“Heather sent us her contact details, but also explained that it really wasn't sales. After a few weeks with
nothing promising on the horizon, we talked the opportunity over again and decided to give Kleeneze a try as
we had nothing to lose except £151. A few days later we had our starter kit, put it together and Frank did his
first drop. He lost a lot of catalogues, but also came home with £305 worth of orders. We were amazed! Our
first full period in business was Period 8 of 2009 - we made the 10% level and in Period 9 made 13%. Any
reservations we may still have had were blown away by the Xmas Showcase in Birmingham. It was so
inspirational and we went home with great enthusiasm for the Kleeneze system.

“By period 13 we turned over £2,000. While we're still only making a fifth of Frank's erstwhile income, we've
seen that the system works and that it is possible to make an income from Kleeneze that exceeds Frank's
previous income. And then mine also!”



In January, Kleeneze made two announcements. The         options, and an extensive range of treatments.
first was that this year, we’ll be rewarding
                                                         You’ll experience an exciting Hong Kong Island tour
Distributors with an incentive that will take your
                                                         including the jaw-dropping tram ride to the lofty
breath away. Five nights in the exhilarating city of
                                                         heights of Victoria Peak, where the super rich occupy
Hong Kong!
                                                         exclusive properties clinging to its high slopes.
It gets better, though, because the second
                                                         A boat ride in a traditional sampan takes you on a
announcement was that anyone can do it! For the
                                                         tour of the busy fishing harbour and you’ll see the
first time ever with a long-haul destination, Kleeneze
                                                         fishing community who make their living there
is opening up the qualification criteria to everybody
                                                         before going on to enjoy some of the best
in the Network. Plus, there are cash bonuses
                                                         Cantonese and regional Chinese food at Jade
available for new Golds who maintain their position!
So, what can you look forward to?
                                                         Take part in Hong Kong’s ultimate night out at the
You’ll be staying at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, one
                                                         Happy Valley Races, as well as taking a trip to Lantau
of the finest luxury hotels in the world and the
                                                         Island and the Po Lin Monastery, one of Hong Kong’s
flagship hotel within the Hyatt brand. With
                                                         most popular tourist sights.
magnificent views of Hong Kong’s renowned Victoria
Harbour and Wanchai district; it enjoys a central        It’s fine food and luxury all the way and it’s all for
location on Hong Kong Island, in the most exciting       you to have. When others are in the middle of the
part of this vibrant and exciting city.                  next cold, miserable winter you could be whisked
                                                         away to the other side of the world on a money-
The Grand Hyatt Plateau Spa is a peaceful 80,000
                                                         can’t-buy trip!
square feet oasis offering an outdoor heated
swimming pool, fitness and exercise studios, a 400-
metre jogging track, a wide range of outdoor dining


How to get there
Qualification Criteria
                                                       REQUIREMENTS/NOTES FOR ALL QUALIFIERS:
Period 1, 2010 to Period 10, 2010 (inclusive)
                                                       1. Positive growth over the qualification period (compared to
                                                          the same period in 2009); EXECUTIVE PLAN requires 15%
TOP QUALIFIERS GROUP –                                    year-on-year growth over the same period in 2009.
SEDs & Sales Plan Success
                                                       2. A minimum of ONE FRONTLINE activation (activation is based
(travel 6th - 13th November 2010 - enjoy an extra         on placing a product order) for FIVE periods.
night of luxury in fabulous Hong Kong):                3. Minimum PERSONAL RETAIL of £400.00 for FIVE periods.
Achieve Sales Plan Success to a minimum of             4. A Distributorship can ONLY qualify for a particular conference
Bronze Executive:                                         ONCE (multiple qualifications for a conference do not
                                                          automatically qualify a distributorship for the next conference
Any THREE (in total) periods at this new level.
                                                          the following year). This rule also applies to trophy winners
SED Plan 1:                                               and new Premier Distributors.
Any FIVE periods at FIVE WIDE.                         5. In order to qualify, a new partner on a Kleeneze
                                                          distributorship should join the business before the
SED Plan 2:
                                                          distributorship begins qualification.
Break a new FRONTLINE GOLD distributor (the new
                                                       6. The programme commences at the point of departure of the
GOLD must qualify for Hong Kong).                         international flight. Domestic flights are not included (except
The starting position to be maintained for a              from Ireland & the Channel Islands). Travel insurance, airport
                                                          accommodation and car parking must be arranged by the
minimum of EIGHT periods is THREE WIDE status or
ACTUAL, whichever is the highest at Period 12, 2009.
                                                       7. Due to limitations at the destination we reserve the right to
                                                          offer an alternative if qualifiers exceed 250.
MAIN GROUP – Golds, Seniors
& Executive Plan
(travel 7th – 13th November 2010):
Sales Plan Success:
Any THREE (in total) periods at your new level
(minimum Gold).
Executive Plan:
THREE periods at your HIGHEST pin level.
Success for new GOLD distributors.
For EVERY period the NEW level is maintained (over
& above qualification) the distributorship will be
awarded £50.00 to spend in Hong Kong (this is for a
MAXIMUM of FOUR periods).

Would you like the freedom of being your own boss?
With the Kleeneze Opportunity, you’ll benefit from
choosing your own hours, working from home, fantastic
support and training, and many rewards and incentives.
If you are prepared to work part time or full time
you can earn a substantial monthly income or an
addition to your current income. We offer superb
rewards with the support that you need to
develop your own successful business.

         your life
                                                                      isit foryou?
                                                                      • If you want the flexibility to earn
Realise your true potential                                             what you want, when you want
                                                                      • If you want to spend more time
                                                                        with your family
                                                                      • If you want the freedom to
               ss                                                       choose when you work
Be your own bo                                                        • If you want to make new friends
                                                                        while you build your business

How much does it cost to join?                                        Kleeneze offers stability and gives people the chance
For a small investment you will receive everything                    to get their lives back on track through hard work.
you need to get started.                                              Working at their own pace, full-time, part-time or
                                                                      even in their spare time, amazing, yet realistic
Your Business Kit includes:                                           incomes are available for those looking for a new
  • Business Manual                                                   challenge.
  • Retailing and Sponsoring DVDs
                                                                      Distributors can earn anything upwards of £50 a
  • Catalogues
                                                                      week, and an annual income of £40,000 is easily
  • Extras (including all you need to get going)                      achievable. The most successful network heads can
You can get your initial investment back within the                   earn in excess of £400,000 per annum, so the sky
first four weeks simply by retailing!                                 really is the limit.

Statutory wealth warning: It is illegal for any promoter or participant    For more details, contact your local distributor:
in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by
promising benefits from getting others to join in a scheme. Do not be
misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.
                 Order code: 08117

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