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					Lucas Herget
Foundations of HPFM
Professor Micklos-Zucca
Flu Essay

         The seasonal flu, which is also called influenza, is a contagious respiratory illness which is caused

by influenza viruses. In most cases it causes a mild sickness, but there are cases that occur that can

become severe and even lead to death. It is recommended in order to prevent this illness to get a flu

vaccination every year. This is especially recommended for older people, young children, and people

with certain health conditions because they are at a greater risk to gain this illness. There is a more

serious flu that was just signaled a pandemic, it is called the H1N1 virus. The H1N1 virus is a virus

originally known as “swine flu” because at first it was believed that the cause of this flu was due to

viruses that occurred in North American Pigs. Now testing has shown that this type of flu has four

sources. The four sources are two genes from flu viruses that are found in pigs in Europe and Asia, a

bird gene, and finally a human gene. The symptoms for both of these flu’s are similar but there are

some differences that can be found between the season flu and H1N1 flu. One main difference is of the

age group the H1N1 flu affects the most. In the seasonal flu as stated it affects older people, young

children, and people with certain health conditions, but the H1N1 flu mostly affects people under the

age of 25. Another difference is what causes these two types of flu’s, the seasonal flu is caused by

influenza viruses while the H1N1 virus as stated has four complex sources in which come from areas all

around the world. There are many ways a person can stay healthy and avoiding spreading the flu. One

of them is to cover your mouth and nose when you either cough or sneeze. Also avoid touching your

eyes, nose, and mouth which are an easy way for germs to get access inside your body. Thirdly a good

way to prevent and avoid getting in touch with this illness is to stay away from sick people. Finally

washing your hands with soap and water or alcohol based hand cleaners to avoid spreading or collecting


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