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					                                                                                                                                                                                                            Plan your trips
                                    Monday-Friday 7:00am-8:00pm            Route A departs from Woodruff Circle Transit Hub approximately every 20 minutes. This route serves the
ROUTE A             A
                                    Approx. every 20 minutes               Emory Hospital, Wesley Woods, and the Clifton Corridor.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           by tracking Cliff

                                                                               Times listed are approximate. Please plan ahead and allow for occasional and unavoidable delays due
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lookin‛ for ME...?
                                                                               to traffic or construction. Visit for realtime shuttle tracking. Live monitor located
                                                       12                      at Woodruff Circle Transit Hub.                                                                                        See where Cliff is now

             Old Briarcliff Way
                                                                      11                  Stops                                                                       Connections
                                     13                          10
                                                                           1  Woodruff Circle Transit Hub          EUHM / Grady shuttles Yerkes shuttle           A B C D M            Exec Pk CCTMA     Prk/Rd
                                                                           2 Clifton @ Ctr for Rehab Medicine                                                            M                       #6
                                          8                                3 Clifton @ Gatewood (Woodruff Res. Ctr.)                                                     Exec Pk CCTMA            #6
                                                                           4 1525 Clifton Rd (Student Health Ctr)                                                       Exec Pk CCTMA
                        CDC Pkwy 14
                                          7                                5 1599 Clifton Rd                                                                            Exec Pk CCTMA
  U.S. Centers for
  Disease Control
                                     15         Emory Conference           6 Clifton Road @ Emory Inn/ECCH/CDC                                                          Exec Pk
                                                Center Hotel (ECCH)
  & Prevention (CDC)                                                       7 Clifton @ CDC Pkwy. Xwalk                                                                  Exec Pk
                                                                           8 Clifton @ Villa International                                                              Exec Pk
                                                                           9 Clifton @ Wesley Woods Entrance                                                            Exec Pk
                                                         Clifton           10 Wesley Woods Budd Terrace
                                                   Houston Mill
                                                                           11 Wesley Woods Healthcare Ctr
                      Houston Mill
                         Sch of  17                                        12 Wesley Woods Tower                                                    B
      Michael St.        Nursing                          1525             13 1762 Clifton Rd                                                       B                   Exec Pk                  #6
      Parking                             4               Clifton
      Deck                                                                 14 Clifton @ CDC Pkwy Xwalk                                              B                   Exec Pk
                          Sch of 18               Gatewood                 15 Clifton @ Clifton Way                                                 B                   Exec Pk CCTMA            #6
                          Health          3                                16 Clifton @ CDC (across fr 1599 Clifton / ECCH / Emory Inn)             B             M     Exec Pk CCTMA            #6
                                               Woodruff                    17 Clifton @ Nursing Sch                            Yerkes shuttle       B             M     Exec Pk CCTMA
                                               Residential Ctr             18 Clifton @ Gatewood (RSPH)                                             B                   Exec Pk CCTMA

                    Asbury Circle              Haygood                     19 Clifton @ WHSCAB                     EUHM / Grady shuttles Yerkes shuttle           A B C D M           Exec Pk CCTMA Prk/Rd
                                              Center for                   20 Woodruff Circle Transit Hub
                                     19   2
               WHSCAB                         Rehabilitation Medicine

                      Sch of
                      Medicine                Childrens Healthcare
                                              of Atlanta (CHOA)            Route A Schedule               A                     Mon-Fri service only
         Emory              20                                             Mon- Fri 7:00am - 8:00pm
         University          1
         Hospital                                  Clinic A
                                                                           Departs Woodruff Circle Transit Hub                   :00 / :20 / :40      Last Departure 7:40pm
                                                   Lowergate Dr            Departs Wesley Woods Healthcare Ctr                   :10 / :30 / :50      Last Departure 7:30pm

            View shuttles in real-time at                                                                                                                                      revised: 09/23/10

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