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                            Paper 03 – General Proficiency


                          SCHOOL-BASED ASSESSMENT

                                WORD PROCESSING

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All assignments must be submitted for correction on the date due.

      Word processing (a) must be submitted on or before 3rd December 2010.
         Database must be submitted on or before 15th December 2010.
         Spreadsheet must be submitted on or before 7th January 2011.
      Wordprocessing (b) must be submitted on or before 17th January 2011.
                 Programming on or before 28th January 2011.

These assignments can be submitted on a flash drive or by email to your teacher no later
than midnight of the date given above.
Description of the Project

You are the project coordinator in charge of a workshop on Solar Energy to be held on
February 17th and 18th 2011. Both local and overseas participants will be invited.

There are 14 participants and 6 presenters who have been invited and there is much
planning required prior to their arrival.

   1.      Letters of invitation should be sent with relevant information;
   2.      Estimates need to be calculated to request funding;
   3.      During the workshop, attendees and equipment requests are documented for
           reporting purposes;

   4.      Extra expenses incurred at the workshop are noted;
   5.      Post-workshop calculations are determined;
   6.      Final reports are written to document those persons who attended the
           workshop, as well as to compare the pre- and post funding estimates.

Since you may have to make certain decisions in preparing for this workshop, you may
need to write any assumptions or modifications which were not stated, and submit them
with your printouts.

AXITSBA2010                                 2

  A. Letters are to be sent to the participants and presenters inviting them to attend the
     workshop. Include the following information:

         i.      The seminar dates are Feb 17 and Feb 18, 2011.

         ii.     Persons are required to state a topic for their 30 minutes presentation,
                 and what equipment they may require (e.g. Overhead Projector, Flip
                 chart, laptop, Slides, multimedia projector).

         iii.    Persons will arrive the night of Feb 16, and leave on the morning of
                 February 19, 2010 and will be staying at The Excelsior Hotel,
                 Seaview, St. Michael.

         iv.     Deadline for acceptance is January 14, 2011 in order that travel
                 arrangements can be made.

         v.      Use the address for correspondence as The CEO, Solar Power
                 (C’bean) Ltd, Central Building, Main Town, or electronic mail as
        Telephone number 432-2345.

         vi.     Confirm that the invitee’s email address is correct.

     Create a data source of 20 names containing the last name, first name, address,
     parish, country and email of the invitees. Initially, there should be a minimum of
     TWO persons from EACH country attending the workshop. The countries are
     Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Jamaica, and Dominica.

     Perform a mail merge and print the FIRST and SECOND LAST merged letters.
     Also print the initial data source and letter with merged fields.

  B. After the participants have returned to their respective destinations following the
     workshop, you need to submit a short report. This report should:

         1. Be addressed to the CEO, Solar Power (C’bean) Ltd, Central Building,
            Main Town.

         2. Contain TWO subheadings, namely Participants and Presenters, EACH
            containing the names, address, email address and telephone number of
            ALL persons who attended the workshop; sorted by country. (This should
            be taken from the final database list of your SBA).

AXITSBA2010                                 3
             3. Contain the summarized budget for the 2-day workshop. (This should be
                taken from the spreadsheet of your SBA), in addition to the chart showing
                the budgeted figures and the actual cost.

             4. Comment on how adequate the funds were for the workshop.


Import the information from the Data Source of the Wordprocessing section of the SBA
to sheet 1 of the spreadsheet program.

Copy the information from sheet 1 to sheet 2. On sheet 2 adjust the information to suit
the following headings:

Last Name, First Name, Country, Local/Overseas Person, Participant/Presenter.

The following information was received about the workshop:

(i)    Insert a column which shows the airfare to the workshop as shown in the table

                COUNTRY         COUNTRY ID             AIRFARE
                Belize              BLZ                $ 885.00
                Dominica            DOM                $ 925.00
                Guyana              GUY                $ 600.00
                Jamaica             JAM                $1015.00
                Trinidad &          TNT                $ 765.00

(ii)     Insert another column to show the other general expenses:

    Participant (P) /     Subsistence Per         Departure Tax                Hotel
     Presenter (R)             Day
P                       $200                     $55                 $117 + 15% service
R                       $250                     $55                 $117 + 15% service


You need to have an estimate of expenses prior to the start of the workshop.

AXITSBA2010                                  4

     a. On the worksheet calculate the subtotals for each country and grand totals of the
        general expenses.

     b. Assume ALL persons originate from overseas and will use the group meals.

     c. Aaron Best from Trinidad and Zania Lowe from Guyana are attending the
        workshop at the last moment as presenters. Add these persons to your list of

Group Meals                        $350.00                    per group day
Rental of Conference Room          $1500.00                   per day
Rental of Projector and other      $400.00                    per day
Secretarial Services               $150.00                    per day
Transportation for attendees       $225.00                    per group from same
                                                              country to and from airport
Official Telephone calls                                      Budgeted at 2% of the
                                                              expenses for the workshop

     d. On a separate worksheet calculate the pre-workshop expenses as shown below.
        Use the calculations from the above information to determine the estimate for
        expenses. Use the template below as a guide for the expenses:

               Expenses                    Estimate
               Airport Tax
               Transportation to & from
               Hotel Charge
                                 Sub Total

               Rental of projector etc
               Rental of Conference Room
               Secretarial Services
                                 Sub Total
               Official Telephone Calls
                            Total Expenses

b.      You need to estimate the funds to be released. This is calculated at Estimated
        Total * 1.25. Place this calculation 5 rows below the total expenses.

AXITSBA2010                                   5
        Print this worksheet and you other worksheets. Include other printouts showing
        ALL formulae and functions used. Any other relevant sections of the spreadsheet
        should be included. (Please make sure that cells are referenced to previous
        worksheets appropriately).


Making sure to keep the data from your pre-workshop estimate, (e.g you may want to
copy these data to another area of your spreadsheet to provide for post-workshop use),
calculate now, the post-workshop expenses by making the following adjustments:
    a.     The hotel service charge has been increased to 20%. Print this worksheet after
           the modifications.

   b.      One participant cancelled at the last moment. Remove the fourth person from
           the list.

   c.      Two persons are vegetarians and could not eat the Hotel Group Lunches. The
           cost for the meals were $26.75, and $39.85 for day 1 and $42.15 for day 2
           respectively. This cost is in addition to the group rate.

           Print this worksheet. Include another printout showing ALL formulae and
           functions used. Any other relevant sections of the spreadsheet should also be


Expand the summary of the expenses as shown below. The Solar Energy Funding
Agency allocated $35,000.00 in local currency for the workshop. Include this in your
summary as well as the funding you had requested based on the pre-workshop estimates.

                                                        Pre-             Post-
                                                        Workshop         Workshop
                                                        Estimate         Figures
                Requested Funding
                Funding received                        $35,000          $35,000
                Airport Tax
                Transportation to & from airport
                Hotel Charge

AXITSBA2010                                6
                Rental of projector etc.
                Rental of Conference Room
                Secretarial Services
                Official Telephone Calls

                                 Difference in Budget
                      Number of expenses

Calculate the maximum and minimum of the expenses for the pre and post workshop.

Insert a formula that would count the number of expenses in expenses section of the

Create a chart to show the comparison between the pre-workshop and the post-workshop

Print this summary section. Include another printout with the formulae and function.


Use the data which is consistent with the spreadsheet section in the following database
tables. Use the following table names and descriptions to assist you to populate the tables
to represent requests for equipment, attendance and expenses as follows:


The field names are:

ID, Last Name, First Name, Title, Country, Day 1 Sessions, Day 2 Sessions.

    The ID is a primary key, which is assigned to EACH record. Note that the ID
     number should consist of a number with the prefix P for Participant or R for
     Resource person, E.g R1, P5.

    Day 1 and Day 2 Sessions contain the number of sessions that EACH participant
     will attend. Participants can attend ONE, TWO or THREE sessions on each day.


AXITSBA2010                                 7
The field names are:

Num, PresenterID, Seminar Topic, Equipment Needed, Day.

       Num: Auto number
       PresenterId: the ID number of the Presenter or Resource Person (e.g R4)
       Seminar Topics:        The topics are Solar Food Drying, Solar Water Heating,
        Solar Energy as Electricity, Solar Cooling. Include TWO other topics of your
       Equipment needed:
           o OHP – Overhead Projector
           o LAP – Laptop computer
           o SLD – Slide Projector
           o FCT – Flip Chart
           o MMP- Multimedia Projector
       Note that a request by one participant for more than one piece of equipment
        should be entered as separate records.
       Day: represents the day (1 or 2) that the equipment has been booked for use.


The field names are:

ID, Note, Expense, Approved

       ID: the ID of the Participant or Resource Person.
       Note: This is an explicit comment on the Expenses, which is an extra cost charged
        to the organizers. For example: Medical fees for Miss Jane Doe for
        hospitalization on December 15, 2010 after an accident.
       Expense: The cost of medical bills and medication.
       Approved: Logical field stating Y or N.


   1.      A printout of the initial tables with ALL data.
   2.      Calculate how many persons requested the OHP.
   3.      List ALL participants from TRINIDAD. Name this query TRINIDAD.
   4.      List ALL presenters and their topics for Day 2. Name this query TOPIC2.
   5.      List the equipment requirements for Day 2. Name this query DAY2.
   6.      The total cost of the participants’ expenses, which have NOT been approved.
           Name this query NOT APPROVED.

AXITSBA2010                                 8
   7.      ALL expenses are subject to a 10% valued-added tax. Calculate the NEW
           expense for EACH participant with medical bills.

   8.      Produce a report which shows the names of the persons, grouped by country,
           along with notes on their medical expenses including the expense amount and
           its approval status. Calculate the Total Expenses.

           Give the report the title – Solar Power (C’bean) Ltd
                                       Additional Expenses from Participants


   1. Develop an algorithm using pseudocode that determines the pre-workshop
      estimate of the airfare and airport tax expenses ONLY for the six (6) presenters.

        Your algorithm should accept as INPUT the names and countries of the six (6)
        presenters for the workshop.

        Your algorithm should determine the following:
            the total expense for air travel per person
            the grand total expenses for air travel

        Your algorithm is also required to display the following:
            the names of the presenters as well as their respective air travel expenses
            the grand total expenses for air travel

   2. Design a trace table that traces the name, country, airfare and airport tax of EACH
      of the six (6) presenters. Use data from your spreadsheet worksheet to populate
      the table. Be sure to include the Id# of each presenter.

Using the programming language PASCAL, write program code to implement the
algorithm in (1).

AXITSBA2010                                 9

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