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									                                   USE OF EMAIL AND INTERNET
This policy covers all users, including employees of Direct Shipping Services in particular to email and
Internet services.

Direct Shipping Services is committed to providing an environment that encourages the use of computers and
electronic information as essential tools to support the business.

Email services are made available to all Direct Shipping Services employees for the timely transmission of
business information, both within and external to the organization. The goal in providing this service is to
facilitate resource sharing, innovation and communication.

Internet services are made available to select Direct Shipping Services employees on approval from the top
management to facilitate the better performance of business activities. However, in general, internet services
are restricted to line-sites/sites related to business only.

Each employee must to ensure that this technology is used for proper business purposes and in a manner that
does not compromise the confidentiality of proprietary or other sensitive information.
All email and Internet addresses and correspondence including attachments is the property of company:
As such:

       Employee email communications are not considered private, despite any such designation either by the
       sender or the recipient.
       IT Department reserves the right to monitor its email system, including an employee’s mailbox, at its
       discretion in the ordinary course of business. Please note - that in certain circumstances, Direct
       Shipping Services may be compelled to access and disclose messages sent over its email system.
       The existence of passwords and “message delete” functions do not restrict or eliminate Direct Shipping
       Services ability or right to access electronic communications.
       Assigned accounts are to be used primarily to support business needs that meet Direct Shipping Services
       goals and objectives.
       Direct Shipping Services allows a limited, incidental amount of private use of its email. However,
       limited, incidental personal use of a purely private nature is allowed provided that:
       Such purposes are not for financial gain;
       Such use does not directly interfere with the operation of the email or Internet system;
       Such use does not cause noticeable cost to organization;
       Such use has no noticeable impact on employment or the users work obligations to organization.

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                              Company IT Policy,Preapred By IT Dept
Under scrutiny of the IT department the privilege can be restricted without the prior consent of the user.
Email and Internet are not to be used in association with any outside for-profit business activity.
Employees must not use email for unauthorised disclosure of Direct Shipping Services data or information.
Email and Internet resources must not be used to access, view, download, print, or send messages or
attachments, which include inappropriate material. Inappropriate material includes, but is not limited to,
material that may be considered an infringement of copyright; defamatory, slanderous, sexually explicit,
obscene or discriminatory (i.e. contains references to ethnicity, race, religion, or sexual orientation)
Email and Internet resources must not be used for the intentional dissemination of any computer or Internet
viruses. This would call for management to take stern action.

MSN chat has been approved for inter-office(s) communication ONLY. Hence, the following points need to
be adhered to strictly, to avoid being debarred of the facility without prior notice:
    a) IT department reserves the right to monitor the conversation
    b) Apart from English, usage no other foreign languages authorized.
    c) Display Name/Message would be assigned by the IT department solely and the users are not permitted
        to change the same.
    d) Display images ought to be extremely professional in nature.
    e) No attachments to be sent and received through MSN.
    f) Suggest minimal usage of emotion icons/winks/nudges.
    g) Password for MSN will not be given to users repeatedly by IT department.
    h) Hotmail id cannot be used for official mail communication
    i) Nobody is authorized to subscribe to any common news letters to the official mail-id nor they are
        Supposed to use the official id outside to subscribe to junk mails, if found the mail-id would be
        Freezed without notice.
    g) IT dept can’t take the responsibility if your mail-id is blocked by the anti spam organization or
spammers bombarding your inbox, in general IT dept would run anti spam service in the server to avoid such
mails,Geneuine mails might also be trapped in the spam queue,which would be released upon users request.

Email and Internet resources must not be used for sending chain mail, spam, letter-bombing, accessing chat
groups, mailing lists and gambling. If staff found doing so, a penalty will be imposed.

Though ports are freely available for scanning, printing etc., please note, this is solely for official use.
The usage of USB’s are strictly prohibited.

Individuals allotted with computer system/laptop will bear the expenses of any physical damage that would
occur while the system is still in their respective undertaking.

Individual Users are expected to turn off the system, along with the peripherals connected to their system
Three repeated warnings would be given from the IT department, if repeated again, penality would be imposed

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                              Company IT Policy,Preapred By IT Dept
                                SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY
Precautionary Measures
All users of the email services are required to take necessary precautions to protect the confidentiality of email
or other records containing personal or confidential information encountered in the performance of their duties
or otherwise.
They should utilise whatever means of protection, such as passwords, that are available to them to safeguard
their email. Since such means of protection are not necessarily foolproof, the security and confidentiality of
electronic mail cannot be guaranteed.
Duties of Administrators of Services
Operators of Direct Shipping Services email services are required to establish procedures to provide for the
physical security of email records, data, application programs, and system programs. Users should be aware
that on occasion network and computer operations personnel and system administrators may, during the
performance of their duties, inadvertently see the contents of email messages.
Except as provided elsewhere in the Policy, such personnel are not permitted to do so intentionally or disclose
or otherwise use what they have seen. One exception, however, is that of systems personnel (such as
“postmasters”) are authorised to inspect/screen email when incoming, outgoing, re-routing or disposing of
otherwise undeliverable email. This exception is limited to the least invasive level of inspection required to
perform such duties.
Archiving of Electronic Mail
Direct Shipping Services does not maintain central or distributed electronic mail archives of all email sent or
received, in part because of the difficulty of assuring that electronic mail can continue to be read in the face of
changing formats and technologies and in part because of the changing nature of electronic mail systems.
If email is backed up, the purposes are to assure system integrity and reliability, not archiving and retention.
Users of email services should not rely on electronic mail for purposes of archiving and retention where this
involves Direct Shipping Services records. Consideration should be given to printing electronic mail where
archiving or retention becomes an issue for reasons of policy or sound business practice.
Breach of Policy
Any employee who abuses company email and internet services and facilities and is found to be in breach of
this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. Such disciplinary action may include removal of access
privileges, up to, and including termination of employment.


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         CEO Direct Shipping Services

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                              Company IT Policy,Preapred By IT Dept
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