Filters.teacher by huanghengdong


Applying a Plastic Wrap Filter

Step 1:
Click Filter on the menu bar
Select the Filter Gallery
The filter gallery lets you apply filters cumulatively and apply individual
filters more than once. With a preview display of what the filter will do to
your image, you can rearrange filers and change individual settings to get the
desired effect.
Select Layer 1

Step 3:
Click Artistic in the filter list
Click Plastic Wrap thumbnail
Change the highlight Strength, Detail, and Smoothness using the slide to get
the desired effect
Notice that the Plastic Wrap filter appears in the list of applied filters. To
delete, you can click on the trash can.
Click OK

Applying a Glowing Edges Filter

Step 3:
Select Layer 2
Click Filter Gallery in the Filter menu
Click Stylize in the filter list
Click Glowing Edges thumbnail
Change the Edge Width, Edge Brightness, and Smoothness using the slide to
get the desired effect
The filter gallery preview is displayed with the result of adjusting the setting
Click OK

Step 4:
Select Layer 3
Select the Filter Gallery
Select a filter of your choice and apply it to Layer 3
Apply a Motion Blur Filter

Step 5:
Select Layer 4, the racecar layer
Select the Rectangular Marquee tool
Drag a rectangle over the left 1/3 of the racecar

Step 6:
Select the Filter Gallery
Click Motion Blur
When the Motion Blur dialog box comes up, click the zoom out (-) button
until the magnification is set at 13%
Type 35 in the Angel box
The angel setting allows you to indicate the direction of the blur
Type 75 in the Distance box
The distance setting specifies the pixel depth of the blur
Click OK
Click Select>Deselect
Remind students that you can apply filters to an entire image, layer, or just a

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