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									~ Photograph of Dennis Peron (left) and Eddy Lepp (right) at Dennis Peron’s Cozy Castro
Cottages in San Francisco by Craig Lemire of Hello Jazz Productions.

                                                 Over many years I have attended
It’s News Dude Productions                       literally hundreds of cannabis
Editor: Bill Trogdon                             related events and often wondered
Design and Consulting:                           why there was no guide to them all.
Hip, Inc.                                        In fact, I have met many people at
General Email:                                   these festivals who have touched                             my life deeply, some becoming life-                            long friends and confidants.
To list events email:                           Recently a few of them put their
To order copies email:                           heads together and came up with                     the idea for this guide. Hopefully it
Advertisers contact:                             will answer all those questions                            about when and where, which I
Website:                     wonder myself half the time.
Visit for more information.
Copyright: It’s News Dude Productions,           I hope you use and enjoy this
2008                                             guide as much as I plan to. If you
Printed: March 2008                              enjoy this, contact the boys and let
Special thanks to all the contributors           them know of any other events or
to this creation: advertisers, artists,          festivals that should be listed in this
activists and advocates alike.                   guide. Please let them know you
                                                 liked it, I did.
It’s News Dude Productions and this
                                                 Respect all,
magazine assume no responsibility for
any claims or representations contained
                                                 Hurt no one,
in this magazine or in any advertisement,        Love one another,
nor do they encourage the illegal use of         Eddy Lepp
any products advertised. All material is for
entertainment or educational purposes only.

                                     Page 3
              What The Man Who Wrote THE
              Book On Hippies Is Doing Now
It’s News Dude had the opportunity to talk       seed companies, hemp products, marijuana
with the author of Hippies from A to Z, Skip     accessories and much more. This creates
Stone, about his latest projects on the world    that feedback loop that benefits both vendors
wide web.                                        and customers.
                                                    In addition we are creating a network of
Here’s what he had to say:                       businesses and consumers that will open up
                                                 new marketing opportunities for advertisers
IND: What is your background with while providing direct access to specially
websites?                                        targeted groups of customers.
SKIP: We launched, our first
website, back in 1996, when the WWW IND: Why will this be a different on-line
was just an infant. We were hoping to community?
attract the old hippies from the ‘60s, with a SKIP: The MJ Guide unites the entire
website designed just for them. But we were cannabis community: consumers, patients,
surprised when hundreds of thousands growers, vendors, publishers, doctors,
of young people dropped by to learn more lawyers and activists. We aren’t appealing
about hippies and the sixties. Pretty soon we to a narrow audience, everyone is welcome.
were embracing a new generation of hippies To attract and keep such a diverse audience,
and providing fertile ground for a revitalized the site is professionally managed to avoid
movement.                                        the problems so many other cannabis sites
   We launched soon after encounter.
that, and today it’s home to more than 500          One such problem we solved by hosting
Free Speech forums. Along with our other our servers in Amsterdam. This allows our
“hip” websites we’ve now attracted more visitors more freedom, especially freedom of
than 30 million unique visitors.                 speech. It also puts us one big step further
                                                 from Big Brother’s reach. The Dutch are
IND: What do you hope to do with your new much more permissive than the Americans,
site,                               especially when it concerns marijuana.
SKIP: After setting up a successful cannabis
site for a friend, I realized there were some IND: What keeps you going now?
things missing from the forum software SKIP: The daily feedback I receive about the
everyone uses for these sites. The software websites I’ve created is very positive. People
is great, but it’s pretty much one-size-fits-all, are impressed with the freedoms our sites
meaning it’s not designed specifically for a offer and the community which has formed
cannabis site. So with we around it. So it’s our regular members
are setting a new standard for interactive and visitors who inspire me to keep going,
cannabis websites by creating custom creating new sites to fill the alternative gaps
features just for our community.                 on the Internet.
   A good example is our Grow Journal
system. Unlike forum based journals, ours is IND: What’s your vision for the community?
designed with the grower in mind. Growers SKIP: I’m hoping that by uniting diverse
can setup multiple grows, track entries on a individuals        and businesses,    we     can
calendar, easily place images and videos find common ground, motivation and
into their journals, and search for grows resources to fight the establishment’s drug
based upon various criteria.                     laws. Whatever your relationship with
   Our new Strain Guide picks up where cannabis, whether medical, recreational,
others leave off, by including Grower and spiritual or business, it’s all about our
Toker Reports, both easily searchable.           individual Freedoms and Privacy rights. We
   Another big part of the MJ Guide are must ALL come together, present a united
the user reviews of cannabis related front and support the cause if we are ever
businesses and products. Our visitors can to achieve the goal of liberating cannabis for
rate dispensaries, growshops, headshops, the good of mankind.
                                      Page 4
                                            4/20 Magic Bus Tour                           5/3-4 Great Green America Fest                 Celebrating what’s working in our
4/5 37th Annual Hash Bash the DIAG          AND Highway 420 Cannabis Rally                Manhim, Pennsylania                            communities. More than 350 local/
U of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan           Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada                         national green businesses displaying/                                        Family-oriented, fun-filled weekend long        selling eco-friendly / fair trade/ sustainable
According to this year’s organizer,         “Americans and Canadians coming               eco-folk fest filled with timely and relevant   products. More than 150 speakers for
“Historically the HASH BASH only lasts      together to demonstrate support for           workshops, displays and films all spread        panel discussions, presentations and
one hour on the Diag, the we move over      ending the expensive and destructive          out on the 32-acres of Mount Hope              main stage speaking events. how-to
to MONROE STREET for the MONROE             policy of cannabis prohibition.” Bus tour     Estate & Winery. Music of top Roots and        workshops, green films, a fair trade
STREET FAIR.” For information on that       and Cannabis Rally (Sponsored solely          Americana performers, Cajun, Contra and        pavilion, yoga and movement classes,
you can go to      by Treating Yourself and Buzzz Worthy’s       Eastern European folk bands, dance floor.       kids’ zone, organic beer, wine and
                                            Cannabis Cafe) which will hopefully be                                                       cuisine, and live music. The website also
4/5 Reggae On The Rez                       gearing up around that time. NO FORUM         5/8-10 Hemp Hoe Down                           lists Green Festivals in Seattle (April),
San Carlos Apache                           this year, but there will be a raffle!         8 Elkview Campground,                          Washington, DC (Nov) and San Francisco
Indian Reservation, Arizona                                                               Sturgis, South Dakota                          (Nov) - check for more information.                      4/22 INTERNATIONAL EARTH DAY        
Promoting Love and Togetherness.            - Wherever you are, Planet Earth              This year’s event will help to benefit          5/23-25 Hookahville29 Thornville, OH
                                              hemp activist Alex White Plume, whose
4/11-12 Wanee Live Oak, FL                  check for local listings.                     home burned down in December 2007.             Legend Valley presents a three-day music                       Please take a moment to think about           The Hemp Hoe Down folks will sponsor           and camping event featuring 2 nights
The Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson and      our mother the earth. Leave only “green       workshops to build a hemp house and a          with “Ekoostik Hookah.” Several artists
many more bands - the list is HUGE.         footsteps” behind you wherever you go.        Maka Aka Wicoti (community upon the            including “Sam Bush”, “Railroad Earth”,
                                            May Gaia bless you.                           earth) for and with the White Plume family.    “Outformation! The festival is an all ages
4/20 EARTHDAY in many cities                                                                                                             event..                                                                   5/16-18 The Sixth Annual                                                                    Dynamic Grooves World Music Festival           5/24-25 The Simi Valley Cajun
This is a free concert with artists to be                                                            Creole Music Festival
announced. Twirling Hippie plans to do      MAY                                                                                          Simi Valley, California
the San Francisco event in Golden Gate                                                    5/16-18 Wildflower!                    Cajun and Zydeco
Park. She has an inside track on the        5/1 MAY DAY (Beltane)                         Richardson’s Arts and Music Festival           music Cajun and creole food - YUM!
headliner (a certain Colorado Mountain      Northern Hemisphere                           Richardson, Texas                              There’s also an explanded kids area.
band) for this show. Bluegrass fans book    Earth has come to life again. Take a              And, it all benefits charity.
your travel today!                          moment to touch the earth and connect         Yes, they have music and arts, but
                                            with the blooming life all around you. Love   they also have a “Kidz Korner,” strolling      5/24-26 Sasquatch! Music Festival
4/17-20 420 Jam Fest Gore, Virginia         the ones you’re with.                         entertainers, interactive displays and         The Gorge, George, Washington                                                                        acrobats - Yes. that’s right, acrobats.
Reggae Music “The 420JamFest II is          5/3-4 Tucson Folk Festival                    Come on, you know you want to check it         More bands than you can shake a stick at
a 3 day MUSICAL EXPERIENCE with             Tucson, Arizona                               out!                                           and comedy too. Please check out the list
more than 26 bands! Kids Kamp, Drum                                                               of bands
Circles, Artist Village with Educational    Two days of music, dance, entertainment,      5/16-18 Joshua Tree Music Festival
Demonstrations, Food. This will all         workshops, crafts, food, and more.            Joshua Tree, California                        5/30-6/1 3rd Annual World Marijuana
take place on the 3000 Acre, Family                                                     Film Festival Saratoga
owned Cove Campground located in the        5/3 Million Marijuana March                   Continuous music. Playshops - yoga,            Springs resort, Upper
Shenandoah Mountains.”                      200 cities world wide!                        hooping, looping and a “Didg workshop          Lake, California
                                                 with Ganga Giri.” Sounds interesting.          http://www.
4/20 The Extravaganja                       Check out the website for the one closest                                          
                                                                                          5/17-18 Chicago Green Festival Navy            wmff/index.html Come       Continued on
Amherst, Massachusetts                      to you and show your support to free                                                                                      Page 20
Amherst Common put on by the Cannabis       the weed! When it comes to politicians        Pier, Chicago, Illinois                        and see what marijuana
Reform Coalition. Check with the U. Mass    numbers count.                                               inspired minds
Student Union for details.                                                                                                               have come up with now.
                                                                                                                                         Far out, man!

                                      Page 5                                                                                     Page 6
Summer’s Last Big Bash
                      By The Travelin’ Dude
  The leaves in New England were turning            true to the cause for decades or recently
into a psychedelic patchwork of reds,               rediscovering the joys of the cannabis
oranges, yellows and more with a perfect            mindset. Two and three generations
blue sky dotted with clouds. It was a perfect       attended together – open and free. Veteran
New England Weekend. That was the view              festival heads like Cougar Bunn a/k/a the
from the Hill on Harry Brown’s Farm in              Cannabis Kid were there chillin’ around
Starks, Maine this October. But something           the campfire with friends and family while
was different… Yes, there was great music,          his dad, activist David Bunn a/k/a Captain
and good goodies, incredible munchies and           Joint      (,        found
herb for every taste.                               himself on stage time and again making
  The crowd, the biggest of the summer,             announcements and overseeing the raffle
was estimated to be about 4,000 at any              drawings. Twisted Sister (www.twistedsister.
one time to 10,000 having gone through the was there from Vermont selling
gates (though the smoke may have made               her wears and helped with judging entries
the higher math a little hazy ;-) to this three     at the festival’s end.
day event. They soaked up the vibes and               Judging the harvest weed is always a
enjoyed the music of groups like the “Stoned        “high” point of the weekend. They judged
Mountain Boyz” and Stratospheerius, the             the buds for size, smell and taste. Many
Rhythm Ship, Stream Reggae and many                 of the usual suspects were there as well
others.                                             as some strains that were lesser known.
  The food offerings were awesome. There            The competition was tough. The dedicated
was pizza, doughboys, French fries,                 dope testers toked and toked, eliminating
veggie burritos, smoothies and more. The            honorable contenders one by one for the
shops were full of tie-dyed, well, just about       final prize. They came down to the two. Over
everything you could imagine. Pipes of              and over they toked. They couldn’t decide.
almost every kind could be found. Glass             Finally, Tow-truck Bob, who originally came
work, crafts, art, tee-shirts and jewelry could     to rescue an unfortunate soul who’s car just
be had. If all this was too much and you            couldn’t bring itself to leave the grounds,
needed to relax, there was even a massage           was recruited to make the final call. And, a
therapist there to sooth away your ills.            good time was had by all.
  Activists were also there in force. Jonathan        Next October, when autumn leaves peak,
Leavitt, a talented musician and part of            the Harvest Fest will be back, as will the
the Stoned Mountain Boyz, and executive             Freedom Fest in mid-June, Maine Garden
director of Maine’s MMPI (Maine Marijuana           Fest the next weekend, the Somerset
Policy Initiative) who focused attention on         County Jam in July, Hempstock in August,
the latest voter initiative in the state. Through   Webejammin Fest in September. But, it may
the summer they had shared space to                 not be happening on Harry’s Hill. Change,
encourage interest in attendees becoming            it seems is inevitable, even on the magical
culturally aware and politically active with        Hill. But the festivals will keep running. They
give-aways of tee-shirts, magazines, clear          have become part of life for canna-philes in
papers and plastic hemp grinders. Before            New England.
this festival started MPPI spokesperson               Many thanks to Donnie Christen, Harry
Tonya Gleason said they had collected all           Brown and the whole gang for keeping the
the signatures they needed for the latest           tradition alive for these many years.
initiative in the state of Maine. So, it looked       Please check www.
like she had could relax and enjoy this one
a little more.                                      because the venues
  The crowd ranged from babes-in-arms to            for these events may
rather cool gray haired folk who have been          change.
                          Travelin’ Dude’s
                          Travelin’ Picks
        If You’re Going To
          San Francisco

Well, I don’t know if you need to wear          Mystery Tour amongst the flowers, ferns
flowers in your hair, but a stay at Dennis       and prominent marijuana plants that
Peron’s Cozy Castro Cottage in the              can last until the wee small hours of the
historic Castro district is an experience       morning. It’s an experience that could
you will treasure. It’s a time capsule that     never be found at a Chain Hotel. At the
still contains the colors, the energy and       Cozy Castro Cottage you can still stop
the spirit of the Summer of Love and the        and smell those flowers.
Psychedelic Era of our past; it touches
your tie-dye wearing inner-hippie-self          Learn – Laugh - Love,
even if your daily life camouflages it in a      The Travelin’ Dude
3-piece suit.
                                                P.S. - Space is limited so make
From space-aged mattresses to the               reservations early. Dennis promises they
comfortable sitting area over the miniature     will do everything they can to make you
Golden Gate Bridge where you can talk           “feel like a queen.” Just contact him at
for hours with people from just about  or visit
everywhere and every part of life. This         the website at
space is the definition of unique. Artists,      cozycastrocottage/CozyCastroCottage.
journalists, and veterans of wars               html
(military, political or other) all come there
and share a moment of this Magical

                                     Page 11
Getting There...                              Packing and keeping food and drink:
                                              Make sure to pack your food separate
                                                                                              can get VERY cold, so check out the
                                                                                              highs and lows for the time of year you
                                                                                                                                          your camp. Volume control will make
                                                                                                                                          for good neighbors. You can also bring
...and Back Again                             from your drinks. Drink coolers get
                                              opened more often than food coolers,
                                                                                              are going – and remember LAYERS,
                                                                                              you can always take them off.)
                                                                                                                                          along any instruments that you or you
                                                                                                                                          traveling companions may have. Even if
                                              especially in warmer temperatures.                                                          you don’t know how to play it, someone
Festival Camping 101                          Take plastic juice or soda containers (not      What should I pack for toiletries?          there will.
                                              milk) and fill them with water and freeze.       Tooth brush/tooth paste, Small bottle
by Tonya Gleason                              They will keep your food and drinks cold        of water, in case water is not available,   Things to remember:
                                              for a long time and they will also be a         for washing up, Wash cloth and small        Don’t forget to bring along these
There are four things you need to             second supply of good drinking water if         hand towel (can also double as first aid     essentials: Can opener, At least one
consider when planning to go to festival.     you run out or stay longer than planned.        supplies, if needed), Comb/brush, Hair      sharp knife, A bowl for mixing, A small
They are: eating, sleeping, packing and                                                       ties, Bandanas, or hats can come in         cutting board, Aluminum foil, Garbage
downtime.                                     2. Sleeping                                     handy.                                      bags/groceries bags/sandwich bags,
                                              What to pack?                                                                               Matches, Spatula, A large spoon, A
1. Eating                                     Think first about the conditions you will        Always take along a small medicine box      towel and wash cloth/sponge and soap
What kind of food should you bring and        be in. Is it cold? Hot? Will you be sleeping    filled with: Band-Aids, Aspirin/Tylenol,     (dish/bar/hand).
how much?                                     indoors or outdoors?                            Ace bandage or triangular bandage,          (TD’s Note: if you bring a camping stove
Make sure to pack enough food for             ~ If you are packing for cold weather:          Bug spray, Thread and needle (not for       w/ fuel or grill with briquettes or wood
the time you plan to be there, plus two       A set of flat sheets are needed. Sheets          first aid but a safe place to store it).     - know the local rules)
additional days. Bring items that are         are woven tight and when placed on top          (TD’s Note: Don’t forget Handwashing
easy to prepare and store.                    of bedding and a top sheet over the body        gel and Triple antibiotic ointment.)        A small laundry basket makes a great
                                              will help keep the heat in and cold out.                                                    storage container for these and other
~ Quick munchies that are great and           ~ If you are sleeping in a tent:                4. Downtime                                 items, and makes things easy to find.
keep well with little effort:                 Bring something along to use for                It is a good idea to remember that          (TD’s Note: labeling containers will
~ Granola bars, Fruit Snacks, Chips,          padding. Body pillows or an extra thick         you will have plenty of down time at a      help)
Fruit, Homemade Goodies                       comforter will work when an air mattress        festival. Not planning for it can make
~ Sandwiches make easy meals for              is unavailable. Do not over pack a tent         or break your time there. Regardless        You may not have a need for all these
lunch or those times you just don’t want      with people or supplies as the tent walls       of whether or not you are sleeping in       items, but they will be great for bartering
to cook.                                      should remain untouched to reduce               a tent, a vehicle or camper of sorts,       for something you may have forgotten.
~ Prepared pastas and sauces or pasta         the amount of moisture that may get             having space to lounge is important.        Plus, helping out your neighbor will help
salads like good old macaroni                 in overnight and in the early morning           ~ Shelter                                   you in the long run and Good Karma is
~ (TD’s note: don’t add mayo unless you       hours.                                          Take along a tarp or large sheet of         Good Karma.
can keep it cold, or add it from a fresh      ~ If you need to sleep in your vehicle:         plastic. It will come in handy for making
container when ready to eat).                 Clean out your vehicle before heading to        shade, placing over a hole and filling       TD’s notes: Travel sized games
                                              festival. This way if you can’t sleep in your   with water for a cooling area or use for    like Scrabble or Chess
Pack a plastic container with:                tent or other sleeping arrangements fall        shelter from the rain.                      can pass the time on
Meats (fresh or canned), Cheeses,             through you can sleep in your vehicle;          ~ Seating                                   the road to and from
Greens (lettuces, spinach, etc) and           or, offer it to someone who has no other        Bring along easy to store folding chairs.   as well as when you’re
those pre-made pasta or potato dishes.        arrangements.                                   Mini-van seats are easy to remove and       taking a break. Do you
Take along those condiments from your                                                         make great seating and open up the          remember Twister or “Mad
fridge or those saved from ordering out.      3. Clothing and Toiletries                      van for sleeping or getting shelter from    Libs”?     Try those when
Don’t Forget – SALT and PEPPER!               What should I pack for clothes?                 bad weather. Also you can use your          you’ve got a festival head going on –
Pre-cooking whatever you can makes it         When packing for festival regardless of         sturdy coolers for seating or simply cop    now that’s a good time! Don’t forget to
easy. It also makes dinner time easy and      weather, pack extra clothes.                    a squat on the ground. There is nothing     get up and move – a Kush ball or Hula
if you are unable to heat anything up,        ~ Even if it’s warm weather bring two           wrong with a dirty bottom at a festival.    Hoop are great fun and good exercise,
pasta and sauce are also good cold.           pairs of pants, a sweater or sweat shirt.       ~ Entertainment                             even in a limited space. And, if space
Packing extra food will insure that you       It can still get cold at night especially if    If you have a vehicle close by you can      isn’t a problem then don’t forget your
have more than enough to extend your          it rains.                                       use the radio for music, or bring along     old pal the Frisbee!
stay and help out friends or other festival   ~ And remember socks, socks, SOCKS.             a battery operated radio. Remember
goers who may not have planned so             Wet feet can ruin anyone’s good time.           there are many other mini-camps at
well.                                         (TD’s note: Even in the desert the nights       a festival and your music is meant for

                                    Page 12                                                                                     Page 13
Don’t Turn Your Trip Into A                        3. PURCHASE IT AT THE FESTIVAL
                                                      It is much safer to buy at your destination
Bummer: Keeping It Safe                            than to travel with the illegal herb and/or buy
                                                   from someone you know. A citizen is safe
by Barry Cooper                                    purchasing small amounts of marijuana from
                                                   strangers because cops are not allowed to
Traveling to and from festivals this year the
                                                   “sell” drugs unless the arrest is immediately
only thing that can really ruin the experience
                                                   affected because police are not allowed to
is getting busted. As one of the nation’s ex-
                                                   place controlled substances back into the
top drug cops, I’ve prepared brief guide to
                                                   market place. It is very rare for police to sell
arriving and departing your event and Never
                                                   small amounts and then bust the citizen
Get Busted.
                                                   because these “reversal operations” are
                                                   usually used to lure in large amounts of drug
                                                   money, not $20.00. If you do purchase pot
  Police are trained to stop motorist who fit a
                                                   at the hemp festivals, make the purchase
certain “look.” This “look” is a profile they use
                                                   and then scram. Most people get busted for
based on indicators seen prior to the traffic
                                                   smoking at festivals, not purchasing.
stop and the interview during the traffic stop.
Here are the key “profile” indicators to avoid:
                                                   4. THE ODOR
Remove any college bumper stickers or
                                                      It is not illegal to smell like pot. If you are
Vietnam Veteran plates or stickers.
                                                   traveling without any pot or paraphernalia in
   Do not overload your trunk. If your auto is
                                                   your possession, you or your auto may smell
“squatting” in the rear, you may be profiled as
                                                   like marijuana and you are safe. The odor will
a large load courier.
                                                   trigger a search but will lead to no charges.
   Don’t stiffen and stare straight ahead
                                                   If you carry, deodorize your auto with an
if you get near a cop. Casually look at the
                                                   interior detail. Spraying strong deodorizers
cop as if he/she were another motorist and
                                                   or cologne creates suspicion because police
continue driving.
                                                   know these substances are used to mask
   Make certain your passenger’s story
                                                   odors caused by contraband. K-9’s can also
matches yours, if you are stopped. Never tell
                                                   sort through all masking odors and alert on
the cops you are en route to a hemp festival
                                                   the marijuana. Don’t just cover these odors,
or leaving one. Have a pre-planned story that
                                                   clean them away!
makes sense such as, “we are on vacation
and are going to...(name a museum, carnival,
                                                   5. VISIT WWW.NEVERGETBUSTED.COM
historic landmark or some place near the
                                                    My DVDs, Volume 1: Traffic Stops and
festival.) Never use the excuse you are in a
                                                   Volume 2: Never Get Raided are packed
hurry or visiting a sick relative.
                                                   with hundreds of tips you need to Never Get
  Since you are going to be traveling with the
                                                   (TD’s note: You can refuse a search without
new pipe, papers or vaporizer you purchased,
                                                   “probable cause” by police on PUBLIC land.
let me explain the safest way to do that.
                                                   If you are on PRIVATE property you can still
  Always travel with clean smoking gear. Use
                                                   refuse a search by whatever private or public
70% or higher rubbing alcohol to thoroughly
                                                   enforcement they have there, but you may
clean your equipment prior to traveling.
                                                   also be refused entry. Some festivals even
  Most jurisdictions recognize smoking
                                                   have cops circulating through the crowd. So
equipment is “for tobacco use only” and is
                                                   BEWARE and BE AWARE.)
not illegal to possess unless it can be proven
the devices were used for marijuana. The
                                                   Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and
officers will closely examine the instruments
                                                   should not be relied on as such. You are
for marijuana odor and residue. If any is
                                                   responsible for your actions and their
discovered, the pipe is then classified as drug
                                                   consequences. Laws in many areas vary
paraphernalia and the police can use this as
                                                   widely. Check out the laws where you are
probable cause to search and/or charge you
                                                   and know your rights.
with a paraphernalia crime.

                                         Page 14
                  The Bubbleator
                        a review by Med Farmer
   Being a medical cannabis user I am always looking for ways to get maximum benefit
from my herbs. I’ve used regular bubble bags for over 6 years and the end result has
become a regular end of the harvest treat. Still, it has become a chore because of the
labor and the constant attention it requires – other patients I know really have trouble
with holding the mixer for extended periods of time, etc. So, when I heard that the
Bubbleator produced great hash and would do most of the work, well, I had to check it
   I did a little research and ordered from Green Harvest’s website. It was a no hassle
experience and my new toy arrived in less than a week from! The unit, which looks like
a mini-washing machine really, was white and bright blue, just like the one shown on the
website. Inside the washer was the 220-micron zipper bag where you insert your trim.
They also included a 3-bag set with 220-, 70-, and a 38-micron screens in addition to a
sieve and thermometer. Everything appeared to be in excellent shape and pretty much
ready to rock those trichromes off.
   I had the unit up and purring in less than 10 minutes. Then, after only an 8 minute
cycle, the first batch was run. What a pleasant change! Just following their directions
I ran a 3 ounce batch of trim for 8 minutes and the results were great. And, it was so
easy. Even the draining the water was no problem – it drains right out the little hose.
Smart. Running the same batch through a second time gave about half as much, but it
was worth it.
   After testing this item out I would say it is definitely worth the investment. The more I
use it, the more I wonder why I didn’t get it sooner!
                                                and activities including a classic arcade,                                                      July 11-13 Solarfest 2008
                                                on-site cinema, silent disco, comedy club,                                                      Tinmouth, Vermont
                                                theater performers, and a music technology                                            
5/31 - 61/1 AND 6/7 - 8                         village.                                                                                        The New England Renewable Energy
Valhalla Renaissance Festival                                                                       7/1-7 2008 Annual Rainbow Gathering         Festival “Blends art, education, grassroots
South Lake Tahoe, California, USA               6/19 Telluride Bluegrass Festival                   of Living Light Wyoming                     activism to inspire the conservation of                   Telluride Colorado                         See website for         Earth’s limited resources, to promote
7 Acres of Continuous Entertainment:                    details                                     renewable energy, and to support the
merchants, actors, jousting,sword               “Sweet Home! Its the music, the                                                                 creation of sustainable communities.”
fighting, children’s games, educational          fans, the scenery that make Telluride               7/4 FOURTH OF JULY Anywhere, USA
demonstrations, jugglers, magicians,            FEESSSTIIVAALLL.... magic. Not to                   Check local listings, have a picnic lunch   7/23-26 10,000 Lakes Music Festival
minstrels.                                      mention Telluride has the absolute                  with families and friends, watch some       Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
                                                best food vendors of any festival on the            fireworks and read the Declaration 
6/13-15 6/13-15 Toronto Cannabis Cup            planet. This is a mellow older crowd, lots          of Independence. Find your voice to         “…on-site camping and live performances
Toronto, Ontario, Canada                        of families, but still plenty of kind being         create the positive change in the world.    all weekend long… over 60 artists and                      smoked in the campgrounds... This year’s            Remember the power of the words: We         bands on four stages, including the Barn
For details as they update.                     line up is chronic: Leftover Salmon (see            The People. Or, as the Beatles would        Stage on a shady hill overlooking the
                                                above), Yonder Mountain String Band, Sam            say, “Power to the People - RIGHT ON!”      concert bowl, the Field Stage where
6/13-15 32nd Huck Finn Jubilee                  Bush, Bela Fleck, Chris Thile, and on and                                                       music-lovers spread out and soak up
Victorville, California                         on.” info from Twirling Hippy.                      7/3-6 18th Annual High Sierra Music         some sun, the Saloon Stage for intimate
In its 32nd season. During the three-day                                                            Festival Quincy, California                 concerts and late night jams, and the
festival you can white wash fences, build       6/20-22 The Sierra Nevada World Music                          Main Stage”
river rafts and climb a greased pole. Top       Festival Boonville, California                      A unique four-day music and camping
names in classic country and bluegrass                                                                         7/24-27 20th Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
                                                                                                    festival that features an eclectic and
music like The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and       “Promotes “conscious” music. Conscious
                                                                                                    Creative span of music from acoustic        Hillsdale, New York
Dan Tyminski will there as part of the 30       music is music with a message of peace,
                                                                                                    singer-songwriters and down-home  
hours of music plays in the winds of the        unity and brotherhood, which transcends
                                                                                                    bluegrass to high-energy funk, jazz, rock   Four days of “ folk music and dance at the
High Desert.                                    the divisions of race and culture. And,
                                                                                                    and live electronica.”                      foot of the Berkshires and east-central
                                                is dedicated to nurturing a world family
                                                peacefully united in celebration of the                                                         New York State. Check their website for
6/14-15 The Northern California Pirate
                                                universal spirit of music” and “committed to        7/5 17th Annual FUDAFEST (Fully             details on who is appearing.
Festival at Vallejo Waterfront in Vallejo,
California                                      the Re-Greening of Planet Earth”                    Unclothed Dancing Activism Festival)                                                                Norway, Maine.           7/25-27 SolWest Fair John Day, Oregon
manifesto.htm                                   6/20-22 19th Annual Energy Fair Custer,             fudafest/                         
Everyone who loves pirates will have a          Wisconsin                                            “…Live local music, drum circles,          Presented b y The Eastern Oregon
great time! Whether you love nautical                     puppet shows and activism... Clothing       Renewable Energies Non-Profit” Their
music, sword fighting, sailing, cannon-          The Energy Fair shows fair goers how to             is completely optional, meaning wear        “mission is to empower people to increase
battles, theater, maritime crafts, food and     change the world while having fun.” The             whatever you want. Bring instruments        their energy efficiency and use of solar,
drink, or just shopping fer’ pirate booty...    ReNew the Earth Institute shows fair goers          and good vibes.”                            wind and other renewables.”
there’s something here for YOU!” They even      how to change the world while having fun.”
encourage coming in costume!                    It claims to be the world’s largest of it’s kind.    7/10-13 Green River Rendezvous             TD note: Information provided by
                                                They offer hundreds of workshops and                Pinedale, Wyoming www.                      websites and organizers; every attempt
6/12-16 Bonnaroo Music and Arts                 exhibits teaching about renewable energy,           was made to be as accurate as possible.
Festival Manchester, Tennessee                  efficiency and sustainable living.                   HTM                                         Please check official websites for details                                                                                    It’s like a Renaissance Fair, but with      on camping, amenities, entertainment,
Held on a 700-acre farm. Performers             6/21 SUMMER SOLSTICE Northern                       Mountain Men. Native American history,      prices, etc. As last minute changes do
in rock and roll, along with dozens of          Hemisphere                                          Mountain Man history, arts, crafts,         happen keep yourself informed. You are
artists in styles such as jazz, Americana,      The longest day of the year when the suns           children’s programs and a Rendezvous        responsible for verifying and planning
hip-hop, electronica, and just about any        power peaks. Have a bonfire by a body of             Pagent!                                     your trip. Make it a good
contemporary music you can think of will        water (get permit, if required) sing, dance,                                                    one.
be there. The 100-acre entertainment            and play the day and night away. Enjoy!
village has around the clock with attractions   Just don’t forget a hat and use sunscreen.

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