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									  Paid Surveys Crash Course
   How to Get Paid Taking Surveys in Your Spare Time

                         By Sam Parker


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Table of Content

Introduction ………………………………………………………………….                                                 5

Is your opinion really worth money? .................................................   6

The most popular surveys to take ……………………………………....                                     8

Tips to make your survey experience successful …………………....                              13

Don't make this beginner mistake! ……………………………………....                                    16

Make sure you get surveys! ……………………………………………….                                          18

How getting paid for taking surveys works? …………………………..                                 19

Get evidence it really works! ……………………………………………..                                       22

Are survey databases a waste of time? ………………………………...                                   25

Get equipped to earn money ...……………………………………………                                         27

Conclusion …………………………………………………………………...                                                 29

Success stories ..…………………………………………………………….                                              30

  Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009                         4


First of all I'd like to thank you for downloading this report. I hope you'll find it

I have been in the paid survey business for the past three years and I am going
to do my best to help you learn more about this amazing opportunity.

Paid Surveys are great, but you can easily get burned if you don't know what you
are doing. I was once a paid survey novice, just like you, and I made many
mistakes that could have been avoided if I had someone to guide me…

The purpose of this course is to educate you on what paid surveys really are and
how they work. It is jam packed with insider tips that can help you getting started
successfully and with top surveys to take.

Learn and prosper!

Sam Parker

  Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009                    5
Part 1: Is your opinion really worth money?

I came across paid surveys when I spent days searching for jobs on the Internet.
One day I visited a market research web site that offered $30 for answering a
questionnaire. I didn’t believe I would ever get the money but I had nothing better
to do on that day so I went ahead. It took about 20 minutes to complete. When I
received a $30 paycheck from this company two weeks later, I understood it was
for real!

All of this was new for me… But paid surveys are not new! Opinion research has
been used by marketers for decades as a way to explore customer needs. The
reason is simple: The better they understand us as consumers, the more money
they can make.

Every year companies and institutions spend over 280 Billion dollars on
marketing efforts to convince consumers to buy products and services. That's

A significant part of this money is directed to opinion research because the main
challenge that corporations face is how to get into the consumers' heads.
Thousands of innovative products are released every year but many of them fail
in the marketplace. These corporations invest tremendous efforts to develop new
successful products but they often miss what consumers really want. For
marketers, it's a fatal flaw. Failing to understand consumers leads to marketing

A famous example of an innovative product that went wrong in the marketplace is
ThirstyDog and ThirstyCat, the first bottled waters created especially for dogs
and cats. The water was loaded with vitamins and minerals and its carbonated
flavors included crispy beef for dogs and tangy fish for cats. This product was
promoted through television ads, radio spots, billboards, coupons in newspapers

  Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009              6
and point of purchase displays. It was distributed through
supermarkets and pet stores. The result was a big flop! The
product concept was original but it wasn't accepted by
consumers. Millions of dollars were invested to develop and
promote this product but all this money was spent in vain
because the marketer didn't get into the consumer's head. An
extensive survey conducted among pets owners could have
made a difference and saved millions of dollars invested in this

Savvy marketers have used surveys for years as a way to explore
consumer needs. People like you and me are invited to give their opinions on
various topics and this information is used to elaborate their marketing strategies.

Because they need to know what consumers want very quickly and because very
few people will volunteer this information for free, corporations are willing to pay
for our opinions. It makes perfect business sense for them and it's a great
opportunity for you and me.

To make it short and to the point, your opinion is really worth money!

How much? I'll answer this question in the next section.

Before you read on, I recommend you to join these two excellent survey
companies in order to get started right now. Every beginner should be registered
with them.

•    Global Test Market (international) – Join here
•    Ipsos i-Say: U.S. Join here / Canada Join here

    Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009            7
Part 2: The Most Popular Surveys to Take

Today the most popular surveys are:
   •   Online surveys: You give your opinion on the Internet. It’s easy and fun.
   •   Focus groups: You participate in an interview conducted among a small
       number of individuals. These discussions are animated and interesting.
       They pay the best.
   •   Shopping surveys: You are paid to shop at the mall or to eat at
       restaurants! No gimmicks! All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire
       about your customer experience.

You can get paid:
   •   $5 - $75 to take online surveys
   •   $10 - $50 to participate in shopping surveys
   •   $20 - $250 to participate in focus groups

The best surveys pay up to $250 an hour because these companies know this
information will give them an edge in the market and they will make more profit
for themselves.

Remark: Let me make myself perfectly clear. I am not claiming that you will make
$250 an hour all day and every day... I’m also not claiming that you will earn $75
for every online survey you complete. But from experience I know that you can
easily earn extra money every month, working in your spare time, with hundreds
of online paid surveys and mystery shopping jobs that are sent directly to your
email. Sometimes you will also receive an invitation for a 1-2 hour focus group
that can pay as much as $250 per session!

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               8
Let’s explain how you can profit from every type of survey.

Online Surveys

Online paid surveys are a new medium used in marketing research for gathering
data on consumer behaviors. People are invited to fill out forms on the Internet
and to give their opinions on various topics. Participants like you and me are
rewarded for completing these surveys.

At least 50% of consumer opinions are gathered with paid online surveys and it is
easy to understand why: With paid online surveys, marketers can collect
consumer opinions quickly and in a cost effective way. Giving incentives to web
participants is much cheaper and more efficient than surveying customers on-
site, over the telephone or through the mail.

Marketers have been using opinion research for decades as a way to explore
customer needs. Paid online surveys are now reinventing the way it is done and
it is a great opportunity for all of us.

I recommend you to join these online panels to increase your chances of
receiving paid surveys:

•    Lightspeed Research: U.S. Join here / Australia Join here / UK Join here

•    Greenfield Online: U.S. Join here / Canada Join here

•    ACOP (international) - Join here

    Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009             9
Focus Groups

A focus group is a personal interview simultaneously conducted among a small
number of individuals; the interview relies more on group discussion than on a
series of directed questions to generate data. It is also called a group in-depth

Unlike the one-way flow of information in a one-on-one interview, paid focus
groups generate data through the give and take of group discussion. Listening as
people share and compare their different points of view provides a wealth of
information — not just about what they think, but why they think the way they do.

When being recruited, potential participants receive a brief description of what
the focus group will be about, as well as assurances that their participation is
entirely voluntary kept confidential.

With focus groups, you will be invited to spend 1-2 hours with a group of 6 to 12
people to discuss a product, service, brand or any other marketing concept. The
meeting is typically held in a pleasant environment and refreshments are served.
During this group session there is interplay of thoughts and ideas to get
insights on consumer attitudes and perceptions.

There are many benefits to focus groups:

   •   A wide range of information can be gathered in a relatively short period of
       time and the market research company can explore related but
       unanticipated topics as they are raised in the discussion.

   •   Focus groups are very well paid – participants can make up to $250 per

   •   These discussions are animated and interesting. They can be a lot of

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009                 10
Remark: because they pay the best, we give a high priority to focus groups in our
paid survey database. One out of hundreds company listed there is Cobbey
Market Research. You can join it now:

Cobbey Market Research – Join here

Mystery Shopping

Simply put, mystery shopping is very much like everyday shopping, but for
money! You just need to be attentive to some details during your shopping trip
and report them to the mystery shopping companies that hire you. Doing so, you
can get paid for eating out at first-class restaurants, shopping at the mall, staying
at hotels and even going to the movies.

Let’s take a mystery shopping assignment at a shoe store for example:

Your mystery shopping job: You go into the ABC Shoe Store on a Monday
afternoon and you notice posters displaying a promotion on all Nikes (20% off) in
the store display window. A salesman named “Andrew” greets you and mentions
you can get an additional 20% off on all Nikes. You thank him and then walk over
to the Nike shoe section. You pick up one pair of Nikes. Another salesman
named “Michael” approaches you and asks if everything is alright. You tell
Michael you are wondering what the difference is between this Nike shoe you are
holding and the pair of New Balance shoes near it. Michael gives you some
details about the different materials used, manufacturing process etc. You tell
him you want to try a pair of Nikes in a size 10. He brings them to you. You try on
the shoes but they are too big. You ask for a smaller size. Michael comes back
with a size 9. They fit. You tell Michael you want to take the shoes. He asks if you
would like a pair of socks with the shoes. They’re 50% off when purchased with a
pair of shoes. You agree to buy the socks too. Michael smiles and rings up
everything quickly and efficiently. You leave the store feeling like you got a good

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               11
deal and good service. You behaved like a normal shopper and nobody would
think you are a mystery shopper.

Your mystery shopping report:

   •   You fill out a questionnaire detailing your customer experience and
       answering specific questions about the promotion posters, whether the
       salesman greeted you, whether the salesman told you about the socks,
       and about other add-on products, etc.

   •   You send this questionnaire by fax or email to the mystery shopping
       companies that hired you for this assignment.

Your payment for this mystery shopping job:

   •   You keep the Nike shoes for free.

   •   You get paid $15 to $50.

Did you ever dream of getting paid for shopping, eating out at restaurants or
going to the local theater? Now you can make that dream a reality as a mystery

The benefits of mystery shopping are plenty. You get free stuff and money. Your
hours are flexible. Your job is varied and fun and you have the satisfaction of
helping to improve the quality of services available for consumers.

Maximum Paid Surveys lists over 250 mystery shopping companies. Jancyn
Evaluation Shops is one of them. You can join it by clicking here:

Jancyn Evaluation Shops – Join Here (click on ‘Work for Us’)

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               12
Part 3: Tips to Make Your Survey Experience Successful

Tip #1: Sign up to as many legitimate survey sites as you can

The more sites you are affiliated with, the better your chances are of being
eligible for more surveys.

Tip #2: Accept every online paid survey opportunity you can.

This is to establish your reliability as a survey worker. Once you show you are
dependable, you will get more of the higher paid surveys in your mailbox. Later
on you will be able to resign from the lower paying survey sites if you wish

Tip #3: Combine all kinds of surveys

To earn the best possible income, you should combine all kinds of surveys:
Online surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping jobs. Taking online surveys
is fine but taking online surveys only is missing out on some of the best
opportunities to earn money! According to our experience top performers devote
at least 50% of their time to Mystery Shopping and focus groups because they
make the most money with it and it’s fun.

Remark: At Maximum Paid Surveys members get access to a board of focus
groups in selected cities and a board listing thousands of current mystery
shopping surveys to take so it’s easy to get started.

Tip #4: Set up a dedicated email inbox

Once you start registering with a lot of companies, you will start receiving plenty
of invitations and you definitely don't want to miss any of these opportunities. For
this reason, we highly recommend setting up a separate email address for

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               13
everything related to paid surveys. By having a separate email account dedicated
to surveys, your survey-related emails won’t be mixed up with other emails and
you won’t miss any survey opportunity. You can set up a free email account at or In our opinion, these are the best free email services
on the web.

Tip #5: Make your life easier and save your fingers by using Roboform

Roboform will automatically fill in your information when signing up for paid
surveys. This will save you time and can usually be completed with one mouse

Tip #6: Fill out the profile section of paid survey sites

When you are participating in online paid surveys, a lot will hinge upon your
personal profile. Where you live, your age, and your interest preferences. It will
depend upon whether the companies needing information are interested in
hearing from you according to your profile.

When you fill out your profile, make sure you check everything you are even
remotely interested in or know anything at all about. This will determine how
many surveys you will be sent. The more you have on your profile, the more
surveys you will be eligible for. Even if some of the subjects are remotely
interesting to you, be sure to include them.

Tip #7: Bookmark paid survey sites in a separate folder

Be sure to bookmark sites where you are required to log in. You may want to
create a folder with separate files for each of your paid survey sites and keep
them in a folder in your documents. This will help to keep you organized and you
will have your user name and password at your fingertips. When the sites are

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               14
bookmarked, you will be able to access the site easier and check to see if they
have any surveys available for you to take.

Tip #8: Open a PayPal account

Opening a PayPal account might be a good idea, if you don’t have one already.
You can go to to sign up. Some of the paid survey sites use
PayPal to send payment. It is a fast and easy process, and your information is
safe with them.

You can join here two more survey panels:

•    Valued Opinions - Join here
•    eSearch (international) – Join here

    Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009        15
Part 4: Don’t make this beginner’s mistake!

If you joined the survey panels recommended in former parts of this course, you
are probably very excited about joining more. I was too when I first discovered
this amazing opportunity. I was so eager to start making money that I began
signing up like crazy with all the survey companies I could find.

Later I discovered that it was a mistake!

What's wrong with joining as many survey companies as you can? Nothing is
wrong. In fact, the more survey companies you join the more surveys you will be
invited to complete, and the more money you will make…

The problem is which survey companies you choose to join. Signing up with all
survey companies without discerning which ones are legitimate and which ones
are not is a BIG MISTAKE.

The really bad thing is that you will get disappointed with paid surveys just
because you didn't register with the right companies!

To make it really work you must register with legitimate companies only!

How can you discern between good and bad survey companies?

Legitimate survey companies comply with the following practices:

   •   Your privacy and the privacy of your answers are ensured.

   •   You will not be sold anything under the guise of research.

   •   You will get paid on time for the surveys you decide to take.

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               16
Illegitimate companies typically do the following:

     •   They try to sell you something and in exchange they promise great

     •   Most of the time nobody gets these rewards!

     •   The Terms & Conditions of these companies (in small print at the bottom
         of their web sites) state they can sell or distribute your personal
         information without asking for any further permission!

If you really want to make money and have a lot of fun with paid surveys,
you must join legitimate companies only.

Let’s take an example. Do you remember the i-Say panel I recommended

Ipsos i-Say is considered one of the leading online panel companies in the
industry. Since 1994, it has been providing consumers with the ability to voice
their opinions by participating in online research surveys and focus groups. Last
year, it paid its members $4,000,000 in cash! Ipsos i-Say is an excellent example
of a legitimate survey company.

Of course other companies I mentioned in this course are legitimate as well.
I bring you here two more legitimate surveys to join:

•    NPD (U.S. and Canada) – Join here
•    Media Curves (U.S.) – Join here

    Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009            17
Part 5: Make sure you get surveys!

I receive many emails from people who inform me that they joined a survey
company and haven’t received any surveys yet.

I did a little research and discovered that most people don't know that
registration is a two step process. This is why some people never receive

Let's take an example. Do you remember the Greenfield Online panel I
recommended you before?

Registration is very easy and takes only 2-3 minutes. After you have registered
you will receive an account where you can track your earnings, see the surveys
you have completed so far and ask for your payment.

The process is the same for other panels as well!

However, most people complete the web sign-up forms and think they are done.
Then they get upset because they don't receive any surveys. It is clearly stated
on these websites that after you complete the web forms, you will receive a
confirmation email with a welcome survey. You must complete that welcome
survey in order to receive any subsequent surveys.

If you don't complete it, they will interpret it as a lack of interest and never contact
you again.

So always remember to check your inbox for the welcome email after you
register with a survey company.

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009                 18
Part 6: How Getting Paid For Taking Surveys Works

It's a simple 3 steps process to make it work for you:

Step 1: Join a professional paid surveys network

The most difficult part about getting paid with surveys is finding an extensive list
of companies, filtering out all the scams that run on the Internet, keeping only
legitimate companies and listing the best opportunities first so money comes

That's a lot of work!

Remark: Maximum Paid Surveys bring you the most professional resource of
paid surveys, focus groups and shopping jobs on the Internet. You will find all
you need to succeed. Click here to learn more.

Step 2: Take Paid Surveys, Focus Groups and Secret Shopping Jobs

All these opportunities want the same thing: Your opinion! This is why you should
combine all of them and join a professional network including all kinds of surveys
(online surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping evaluations).

This is the type of invitation you can receive:

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009                19
$150 for 2 hours of your time... Wow! This invitation was sent by one of the best
paying market research companies listed in at Maximum Paid Surveys.

Important remark: I don't claim here that you will get $150 surveys all day and
every day... What I can guarantee is a deluge of offers paying different fees for
your opinion: $5, $8, $12, $20, $50 and more. You always know up-front what
you will get. With all of them together you can easily earn money every month
with invitations sent directly to your email.

Step 3: Get Your Money, Free Products and Prizes

Many companies pay cash but there are also other forms of rewards to motivate
people to participate in paid online surveys. You can get free products, gift
certificates, be entered in a sweepstake or get "points" that can later be
redeemed for money.

How much you will get paid depends on the specific survey, focus group or
shopping assignment that you have completed. There are companies that pay
instantly via PayPal and others that will send you a check by mail. You'll always
know the details in advance before you participate.

Remark: The best paid surveys are the ones that pay cash! This is why
Maximum Paid Surveys lists them first.

>> Learn more about Maximum Paid Surveys

Maximum Paid Surveys brings you over 760 companies that are guaranteed to
pay. You just need to login, choose your country and join the best paying

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               20
Part 7: Get evidence it really works!

Most people are excited to start taking paid surveys but many of them don’t do it
because they are skeptical. They don’t really believe that they can get paid just
for sharing their honest opinion. They need evidence to believe it:

“Did you say PAID surveys? Show me the money!”

To answer this question I recommend you sign up with another legitimate
company that has grown to over 1.5 million people across 190 countries. With
this company, people earn money by participating in online surveys and to date
this company has paid over $18,000,000 in cash!

Survey Savvy (International) - Join Now

Sign up before you continue reading! Otherwise you will not really understand
what I'll show you.

After you register, login to your account and click the “My Earnings” tag and then
the “Request Payment” tag. Because you just registered now and haven’t taken
any surveys yet, you will see $0. After you take surveys, your balance will
increase and you can have this money sent to you.

Now look at this account at Survey Savvy (next page):

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009             21
You see a screenshot of the same website, except that this Survey Savvy
account belongs to me. I have taken many surveys with this company. At this
point, my earnings are $581 and I can decide to redeem the amount whenever I
want. Your account can look the same!

You can see here two paychecks previously sent by this company: $640 and
$460 for surveys completed a Survey Savvy!

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009           22
I hope that you'll achieve the same results soon with this great market research
company and other surveys that are willing to pay for your opinions.

Remark: Survey Savvy is one out of 760 legitimate market research companies
listed at Maximum Paid Surveys. All of them reward survey takers for their

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009           23
Part 8: Are survey databases a waste of time?

How are you doing with surveys?

I hope you are receiving many invitations but…

You should know that joining only 4-5 companies isn’t enough to receive
daily surveys. Each market research company conducts its own surveys and
only people registered with them will be invited to take surveys. The more
companies you sign up with, the more surveys you will receive! It’s as simple as

I know people who make hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per
month doing surveys. This income can be achieved only if you are registered
with at least 100-200 legitimate survey companies. Joining a few survey
companies is a good start but it isn’t enough to build a new stream of income.

This is why a professional database can be very useful to people who are new to
paid surveys. You need to pay a one time fee but this small investment is
returned from the surveys you receive.

I have registered with over 1000 companies since I started taking surveys three
years ago. I spent a lot of time finding these companies and I discarded many of
them because they were scams!

With a professional database you can skip this hassle. You get access to a huge
collection of legitimate survey companies and the best opportunities are
prioritized so you can make a maximum amount of money as easily and as
quickly as possible.

Why work hard when all the hard work was already done for you?

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009              24
Maximum Paid Surveys was set up to be the most authoritative collection of
legitimate paid surveys on the Internet. Anyone using this program will save a
tremendous amount of time, hassle, and "trial and error". It took us years of hard
work to find, evaluate and keep track of all the real opportunities. The result is a
professional database that makes it easy to get paid for your opinions.

Below you can find one more survey company that every beginner should join:

Mindfield (International) - Join Now

MindField Internet Panels is a leading full-service opinion-gathering company.

This website is held by a reputable market research company that you can join
safely. Of course, companies listed in this report are just a small sample of what
you will find at Maximum Paid Surveys.

For more information go to:

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009               25
Part 9: Get equipped to earn money

Taking paid surveys is a cool way to make money from home. During the past
three years I have explored this opportunity in depth and worked a lot on building
the most professional resource in this field…

But to tell you the truth, my purpose wasn't to take surveys! My purpose was to
make money and surveys were one way to achieve this goal.

You too are probably considering paid surveys as a way to make money but I
guess that like me you are open to other profitable opportunities as well…

Because I understand your need to make money from home, I built a
professional resource that goes far beyond paid surveys.

During the past few years, I have explored many ways to make money from
home. I want to share my experience with you and give you top-notch information
about other opportunities. Discovering all these opportunities was costly and time
consuming. To give you the utmost value, I provide them all with your
subscription. It will save you a tremendous amount of time and money and you
will get connected only to the very best.

With a full membership to Maximum Paid Surveys you get access to many
ways to make money from home:

Path #1 Make money with your opinion:

   •   Paid Surveys (online surveys, focus groups)
   •   Mystery Shopping (shopping surveys)

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009            26
Path #2 Make money with freelance jobs:

   •   Data Entry Jobs
   •   Merchandizing Jobs

Path #3 Set up an online business:

   •   Affiliate Marketing
   •   Net Auctions
   •   InfoProducts

Additional bonuses:

   •   Work at Home Master Course
   •   Get paid to drive
   •   Get paid to read emails
   •   …and more

You will get access not only to the most professional resource for paid
surveys and mystery shopping jobs but also to an amazing package of
opportunities for people who want to make money from home, and all of it
in a single subscription!

Our service over-delivers to ensure you get more than expected with your
subscription. In a word, you will have the most professional tools in your
hands to make money online.

>> Learn more about Maximum Paid Surveys

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009          27

The purpose of this report was to educate you about paid surveys. We hope you
enjoyed reading it and are on your way with paid surveys. You can now make an
informed decision and take it to the next level with Maximum Paid Surveys, the
most professional resource in this industry. You also know that this service goes
far beyond paid surveys and that you will receive a full package to earn money
from home.

I wish you all the best in your online venture.

Sam Parker

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009           28
                        Success Stories

                     "As a Stay-At-Home-Mom to a preschooler and a baby,
                     finding a part-time job to fit my schedule was just too hard,
                     but I really needed some extra income to pay for all the
                     extras and surprises that pop up. I tried other things but
                     none were as profitable and easy as Maximum Paid
            I can work when it is convenient for me,
                     usually once they are in bed. I fill out simple surveys online
                     and earn cash. It is so easy and so perfect for anyone who
                     has extra time and wants to earn extra spending money!"

                                                 Jennifer Savell, Ball Ground GA

                     "I cannot think of an easier way to making money than with
                     Maximum Paid Surveys. I get to choose from different
                     types of surveys, eat at restaurants for free and review the
                     restaurant and review shopping purchases. It's simple and
                     beneficial to the public and my pocketbook. I am not
                     making billions of dollars but the extra money is keeping
                     my credit card paid off and allowing me to have more cash
                     to do my hobbies. Thank you for helping me make extra
                     money and work from home at my leisure time."

                                                     Micky Long, Wonder Lake IL

                     "I love working from home by doing paid surveys. I do not
                     have to pay for a babysitter for my children, I save money
                     by not having to drive to and from work and I get to spend
                     more time with my family.
                     Our family now has the luxury of taking more family trips,
                     going out for dinner and enjoying more family activities
                     together. By taking time to do paid surveys we have extra
                     income to pay for more fun things.
                     I highly recommend joining to
                     add extra income and fun into your life. "
                                                      Kelley Lang, Waukesha WI

Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009              29
                            "I enjoy using to take surveys.
                            It is nice to add more money to my savings account which
                            will greatly help me especially for my ever growing
                            healthcare expenses and also during the holiday shopping
                            season. I'm now able to make a great list of items to
                            purchase for Christmas and still have money left over at
                            the same time. I'm easily able to do it now with the funds I
                            have earned through earning money by taking surveys, in
                            addition to working in data entry work too. It's great to find
                            work available everywhere to make extra money. I also
                            received more information about mystery shopping which
                            is another great way to make more money too. I would
                            recommend this to everyone looking for a way to bring in
                                                             Nicole Leon, Chino Hills CA

“I joined your site a few months ago and I was very excited to make money for
answering surveys. As a mom at home I needed a flexible job that I could set up around
my kids and it looked to me as the ideal solution. At this time we were really short on
money and I couldn't imagine that these surveys and shopping jobs would help so much
make ends meet!

I was a little anxious when I started because I didn't know if it would work for me. helped me overcome my doubts. I read attentively the step-
by-step guides that explained very clearly what to do and I clicked as much as I could on
the registration links to these survey companies...

Every week I received more and more surveys and I started to make my first dollars.
Then I got two calls! The first one was for a discussion session on baby products paying
$75 and the second was from a mystery shopping company that paid $30 to go to an
amusement park with my kids. I couldn't believe it!

I have now joined over 300 companies and I get quite often such calls and many surveys
in my email box. I make about $250 per week with all these companies working at it in
my spare time. I get more invitations than what I can take so with time I got more
selective on taking invitations. The great thing here is I can decide whether to stay at
home (online surveys) or to work outside (mystery shopping).

Maximum Paid Surveys has provided me more service than I could ever dream!

Thank You!"

                                                                  Patricia J., Houston TX

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009                    30
"Sam, I signed up this week for the companies you recommended to me. Those
companies have paid me roughly 70 dollars in actual cash from taking surveys from my
living room and home computer!!!!

Wow I am surprised! In addition I even got paid for sitting in on a 60 minutes online focus
group a total cash amount of 35 dollars!!!!!"
                                                                    Gary Cybak, Detroit MI

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I am more than happy with Maximum Paid
Surveys. I am amazed at the number of surveys invitations and shopping assignments
that I receive every week. That's real fun and good money.
I recommend it to all my friends."
                                                                  Amanda W., Seattle WA

“I just wanted to drop a quick thank you note. For a long time I have been searching how
to make money online but all I have found were scams. It was such a waste of time!
When I read about getting paid to take surveys, I was skeptical at first but it seemed to
make sense and I decided to give it a try. I don’t regret I did! In the first month I joined
Maximum Paid Surveys I made $186 in cash. Now I make it per week and I feel it goes
into high gear. I receive more and more invitations to participate in surveys and shopping
jobs. It’s great for anyone wanting to work part time. For a student like me, it’s the
perfect job. Thanks for making this possible".

                                                                       Paul C., Boston MA

"First, thank-you. I've only been registered for 2 days and already I'm getting paid
surveys. My first survey was on "bottled water and sports drinks". It paid $15 and took
30 minutes. My second survey was on "Shoe Name Brands and Styles." It also Paid
$15 and took me about 25 minutes. I am receiving more and more invitations. It’s great!
Thanks again for everything."
                                                         Karen Swan (Taos, New Mexico)

 Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009                     31
     Maximum Paid Surveys
                It’s easy to get paid with
  Paid Surveys and Mystery Shopping Jobs!

Paid Surveys Crash Course © 2009   32
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