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									ISO/TC 211
Geographic Information / Geomatics
WI 16 - Positioning Services ISO CD 19116
presented to Joint Steering Group on Spatial Standardization and Interoperability by Thad Mauney, Ph.D. Spatial Systems +1-406-256-2033

ISO TC 211
TC 2 1 1 G eog rap h ic In form ation / G eom atic s

 Standards Include
  

WG 1 F ram ew ork an d referen c e m od el WG 2 G eos p atial d ata m od els an d op erators WG 3 G eos p atial d ata ad m in is tration WG 4 G eos p atial S ervic es




WG 5 P rofiles an d fu n c tion al s tan d ard s


Positioning Metadata Data Quality Spatial Reference System Temporal Reference System Feature Cataloguing Portrayal

ISO 19116 Positioning Services
 Interfacing Positioning Service to GIS
 

Position data transfer operations System control operations Generic positioning information segregated from technology specific New technologies New operations

 Technology Neutral

 Extensible
 

Positioning Service Connects Technology to Users
P osition ing T ec h n ologies S atellite G e ogra p h ic In for m ation U sers
C artography

(P osition pr ov iding device)

S urv eying N av igatio n IT S E volving
C onstr uction

(P osition usin g device )


G ener al

O ptical L inear
Integr ated

T ec hno logy S pecific

A gric ulture

E volving

D ispatc h

ISO 19116 Positioning Services
 Positioning interface for wide range of uses
       

Low mobility -- static site coordinates High mobility -- in-vehicle navigation Low detail -- transient coordinate display High detail -- geodetic survey observation Simple user controls -- mobile telephone Sophisticated user control -- GIS data collection Simple location structure -- 2D static Detailed location structure -- T, 3D, motion, orientation

ISO 19116 Positioning Services
 Provides interface for wide range of technologies
    

GNSS (GPS, Glonass, Galileo) Optical (Total Station, Laser Rangefinder) Inertial (INS or GNSS augmented INS) Terrestrial RF (cellular and PCS locators) Dead Reckoning (Odometer and compass)

ISO 19116 Positioning Services
 Object Oriented Design  Data Content Oriented Class Structure

• Time tag, Position, Motion, Orientation • Observation Quality


Mode of operation
• Positioning Method • Coordinate Reference System • Quality Evaluation Method

ISO 19116 Positioning Services
 Main Building Blocks

Observation Information
• Generic
– Time tag, Position, Motion, Orientation

• Technology Specific
– Operating Conditions, Performance Indicators
  

System Information Session Information Quality Information

ISO 19116 Positioning Services Classes








system 1


mode 1..*


qualityType 0..*











component 0..*

PS_Observation 0..* resultQuality


Positioning Service Provides Operations Enabling User to Access Location Data
G etS ys tem Info

P os ition U s er

S elec t C oor din ate R efer enc e S ys tem (C R S )

G etC ur r entP os ition

G et/S et O p er atin g C on ditions C om pu te P os ition from M eas ur em en ts C om pu te P os ition ac c ord in g to O p er ating c on ditions

ISO 19116 Positioning Services
 Requirements can be fulfilled in several ways

Transmission of full detail
• client obtains all needed information from service


Client employs local detail
• transmission reduced to essential elements
– – – – e.g. transmit position updates only coordinate system pre-defined time reference pre-defined quality evaluation procedures pre-defined

ISO 19116 Positioning Services
 Flexible Object Model

Multi-use Multi-technology Selectable data rate Selectable level of complexity
Open to new positioning technologies Open to add new operations

 Scalable Implementation

 Extensible Structure
 

TC/211 Standards Are Supportive of Location Based Services
 Current Work Items
   

 Potentially Needed
   

    

Spatial Ref by Coord. Spatial Ref by Ident. Metadata Spatial & Temporal Schemas Geospatial Services Positioning Services Portrayal Services SQL SFA Extension Geodetic Codes & Par.

    

Source Search Service Service Selection Service Spatial Search Service Data Delivery Service Coord. Transform. Service Reference Transl. Service Route Calculation Service Message Relay Service Event Alert Service Object Location Query Serv.

Other IT Services Likely Required by LBS
-- shared and standardized with other information technologies

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Communication Subscriber Management Purchase / Payment Management Privacy Management Source Authentication

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