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                                            ORDERING INFORMATION

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                                                    SIDE SALADS

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                                        ROOM-TEMPERATURE ENTREÉS

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                                                    HOT ENTREÉS

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                                           HOT RECEPTION PLATTERS

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                                ROOM-TEMPERATURE RECEPTION PLATTERS

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                                           5 & DIME ENHANCERS
                                      BEVERAGE SERVICE & DISPOSABLES

W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                          ORDERING INFORMATION                                                                          3

The minimum order for breakfast: 10 persons
Room temperature and sandwich selections: 8 persons
Hot entrées: 12 persons

We accept orders up until 4:30pm of the prior business day.
As orders are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, we strongly recommend advanced planning.

Orders may be cancelled up until 24 hours before your delivery without penalty. Orders may not be canceled or reduced in numbers
with less than 24-hour notice.

The charge for delivery varies depending on your head count and the amount of setup required. Please work with your sales
representative to schedule an arrival time that allows ample time for setup. Deliveries are allotted a 30-minute window: between 15
minutes before and 15 minutes after your scheduled arrival time.

Our hours of operation are:
Sales Office - Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm
Deliveries - Monday-Friday, 6:45am-5:30pm

For an additional charge, we offer White Platters. Black Plasticware is also available.
Serving utensils are provided free of charge upon request.

All approved credit accounts are due 20 days net. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted for all other orders.

Unless otherwise arranged, all orders will be presented on high-quality disposable platters with pop-off lids. All hot items include
chafer, sterno and matches.

Please note: Prices and menu items are subject to change without notice.

Visit for our latest specials and menu updates.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

             W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                                         BREAKFAST                                                                         4
                          10-Person minimum applies to all breakfast items unless otherwise stated.

PACKAGES:                                                                 BREAKFAST ENHANCERS:

CONTINENTAL                                                               DEEP DISH BREAKFAST CASSEROLES
• Assorted homemade breakfast pastries and sliced mini-bagels,            Choice of:
cream cheese, Dickinson’s® preserves and whipped butter                   • Vegetarian - With layers of garden veggies and three-cheese
• Fresh fruit salad                                                       blend
• Florida’s Natural® orange juice and Ocean Spray® cranberry              • Ham & Gruyere – With artichoke hearts, tomatoes and scallions
juice                                                                     $54.95 each (serves 20 people)
$8.75 per person
                                                                          DELUXE EUROPEAN BREAKFAST
(Upgrade to Sliced Fruit for $1.00 per person)
                                                                          A hearty array of Brie, smoked Gouda, Babybel® and Swiss
                                                                          cheeses with prosciutto, ham, mortadella, salami and sliced
                                                                          egg. Presented with petite croissants, pain au chocolat, sliced
• Assorted homemade breakfast pastries and sliced mini-bagels,
                                                                          pumpernickel and homemade raisin bread. Accompanied by
cream cheese, Dickinson’s preserves and whipped butter
                                                                          Nutella®, raspberry jam, apricot jelly, whipped butter and whole
• Florida’s Natural orange juice and Ocean Spray cranberry juice
                                                                          grain mustard.
$7.50 per person
                                                                          $84.95 (serves 10)
FARMHOUSE BREAKFAST                                                       CHALLAH FRENCH TOAST
• Scrambled eggs                                                          With Vermont maple syrup, berry compote, whipped butter and
• Seasoned breakfast potatoes                                             powdered sugar
• Choose one meat: Crisp bacon; pork sausage links; or turkey             $6.95 per person
sausage links (choose an additional meat for $2.00 more per
person)                                                                   SANTA FE BREAKFAST BURRITOS
• Assorted homemade breakfast pastries and sliced mini-bagels,            Warm flour tortillas rolled with breakfast potatoes, scrambled
cream cheese, Dickinson’s® preserves and whipped butter                   eggs, green chilies and sausage
• Fresh fruit salad                                                       - Also available Western style (vegetarian)
• Florida’s Natural orange juice and Ocean Spray cranberry juice          $6.95 per person
• Condiment basket of Heinz® ketchup, Tabasco® sauce, salt                BURRITOS DE GUADALAJARA
and pepper                                                                Fluffy scrambled eggs, shredded grilled flank steak, diced
$14.95 per person                                                         tomatoes, green chile salsa, cheddar and Monterey Jack rolled in
(Upgrade to Sliced Fruit for $1.00 per person)                            warm flour tortillas
                                                                          $6.95 per person
Hot Breakfast Sandwiches (choose two)                                     BACON TWISTS
• Bacon, Egg and Cheddar on English muffin                                Our signature breakfast accompaniment. Golden baked bread
• Ham, Egg and Cheddar on croissant                                       sticks spiraled with country bacon
• Sausage and Egg on English muffin                                       $19.95 Baker’s dozen
• Egg and Cheese on croissant                                             HAM & GRUYERE POPOVERS
                                                                          Flaky ham & cheese croissants with fresh thyme
Includes all of the following:                                            $24.95 Baker’s dozen
• Assorted homemade breakfast pastries and sliced mini-bagels,
cream cheese, Dickinson’s® preserves and whipped butter                   INDIVIDUAL STONYFIELD® FARM YOGURTS
• Fresh fruit salad                                                       WITH GRANOLA
• Florida’s Natural orange juice and Ocean Spray cranberry juice          $3.95 each (5-person minimum)
• Condiment basket of Heinz ketchup, Tabasco sauce, salt and              YOGURT PARFAITS
pepper                                                                    Vanilla yogurt layered with fresh berries and homemade fruit
$ 13.95 per person                                                        coulis, topped with crunchy granola and presented in individual
(Upgrade to Sliced Fruit for $1.00 per person)                            cups
                                                                          $4.95 per person
                                                                          INDIVIDUAL KASHI® CEREALS
BREAKFAST BEVERAGES:                                                      With fat-free fat milk
Coffee & Tea requires urn rentals @ $18.00 per day                        $3.50 each (minimum 5)
COFFEE SERVICE                                                            LOTS O’ LOX
W. Millar & Co.’s House Blend Coffee, Regular or Decaf                    Norwegian smoked salmon presented with sliced mini-bagels,
$25.00/gallon                                                             dill cream cheese, slivered red onion, tomatoes, capers and diced
TEA SERVICE                                                               chives
An assortment of Bigelow teas with low-fat milk,                          $99.95 (serves 10)
sweeteners, lemon, honey, cups and stirrers

           W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
$13.00 per person                                                           DELI PLATTER
 •Choose from any of our                                                    Build your own sandwiches, $8.95 per person.
  Signature or Classic Sandwich Selections                                  Choose 4 from the following:
 •Salad—choose any one Side Salad (from page 6)                             Smoked turkey
 •Dessert—assorted homemade Cookies &                                       Grilled chicken breast
  Bar Desserts (from page 12)                                               Homemade chicken salad
                                                                            Roast beef
SIGNATURE SANDWICH SELECTIONS:                                              Virginia ham
                                                                            Dilled Albacore tuna salad
Turkey & Cranberry Chutney                                                  Tarragon egg salad
Turkey, Arugula & Cheddar
Chipotle Turkey & Pepper Jack                                               Includes:
                                                                            Assorted fresh breads
Jerk’d Chicken Wrap                                                         Sliced cheeses
Chicken Ranchero                                                            Lettuce, tomatoes, dill pickles
Grilled Chicken Pesto                                                       Mayonnaise and mustard
Parmesan Chicken with Tomato Compote
                                                                            EXECUTIVE BOXED LUNCHES
Roast Beef with Horseradish                                                 Individually labeled boxes include:
The Italian Hoagie                                                          One Sandwich. One pasta or potato salad.
Ham & Brie                                                                  A cookie and a bar dessert.
                                                                            Plasticware pack and hard candies
Dilled Albacore Tuna Salad                                                  $15.95 each
Grilled Salmon with Chili-Lime Mayonnaise
Boardwalk Shrimp Sub
Tuscan Veggie
Napa Lite
                                                                            SANDWICH MUST-HAVES
(visit www. to view our current selection)                      ROUTE 11® POTATO CHIPS
                                                                            $1.75 per bag (5-person minimum)
Also available a la carte for $7.95 each                                    FRESH FRUIT SALAD
                                                                            $4.25 per person

CLASSIC SANDWICH MEAL                                                       SLICED FRESH FRUIT
$12.00 per person                                                           $4.95 per person (10-person minimum)
 •Choose from our Classic Sandwich Selections                               CHEF’S SPECIALTY SWEETS
 •Salad—choose one Classic Side Salad                                       $3.95 per person
  (from page 6)
 •Dessert—assorted homemade Cookies &                                       MID-DAY BREAK
  Bar Desserts (from page 12)
                                                                            • Homemade granola bars
                                                                            • House-baked energy cookies
                                                                            • Plump strawberries
Turkey & Swiss
                                                                            • White chocolate-dipped pretzels
Turkey Club
                                                                            • Chocolate-covered espresso beans
Homemade Chicken Salad
                                                                            • Pistachio brittle
Roast Beef & Provolone with Whole Grain Mustard
                                                                            • Roasted almonds
Ham & Swiss
                                                                            $60.00 (serves up to 15)
Garden Patch with Hummus
Caesar’s Steak Wrap
Chicken Cobb Wrap
                                                                            (8-person minimum unless otherwise stated)
Turkey & Sun-Dried Tomato Wrap
Tarragon Egg Salad

Also available a la carte for $7.25 each

Note: All Sandwiches come dressed with mayonnaise.
Please specify if you prefer mayonnaise on the side only.

             W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                                         SIDE SALADS
SIGNATURE SIDE SALADS                                                      THAI VEGGIE CRUNCH
                                                                           Broccoli florets, snow peas, julienned peppers, scallions, diced
TUSCAN SALAD                                                               cucumbers, shaved carrot and crushed cashews in a chili-lime
Arugula and mesclun mix with torn basil, oven-roasted tomatoes,            vinaigrette
fresh mozzarella and grilled yellow peppers
                                                                           SALAD OF THE MONTH
GREEK SALAD                                                                Visit to view our current selection
Romaine lettuce tossed with feta cheese, cucumbers,
pepperoncini, green peppers, Kalamata olives and tomatoes;
served with your choice of dressings
CHERRY BLOSSOM SALAD                                                       CLASSIC SIDE SALADS
Assorted baby greens with sliced strawberries, sun-dried
cherries, Gorgonzola cheese and spiced pecans                              CRISP GARDEN SALAD
                                                                           Iceberg, hearts of romaine, red and green leaf lettuce; tossed with
                                                                           shredded carrots, crisp cucumbers, garden tomatoes, Holland
Spinach and mesclun tossed with bean sprouts, shredded carrots,
                                                                           tomatoes and jumbo baked croutons; served with your choice of
edamame, yellow & red tomatoes and topped with fried wonton
                                                                           CAESAR SALAD
                                                                           Hearts of romaine, shaved Parmesan, oven-roasted tomatoes and
A vibrant array of grilled seasonal vegetables presented with our
                                                                           jumbo baked croutons; served with our Caesar dressing
homemade salsa verde ($2.00 supplement)
                                                                           RED-EYE POTATOES WITH FRESH DILL
                                                                           Baby red-eyes tossed with celery and dill dressing
Grilled corn kernels, cilantro, Bermuda onion, bell peppers and
diced tomatoes in a zesty vinaigrette                                      PASTA GEMELLI SALAD
                                                                           Gemelli noodles, rosemary, Fontina cheese, tomatoes and fresh
                                                                           basil with a light herbed vinaigrette
Grilled green beans and roasted potatoes tossed with Bermuda
onion, parsley and sun-dried tomatoes; dressed with a light garlic         BRUSCHETTA PASTA SALAD
aioli                                                                      Mini shells, red and yellow tomatoes, purple onion, fresh basil
                                                                           and Parmesan cheese tossed in light garlic aioli
Cavatappi pasta tossed with sun dried tomato pesto, Parmesan,              PASTINA AL FRESCA
basil, peppers and Kalamata olives, then showered with goat                Pearl pasta with a medley of grilled zucchini, yellow squash and
cheese                                                                     asparagus, tossed with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and
                                                                           baby arugula
Couscous tossed with diced avocados, Roma tomatoes and                     ATHENIAN PASTA SALAD
cilantro finished with fresh lemon juice and virgin olive oil              Shell pasta with cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, Kalamata
                                                                           olives, scallions, feta cheese, fresh thyme and a lemon vinaigrette
Thin noodles with grilled shrimp, carrot slivers, snow peas, bell          ITALIAN PASTA SALAD
peppers and toasted sesame seeds, tossed in a teriyaki dressing            Fusilli noodles, red & green peppers, carrots, black olives,
                                                                           broccoli, green peas, scallions, basil and Parmesan cheese tossed
                                                                           in an Italian dressing
Penne pasta, diced chicken, toasted pine nuts, tomatoes, fresh
Parmesan, black olives and julienned spinach tossed with                   PASTA PROSCIUTTO
homemade pesto                                                             Fusilli noodles, red & green peppers, carrot slivers, green peas
                                                                           and prosciutto tossed in a Parmesan-dill dressing
Ziti with grilled asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, yellow corn,
Parmesan, parsley, basil and the tang of a Caesar vinaigrette              SALAD DRESSINGS
PARISIAN PASTA SALAD                                                       Balsamic Vinaigrette                 Creamy Vidalia
Orecchiette pasta tossed with grilled radicchio, sautéed purple            Buttermilk Ranch                     Dijon Sherry Vinaigrette
onion, spinach, lentils, fresh oregano, grated Parmesan and nutty          Caesar                               Ginger Soy
olive oil                                                                  Cracked Pepper &                     Strawberry-Sherry
                                                                             Parmesan                              Vinaigrette
                                                                           Creamy Cucumber
Quinoa tossed with apricots, almonds, cilantro, carrot slivers,
imported pequin peppers, scallions and fresh-squeezed lime juice           Signature Side Salads also available a la carte at $4.25 per person
                                                                           (8-person minimum)
Shell pasta with smoked chicken, blue cheese, bacon, sun-dried             Classic Side Salads also available a la carte at $3.75 per person
tomatoes and baby spinach in a sherry-shallot vinaigrette                  (8-person minimum)

            W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                ROOM-TEMPERATURE ENTREÉS                                                                                  7

                                                                          CHICKEN ENTREES
(8-person minimum)                                                        CITRUS CHICKEN
Per Person Price Includes                                                 Roasted chicken breast with orange blossom honey and teardrop
 •Any One Room-Temperature Entree                                         tomato garnish served with arugula pesto
 •Any One Classic Side Salad (from page 6) or upgrade                     $14.95 per person
  to a Signature Side Salad for $1.00 more                                PESTO CHICKEN
 •Freshly Baked Bread Board                                               Tender breast of chicken with basil marinade, grilled and
 •Assorted Homemade Cookies & Bar Desserts                                presented with a roasted red pepper coulis
  or substitute Chef’s Specialty Sweets for an                            $14.95 per person
  additional $2.00 per person
 •Additional Side Salads available a la carte
                                                                          SAMPLER ENTREES
                                                                          MIAMI SPICE
SALAD ENTREES                                                             • Mojito-marinated chicken breast
BUILD-YOUR-OWN COBB SALAD                                                 • Blackened salmon
                                                                          • Sweet chili-barbequed tenderloin
• Char-grilled chicken breasts and flame-kissed shrimp                    Accompanied by tangy corn relish and Asian chili sauce
• Bibb lettuce, romaine hearts and watercress                             $16.95 per person
• Crumbled blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, diced avocado
                                                                          ALL AMERICAN MIXED GRILL
• Hard-cooked eggs, crisp bacon crumbles
                                                                          • Beef tenderloin medallions studded with rosemary
• Creamy lemon-chive dressing
                                                                          • Gremolata chicken breasts
$16.95 per person
                                                                          • Lemon-dill salmon fillets
BUILD-YOUR-OWN NICOISE SALAD*                                             • Marinated broccoli with tomatoes and Italian seasonings
Choose two of the following three meats:                                  Accompanied by horseradish-sour cream and salsa verde
                                                                          $17.95 per person
• Pepper-seared tuna steaks
• Lemon-dill salmon filets                                                WASHINGTONIAN
• Gremolata chicken breasts                                               • Petite fillet mignon, herb-encrusted
Includes baby spinach, arugula and frisee, potatoes, hard-cooked          • Eastern Shore crab cakes
eggs, yellow pear tomatoes, haricot verts, nicoise olives                 • Char-grilled breast of chicken
$16.95 per person                                                         • Garden harvest salad of red bliss potatoes, wax beans, broccoli
                                                                          and cherry tomatoes, lightly dressed
* This dish may contain undercooked ingredients                           Accompanied by tarragon remoulade and red wine vinaigrette
MEXICALI MEDLEY                                                           $18.95 per person
Our “Build-Your-Own” Fajita Salad                                         BOURBON STREET BOUNTY
• Cumin-scented chicken                                                   • Flame-kissed Gulf shrimp
• Chili-rubbed flank steak                                                • Seared cayenne chicken breast
• Spring field greens, grilled peppers and onions, diced garden           • Creole-rubbed flank steak
  tomatoes, lemon-marinated avocado, sharp cheddar, salty                 Accompanied by citrus cocktail sauce and creamy cucumber
  tortilla “croutons”                                                     $18.95 per person
• Cumin vinaigrette                                                       ASIAN MIXED GRILL
$16.95 per person                                                         • Miso-glazed salmon
MILLAR’S “CREATE-A-SALAD” ENTREE                                          • Hoisin-barbecued chicken
Choose any one of the following meats:                                    • Mandarin-grilled flank steak
                                                                          • Ginger carrot slaw
* Char-grilled chicken                                                    Accompanied by wasabi aioli and teriyaki sauce
* Flame-kissed salmon                                                     $16.95 per person
* Marinated flank steak
* Parmesan chicken breasts
* Lemon-peppered shrimp (add $4.50)                                       INDIVIDUAL VEGETARIAN MEALS
* Black pepper-seared tuna filets
                                                                          • TERRINE OF ZUCCHINIS WITH TOMATO COULIS
Pick any green Side Salad (from page 6)
                                                                          • ROASTED STUFFED TOMATOES
Select any two salad dressings (from page 6)
                                                                          • GRILLED PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM CAPS
$15.95 per person                                                         • FLAME-KISSED VEGGIE KABOBS
(Choose an additional meat for $2.00 more per person)
                                                                          $15.95 each

           W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                                      HOT ENTRÉES                                                                         8

HOT ENTREES                                                               CHICKEN ENTREES
(12-person minimum)
Per Person Price Includes:                                                MOJO-MEMPHIS BBQ FILETS
  •Any one Hot Entrée (from pages 8-9)                                    Smoky boneless chicken filets, smothered in sauce,
  •Any one Hot Starch (from below)                                        served over fried onions
  •Any one Hot Vegetable (from below)                                     $16.95 per person
  •Crisp Garden Salad or Caesar Salad. Or choose a                        CHICKEN PARMESAN
   different salad for $1.00 more.                                        Topped with chunky marinara and presented with ratatouille
  •Freshly Baked Bread Board                                              and aged Parmesan
  •Assorted Homemade Cookies & Bar Desserts                               $15.95 per person
  •Or substitute Chef’s Specialty Sweets for an
   additional $2.00 per person                                            JACK CHICKEN BREAST
                                                                          Marinated grilled chicken, topped with mushrooms and
                                                                          Monterey Jack cheese
                                                                          $15.95 per person
                                                                          CHICKEN PICCATA
                                                                          Golden sautéed chicken breasts married with
Lump crab cakes broiled to perfection, garnished with homemade
                                                                          a rich sauce of lemons, capers and buttery white wine
funions and served with Old Bay remoulade
                                                                          $15.95 per person
$18.95 per person
                                                                          CHICKEN FONTINA
                                                                          Pan-sautéed chicken breasts topped with slow-roasted
A savory rice dish brimming with Gulf shrimp, seasoned chicken
                                                                          tomatoes, fresh sage, oregano and bubbly browned Fontina
and Andouille sausage, simmered together in a rich broth
                                                                          $15.95 per person
$16.95 per person
                                                                          APRICOT-GINGER CHICKEN
                                                                          Grilled Curried Chicken Breasts basted with an Apricot-Ginger
Seasoned beef in garlicky tomato sauce
                                                                          Glaze and Garnished with Fresh Cilantro
$15.95 per person
                                                                          $16.95 per person
In creamy béchamel sauce                                               { Hot Entree selection continue on next page! }
$15.95 per person
Classic French stew of cubed beef, slow cooked in red wine and
beef broth with sautéed mushrooms, carrots, pearl onions and
lots of fresh herbs
$16.95 per person

HOT STARCH SELECTIONS                                                     HOT VEGETABLE SELECTIONS
Mashed Potatoes with Garlic                                               Green Beans with Toasted Almonds
Roasted Lemon-Garlic Potatoes                                             Seasonal Vegetable Medley
Wild Mushroom Farfalle                                                    Asparagus with Lemon
Mac N’Cheese                                                              Steamed Broccoli with Light Butter Sauce
Cilantro-Lime Rice                                                        Mélange of Grilled Vegetables
Herbed Basmati Rice                                                       Cumin-scented Black Beans
Jasmine Scented Rice                                                      Grilled Yellow Squash & Zucchini
Buttered Egg Noodles

Hot Side selections available a la carte at $3.95 per person (12-person minimum)

           W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                    HOT ENTRÉES (CONTINUED)                                                                                    9

SAMPLER ENTREES                                                           HOT ENTREES
TUSCAN MEDLEY                                                             (12-person minimum)
Balsamic –Glazed Chicken                                                  Per Person Price Includes:
Plump chicken breasts marinated and pan-seared, then roasted                •Any one Hot Entrée (from pages 8-9)
with cherry tomatoes and garlic in a balsamic vinegar and red               •Any one Hot Starch (see page 8)
wine reduction; garnished with fried basil leaves                           •Any one Hot Vegetable (see page 8)
-And-                                                                       •Crisp Garden Salad or Caesar Salad. Or choose a
Lemon & Artichoke Salmon                                                     different salad for $1.00 more
Atlantic Salmon filets baked with a pesto of artichokes, capers,            •Freshly Baked Bread Board
lemon zest and parsley; finished with a simple white wine sauce             •Assorted Homemade Cookies & Bar Desserts
$17.95 per person                                                           •Or substitute Chef’s Specialty Sweets for an
                                                                             additional $2.00 per person
Chicken Mole
Braised chicken breasts covered in Mexican mole sauce and
sprinkled with toasted pepitas                                             CACTUS PADDLE FAJITAS
-And-                                                                      Marinated chicken & steak strips over grilled peppers & onions
Grilled Salmon with Wild Mushrooms                                         with flour tortillas, guac, cheddar, Tex-Mex salsa, pico and sour
Flame-kissed filets smothered in a wild-mushroom & tequila                 cream
cream sauce                                                                $17.95 per person
$17.95 per person                                                          (Substitute grilled shrimp for one of the above meats for an
CAJUN COMBO                                                                additional $2.00 per person)
Bayou Chicken                                                              PAN ASIAN DUO
Plump chicken breasts dusted with our blend of Cajun spices,               A pair of dishes inspired by the Far East, crafted with authentic
then grilled over an open flame; finished in a sherry-Dijon                spices
cream sauce                                                                * Stir fried beef tenderloin tips with crisp vegetables
-And-                                                                      * Bangkok chicken with Thai basil
Blackened Redfish                                                          $16.95 per person
Red snapper is dredged in flour and blackening seasonings then
paneed; served over a warm Creole tomato sauce                             PLATO’S PAIRING
$18.95 per person                                                          A sampling of our favorite Greek flavors
                                                                           *Athenian Chicken Roulade stuffed with spinach & feta, paired
CHERRY BLOSSOM DUET                                                        with a mushroom wine sauce
Our newest surf ‘n’ turf combination to include:                           *Red Snapper in dill cream sauce over a bed of pearl couscous
* Lemon cilantro salmon filets                                             $17.95 per person
* Grilled flank steak with cherry-port reduction
$17.95 per person                                                          PASTA COMBO
                                                                           Two classic pasta dishes presented with a side of Parmesan
MEDITERRANEAN DUO                                                          *Shrimp Scampi- pan sautéed shrimp with a lemony garlic wine
A harmonious combination; each grilled with aromatic                       sauce tossed with egg noodles
seasonings                                                                 *Rosemary Chicken Alfredo – grilled chicken breasts infused
* Chicken Provençal over herbed orzo                                       with rosemary, tossed with fettuccini in a light cream sauce
* Italian pepper steak with a red wine reduction                           $17.95 per person
$17.95 per person
Your choice of meats skewered and grilled with garden
vegetables and presented with homemade tzatziki sauce
Choose two from the following:
* Marinated tenderloin of beef
* Seasoned chicken
* Spice rubbed salmon
$18.95 per person

           W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                             RECEPTION PLATTERS                                                                        10
Reception Platters available after 1:00pm

$95.00 (25 pieces)                                                         With lemon zest & horseradish dip
                                                                           $89.00 (80 pieces)
$100.00 (25 pieces)                                                        FONTINA RISOTTO BALLS
                                                                           With roasted red pepper puree
                                                                           $89.00 (80 pieces)
Choice of:
• Caprese–mozzarella, pesto and oven-roasted tomato                        COCKTAIL MEATBALLS
• Italian Trio–salami, provolone and mozzarella with                       Choice of:
  Dijon mustard                                                            • BBQ
• Croque Monsieur–imported ham with sharp cheddar                          • Sweet and Sour
  blend and Dijon mustard                                                  • Guinness
$90.00 (40 pieces) or $100.00 (for combnation of two)                      $75.00 (100 pieces)
HAND-MADE EMPANADAS AUTENTICOS                                             ZESTY CHICKEN DRUMETTES
Choose two from the following:                                             Choice of:
• Spicy Beef Monterrey                                                     • Buffalo Style
• Black Beans & Veggie                                                     • BBQ Style
• Chorizo & Potato                                                         • Jerk’d
Served with a warm & cool cilantro dip                                     • Garlic Parmesan
$90.00 (60 pieces)                                                         $89.00 (80 pieces)
FIESTA DISPLAY                                                             GOLDEN CHICKEN TENDERS
Includes:                                                                  With honey mustard and BBQ sauce
• Homemade tortilla chips                                                  $80.00 (60 pieces)
• Warm chili con queso
                                                                           DUO OF DYNAMITE DIPS
• Chili con carne and a side of crème fraiche
                                                                           • Chesapeake Crab Dip
$95.00 (serves up to 35)
                                                                           • Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip
DESIGNER QUESADILLAS                                                       With Garlic-Brushed Pita Points
Choose two from the following:                                             $95.00 (serves up to 35)
• Cilantro Chicken with caramelized onions and jack cheese
                                                                           SCALLOPS WRAPPED IN BACON
• Baja BBQ Beef with red onions, sweet yellow peppers and
                                                                           Rosemary Dijon dip
                                                                           $145.00 (100 pieces)
• Crab & Corn with tres quesos
Served with colorful cherry tomato salsa and avocado-lime dip              MEZE COMBO
$89.00 (50 pieces)                                                         • Spanikopita (40 pieces)
                                                                           • Petite Falafel Cakes (40 pieces)
                                                                           With creamy cucumber dip and lemon-tahini sauce
Choice of:
• Grilled Chicken
• Steak & Jalapeno                                                         RAVIOLI FRITTOS
• Black Bean & Veggie                                                      • Portobello & Italian Cheese Blend
Served with salsa and rose sour cream                                      • Savory ground beef & Ricotta
$80.00 (70 pieces) or $90.00 (for combination of two)                      Served with sides of vodka marinara dip and pesto sauce
                                                                           $85.00 (80.00 pieces)
Choice of:                                                                 CRISPY VEGGIE SPRING ROLLS
• Chicken                                                                  Sweet & sour dip
• Beef                                                                     $85.00 (60 pieces)
• Veggie, Bean & Cheese
$89.00 (60 pieces) or $94.00 (for combination of both)
Served with dijonaise dip
$80.00 (80 pieces)

            W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                            RECEPTION PLATTERS                                                                            11

Reception Platters available after 1:00pm                                 To include:
                                                                          • Ham & Brie
MID-DAY BREAK                                                             • Roast Beef & Caramelized Onions with Horseradish
• Homemade granola bars                                                   • Cucumber & Boursin
• House-baked energy cookies                                              • Turkey & Cranberry Chutney
• Plump strawberries                                                      $89.00 (24 pieces)
• White chocolate-dipped pretzels
• Chocolate-covered espresso beans                                        MINIATURE HOAGIE BITES
• Pistachio brittle                                                       Soprassata, Italian salami, mortadella, aged provolone and sweet
• Roasted almonds                                                         peppers on focaccia bread
$60.00 (serves up to 15)                                                  $69.00 (50 pieces)

Served with sides of horseradish cream and minted yogurt                  Grilled zucchini, yellow squash and eggplant with roasted red
$49.00 (40 pieces)                                                        peppers, Swiss cheese and pesto aioli on focaccia bread
                                                                          $69.00 (50 pieces)
Gently wrapped with:                                                      SAMURAI SKEWERS
• Thinly sliced prosciutto                                                Choice of:
• Smoked Norwegian Salmon                                                 • Chicken and Tenderloin Tips $85.00 (80 pieces)
                                                                          • Yellow Fin Tuna and Salmon $90.00 (80 pieces)
With lemon-chive aioli
$69.00 (50 pieces)                                                        STEAMED SUMMER ROLLS
                                                                          With hoisin-chili Sauce
BRUSCHETTA BAR WITH GARLIC TOASTS                                         Choice of:
Includes:                                                                 • Vegetarian
• Classic Red Tomato                                                      • Shrimp (add $10.00)
• Yellow Tomato with Basil                                                $85.00 (60 pieces)
• Olive Tapenade
$60.00 (serves up to 25)                                                  CHICKEN BITE SAMPLER
                                                                          Sesame, Parmesan and blackened chicken served
HUMMUS DISPLAY WITH PITA CRISPS AND SPICED                                with Asian dipping sauce, sun-dried tomato coulis
OLIVES                                                                    and honey mustard I $85.00 (serves up to 20)
$55.00 (serves up to 20)
                                                                          GRILLED VEGGIE & CHEESE ANTIPASTO
HERBED BEEF TENDERLOIN DISPLAY                                            Grilled veggies with creamy gorgonzola dip presented with cubed
With Dijon, Boursin and horseradish cream; accompanied by                 cheeses & marinated mozzarella balls; accompanied by goat
silver-dollar rolls I $95.00 (serves up to 20)                            cheese-stuffed cherry peppers and gourmet crackers
                                                                          $90.00 (serves up to 20)
Seasoned chicken and beef skewers with a creamy feta dip                  DEVILED EGGS WITH DIJON & CHIVE
$85.00 (80 pieces)                                                        $45.00 (30 pieces)

                                                                          ASSORTMENT OF HOMEMADE BABY QUICHE
MEXICALI CHICKEN & BEEF SKEWERS                                           $45.00 (30 pieces)
Flame-kissed chicken and beef skewers presented
with a creamy avocado whip I $85.00 (80 pieces)                           CAJUN CRAB BALLS
                                                                          With cayenne remoulade I $95.00 (50 pieces)
Trio of Italian cheeses layered with homemade pesto,                      JUMBO SHRIMP COCKTAIL, CHILLED OR GRILLED
olive tapenade and sun-dried tomatoes presented                           $1.95 each (40-piece minimum)
with garlic bread rusks I $45.00 (serves up to 35)
                                                                          BASKET OF GARDEN VEGETABLES
ANTIPASTO DISPLAY                                                         With silky ranch dip I $55.00 (serves up to 20)
An assortment of fine Italian meats, cheeses and gourmet olives
$89.00 (serves up to 20)                                                  CUBE-TASTIC CHEESE BOARD
                                                                          $65.00 (serves up to 25)
Hummus, baba ghanoush, roasted red pepper hummus and other                IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CHEESE ARRANGEMENT
Middle Eastern treats I $79.00 (serves up to 20)                          $90.00 (serves up to 25)

                                                                          FRUIT & CHEESE DISPLAY
HOMEMADE TORTILLA CHIPS                                                   $95.00 (serves up to 15)
Served with your choice of:
• Fresh guacamole, pico de gallo and Tex-Mex salsa                        SUNBURST FRUIT DISPLAY
• Authentic 9-Layer Dip and Tex-Mex salsa (add $5.00)                     $85.00 (serves up to 20)
$55.00 (serves up to 20)

           W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                                            DESSERTS                                                                         12

WHOLE CAKES                                                                AFTERNOON DELIGHTS COOKIE & BAR TRAY
Specialty Cakes are available as 10” round only (serves 12).               $3.25 per person (2 pieces per person)
$36.95 unless otherwise noted
                                                                           Homemade Cookies                          Assorted Bar Desserts
                                                                           Chocolate Chip                            Blondies
                                                                           Chocolate Mocha                           Carrot Cake Squares
Yellow or chocolate cake with your choice of white or chocolate
                                                                           Ginger Snap                               Fudge Brownies
buttercream icing
                                                                           Oatmeal Raisin                            Lemon Bars
$34.95 each (includes limited lettering)
                                                                           Ambrosia                                  Pecan Bars
CARROT CAKE                                                                Snickerdoodle                             Rice Krispie Treats
Iced with Grandma’s lofty cream cheese frosting                            Cookie of the Month                       Turtle Fudge Bar
DEATH BY CHOCOLATE CAKE                                                    CHEF’S SPECIALTY SWEETS
A chocolate lover’s dream                                                  A delicious variety of cake slices, tarts, pastries or other
                                                                           creations by our pastry chef. Selections change regularly
NEW YORK-STYLE CHEESECAKE                                                  $3.95 each
Choice of: plain or strawberry topping
                                                                           CUSTOMIZED SHEET CAKES AND HALF-SHEET
OREO® CHEESECAKE                                                           CAKES
Our creamy New York Cheesecake studded with Oreo                           Baked to order – call to inquire about flavors and options
crumbles and baked with an Oreo crust
                                                                           ASSORTED MINIATURE FRENCH PASTRIES
RED VELVET CAKE                                                            $4.95 per person (2 pieces per person)
Our decadent signature cake, crowned with an airy cream
cheese icing                                                               MINI CHEESECAKE BITES
                                                                           A trio of pop-in-your-mouth treats
“THE” CLASSIC CHOCOLATE CAKE                                               $3.95 per person (2 per person)
Tall glass of milk not included
                                                                           ASSORTED TRIFLE CUPS
GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE                                                      Individual cups piped with fresh fruits, homemade cakes and
Deep dark chocolate cake with layers of coconut-pecan icin                 custards, crowned with fresh whipped cream
STRAWBERRY LEMONADE CAKE                                                   $4.95 each
Tangy lemon curd and fresh strawberries with butter cream                  CHOCOLATE-DIPPED STRAWBERRIES
and our moist yellow cake                                                  $1.75 each
Rich buttery Bundt cake topped with caramel drizzle
With lofty cream cheese icing                                              FRUIT
                                                                           (8-person minimum unless otherwise stated)
                                                                           FRESH-SLICED SEASONAL FRUITS AND BERRIES
                                                                           $4.95 per person (10 person minimum)
TRIFLES                                                                    FRESH FRUIT SALAD
$34.95 each (serves up to 20)                                              $4.25 per person
LEMON & BLUEBERRY TRIFLE                                                   WHOLE FRESH FRUIT
Napoleon of moist sponge cake, fresh blueberries, lemon curd,              $1.50 each
and fresh whipped cream
Layers of vibrant strawberries with moist pound cake,
homemade custard and freshly whipped cream
                                                                           ROUTE 11 POTATO CHIPS - $1.75 per bag (5-person minimum)

                                   { Pastries baked daily by our own pastry chef! }

            W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069
                                               5 & DIME ENHANCERS
                                        Affordable nibbles no lunch should be without
                                           (Each item sold separately and serves approximately 8 people.)

 $5 BOWLS OF FUN                                                             $10 SERVINGS OF TASTY GOODNESS

   * Dill Pickle Tray                                                           * Olive Medley
   * Homemade Pistachio Brittle                                                 * Sugar & Spiced Nut Mix
   * Bowl of Mints                                                              * Chocolate Covered Pretzels

                                                  BEVERAGE SERVICE
 All beverages include cups and ice

 FRESH-SQUEEZED LEMONADE                                                     COFFEE SERVICE
 $16.00/gallon                                                               W. Millar & Co.’s House Blend Coffee, Regular or Decaf
                                                                             Includes: cream, sugar, sweetener, paper coffee cups and stirrers
                                                                             TEA SERVICE
                                                                             An assortment of Bigelow® teas
                                                                             Includes: low-fat milk, sweeteners, lemon, honey and paper coffee
 ICED TEA                                                                    cups
 Sweetened or Unsweetened                                                    $20.00/gallon
                                                                             Coffee and Tea Service requires rental of urns @ $18.00 per day
 Coke®, Diet Coke, Caffeine-Free Diet Coke,
 Coke Zero, Sprite®, Diet Sprite, Fanta® Orange
 $1.50 each
 $1.75 each
 $1.75 each
 $3.95 / 8 lb. Bag

Includes bio-degradable dinner & dessert plates, dinner & cocktail napkins, forks, knives and paper tablecloth
BLACK PLASTICWARE $1.50 per person
Includes black plastic dinner & dessert plates, dinner & cocktail napkins, forks, knives and paper tablecloth

Serving utensils provided free of charge upon request

              W. MILLAR & CO. CATERING 1335 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 387 2216   FAX (202) 667 2069

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