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Mr. Srinivas Goud.

Managing Director, Neelima Constructions

Flat No 201, Gayatri Arcade

Opp St.Ann’s School

West Marredpally

Secunderabad – 500026

Dear Sir,

Subject : Handover of Flat NO XyZ at Neelima Heights,Survey No 128 & 129, Miyapur Village.

Further to the agreement of sale we executed on DD/MMM/YYYY towards the above mentioned flat in
Miyapur Village, It is with great disappointment that I write to you that Iam still not being given the
possession of my Apartment.

As per the agreement , The total sale consideration is XYZ Rupees Only and as per our terms and
conditions for payments in the agreement -

        According to Point no 2 , I was supposed to pay Rupees XYZ as Advance Sale Consideration to
you. This was fulfilled by me Vide my ICICI Cheque no XXXXXXXXX.

        According to Point N0 3 – I was supposed to pay 30% of the total Sale consideration XYZ Rupees
during registration of the Flat. This was fulfilled by me paying XYZ rupees with the ICICI Bank loan
Disbursement to you on DD/MMM/YYYY vide ICICI Cheque no XXXXXXXXX.

         According to Point no 4 – I was supposed to pay the remaining XYZ rupees in the following

                 According to Point 4A – Rupees XYZ only at the time of SLAB completion. This was
fulfilled by me paying XYZ with the ICICI Bank Loan Disbursement to you on DD/MMM/YYYY vide ICICI
Cheque no XXXXXXXXX.

                  According to Point 4B – Rupees XYZ at the time of completion of Brick work and
Plastering. This is yet to be fulfilled as the Brick work and Plastering is yet to completed.

               According to Point 4C and 4D are yet to be fulfilled by me as the work you have
promised to complete to claim payments is yet to be fulfilled by you.

Further, We have also executed a Agreement for Work order dated DD/MMM/YYYY and as per this
under section 6 you were supposed to handover a completed and a peaceful flat for living by
While I have been honoring my commitments with due diligence as laid out in the sale agreement, Iam
very disappointed that you are unable to keep up the commitments made by you. I have been following
up with you on numerous occasions during the past two years at your office, and at site and also
attended all the site meetings conveyed by you. I have been only getting false assurances of completion
and Iam still yet to get my flat no XXX as on Date. This has disturbed me a lot emotionally and a
physically in following up with you to take possession of my flat,.

Notwithstanding the Above, Your irresponsible action of not providing me with my flat on time has also
caused me financial loss to a tune of rupees XYZ. (Iam attaching a copy of my Pre EMI statement payed
to ICICI along with this letter.) In addition to this I have been paying a rent on my current apartment at
Rupees XYZ/- which is amounting to XYZ Rupees for 21 Months from September 2007.

In view of the Above, I would request you to confirm the following to me in writing immediately within 7
days from the date of this letter.

    1. That you will be handing over the possession of my flat as per the terms agreed in the work
       order in 30 days time from now which is on or before 4th August,2009.
    2. The financial damage incurred by me amounting to XYZ will be adjusted against the balance
       payments to be made to you under a written assurance that you will be handing over my Flat to
       me in 30 days time.
    3. Failure to handover that Flat within 30 days from the date of this letter,In addition to the above
       damages as mentioned in point no2, You will be liable to pay all Bank Charges including EMI
       Interest Payable by me and my monthly rent from thereon until you finish and handover the Flat
       to me.

Looking forward to hearing from you in writing.

Thanking you.

Sincerely Yours

P. Barnabas Paul Sadhanand.
Flat no 101, 4 Block, S.R.Estates

FCI WIDIA Colony, Miyapur


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