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									World War 1 project
            WHAT TO DO!!!!

     In preparation for the next topic you are to do some
 research/local history on World War 1 using the information
 and links below and any other information you can find.
     Choose a name from a war memorial – either the one in
 Ibstock or one in your village. The Ibstock men are listed
    If you know the surname and initial of someone in your
family’s past who died in World War 1 you may want to
research him instead.
    This web address gives you search access to information
about 2 million servicemen buried in Commonwealth
             Writing Frame (Suggested):
         I decided to do my research on ………
               I found his name on……..
             I used the database from….
   I discovered that he died on_____ He is buried
                He served with…………
                  His age was…………
Other information I found out included____________
Some problems I had with this research included………..
         Doing this research made me feel……
           Most details here are about all First World War names on
           the memorial.
           Some Second World War names are listed and marked in
           this table. (WW2). They are shown at the bottom of the
           main list. Any information or photographs would be
           gratefully received.

WW1 Name      Regimental       Age at death   Addresses given       Great War Forum     Body is actually   Memorial for
              details          and birth      and census            and general notes   buried at:         body not
                                              locations                                                    found:
ADCOCK        Able Seaman      Aged 21 –      1901 aged 4 of                            Body not found     Arras
Charles       R/4576 Royal     24/3/1918      Peggs lane                                                   Memorial
              Navy Volunteer                  Ibstock. Son of                                              Bay 1
              Reserve Anson                   John and Bertha
              BN.                             Adcock. (Pegg’s                                              Panoramio
                                              lane became                                                  location of
              Able Seaman                     Curzon Street)                                               memorial
                                              1918 Son of John
                                              and Bertha
                                              Adcock, of 69,
                                              Curzon St.,
                                              Ibstock, Leicester.

                                              location of house
ALLEN Arthur       Private 202032.     10/03/1918                           Reference on Great   N. 8. Cemetery:
                   enlisted                                                 War Forum blog       CAMBRIN
                   Leicester.                                                                    MILITARY
                   Regiment/Servi                                                                CEMETERY,
                   ce: North                                                                     PAS DE
                   Staffordshire                                                                 CALAIS.
                   Regiment Unit
                   Text: 1st/6th                                                                 Panoramio
                                                                                                 location of

(Search for him
yourself at this

ASHBY Robert       Sapper 102813       21/12/1915      1915 Son of Mrs.     Entry on Great War I.C.22 Norfolk
                   Royal Engineers                     K Ashby of           Forum Ibstock blog Cemetery
(Search for him    178th Co.                           Iwerne Minster,                         Becordel-
yourself at this                                       Dorset. Husband      Another reference Becourt,
link)                                                  of Mrs. J Ashby of   on Great War       SOMME
                                                       Battram Road,        Forum Blog
                                                       Ellistown.                              Burial
BACON George       Private in Leics.   Born Ellistown 1918 Son of Louis     Reference on Great CERISY-
Louis              Regt. 1/5 Btn.      Aged 22 on     Bacon, of Victoria    War Forum blog     GAILLY
                                       24/09/1918     Rd., Ellistown,                          MILITARY
                   24096 Private                      Leicestershire.                          CEMETERY Plot
                                                                                               III. G. 1.
                                                       Can we find a
                                                       census reference?                         Panoramio
                                                                                                 location of
BADCOCK            Private in the   Aged 17        Census return of      Reference on Great   Body not found   Menin Gate,
Henry Camp         Leics. Regt.     31/7/1915      1901 aged 3 at        War Forum Blog                        Ypres
                   1 /5 Btn.                       number 4, “Suum                                             Panel 33
                                    Born Ibstock   Cuique”?              Another entry in
                   Private 2392                    Cottages,             Great War Forum                       Panoramio
                                                   Hugglescote           Blog                                  link to Menin
                                                   Road, Ibstock. Son                                          Gate
                                                   of William and        A summary                             memorial.
                                                   Sarah Camp.           factsheet showing
                                                                         all known                             Panoramio
                                                   These cottages are    information.                          link to
                                                   now number 50,                                              location of
                                                   Leicester Road,                                             house in
                                                   Ibstock.                                                    Ibstock.
BELCHER H          Private in the   Aged 22 –      1918 Son of                                IBSTOCK
                   Leics. Regt.     10/7/1918      William and                                CHURCHYAR
                   3 btn                           Harriet Belcher, of                        D
                                                   125, High St.,
                   Private 58010                   Ibstock.                                   K2.2

                                                   Can we find a                              Grave -
                                                   census reference?                          Panoramio

                                                                                              Can we find a
BENN Joseph        Private 21187    Bn Stanford.                         Reference on         No body found    Panel 50/51
Miller             leics Rgt 7th    Did                                  Great War Forum                       Tyne Cot
                   Batallion,       1/10/1917                            Blog                                  memorial
(Search for him
yourself at this                                                                                               Panoramio
link)                                                                                                          location
BODLE Samuel       Private 76332    3/12/1918        1918 Son of Mr.                         S. II. II. 5.
                   Manchester       aged 21.         and Mrs. A.                             Cemetery: ST.
(Search for him    Regiment 2nd                      Parkin, of 79,                          SEVER
yourself at this   Btn. (formerly                    Bridge Rd.,                             CEMETERY
link)              49824 Leics                       Coalville,                              EXTENSION,
                   Regt.)                            Leicester.                              ROUEN

BOTT George        Leics. Regt.     Age not given    1918 Son of Emma Reference on Great     Pernes British
Sydney             1st/5th Bn.      - 07/09/1918     Rose Bott, of 26,  War Forum blog       Cemetery VI.
                                                     Grange Rd.,                             A. 35.
                   Private 241625                    Ibstock.           Memorial plaque
                                                                        given by the         Grave –
                                    Died of          Panoramio          Government in        Panoramio
                                    wounds           location of house. memory of the dead   location
                                                                        – belonging to the
                                                     Son of JW Bott     Tointon Family.
                                                     who is also on the
                                                     memorial.                               Photograph of
                                                     Can we find a
                                                     census reference?
BOTT J W                            Died Isle of     Father of George
                                    Wight of         Sydney Bott, who
(Search for him                     illness caused   is also on the
yourself at this                    by service.      memorial.
                                                     location of house.
BRIERS Cyril       Private 13626     29/7/1915     Ibstock                                 E 20, Cambrin
Ernest             Coldstream                                                              Churchyard
                   Gaurds, 1st btn                                                         Extension

                                                                                           location of
BURTON             Private 42973     18/9/1918                        Reference on Great   II C 18 Epehy
George             Cambridgeshire                                     War Forum Blog       Wood Farm
(Search for him    (formerly 48797                                                         Panoramio
yourself at this   Leics Regt)                                                             location of
link)                                                                                      grave

CALLIER John       Lance Corporal,   Age not       1901 Son of                             Body not found   Basra
Frederick          Leics regiment    given –       Philip and Mary                                          memorial
                   2nd Battalion     approx 21 -   Callier, of High                                         Iraq.
                   Private .         23/04/1917    Street, Ibstock.
                                                   Aged 5, born                                             Grave -
                                     Born 1896     Ashby de la                                              Panoramio
                                     Ashby         Zouche.                                                  location
                   L/Coporal 22469
CAPERS          Rifle Brigade,     Aged 29 –      1901 Son of            Reference on        Warlincourt
Thomas Edwin    8th Btn.           13/4/1917      Thomas and             Great War Forum     Halte
                                                  Sarah Capers,          blog                Cemetery,
                                   Born Ibstock   of 6 Orchard                               Saulty, Pas de
                                                  Street, Ibstock.                           Calais.
                S/26148                           Thomas aged                                PLOT VII F 9
                                                  13, was a
                                                  sanitary                                   Grave –
                                                  pipeman.                                   Panoramio
                                                  1917 6, Orchard St.,
                                                  Ibstock,                                   Gravestone
                                                                                             picture taken by
                                                                                             Jim Smithson of
                                                                                             Great War Forum
                                                                                             and posted on
                                                                                             Ibstock War
                                                                                             Memorial Blog .

CHAMBERLAIN     Royal              Aged 28 -      1917 Son of            Reference on        Hersin Communal
George Miller   Engineers          08/01/1917     Thomas and Anne        Great War Forum     Cemetery
                176th Tunnelling                  Chamberlain;           Blog                Extension I. E. 1.
                Company.           Born           husband of Phyllis
                                   Ruddington     Jemima Barrs           Another reference Panoramio
                                   Notts.         (formerly              on Great War      location of the
                                                  Chamberlain), of       Forum Blog        grave
                                                  20, Central Avenue,

                                                  Can we find a
                                                  census reference?
COOPER             Private         Born 1890     1901 son of         Reference on Great   No body found Bay 7 and 8.
George             202036.         Ibstock       Jesse and Polly     War Forum blog                     Memorial:
                                                 Cooper of                                              ARRAS
(Search for him    North           Age: 27                                                              MEMORIAL
yourself at this   Staffordshire   Date of       1917 Son of
link)              Regiment        Death:        Jesse Cooper,                                              Panoramio
                   1st/5th Bn      01/07/1917.   of 72, Leicester                                           location of
                                                 Rd., Ibstock,                                              memorial
                                                                                                            location of 72
COX John              Private      Age: 34       Can we find a                            BURTON
Charles            M2/266466.      Date of       census reference?                        OVERY (ST.
                   Army Service    Death:                                                 ANDREW)
(Search for him        Corps       07/09/1918.   1918 Son of                              CHURCHYARD
yourself at this                                 Robert Cox;
link)                                            husband of                               Panoramio
                                                 Mary Beet                                location of the
                                                 (formerly Cox),                          grave
                                                 of Burton
                                                 Overy. Born at
                                                 Burton Overy
CUTHBERT           Private         20/10/1918    Can we find a                            D. 19.
Joseph William     S/255067                      census reference?                        Cemetery:
                                                                                          KUT WAR
                   Army Service                                                           CEMETERY,
                   Corps Unit -                                                           IRAQ
                   Base Supply
                   Depot                                                                  Panoramio
DAWSON B                                           Can we find a
                                                   census reference?
(Search for him
yourself at this

DAWSON             MGC 116972        Age: 26       Can we find a        Plot 3. Row C.
Bertie             (formerly         Date of       census reference?    Grave 3.
                   204328 leics      Death:                             Cemetery:
(Search for him    regt.)            28/06/1918.   1918 Son of          TANNAY
yourself at this   Machine Gun                     Arthur and           BRITISH
link)              Corps Unit                      Mary Dawson,         CEMETERY,
                   Text: 5th Bn.                   of Ibstock, nr.      THIENNES

                                                                        Picture of
DOLMAN Albert       Private 8181.    Age: 27       Can we find a        H. 21.
Victor              Royal Welsh      Date of       census reference?    Cemetery:
                    Fusiliers Unit   Death:                             CAMBRIN
(Search for him     Text: 2nd Bn.    25/09/1915.   1915 Son of James    CHURCHYARD
yourself at this                                   and Louisa Dolman,   EXTENSION
link)                                              of St. Awkmond's
                                                   Square,              Panoramio
                                                   Shrewsbury;          location
                                                   husband of Mary
                                                   Elizabeth Dolman,
                                                   of 71, Gladstone
                                                   St., Ibstock,
DUNNICLIFFE        A/Cpl                             Can we find a        Reference on Great
Alfred Walter ?    M2/153353 Army                    census reference?    War Forum Ibstock
                   Service Corps                                          Blog.
(Search for him
yourself at this   Also served from
link)              30.12.07 to
                   10.8.10 in 20th
                   Hussars, Hussars
                   of the Line,
FARMER Bertie      Corporal 200871.   Age: 24        Can we find a        Another reference IV. B. 14.
                                      Date of        census reference?    on Great War      Cemetery:
(Search for him    Leicestershire     Death:                              Forum blog        FOUQUIERES
yourself at this   Regiment Unit      16/08/1918.    1918 Son of Alfred                     CHURCHYARD
link)              Text: 1st/4th                     and Elizabeth                          EXTENSION
                                                     Farmer, of 103,
                                                     Station Rd.,                              Panoramio
                                                     Bagworth,                                 location
FLAHERTY J         Royal Marine       Aged 27        1916 Son of Mrs A                         No body found Special
                   Light Infantry     7/1/1916       Flaherty, Elmare                          – died        memorial A 43
(Search for him    number Private                    Road, Rugely,        Reference on Great   Gallipoli     Skew Bridge
yourself at this   PO/934 (S)         ? Normacot,    Staffs.              War Forum Ibstock                  Cemetery
link)                                 Staffs. 1889                        Blog
                                                     Can we find a                                            Panoramio
                                                     census reference?                                        location
                                                     Living Ibstock
FOSTER             Leics. Regt.      Aged 32 –     1918 Son of Joseph   Reference on       No body found    Pozieres
Richard Philip     6th Battalion     23/3/1918     and Emma Foster,     Great War Forum                     Memorial.
                                                   of 25, Curzon St.,   Blog                                Panel 29/30
                   Private 235022.                 Ibstock;
                                                   Husband of Millie                                        Panoramio
                                                   Foster, of 43,                                           location
                                                   Orchard St.,

                                                   1901 son of
                                                   Joseph and
                                                   Emma Foster,
                                                   of Pegg’s lane
                                                   Ibstock aged 16
FOWKES             North             Aged 25 –     1918 Son of Mr. A. Reference on Great   PHILOSOPHE
Walter             Staffordshire     30/9/1917     and Mrs. S.         War Forum blog      BRITISH
                   Regiment 1/6th                  Fowkes, of Ibstock.                     CEMETERY,
                   Bn.                                                                     MAZINGARBE
                                                   1901 son of                             PLOT I. V. 43.
                   Private 241855.                 Samuel and
                                                   Lucy Fowkes, of                         Panoramio
                                                   Ibstock Colliery,                       location of
                                                   Walter aged 8.                          grave exactly

GRAY Frank         Private 25635.    22/03/1918.   Can we find a        Reference on       No body found Pozieres
                   Leics. Regt 7th                 census reference?    Great War Forum                  Memorial.
(Search for him    Btn                                                  Blog                             Panel 29/30
yourself at this
link)                                                                                                       Panoramio
GRAY John W        Leics Regt 9th   Aged 23 –      1919 Son of Son     Reference on Great   Ibstock St
                   Battalion        20/3/1919      of Jacob and Emma   War Forum Blog       Denys’
                                                   Gray, of 42,                             Churchyard.
                   Private 40219.   Born Ibstock   Melbourne Rd.,
                                                   Ibstock.                                 Grave -
                                                   1901 son of                              location
                                                   Jacob and
                                                   Emma Gray of                             Grave
                                                   Melbourne                                Photograph
                                                   Road, Ibstock.                           obtained.
                                                   John W. Gray,
                                                   aged 5
GREEN Lester       Sergeant C/213    15/7/1916     Can we find a       Reference on         No body found Pier and Face
                   Kings Royal Rifle               census reference?   great War Forum                    13 A and 13 B.
(Search for him    Corps 16th btn.                                     blog                               Memorial:
yourself at this                                                                                          THIEPVAL
link)                                                                                                     MEMORIAL


HAMMERSLEY         Private 27936    25/01/1917     Can we find a       Reference on Great   No body         Panel 34.
Arthur             North                           census reference?   War Forum blog       Found           Basra
                   Staffordshire                                                                            memorial
(Search for him    Regiment Unit                                                                            Iraq.
yourself at this   Text: 7th Bn
link)                                                                                                       Panoramio
                                                                                                            not properly
HOLLAND            Private 76406      Age: 28        Can we find a         B. 3.
Robert             (Formerly 49878    Date of        census reference?     Cemetery:
                   Leics Regt.).      Death:                               ORS
(Search for him    Manchester         04/11/1918     1918 Son of Arthur    COMMUNAL
yourself at this   Regiment Unit                     and Selina Holland,   CEMETERY
link)              Text: 2nd Bn.                     of 19, Curzon St.,
                                                     Ibstock, Leicester.


                                                                           III. N. 6.
                   Private 21105
HOLLAND                               23/10/1916                           Cemetery:
                   West Riding Regt
Robert             – formerly 24639   born Ibstock                         QUARRY
                   Leic Regiment                                           CEMETERY,
(Search for him                                                            MONTAUBAN
yourself at this

HOLLARD R                                            Can we find a
                                                     census reference?
(Search for him
yourself at this
HOUGHTON           Private 13070      Aged 30     Can we find a       Reference on Great    V. C. 43.
Arthur Henry       Leics Regt 8th Btn died        census reference?   War Forum Blog        Cemetery:
                                      16/2/1917                                             VERMELLES
(Search for him                                   1917 Son of                               BRITISH
yourself at this                                  Charles                                   CEMETERY
link)                                             Houghton, 297
                                                  Melbourne Road,                           Panoramio
                                                  Ibstock                                   location
                                                                                            Graveyard not
                                                                                            properly found

JACQUES            Royal Air       30/09/1918     1901 Son of         The Great War Forum   FLESQUIERES
Thomas Hexall      force 12th                     William and         tells us: Aircraft    HILL BRITISH
                   Squadron 2nd                   Lydia Jacques       C2442 of the 12th     CEMETERY Plot
                   Lt                             of Battram          Squadron (an RE8      VI. B. 17.
                                                  Lane, Ibstock       machine) had been
                                                  aged 7.             at Mory for less      Panoramio
                                                                      than 2 weeks. The     location
                                                                      crew were shot
                                                                      down in flames over
                                                                      probably by Ltn
                                                                      Henkel, Jasta 37.

                                                                      Further information
                                                                      can be found on the
                                                                      Panoramio link at
LANCE NV           Private 20759     20/6/1916    Can we find a         Reference on Great   IV. B. 3.
                   King’s Own                     census reference?     War Forum Blog       Cemetery:
LANE Noel          Scottish                                                                  VERMELLES
Victor             Borderers 7/8th                1916 Son of Henry                          BRITISH
                   Bn.                            and Emma Lane, of                          CEMETERY
(Search for him                                   154, High St.,
yourself at this                                  Ibstock,                                   Panoramio
link)                                             Leicestershire                             location
                                                                                             Graveyard not
LARDNER            Royal Field       Aged 48 -    1918 Son of                                Ibstock St      Panoramio
James William      Artillery 66th    12/10/1918   Thomas and Mary                            Denys’          location of
                   Bty.                           Lardner, of Witney,                        Churchyard.     the house.
                                                  Husband of Agnes                           Grave -
                                                  Clara Lardner, of                          Panoramio
                                                  10, Leicester Rd.,                         location
                                                  Can we find a
                                                  census reference?

LESTER J                                          Can we find a
                                                  census reference?
(Search for him
yourself at this
LEWIS Isaac        Sapper 136017       Born Ibstock   1901 son of Tom     Reference on Great   II. H. 10.
                   Royal Engineers     died           and Martha Lewis    War Forum Blog       Cemetery:
(Search for him    254 Tunnelling      19/6/1917      of Hugglescote                           POPERINGHE
yourself at this   Company                            Road, Ibstock.                           NEW
link)                                                 Aged 11.                                 MILITARY

                                                                                               location of the

LOVATT             Leics. Regt.        14/07/1916     Can we find a       Reference on         No body found Theipval
Leonard            7th btn                            census reference?   Great War Forum                    Memorial,
                                                                          Blog                               Pier and Face 2
                                                                                                             C and 3 A.

MARLOW             Private 439778      Died           1901 son of Robert Reference on Great    K2. 3.
Albert Edwin       Leics Regt labour   30/10/1918     and Hannah          War Forum Blog       Cemetery:
                   Corps                              Marlow of Sand Pit,                      Ibstock St
(Search for him                                       Melbourne Road,                          Denys’
yourself at this                                      Ibstock, aged 7                          Churchyard.
MARTIN John        Corporal 17361     16/3/1916   Can we find a                           A. 3.
                   Leics Regt., 1st               census reference?                       Cemetery:
(Search for him    Bn,                                                                    WHITE HOUSE
yourself at this                                                                          CEMETERY,
link)                                                                                     ST. JEAN-LES-


                                                                                          Photograph of

MASON Wilfred      Private 241146     26/5/1917   Can we find a       Reference on        No body found
                   Leics Regt.,                   census reference?   Great War Forum                     TYNE COT
(Search for him    2nd/5th Bn.                                        blog                                MEMORIAL
yourself at this
link)                                                                                                     Panoramio
                                                                                                          location of
MATTLEY            Leics. Regt.       24/9/1917   Can we find a       Reference on        Wieltje Farm
Albert             2/4 btn                        census reference?   Great War Forum     Cemetery,
                   private                                            blog                Ypres. GRAVE
                   201979                                                                 PLOT C9
                                                                      Another reference
                                                                      on Great War      Panoramio
                                                                      Forum blog        location of the
NAYLOR John        Private 3850        8/4/1918     Can we find a        Reference on Great        No body found TYNE COT
William            Australian          aged 28      census reference?    War Forum blog                          MEMORIAL
                   Infantry 20th Bn.
(Search for him                                     1918 Son of Mr JP                                                  Panoramio
yourself at this                                    and Mrs S Naylor                                                   location of the
link)                                               Chapel Lane,                                                       grave

                                                    FORCES AIF
NEWMAN             Corporal in the     Aged 28 -    1917 Son of          An unreferenced           LIJSSENTHOEK
Arthur             Royal Flying        18/08/1917   William Betteridge   comment on Great          MILITARY
Betteridge         Corps 4th                        Newman and Annie     War Forum by              CEMETERY Plot
                   Squadron 13210                   Newman, of           “Chris_B” suggests        XVII. AA. 17.
                                                    "Hazeldene,"         that he was a
                                                    Ibstock.             “dispatch rider and       Panoramio link to
                                                                         died as the result of     grave.
                                                    Can we find a        injuries sustained in a
                                                    census reference?    night time collision. A   Check his entry
                                                                         report had appeared       on the cemetery
                                                                         in a local newspaper.     website for
                                                                         He was one of four        yourself.
                                                                         brothers serving in the
                                                                         Army.”                    LINK TO Picture
                                                                                                   of Gravestone
                                                                                                   from cemetery
                                                                                                   web site.
OTTEY Arthur   Private            Aged 23 –    1918 34,               Reference on Great   No body found   Vis en
T              241478 in the      22/8/1918    Orchard Street,        War Forum Blog                       Artois
               Leics. Regt.                    IBSTOCK                                                     MEMORIAL
               7th Battalion                                                                               PANEL
                                               1918 Son of
                                               Samuel Thomas                                               Location of
                                               Ottey and                                                   graveyard on
                                               Sarah J. Ottey,                                             Panoramio
                                               of 34, Orchard
                                               St., Ibstock,

                                               location of the

                                               Can we find a
                                               census reference?
OVERTON        King's Royal       Aged 19 -    1916 Son of Ernest     Reference on         CATERPILLAR
Ernest David   Rifle Corps 16th   25/08/1916   and Catherine          great War Forum      VALLEY
               Btn. Rifleman                   Overton, of 13,        blog                 CEMETERY,
               R/19431                         Curzon St., Ibstock.                        LONGUEVAL
                                                                                           PLOT XXX. B.
                                               Can we find a                               4.
                                               census reference?
                                                                                           Location of
                                                                                           graveyard on
PARTNER Cyril      Private 414621    Born 1894       1901 son of             Reference on Great   No body found VIMY
Thomas             Canadian Infantry Ibstock.        William and Annie       War Forum blog                     MEMORIAL
                   Nova Scotia                       Partner, Orchard
(Search for him    Regiment 25th Bn Died aged 23     Street, Ibstock.                                              Memorial
yourself at this                     16/9/1916       Aged 7.                                                       location on
link)                                                                                                              Panoramio
                                                     1916 Son of Annie
                                                     Partner, of
                                                     Stellarton, Pictou
                                                     Co., Nova Scotia,
                                                     CANADA and the
                                                     late William
PARTNER            Private 200892     Born 1898      1918 Of Daniel and Reference on              I. 76.
Harry              Leics Regt., 1st   Ibstock died   Agnes Partner, of 6, Great War Forum         Cemetery:
                   4th bn             4/5/1918       Battram Rd.,         blog                    FOUQUIERES
(Search for him                                      Ellistown,                                   CHURCHYARD
yourself at this                                     Leicestershire.                              EXTENSION
                                                                                                  Location of
                                                                                                  Graveyard on
PEPPER             Gunner             Age 20         Can we find a           Further              No body found 9. Memorial:
Edward Wilfred     RMA/13437          13/5/1915      census reference?       information on                        PORTSMOUT
                   Royal Marine                                              the ship and it’s    Goliath was      H NAVAL
(Search for him    Artillery HMS                     1915 Son of             sinking, including   Torpedoed by     MEMORIAL
yourself at this   “Goliath”                         Catherine Halls         pictures.            Turkish gunboat
link)                                                (formerly Pepper),                           and sank off     Panoramio
                                                     of 62, Leicester Rd.,                        Gallipoli 13 May location of
                                                     Ibstock,                                     1915 drowning    wreck
                                                     Leicestershire.                              570 of 700 crew.
                                                                                                                   location of 62
PERRY John         Rifle Brigade      Aged 19 -      1918 Son of Alfred                      TERLINCTHUN     Panoramio
William            2nd Bn. 40937      02/08/1918     and Sarah Perry, of                     BRITISH         location of
                                                     69, Chapel St.,                         CEMETERY,       the house at
                                      Born Ibstock   Ibstock                                 WIMILLE Plot    69 Chapel
                                                                                             VIII. D. 15.    Street,
                                                     1901 son of Alfred                                      Ibstock.
                                                     And Sarah Perry,                        Panoramio
                                                     of Ravenstone                           location of
                                                     Road. Ibstock                           graveyard
                                                     Aged 1
PRESTON            Private 235128     Born 1895      1901 Possibly                           No body found Panel 90 to 92
Samuel Oliver      (formerly 203416   Quorn          Samuel O Preston,                                     and 162 to
                   Leics Regt.) of                   born Quorn of                                         162A.
(Search for him    South Staffs       Died           Alma Cottages,
yourself at this   Regt., 1st Bn.     4/10/1917      Meeting Street,                                         Memorial:
link)                                                                                                        TYNE COT
                                                     Qourn, Leics. Son
                                                     of Thomas S
                                                     Preston and                                             Location of
                                                     Annie.                                                  Memorial on

PRICE Arthur       Private 17879      14/7/1916      Can we find a         Reference on      No body found Pier and Face 2
                   Leics Regt. 7th                   census reference?     Great War Forum                 C and 3 A.
(Search for him    Bn.                                                     Blog                            Memorial:
yourself at this
link)                                                                                                        THIEPVAL

                                                                                                             location of
QUILTER            Leics Regt.   Aged 23 –   1901 son of            Reference on         La Chapellette
Arthur Edward      2nd/5th Bn,   2/5/1917    Samuel and             Great War Forum      Cemetery ,
                                             Minnie Quilter,        blog                 Peronne
                   Corporal      Born 1895   of Battram                                  FRANCE
                   241009        Battram     Road, aged 6.
                                             1917 Son of Samuel                          location of
                                             and Minnie Quilter,                         grave
                                             of Coronation Villa,
                                             Battram Rd.,

REDSHAW                                      Can we find a          Reference on Great
Bertram                                      census reference?      War Forum blog

(Search for him
yourself at this

RICHARDS SW                                  Can we find a
possibly Sidney                              census reference?

(Search for him
yourself at this
RILEY George       L/CPL 13209.        21/3/1918     Can we find a       Reference on Great   No body found    Panel 29 and
                   Leicestershire                    census reference?   War Forum Blog                       30. Memorial:
(Search for him    Regiment Unit                                                                               POZIERES
yourself at this   Text: 8th Bn.                                                                              MEMORIAL
                                                                                                               location of

ROBSON S           Private 53634       14/04/1918.   Can we find a                            A. 19.
                   Machine Gun                       census reference?                        Cemetery:
Possibly Henry     Corps (Infantry).                                                          ROSSIGNOL
Stuart Robson      Unit 29th Bn.                                                              WOOD
                   (Formerly 3169,                                                            CEMETERY,
(Search for him    Leics Regt.).                                                              HEBUTERNE
yourself at this
link)                                                                                         Panoramio
                                                                                              location of
ROLLESTON   Leics Regiment     Aged 25 -    1901 son of Bill     1917 Picture 1,       PHILOSOPHE
John        1st Bn. Corporal   09/03/1917   and Mary Anne        memorial card         BRITISH
            17156                           Rolleston of         belonging to Mr. J.   CEMETERY,
                                            Ravenstone           Newman of Ibstock.    MAZINGARBE
                                            Road, Ibstock,                             Plot I. M. 38
                                            aged 10.             Picture 2, John
                                                                 Rolleston in 1917 –    Gravestone in
                                            1917 Son of Bill     picture property of    France – precise
                                            and Mary Ann         Mr. J Newman.          Panoramio
                                            Rolleston, of 249,                          location – image
                                            Melbourne Rd.,       Obituary material      property of Mr J
                                            Ibstock Leicester.   published and brothers Newman.
                                                                 John and William
                                                                 Rolleston. Provided
                                                                                        Portrait located
                                                                 by family of Mr J.
                                                                 Newman.                in cemetery in
                                                                 Reference made to
                                                                 John on brother’s
                                                                 grave in Ibstock
                                                                 cemetery Grave
ROLLESTON          Royal Sussex       Aged 23 -     1901 Census - son    1916 aged 20 picture     IBSTOCK (ST.
William            Regiment 3rd Bn.   02/11/1918    of Bill and Mary     – belonging to Mr. J,    DENYS)
                   Private G/15056                  Anne Rolleston of    Newman.                  CHURCHYARD
                                                    Ravenstone Road,
                                                    Ibstock, aged 5      1916 aged 20             Precise location
                                                                         photograph belonging     of Gravestone -
                                                    1918 Son of Bill     to Mr. J Newman of       Panoramio
                                                    and Mary Ann         Ibstock.                 location
                                                    Rolleston, of 249,
                                                    Melbourne Rd.,       1918 Memorial card       Panoramio link
                                                    Ibstock.             aged 22 picture –
                                                                                                  to portrait
                                                                         belonging to Mr. J,
                                                                                                  property of Mr J
                                                                         Obituary material        Newman.
                                                                         published and brothers
                                                                         John and William         Grave stone
                                                                         Rolleston. Provided      photograph in
                                                                         by family of Mr J.       Ibstock
                                                                         Newman.                  Churchyard.

ROSE Hollis        Private 235132       Age: 20     Can we find a                                 No body found Panel 90 to 92
Hawton             South                Date of     census reference?                                           and 162 to
                   Staffordshire        Death:                                                                  162A.
(Search for him    Regiment Unit      04/10/1917.   1917 Son of Jane                                            Memorial:
yourself at this   Text: 1st Bn.                    Parsons Rose, late                                          TYNE COT
link)              (Formerly 203464                 of Swerford, Oxon.                                          MEMORIAL
                   Leics. Regt.).
                                                                                                                     location of
SATCHWELL          Leics. Regt.        Aged 24 –      1916 38, High       Reference on Great   U. 2. Berles du
Joseph             8th Bn. Private     6/2/1916       Street,             War Forum Blog       Bois, France
                   16131                              IBSTOCK
                                       Born Ibstock                                            Panoramio
                                                      1901 son of                              location of
                                                      Thomas and                               cemetery
                                                      Satchwell, of                            Photograph of
                                                      High Street,                             grave
                                                      Ibstock. Aged
                                                                                               Film clip of
                                                      9, bn Ibstock.
                                                                                               cemetery and
SHARPE             Private 44299.      Date of        Can we find a       Reference on Great      III. M. 37.
George                                 Death:         census reference?   War Forum Blog          Cemetery:
                   Cambridgeshire      05/09/1918                                                 PERONNE
(Search for him    Regiment Unit                                                                 COMMUNAL
yourself at this   Text: 1st/1st Bn.                                                              CEMETERY
link)                                                                                            EXTENSION

                                                                                                 location of

SHARPE John        Private 23304       28/08/1917     Can we find a                            No body found      Panel 12.
Thomas             Leics Regt 2nd                     census reference?                                          Memorial:
                   battalion                                                                                       Basra
(Search for him                                                                                                  memorial
yourself at this                                                                                                   Iraq.
                                                                                                                 location of
SHARPE             Private 10565     01/11/1914   Can we find a         No body found Panel 11.
Sydney             Coldstream                     census reference?                   Memorial:
Herbert            Guards Unit Text:                                                  YPRES
                   2nd Bn.                                                            (MENIN
(Search for him                                                                       GATE)
yourself at this                                                                      MEMORIAL
                                                                                      location of the

SHARPE             Canadian Field   Aged 23 -     1916 Son of           CONTAY
George Platts      Artillery 2nd    14/11/1916    Thomas and            BRITISH
                   Brigade Gunner                 Elizabeth Sharp, of   CEMETERY,
(Search for him    85784                          Ibstock               CONTAY Plot
yourself at this                                                        II. F. 30.
                                                                        location of
SLATER J                                          Can we find a
                                                  census reference?
Possibly John

(Search for him
yourself at this
SLEITH Alfred      Private 13147        25/9/1916    Can we find a       Reference on Great   No body found Pier and Face 2
                                                     census reference?   War Forum Blog                       C and 3 A.
(Search for him    Leics Regt. 8th Bn                                                                         Memorial:
yourself at this                                                                                             THIEPVAL
link)                                                                                                        MEMORIAL

                                                                                                                location of

SMITH George       Sergt. 32545.        26/04/1918   Can we find a                            No body found Panel 90 to 92
William                                              census reference?                                      and 162 to
                   South                                                                                    162A.
(Search for him    Staffordshire                                                                            Memorial:
yourself at this   Regiment Unit                                                                            TYNE COT
link)              Text: 4th Bn                                                                             MEMORIAL

                                                                                                              location of

SMITH Samuel        Private 49846.      08/11/1918   Can we find a       Reference on Great   I. F. 33.
                                                     census reference?   War Forum blog       Cemetery: ST.
(Search for him     Leicestershire                                                            SOUPLET
yourself at this    Regiment Unit                                                             BRITISH
link)              Text: 1st/5th Bn.                                                          CEMETERY

                                                                                              location of
STEEL John         Private 41413.       Age: 19    Can we find a        Reference on Great   No body found Panel 34 to 35
William                                 Date of    census reference?    War Forum Blog                     and 162A.
                   Norfolk Regiment     Death:                                                             Memorial:
(Search for him    Unit Text: 9th     15/04/1918   1918 Son of George                                      TYNE COT
yourself at this   Bn.                             and Eliza Harriet                                       MEMORIAL
link)                                              Steel, of 55-57,
                                                   High St., Ibstock,                                        Panoramio
                                                   Leicester.                                                location of the

                                                                                                           location of the
                                                                                                            family house
STORER John        Able Seaman        05/09/1918                        Reference on Great   No body found Panel 1 and 2.
Henry              Bristol Z/4855                                       War Forum Ibstock                  Memorial: Vis
                   Royal Naval                                          blog                               en Artois
(Search for him    Volunteer                                                                               MEMORIAL
yourself at this   Reserve. “Drake”                                                                        PANEL
link)              Bn. RN
                                                                                                             location of

THOMSON            Royal Scots        Aged 23 -    1914 Son of                               MERVILLE
Kenneth Clarke     Fusiliers 2nd      31/12/1914   Samuel                                    COMMUNAL
                   Bn.                             Marshall                                  CEMETERY I.
                   Lieutenant.                     Thomson and                               L. 1.
                                                   Edith Mary
                                                   Thomson, of
                                                   Grey Lodge,
                                                                                             location of
                                                   Mentioned in
                                                                                             Photograph of
THOMSON          Leics.         13/5/1915   1915 Grey         Sanctuary
Samuel Pestell   Yeomanry 1/1               Lodge, Groby,     Wood
Donald                                      Leicester         Cemetery,
                 Lieutenant L                                 Ypres. GRAVE
                                            1901 son of       PLOT II B 2
                                            Samuel M
                                            Thomson and
                                            Edith M
                                            Thomson of        Panoramio
                                            Linwood House,    location of exact
                                            Napier Street,    grave
                                            Born Glasgow.
                                                              Photograph of the
                                            (Not mentioned
                                            on this census
                                            but this is his

                                            Brother also
                                            killed, see
                                            Kenneth Clarke.
TIMMINS         Leics. Regt.      Aged 22 –    1918 Son of           No body found Vis en
Robert J        7th Bn. Private   11/9/1918    Elizabeth                           Artois
                48864                          Timmins 3                           MEMORIAL
                                               Grange Road,                        PANEL 5
                                               IBSTOCK and
                                               late Elijah                            Panoramio
                                               Timmins.                               location of
                                               1918 Husband
                                               of Mrs Roe,                            Panoramio
                                               formerly                               location of 65
                                                                                      Chapel Street.
                                               Timmins. 65
                                               Chapel St.,
TIMMINS         Coldstream        Aged 36 -    1916 Son of           GROVE TOWN
William Henry   Guards 1st Bn.    17/09/1916   Elizabeth and the     CEMETERY,
                                               late Elijah           MEAULTE
                Lance Corporal                 Timmins, of 3,
                14299                          Grange Rd.,           I. D. 37.
                                               1916 Husband of E.    location of
                                               A. Timmins, of 59,    grave
                                               Haunchwood Rd.,
                                                                     Picture of the
                                               Enlisted 28th Dec.,
TYERS William      Private 36748       Aged 29 –    1917 Son of          Reference on         Hargicourt          Panoramio
Blakley            Northumberla        10/9/1917    Walter and           Great War Forum      British             location of 80,
                   nd Fusiliers                     Mary Tyers, of       Blog                 Cemetery, St        High Street.
                   25th Tyne side                   Ibstock,                                  Quentin,
                   Btn. Formerly                    husband of                                France PLOT
                   37462 Leics                      Eleanor                                   I.E.27
                   Regt.                            Margaret Tyers,
                                                    of 80, High St.,                          Panoramio
                                                    Ibstock,                                  location of grave
WRIGHT John        Private 203424      16/10/1917   Can we find a        Reference on Great   No body found       Panel 50 to 51.
Howitt             Leics Regt 8th Bn                census reference?    War Forum Blog                             Memorial:
                                                                                                                   TYNE COT
(Search for him                                     1917 Son of                                                    MEMORIAL
yourself at this                                    Thomas and Mary
link)                                               Wright, of 158,                                                 Panoramio
                                                    High St., Ibstock,                                            location of the
                                                    Leicester.                                                      memorial.
WRIGHT             Rifleman            Aged 25 -    1916 Son of                               GROVE TOWN
Benjamin           R/18805             07/11/1916   Thomas and Mary                           CEMETERY,
Thirlby            (Formerly 40277                  Wright, of 158,                           MEAULTE
                   RAMC).                           High St., Ibstock,                        Plot II. C. 21.
                   Regiment/Service                                                           Panoramio
                   : King's Royal                   1901 Son of                               location of the
                   Rifle Corps Unit                 Thomas and Mary                           graveyard
                   Text: "D" Coy.                   Wright of High
                   16th Bn.                         Street, Ibstock.
                                                    Aged 10.
WRIGHT            King's Royal       Aged 29 –         1901 Son of                              Body not       PLOEGSTEE
William Thirlby   Rifle Corps        13/04/1918        Thomas and Mary                          found.         RT
                  "D" Coy. 16th                        Wright of High                                          MEMORIAL
                  Bn.                                  Street, Ibstock.                                        Panel 8
                                                       Aged 12.
                  Rifleman                                                                                     Panoramio site
                  R/18804                              1918 Son of                                             of memorial
                                                       Thomas and Mary
                  ( Formerly 37599                     Wright, of 158,
                  RAMC).                               High St., Ibstock,

                  Sergeant (Pilot)    26 years of      Son of Herbert       Battle of Britain   Ibstock
                  Royal Airforce     age, died         Ernest and Mary      references on       Churchyard -
Black Herbert     Reserve 46th       09/11/1940,       Elizabeth Black;     Remembrance         Panoramio
Ernest (WW2)      Squadron.          service number    husband of           Day wreath.         location
                  740749             740749.           Gwendoline Annie
                                                       Black, of Ibstock.   Further picture.

Storer Alfred     Private            Killed 15 Sept    Son of John and                          Ibstock
(WW2)             14275860 A         1942 aged 31.     Mary Storer, of                          Churchyard -
                  Storer, General                      Ibstock.                                 Panoramio
                  Service Corps                                                                 location
Armston Vernon    Able Seaman.       Killed Dec 12th   Son of Vernon and                        Ibstock
(WW2)             P/JX220240         1942, aged 25.    Mary Armston, of                         Churchyard -
                                     HMS               Ibstock                                  Panoramio
                                     Worcester.                                                 location
Statham Harry     Aircraftsman 1st   Killed            Son of William       Portrait copy       Ibstock
(WW2)             class RAFVR        20/7/1944         and Mary Jane        given by            Cemetery
                  number 1819618                       Statham of           Statham family
                                                       Ibstock.             in Ibstock.
Bird, Arthur                                  Portrait copy
James (WW2)                                   given by Purvis

                                              Close up.
Harvey J W     Private 5889650   Killed 8     Portrait copy     Buried at
(WW2)          Northamptonshi    April 1945   given by          Medjez el
               re Regiment                    Bremridge         Bab, Tunisia.
Incomplete WW2
WW2 Name   Regimental   Age at death   Addresses given   Great War Forum     Body is actually   Memorial for
           details      and birth      and census        and general notes   buried at:         body not
                                       locations                                                found:
Bagworth, Station Road                          10       Farmer
Canada, Picton, Stellarton                               Partner
Central Avenue                                  20       Chamberlain
Chapel Lane                                              Naylor
Chapel Street                                   65       Timmins
Chapel Street                                   69       Perry
Coalville, Bridge Road                          79       Bodle
Curzon Street                                   13       Overton
Curzon Street                                   19       Holland
Curzon Street                                   25       Foster
Curzon Street                                   69       Adcock
Curzon Street (Pegg’s lane)                              Adcock
Curzon Street (Pegg’s lane)                              Foster
Ellistown, Battram Lane                                  Jacques
Ellistown, Battram Road                                  Ashby
Ellistown, Battram Road                          6       Partner
Ellistown, Battram Road           Coronation Villa       Quilter
Ellistown, Victoria Road                                 Bacon
Gladstone Road                                  71       Dolman
Grange Road                                     26       Bott
Grange Road                                      3       Timmins
Grooby                                                   Thomson
High Street                                              Callier
High Street                                    128       Belcher
High Street                                    154       Lance
High Street                                    158       Wright
High Street                                     38       Satchwell
High Street                                  55-57       Steel
High Street                                     80       Tyers
Hugglescote Road                                         Lewis
                              “Suum Cui que”? Cottages
Hugglescote Road              (50 Leicester Road)        Badcock
Ibstock                       “Hazeldene”                Newman
Ibstock Colliery                                         Fowkes
Leicester Road                                10   Lardner
Leicester Road                                62   Pepper
Leicester Road                                72   Cooper
Melbourne Road                  “Sand Pit”         Marlow
Melbourne Road                               249   Rolleston
Melbourne Road                               297   Houghton
Melbourne Road                                42   Gray
Orchard Street                                     Partner
Orchard Street                                34   Ottey
Orchard Street                                43   Foster
Orchard Street                                 6   Capers
Quorn, Alma Cottages                               Preston
Stockingford, Haunchwood Road                 59   Timmins
Working list of cemetery and memorial locations
DUNNICLIFFE Alfred Walter ?
RICHARDS SW possibly Sidney William Richards
TYERS WB William Blakley                       Aisne ,St Quentin Hargicourt British Cemetery, St Quentin, France
BADCOCK Henry Camp                             Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
SHARPE Sydney Herbert                          Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
MARTIN John                                    Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres WHITE HOUSE CEMETERY, ST. JEAN-LES-
BENN Joseph Miller                             YPRES West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
MASON Wilfred                                  Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
NAYLOR John William                            Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
(Search for him yourself at this link)
PRESTON Samuel Oliver                          Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
ROSE Hollis Hawton                             Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
SMITH George William                           Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
STEEL John William                             Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
WRIGHT John Howit                              Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Zonnebeke, TYNE COT MEMORIAL
NEWMAN Arthur Betteridge                       Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Poperinge, LIJSSENTHOEK MILITARY CEMETERY
LEWIS Isaac                                    Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, POPERINGHE NEW MILITARY CEMETERY.
WRIGHT William Thirlby                         Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL
THOMSON Samuel Pestell Donald                  Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Ypres.
MATTLEY Albert                                 Belgium, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres Wieltje Farm Cemetery, Ypres.
PEPPER Edward Wilfred                          Gallipoli PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
FLAHERTY J                                     Gallipoli Skew Bridge Cemetery -Gallipoli
ROLLESTON William                              IBSTOCK (ST. DENYS) CHURCHYARD
GRAY John W                    Ibstock St Denys’ Churchyard.
LARDNER James William          Ibstock St Denys’ Churchyard.
MARLOW Albert Edwin            Ibstock St Denys’ Churchyard.
CALLIER John Frederick         Iraq Basra memorial Iraq.
HAMMERSLEY Arthur              Iraq Basra memorial Iraq.
SHARPE John Thomas             Iraq Basra memorial Iraq.
COX John Charles               Leicestershire BURTON OVERY (ST. ANDREW) CHURCHYARD
SMITH Samuel                   Nord, ST. SOUPLET BRITISH CEMETERY
DAWSON Bertie                  Nord, Thiennes TANNAY BRITISH CEMETERY, THIENNES
HOLLAND Robert                 Nord, ORS COMMUNAL CEMETERY
ALLEN Arthur                   Pas de Calais CAMBRIN MILITARY CEMETERY
CHAMBERLAIN George Miller      Pas de Calais, Hersin Communal Cemetery Extension
Or                             Pas de Calais, Arras memorial
SATCHWELL Joseph               Pas de Calais, Berles au Bois, France
BRIERS Cyril Ernest            Pas de Calais, Cambrin Churchyard Extension
DOLMAN Albert Victor           Pas de Calais, CAMBRIN CHURCHYARD EXTENSION
HOLLAND Robert                 III. N. 6. Cemetery: QUARRY CEMETERY, MONTAUBAN
FARMER Berti                   Pas de Calais, FOUQUIERES CHURCHYARD EXTENSION
ROBSON S                       Pas de Calais, Hebuterne ROSSIGNOL WOOD CEMETERY, HEBUTERNE
FOWKES Walter                  Pas de Calais, Mazingarbe PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE
Possibly Henry Stuart Robson
ROLLESTON John                 Pas de Calais, Mazingarbe PHILOSOPHE BRITISH CEMETERY, MAZINGARBE
BOTT George Sydney             Pas de Calais, Pernes British Cemetery VI. A. 35.
CAPERS Thomas Edwin            Pas de Calais, Saulty, Warlincourt Halte Cemetery, Saulty, Pas de Calais.
HOUGHTON Arthur Henry          Pas de Calais, VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERY
LANCE NV                       Pas de Calais, VERMELLES BRITISH CEMETERY
PARTNER Cyril Thomas           Pas de Calais, VIMY MEMORIAL
LANE Noel Victor
TIMMINS Robert J               Pas de Calais, Vis en Artois MEMORIAL
OTTEY Arthur T                           Pas de Calais, Vis en Artois MEMORIAL PANEL
STORER John Henry                        Pas de Calais, Vis en Artois MEMORIAL PANEL
PERRY John William                       Pas de Calais, Wimille TERLINCTHUN BRITISH CEMETERY, WIMILLE Plot VIII.
BODLE Samuel                             D. 15.
                                         Seine-Maritime, Rouen ST. SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN
BACON George Louis                       Somme CERISY-GAILLY MILITARY CEMETERY
SHARPE George Platts                     Somme CONTAY BRITISH CEMETERY, CONTAY
BURTON George                            Somme Epehy Wood Farm
OVERTON Ernest David                     Somme Longueval CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL
ASHBY Robert                             Somme, Becordel Norfolk Cemetery Becordel-Becourt,
TIMMINS William Henry                    Somme, Meaulte GROVE TOWN CEMETERY, MEAULTE
WRIGHT Benjamin Thirlby                  Somme, Meaulte GROVE TOWN CEMETERY, MEAULTE
SHARPE George                            Somme, PERONNE COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION
QUILTER Arthur Edward                    Somme, Peronne La Chapellette Cemetery , Peronne FRANCE
RILEY George                             Somme, POZIERES MEMORIAL
FOSTER Richard Philip                    Somme, Pozieres Memorial.
(Search for him yourself at this link)
GRAY Frank                               Somme, Pozieres Memorial. Panel 29/30
GREEN Lester                             Somme, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
(Search for him yourself at this link)
LOVATT Leonard                           Somme, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
PRICE Arthur                             Somme, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
SLEITH Alfred                            Somme, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL
(Search for him yourself at this link)
Members of the Leicester Regiment, or linked to them.
                    BACON George Louis             Leicester 1st btn.
                   BADCOCK Henry Camp              Leicester 1st btn.
                    BOTT George Sydney             Leicester 1st btn.
                       FARMER Bertie               Leicester 1st btn.
                        MARTIN John                Leicester 1st btn.
                       PARTNER Harry               Leicester 1st btn.
                      ROLLESTON John               Leicester 1st btn.
                        SMITH Samuel               Leicester 1st btn.
               THOMSON Samuel Pestell Donald       Leicester 1st btn.
                   CALLIER John Frederick          Leicester 2nd btn.
                       MASON Wilfred               Leicester 2nd btn.
                       MATTLEY Albert              Leicester 2nd btn.
                  QUILTER Arthur Edward            Leicester 2nd btn.
                   SHARPE John Thomas              Leicester 2nd btn.
                         BELCHER H                 Leicester 3rd Btn.
                   FOSTER Richard Philip           Leicester 6th Btn.
                     BENN Joseph Miller            Leicester 7th Btn
                         GRAY Frank                Leicester 7th Btn
                      LOVATT Leonard               Leicester 7th Btn
                       OTTEY Arthur T              Leicester 7th Btn
                         PRICE Arthur              Leicester 7th Btn
                      TIMMINS Robert J             Leicester 7th Btn
                  HOUGHTON Arthur Henry            Leicester 8th Btn.
                        RILEY George               Leicester 8th Btn.
                     SATCHWELL Joseph              Leicester 8th Btn.
                        SLEITH Alfred              Leicester 8th Btn.
                     WRIGHT John Howitt            Leicester 8th Btn.
                        GRAY John W                Leicester 9th Btn.
                   MARLOW Albert Edwin          Leicester Labour Corps
                        ALLEN Arthur           Moved to another Regiment
                  PRESTON Samuel Oliver        Moved to another Regiment
                          ROBSON S             Moved to another Regiment
                     ROSE Hollis Hawton        Moved to another Regiment
                    TYERS William Blakley      Moved to another Regiment

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