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					Great Expectations for All Students:
          Apex Learning
                 Presented by:

                 Jim Russo
                 Regional Account Executive

                 Illinois ROE
                 Regional Superintendents

                 March 4, 2010
                                        “Disrupting Class”

Digital Curriculum enables school districts to use its human
capital assets as district resources rather than school-based
                 resources in creative ways.

It reduces/eliminates: equity concerns, teacher shortages,
staffing of underperforming schools, teacher absenteeism/
                   Effectively Teaching the 21st Century

 A “Blended Learning” environment is a learning model that
uses the best research-based instructional practices with both
               traditional and digital curriculum.
                                        “Disrupting Class”

 “Disrupting Class” by Clayton Christensen, describes Apex
            Learning as a “disruptive innovation”.

The teacher role is not minimized or eliminated, but eliminates
 the daily concerns of “getting ready to teach” activities and
              provides more time with students.

   Providing standards-based instructional
    content and assessments since 1996

All 50 states & abroad
4,000 school districts
1 million enrollments
                               Solutions to Reach Every Student

Online Courses
  Apex Teachers
  Local Teachers
Achieve..\..\Desktop\Apex 10 min Demo

AP courses
AP Exam Review
                                Apex can help with

Credit Recovery
AP/AP Exam Review
Alternative Learning
Summer School
Homebound, Homeschool
Whole Class Supplemental Instruction
                           Apex Learning Curriculum

Robust and purposeful use of media

  - Differentiated, multimedia activities
    address the learning styles of all students.

  - Media pieces always have a purpose
    engagement, direct instruction, scaffolding
    comprehension of skills and concepts.

  - Struggling learners benefit uniquely, as media
    increases students to get more involved in
    learning activities.
                        Both Core and AP Content Offerings

Apex Learning is an educational publisher of
standards-based and aligned digital curriculum
for grades 6 - 12 in the following areas:

       Math..\..\Desktop\MathClassTools(PC).exe
       Science
       Language Arts
       Social Studies
       World Languages
       Health/PE
       Fine Arts

     Advanced Placement
                                                                Core Academic Subjects

Math                Science English Social Studies Languages Other
•   Fundamentals    • Biology     •   English I     • US History            •   French I     • Skills for Health
•   Intro Algebra   • Chemistry   •   English II    • US Gov and Politics   •   French II    • Physical Ed
•   Algebra I       • Earth       •   English III   • US & Global           •   Spanish I    • Music Appreciation
•   Algebra II        Science     •   Writing &       Economics             •   Spanish II
•   Geometry        • Physical        Grammar       • World History
•   Pre-Calculus      Science                       • Geography and
                                                      World Cultures
                                                      14 Advanced Placement* Subjects

Math                        Science                   English                   Social Studies                      World Languages
• AP Calculus AB            •   AP Biology    • AP English                      • AP Macro-economics                • AP French Language
• AP Statistics             •   AP Chemistry    Language and                    • AP Micro- economics               • AP Spanish Language
                            •   AP Physics      Composition                     • AP U.S. Government
                            •   AP Psychology • AP English                        and Politics
                                                Literature and                  • AP U.S. History

              Apex Learning’s AP offerings represent approximately
                    81% of the AP exams taken nationwide.

* Advanced Placement Program and AP are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board, which was not involved in the production of, and
                                                      does not endorse, Apex Learning products.
                       Apex Learning Curriculum

Quality and consistency of pedagogy

  - Creates a sequence of learning events
    cognitive processes.

  - Our pedagogy is consistently applied
    across all courses.
                                Apex Learning Curriculum

Value for teachers

  - Reinforces the value of having teachers
    actively involved in the learning activity.

  - Increase focus on differentiated study
     plans, motivating, encouraging and
     providing formative feedback, and
     plan/pace their learning.

   - Robust Rubricks and consistent scoring
    guidelines, model responses for exercises, etc.
    for in-field and out-of-field teachers.
                 Apex Learning Pathways

   Remediation                          General Studies                           AP
  Foundations          Literacy                Core                 Honors    Advanced
                      Advantage                                               Placement
• Skills                               • Subject area   • Subject area
  remediation in    • Subject area       courses with     courses with       • College-board
  reading,            courses with       scaffolding to   extended               approved
  writing, and        extensive          support success application              courses
  math for            literacy support   for a majority
  students 14 and                        of students
                                  Same scope and sequence

                                  Apex Learning Inc. Confidential
March 12, 2009                                                                            16
                                    FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY
          Apex Pathways assist the struggling learner

“Foundations” Math and Reading I (gr. 3 – 5) and
 II (gr. 6 –8)

  - Created to transition Middle students to High School
    rigor and remediate the below proficient level 9 – 12
   grade student.

   - Develops problem-solving skills and
    learning strategies fundamental to success
    and foundation in ES, MS and HS.

   - Emphasizes rich practice in essential skills
     success factors in NCTM and IRA focal
          Apex Pathways assist the struggling learner

Core Courses: robust scaffolding tools for direct

  - Guided note-taking: Study Sheets

  - Audio support: text and transcripts

  - Reading tasks are supported with before, during
    and after-reading guidelines, rollover vocabulary,
    glossaries, summaries, Reading Guides and
    annotated text.
      Apex Learning assists the struggling learner

- Smaller units (3 – 5 teacher-scored
  activities) cover standards and allows focus
  on essential skills different learning
  styles. Self pacing and self-assessment is
and demonstration of

- Multimodal instruction (text, audio,
  animations, etc) engages
  key for the struggling student.
                 Enrichment and learning extensions

Honors courses:

  - Include Explore and Project activities to extend
    Core understanding (concept expansion).

  - Rigor in constructive activities, in the quantity
    and difficulty of activities requiring responses.
       The Literacy Advantage Student

          The struggling reader who has scored “below proficient” on a
            national or state reading assessment

          The student reading 2 or more years below grade level on an
            intake test

          The ELL student who is at a high basic,
            intermediate, or early advanced level of
            language development
       Literacy Advantage Courses

        Share their scope and sequence with Apex Learning Core and
           Honors courses
        Are standards-based, rigorous, high school courses
        Incorporate multimedia — in the form of animations, images,
           audio, video, charts, graphs, and interactive exercises
        Present multiple representations of concepts to address
           different learning styles
        Integrate formative, summative, and diagnostic assessment

          “ Almost seven thousand students drop out of high school
            every school day.
            One of the most commonly cited reasons for this is that
            students simply do not have the literacy skills to keep up
            with the high school curriculum, which has become
            increasingly complex.”

        — Reading Next - A Vision for Action and Research in Middle and High School
           Literacy: A Report to Carnegie Corporation of New York (Published by the
           Alliance for Excellent Education)
       Literacy Advantage Courses Vision

        The literacy barrier is an overall barrier to learning

              “Our vision for the Literacy Advantage courses is to offer
              high school students reading below proficient an
              experience equivalent to taking a course taught by a
              content area teacher side-by-side with a reading specialist.”

                       Katherine Bach
                       Curriculum Director
                       Apex Learning
       Controlling Visual Complexity

                       Core            Literacy Advantage
                    Literacy Advantage Uniqueness

- Shared Unit I in all LA courses.
   Need to Read
   Course navigation
   Using the eight active Reading and four
   Vocabulary strategies

- More “chunkable”, limited content per screen.
- Hiebert’s“Word Zone” content control.
- Extra scaffolding “Support Cards”
                 Apex Learning Pathways

   Remediation                          General Studies                           AP
  Foundations          Literacy                Core                 Honors    Advanced
                      Advantage                                               Placement
• Skills                               • Subject area   • Subject area
  remediation in    • Subject area       courses with     courses with       • College-board
  reading,            courses with       scaffolding to   extended               approved
  writing, and        extensive          support success application              courses
  math for            literacy support   for a majority
  students 14 and                        of students
                                  Same scope and sequence

                                  Apex Learning Inc. Confidential
March 12, 2009                                                                            27
                                    FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY
                                 Instructional Content

Units, Lessons and 12 Types of Activities
                     Lessons          Reads
                    Activities        Practices
         Ease of Use


                         School Superintendent ???

Budget cuts have reduced teachers and increased
  class sizes? Are these students learning styles
  being addressed?
Are you properly transitioning students from
MS to HS?

How do you Remediate to minimize Credit Recovery?

Would a lower cost alternative solution interest you?
                      School Superintendent ???

How are current CR, Rem., Enrichment
models working

How are you helping the literacy-deficient

Does your curriculum address the learning
 styles of all students?
                      School Superintendent ???

Would you like to provide students 24/7 access
to curriculum?
How do you handle teacher shortages/lack of
qualified teachers?
How do you handle limited numberof student
per class/subject?
Limited course offerings (AP/ AP Exam Review,
Instructional opportunities within your
emergency preparedness planning?
                             Meeting the Criteria

Great Value Proposition
  ClassTools Achieve: All General Core/AP
 courses, 12 month access, daily local
 teacher contact = $200.00 per student
 enrollment list price.
  ILTAOEP/RSSP members = $137.50.

ALVS Distance Learning: per course/per
 semester, remote Apex certified teacher
 w/local customer-provide Mentor
  = $350.00 per course/semester.
“Extended Service Promotion”

All ClassTools Achieve orders placed by
June 1, 2010, receive Apex service through
June 30, 2011.

Effectively teach today’s “digital native “,
21st century student.

A “Blended Learning” environment is a
learning model that combines the best
research-based instruction practices with
online and traditional curriculum.

Apex meets the learning needs and abilities of
a wide range of students with five pathways of
engaging and motivating online courses:

Literacy Advantage
AP courses

Rigorous, standards-aligned, complete,
comprehensive courses to serve multiple
instructional needs:
“Total Solutions Provider”

Differentiated, multimedia activities that
address the learning styles of all students.

Unique, innovative pathway that addresses
 the #1 reason for drop-outs:

Value Proposition:
Apex is a great value and provides extra
  discounted price for ILTAOEP/RSSP
                                     Next Steps

Discuss the Apex Learning solution with your
  school district Superintents (PPT usage)?

Schedule Apex Learning presentation at a
  Superintendents Meeting (Apex provides
  hospitality, etc.).

Other suggestions to provide
  Superintendents/Curriculum Directors Apex
  Learning information???

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