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									                                                    ICAF Spouses’ News
                                                    C L A S S   O F   2 0 1 1   T I G E R   T A L K                    M A R C H        2 0 1 1

Inside this issue
                                                    As we approach the end of the
Board President ...................... p2

Coffee review .......................... p2
                                                    second semester at ICAF, there
Nationals ................................... p3    will be increasing pressure on you
April tours ................................ p4-5   and your family as you prepare for
Observatory............................. p5         your next assignment. This is one
Save the Date ......................... p6          of the busiest times of the
SPiCE calendar ........................ p6
                                                    academic year for the faculty and
Calendar & Board .................... p7
                                                    students as we are heavily into                   La Grange Winery, Haymarket, VA
                                                    field study travel, exercises, and
                                                    reports. This is where it all comes
                                                    together for the class as all the   The signs are all around us:
                                                    learning and discussion starts to   daffodils and crocuses making
                                                    coalesce into a meaningful whole. I their appearances, the budding
                                                    ask your patience and               trees, the rain in the
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                                                    understanding as your student       forecasts instead of snow, and
“ICAF Neighborhood                                  deals with these challenges.        of course…the tourists are
    Information”                                    I hope you also take advantage of   starting to appear!
                                                    the upcoming opportunity to travel Washington, DC is a wonderful
                                                    to Carlisle, PA and the Army War    place to be this time of year.
                                                    College annual Jim Thorpe Day       Your Tours chair, Gracia
                                                    events. We will get information out Pinzano, has been hard at work
                                                    to you as soon as it firms up…I do  lining up some great tours.
                                                    know there is information on hotel  Whether you’re a regular, or if
                                                    reservations available, but we have you’ve never been on a tour
                                                    not gotten confirmation of some of before, I encourage you to
                                                    the planned family events. Sue and take advantage of the many
                                                    I hope you have a great time this   opportunities before your year
                                                    Spring!                             here ends.
                                                                                Maj. Gen. Brown                             Sue Brown
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                       From our Board President
                       Welcome to March, come on April!
                       Watching the flowers start to bloom and signs of DC areas Cherry Blossom
                       Festivals is beyond exciting. I think that Spring has such a refreshing way of
                       renewing everything. From flowers to friendship, things just start to come
                       alive as Spring comes, this year~quietly around the corner.
                       Don't miss all the fantastic tour opportunities our Tours Chairs have put
                       together for you this next month, some fun filled trips. I know our spouses
                       have to a pace themselves as things are quickly changing and schedules
Paula with all 5       are getting complicated. Don't get lost in what can sometimes be
                       chaotic! Stay connected, enjoy everything we as spouses are blessed to
                       have right at our fingertips.
                       Over these next few months, I look forward to the next set of memories we
                       set together. My recipe for a great Springtime:
                       1) Get some sunshine, get outdoors and enjoy what God gave us
                       2) Catch the tours you can, the coffee's you can, enjoy the company
                          along the way
                       3) De~Clutter, yipper! De~clutter, sort, set and say good bye. Less really is
                       4) Take today to start again, tomorrow is a new SPRING day, and that is
                        Remember to save the dates inside this newsletter, thank you again for
                        the chance to serve you, it is such a great honor!


                        Coffee with Senator Shaheen
                               Although it was not what we            everyone that took the time to
                               thought we signed up for, our          talk to our group. Sitting and
                               coffee with Senator                           having coffee and
                               Shaheen and her staff                         conversation after our
                               was a great time. We                          event was just as special
                               had the opportunity to                        as our time with the
                               talk with staff at every                      Senator. Stay tuned for
                               level, and every specialty                    another date to do this
                               ~ what a gifted crew of young          again for those who missed out!
                               people! We so appreciate
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   Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves
                     April 2nd @ 1:05 pm

                       Tickets: $25.00
              INCLUDES $10.00 voucher for food
           at any of the Stadium Concessionaires!

       These are Left Field seats in section 110
  And we will be seating with colleagues from NWC
After the game, we'll head back to Fort McNair where
       we will join NWC in a picnic and family fun
events. Stay tuned for more info on that event! Then
we'll all gather around to watch the fireworks that start
      at 8:30-9pm to celebrate the Cherry Blossom
 Festival! Fort McNair is supposed to be a prime spot
                 for viewing the fireworks!

 RSVP to to secure tickets for the baseball
                       game by March 20th.
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                                                                                                                      Franciscan Monastery
                                                                                                                              April 12th at 10:00

                                                                                                    We are pleased to invite you to a tour of
                                                                                                    the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land
                                                                                                    and the gardens. See information on the
Send all questions and RSVPs to

                                                                                                    monastery at
                                                            We will have approximately a one hour guided tour of the Monastery, where as
                                                            the gardens are self guided. I was told there is a free parking lot across the
                                                            street. This is a free tour, but your donation of at least $5.00 per person would
                                                            be greatly appreciated. Please RSVP by March 7th to
                                                   Everyone is welcome to join us!

                                                                                      Diplomatic Reception Rooms
                                                                                     at the U.S. Department of State
                                                                                                 April 22nd at 10:30am.
                                                                     There are only 50 slots. Send your RSVPs to
                                                             Check out this link for more information about the Diplomatic Reception Rooms and take
                                                             a virtual tour
                                                             Information to know:
                                                             1. Upon entering the building, report to the reception desk and
                                                                state that you have a reservation for a tour.
                                                             2. All participants (16 years and older) must present valid
                                                                photo identification (i.e. driver's license, passport, or a
                                                                Federal government identification badge).
                                                             3. Late arrivals will not be permitted on the tour.
                                                             4. Strollers, briefcases, backpacks and packages are not
                                                                permitted in the Diplomatic Reception Rooms and there are
                                                                no facilities for the storage of personal belongings.
                                                             5.   After clearing the Security checkpoint, the tour guide will escort you to the tour, which lasts
                                                                  approximately forty-five minutes.

               ICAF                                         SPOUSES’        NEWS
                                                                 Marine Evening Parade
     MEDIEVAL Times                                                     May 6th at 7 pm
    Saturday April, 30th 1:30                                      Open to all family members
                                                                       (limit 75 tickets).
Okay, here's another great and fun
opportunity, but this time geared towards the
                                                                    email: Pauline Arredondo
kids! Since many of our spouses will be                 
traveling over the weekend of Saturday, April
30th I'm trying to keep my kids occupied. I've
heard great reviews about Medieval Times in
the Baltimore area.
                                                           Naval Observatory
Prices are generally $56.00 a person, but can                    March 22 or 25
be purchased at the Community center on                             10 am.
Fort Belvoir for $40.50 per adult and $37.50
per child. That includes the show and meal.           This is open to all
MWR tickets are even cheaper than group             spouses only (adults
rates.. The number for more information is 703      only) I will need your
-805-3716, but you MUST be present at the            full name, and birth
Community center when buying the tickets.            date. If you are not
                                                      USA born please
Here is the link. Check it out! It looks like so    provide the following
much fun and imagine through the eyes of our       full name, passport #,
children!                                              and birth date.
abouttheshow/thecastle.aspx                                 email: Pauline Arredondo
          7000 Arundel Mills Circle
          Hanover, Maryland 21076
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   Upcoming Tours
           May 7th          Short Cut to Europe:
                            EU Embassies Open House: Tour inside the
                            embassies of the European Union member
                            countries and discover their distinctive
           May 14th         Around the World Embassy Tour:– Cultural
                            Tourism DC presents the fourth annual Around
                            the World Embassy Tour, the capstone event
                            of Passport DC. Embassies from around the
                            globe open their doors and welcome visitors to
                            experience the art, culture, cuisine, and much
           May 23rd—        we have secured 50 reserved tickets for The
                            National Archives Experience at 2:45. It is
                            home of the original Declaration of
                            Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
                            Each ticket is $1.50. Please RSVP
                            to icafspousesrsvp@gmail.comto reserve your
                            ticket by April 1st. This is open to family

March 24, 2011 - a visit from Windows Catering
March 31, 2011 - Country Briefings Austria & Guatemala
      2011 National Cherry Blossom Festival
April 1, 2011 - NDU Food Day
April 7, 2011 -Lebanese food and sweets & belly dancing
April 14, 2011 - Country Briefings Slovakia.& Czech Rep.
April 15 - 17, 2011 - Jim Thorpe Weekend
April 21, 2011 - Country Briefing -Sri Lanka, Malaysia & Mexico
April 28, 2011 - LAST MEETING Country Briefing Colombia & France
    March 2011
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                       Fun was had by all at the Bunco night

                       S       end your announcements and pictures for the newsletter in by the 5th of each month. Make sure they
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       2010-2011             Position                          Name                Phone            Email

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           Board             Secretary                         Chris Knofczynski   (703) 440-5989

                             Treasurer                         Cathy Hafer         (703) 455-6420
      Please feel free
                             Tours Chair                       Gracia Pinzino      (703) 349-0696
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        members with         NDU Foundation Liaison            Angelene Lockwood   “                “

       suggestions on        Newsletter                        Michele Brantley    (703) 451-0077

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        activities or to
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          volunteer.         Family Activities                 Open

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