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									Team Status Report (TSR) For Inclusion Within The Consent Agenda
(Please complete this report and email to board member responsible for compiling the consent agenda/board meeting packet for board distribution)

Team (Committee):                      PR Committee


Director: Shelley Bunce
Email Address:

Team (Committee) Chair: Jeff Rasco, CMP
Email Address:

Business Plan Outcomes (This table will be filled out only once at the beginning of the year)
Pthwy       Outcome                                                                                                        Budget      Completion      %
#                                                                                                                                      Date            Complete
1, 2        Generate PR for monthly meetings in Austin/San Antonio Business Journal.                                            $0     Ongoing

1, 2        Improve external distribution system, including trade and non-trade press, MPI and                                  $0     12/31/2005
            nearby chapters, etc.
1, 2        Establish direct media contacts and relationships in Austin and San Antonio markets                              $200      2/28/2006

1, 2,       Publish article in community publication highlighting charity work of chapter.                                      $0     6/30/2005

1, 2, 3     Generate cross marketing awareness with Houston and Dallas MPI Chapters.                                            $0     Ongoing

1, 2, 3     PR to inform membership on the website and other media.                                                             $0     Ongoing

1, 2, 3     Create internal mechanisms for content delivery to PR from committees (content                                      $0     12/31/2005
2, 3        Publish article or other media coverage in community highlighting - Community
            Outreach events and charities                                                                                       $0     4/30/2006
(Adjust the table above (if needed) to fit your team’s (committee’s) specific number of Outcomes)

Team (Committee) Activity This Month:

Actions Taken by Team (Committee) that Specifically Support Chapter Strategic Plan:

Team (Committee) Requests the Following Board Motion/Action:

Upcoming Team (Committee) Plans:
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Team (Committee) Needs for this Month’s Chapter Meeting: (if none, please state)

Additional Comments: (if needed)

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