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					Graduation Requirements
The following seven (7) steps must be completed and turned in to the CGS Dean's office
(address below) before the last day of classes in the semester you expect to graduate.

                               College of Graduate Studies
                                   Attn: Dodie Weise
                               173 Ashley Ave. 102 BSB
                                        MSC 501
                                 Charleston SC 29425

1. Successful Defense Form
This form will be brought to the final defense by your Dissertation Chair. The signed
form should be turned into the Dean’s Office, College of Graduate Studies.

2. Graduate Information Form
Return the completed form by fax or mail to the Dean’s Office, College of Graduate

3. Survey of Earned Doctorates (Ph.D. students)
This is a national survey that gathers tracking information on all doctoral graduates.
Return the completed form by mail (not fax) to the Dean’s Office, College of Graduate

4. UMI Form
Complete the Dissertation Agreement Form so that your dissertation can be published.
The Abstract will be published in Dissertation Abstracts International. Return the
completed form by mail (not fax) to the Dean’s Office, College of Graduate Studies.

5. Degree Order Form
Once your Defense is scheduled you should complete the Online Degree Application to
order your diploma, regalia and additional announcements. The application is completed,
paid for, and submitted online. Students planning to participate in the May
commencement ceremony should submit the application before March 1st to meet the
deadline for ordering regalia.

6. Three copies of the final dissertation should be turned in to the Dean’s Office, College
of Graduate Studies. Please refer to guide for paper formatting and instructions. The copies
should be mailed or delivered in person.

7. Exit Survey and Exit Interview with Director of the Doctoral Program, College of
Complete the Student Exit Survey Form (enclosed below) and fax it to Dr. Gail Gilden at
843-792-9258. Interviews should be scheduled by contacting Dr. Gail Gilden, at Interviews generally require 30 minutes or less and will be
accomplished via phone or video conferencing.

If the above information is received before the last day of classes, students
will be cleared to receive the graduation date of the current semester. If information is
not turned in before the last day of classes, a student will be required to register for the
next semester for a minimum of one hour. This will change the graduation date to the
next semester. Further, a hold will be placed on the student’s records until all
requirements are completed. While this hold is placed, students will not receive a
diploma, transcripts, or have any information released. If the hold is not removed in a
reasonable amount of time, the Dean's office will notify the student’s employer that
he/she has not completed the requirements for the degree.

Graduation Requirements
In addition to meeting academic requirements for graduation, all students are expected to
attend College of Nursing Convocation and MUSC Commencement ceremonies.
Permission to graduate in absentia must be requested in writing to the Dean of the
College of Nursing. All graduation requirements need to be completed prior to
participation in convocation and graduation. It is the student’s responsibility to assure
that all requirements for graduation are met. The College of Nursing appoints a faculty
advisor for each student to assist the student with program planning and tracking of
requirements. However, the responsibility for assuring that all requirements are met rests
solely with the student.
(Approved by GPC committee January 2007)
                     College of Nursing PhD Exit Interview
Please print, complete, and fax the following survey to the Director of the Doctoral
Program, Dr. Gail Gilden at 843 792-9258. Your survey ratings will be used to further
improve the quality of the program. Your responses will be seen only by the Director of
the Doctoral Program, but may be reported in aggregate and anonymously to CON
Thank You.

Please rate the following from Poor (1) to Excellent (5)                 1 2 3 4 5
Student Resources:
  Technical/Computing Support
  Student Services
  Enrollment Management
  Financial Aid
  Center for Writing
  Doctoral Program Website
Faculty Advisement:
  Career Mentoring
  Academic Advisement
Dissertation Chair:
 Progression advice
 Encouragement and timely feedback
College Administration:
  General Quality of Required Courses
  General Quality of Elective Courses
  General Quality of Faculty
  Adequacy of training in scientific misconduct?
  Adequacy of training in nursing knowledge and theory?
  Adequacy of training in research methods?
  Adequacy of training in statistical analysis?
Overall assessment of the Program
Overall assessment of the University
Please answer Yes or No to the following:
Did you experience or observe any type of gender or sexual harassment? Yes No
Did you experience or observe any type of racial bias or discrimination?  Yes No

Please add any comments below, particularly if you rated any of the above items
below a 4 or you experienced any type of sexual harassment or racial discrimination.

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