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					                           Curriculum Vitae of Wilco Dona


Name                   Wilco Dona
Address                Rederserf 86, 2586KC, The Hague, NL
Email address
Of fice number         (+31) (0)70-3886342
Mobile                 (+31) (0)6-53861263
Fax                    (+31)(0)70-3886345
Date & place o f       24-11-1973, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Nationality            Dutch

Competences in Brief

Primary                Over the past 8 years I have developed m ysel f into a success ful allround
                       executive manager in the Telecom / ICT industry, with experience ranging from
                       operations, business development, marketing and people management

Secondary              My education brings me a solid background in technology (BSc in Electrical
                       engineering), as well as in marketing management and business administration
General                I am a good communicator, able to bring across m y vison, ideas and concepts on
                       a executive level, as well as translating these to down to earth consequences for

Professional Background

presently          Donaco
                   Self employed as consultant / interim manager
                   Assignments :
                        -   - 7-2007 – 2 2008 : Strategic advisor for Webdevelopments at Nuon’s E-
                            service department:
                        E-service is Nuon’s department responsible for all developments on Nuon’s
                        I was asked to improve the project-management team by introducing stakeholder
                        management and coaching the project managers. I also managed several projects
                        m ysel f, including a project focussed on providing advice to consumers on saving
                        energy (Nuon Bespaar Inzicht) and Nuon’s online webshop (Nuon Bespaar Direct).
                        -   1-2007 – 30 june 2007 : Poduct market manager ad interim at KPN’s
                            Business market Mobile services
                        Replaced the product market manager for fixed mobile convergence in the
                        business market. During this period I brought a major dev elopment for KPN in the
                        Large enterprise segment before the management board to get a funding decision
                        (positive decision) and also managed the development o f a pricing scheme.

                       -    06-02—2006 – 30-9-2006 : Project manager at KPN’s fixed network
                            business segment
                       Managing the Business VoIP for SME introduction in the Netherlands. I was
                       brought in to restructure and speed up the development o f Business processes
                       and IT. This assignment was quickly expanded to general project management for
                       the all IP release o f the commercial project. Part o f m y achievements were
                       increasing high level management awareness of the project b y creating a cross-
                       departmental steering committee and merging the project with a similar
                       development to make demands on the IT department more e f ficient. A fter
                       meeting m y agreed tollgates I handed the project over to a KPN internal project
           Curriculum Vitae of Wilco Dona - Continued

              -    01-01-2006 – 31-01-2006 : SLA development at Wanadoo NL BV
              Wanadoo Netherlands and Orange NL have decided to merge their brands into
              Orange, as part o f a European branding strategy. Among others this included the
              merging of their portals and Wanadoo was assigned the
              task o f operating this portal for both companies, which ment a supplier-customer
              relationship between the two for the upkeep o f this portal. I was asked to make a
              proposal for an SLA, which covered qualit y management through key performance
              indicators, maintenance and updating procedures and a QuickScan of existing
              Wanadoo trouble-ticketing s ystems to support these procedures. The SLA was
              delivered on time, and used for further implementation. This new portal is now

              -    01-11-2005 – 31-01-2006 : Market research at Nashuatec Benelux
              Nashuatec has devised a new business strategy in the Document management
              market. I have been asked to investigate strategic possibilities for their Document
              and content management solutions in a new vertical market. My research was
              mainly focused on investigating the current document flow of ci vil law courts by
              interviewing a major law firm in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and gov ernment o f ficials. The
              results o f this research are pending evaluation by the executive board o f
              Nashuatec Benelux BV

              -    01-07-2005 – 05-10-2005 : Project manager at Wanadoo Netherlands
               Wanadoo Netherlands have implemented their own ADSL network in April this
              year. I have been asked to manage two top priorit y projects for Wanadoo
              Netherlands, aimed at increasing Wanadoo’s market share. The first project was
              aimed at introducing ADSL2+ for all existing and new customers on the Wanadoo
              network, the second was aimed at migrating as much Wanadoo customers as
              possible from the BBned network to Wanadoo´s own network.
              Both projects launched within plan and budget, according to the agreed targets.

              -    11-2004 – 06-2005 : Managing CRM development in KPN’s business DSL
              KPN’s Business Unit “Connecti vity” uses a dedicated CRM environment called
              One2Deliver (or Epacit y) for all its IPVPN-o f ferings, centered around a Siebel and
              a Portal implementation. For reasons o f cost-cutting and IT-rationalisation
              One2Deliver was to be the CRM environment for all business fixed net product-
              lines. The first step towards this goal in November 2004 was to migrate the CRM
              for KPN’s EVPN port folio to One2Deliver. I was brought into this project to support
              the project manager in managing the new complex external environment o f
              multiple stakeholders, i.e. product managers from di f ferent product lines, the
              EVPN operational organisation, still accustomed to the legacy processes. I
              formulated a Business requirement document, stating the deliverables of the
              project and negotiated this with all concerned parties. During the project I would act
              as liaison between project members and stakeholders to handle questions,
              changes in the solution and con flicts. The project went live success fully in April
              2005. Le ft over requirements and new requests are now being handled by a follow
              up project
              -     11-2004 - Strategic advice for a software developer
              Qics BV is a company specialising in implementing, customizing and maintaining
              accounting software with their clients. At a few occasions they have developed
              software for a speci fic customer that turned out to also be success ful to be sold
              as standard so ftware. Management saw the opportunit y behind this, but were
              unable to formulate a strategy. I was asked to facilitate their strategy-making. I
              had individual interviews with both o f the directors/owners, and based on those

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                Curriculum Vitae of Wilco Dona - Continued
                     interviews together with literature study prepared a presentation for them. The
                     presentation and ensuing discussion led to a strategy statement, which I
                     formulated in minutes and actions. As a result the company has setup a separate
                     department for this new business and have hired a dedicated marketing manager.

                     -    08-2004 – 10-2004 : Merging two customer support centers
                     Computer user community HCC faces high costs and low customer satis faction
                     in their customer support center. Their strategic partner in internet access, CAS
                     Internet, has an excellent support center, rated best by Hollands consumer
                     association “consumentenbond” in January 2004. I was asked to investigate
                     possibilities to add HCC’s customer support to CAS Internet’s support center.
                     I formulated key elements o f success for such a merge in the areas o f customer
                     satis faction, people, legal, processes and technology. I organized a steering
                     committee consisting o f each company’s director and me, meeting bi-weekly to
                     follow progress and maintain commitment. My delivery was a proposal in the
                     name o f CAS internet to HCC, co vering SLA levels, costs, process design and a
                     s ystems impact analysis for negotiations between the two parties. Un fortunately,
                     due to political sensitivities to outsourcing within the HCC organization, the
                     proposal was not accepted.
                     -    03-2004 RFI Private Branch exchange
                     The computer user community HCC (200.000 members) wanted to increase their
                     customer satis faction by improving their customer contact center’s availabilit y
                     I was asked to advize on a new telephone exchange to support the call center
                     I organized a RFI document b y interviewing sta f f on Marketing, operations and call
                     center agents.
                     During the analysis I found that most problems with customer satis faction was not
                     due to the telephone exchange, but to the lack o f a solid service provisioning
                     process in the department, combined with poor s ystems support and a high level
                     of complicated manual labour. These conclusions contributed to the choices made
                     by the HCC to merge their support center with CAS Internet (also see next

                     -    03-2004 – 7-2004 setting up a cost center for InterNLnet and CAS Internet
                     CAS Internet subcontracts its entire technology platform with InterNLnet. These
                     companies became so interdependent, and met with so many operational problems
                     in product development, that they decided they wanted to improve their relation
                     by allowing more control over eachothers tactical priorities. I was asked to
                     investigate their current situation, and make proposals for a new way o f
                     Using the eTOM process model for the Telecom industry I analysed their current
                     working relationships, pinpointing the critical problems. Based on this analysis I
                     proposed a redistribution o f responsibilities, dividing both parties into a cost
                     center/ factory and business units per brand. This proposal is currently under
                     negotiation between the two parties.

 April 2001 –    CAS Internet BV (HCCnet BV):
 February        Business line manager, P&L responsible
 2004            No. o f paying customers: 100.000
                 No. o f employees: 50
                 Revenues: >9 million Euros annually

                     - Acted as interim manager for HCCnet´s web-editing department.
                     When the chie f editor and manager of the HCCnet website left the company, I

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              Curriculum Vitae of Wilco Dona - Continued
                   was asked to take over the department ad interim. During this period I was
                   responsible for all in house journalists and external content and had the set up a
                   department plan for possible outsourcing of the entire department, including the
                   relationship between CAS Internet and the company to which the department would
                   be outsourced.

                   - Implemented an internet support desk, based on business process re-
                   The need for a professional supportdesk started, when demand was growing, and
                   the department was unable to meet that demand.
                   I did an analysis o f the tasks required from the department, and the tools and
                   knowledge needed to perform them.
                   Based on that analysis I introduced a new phone-exchange and a IT support
                   s ystem to better equip the sta f f to their tasks.
                   I also hired a new department manager, with experience in people management,
                   asking her to introduce on the job training programmes and job rotation.
                   It resulted in the support desk being awarded “best helpdesk 2004” by the Dutch
                   consumer association.

                   - Introduced new product on dial in network (06760-prefix)
                   Before this implementation, the dial in network was built from regional access
                   numbers, with an underlying zero-value contract with the telecom operator (costs
                   and revenues added up to zero).
                   I was asked to introduce a more flexible tari f fing structure, and improved
                   profitabilit y.
                   I migrated all customers to a terminating access dial in structure, enabling tarif f
                   dif ferentiation, including a block o f time variant, and negotiated a new contract,
                   whereby all revenues where allocated to HCCnet, and costs could be
                   competitively bought in an open market.
                   From the implementation (end 2001) to beginning 2004 the dial in service has been
                   the major contributor to HCCnet’s operational pro fit.

                   - Introduced new distribution channel for ADSL: mxposure
                   HCCnet was solely dependant o f one client-communit y, members of the HCC.
                   I was asked to open up the SME internet access market.
                   Instead o f introducing another retail brand in the market, I introduced a white-label
                   reseller programme, enabling small locally oriented ISP’s to resell our ADSL
                   product under their brand.
                   By 2004 Mxposure had over 50 resellers under contract, generating more than
                   10% o f HCCnet’s total operating pro fit.
                   -    Other activities:
                   Investigated possibilities for a cable-internet deployment by CAS Internet through
                   access to the major cable companies (VECAI initiative)
                   Investigated Voice possibilities in CAS Internet’s network, based on Voice over
                   DSL and Voice over IP

 Interim       KPN International consultanc y
 assignment    Developed a business case and implementation proposal f or DSL deployment in the
 November      consumer market for Cesk y Telecom in the Czech republic.
 2000          Cesk y Telecom was on the verge of introducing broadband services in their home
               market, and asked KPN to advise on a suitable business strategy
               In a period of 4 weeks, I interviewed key personnel on marketing and operations, as
               well as a few leading competing internet providers in Prague.

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                Curriculum Vitae of Wilco Dona - Continued
                 Finally I presented a strategy advice to the decision makers within Cesk y Telecom

 June 2000-      KPN NV, Business unit Broadband Networks
 April 2001      Product manager Mxstream services, KPN’s ADSL consumer product.
                 Mid 2000, the innovation o f introducing ADSL in KPN’s fixed network was mostl y
                 completed. KPN’s major challenge now was to win the market in broadband access,
                 and bridge the headstart the cable companies had with their of fering. A key element
                 here was opening KPN’s network for existing ISP’s. I was responsible for allowing the
                 technical networks o f KPN and the ISP’s to connect, b y interviewing and investigating
                 the needs o f the ISP’s, and translating these to changes in KPN’s network.

 March 1999      KPN NV, Fixed Networks operator
 – June 2000     Technical Product manager ADSL
                 Mid 1999 the decision was made by KPN to introduce ADSL as a regular product into
                 her fixed network. I was responsible for setting up a nationwide roll-out planning based
                 on reaching the most customer with the smallest initial inv estment, by cherry-picking
                 the regions with the most subscriber lines and the least technical changes needed for
                 In 2000, when DSL became more and more an important product in KPN’s fixed net, I
                 helped setup cost allocation models and forecast models to streamline yearplanning
                 and network planning between the operator and the business units.
                 I was also liaison between these business units and the operator, making business
                 cases and project plans on innovation requests or product changes (both technology
                 push to the business unit and market pull from the business unit)

 January         PTT Telecom BV, Fixed Networks operator
 1996 –          Technical consultant in the implementation of ISDN in the dutch telephony network
 August 1997


 Dutch           Nati ve speaker
 English         Fluentl y spoken, flawlessly written
 German          Basic knowledge of the spoken language, reading
 French          Grammar school level (reading)


 November/        Achieved PRINCE2 certi fication for Project management (Foundation and
 December         Practitioner)
 January 2003     Young executive programme, management programme focussed on personal
 – April 2003     development.
                  De Baak, management centre o f VNO-NCW.
 September        MBA in management o f technology and innovation
 1997 – March     TSM business school (JV of universities o f Groningen, Eindhoven and Twente)
 1999             Graduated on the subject o f Value chain analysis o f the telecommunications industry
                  in relation to Internet and media distribution
 September        BSc in Electrical engineering, specialisation computer sciences.
 1992 –           HTS ‘s-Hertogenbosch
 January 1997

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                     Curriculum Vitae of Wilco Dona - Continued
 September              ‘Gymnasium’ diploma (Gymnasium is the highest form o f pre-universit y education in
 1986                   the Netherlands)
 - August 1992          Gymnasium Bernrode

 Professional Interest
 My strength and interest lies in providing solutions for management problems, by using m y combined skills
 in strategy, marketing, finance and technical know-how.

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