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					              KPCL                                              RTPS

                        (RAICHUR THERMAL POWER STATION)

No.KPCL/2009-10/Work_Indent9              Office of the
                                          Chief Engineer (Civil Thermal),
                                          Raichur Thermal Power Station,
                                          Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd.,
                                          Raichur District.

                                          Date: 10th February 2010

                            NOTICE INVITING TENDER
                             (TWO COVER SYSTEM)
                       (Through e-Procurement Portal only)

01. The Chief Engineer (Civil Thermal) invites item rate tenders from eligible
    tenderers registered in KPCL for the following works of RTPS detailed in the
    table given below.

02. Tender documents may be downloaded from Government of Karnataka
    e-procurement website under login for

       After login to Contractors, Please scroll down to the right side bottom to see
       List of tenders, Please click there to find the details of NIT and download
       copy of the tender. The tender can be downloaded in the portal as per
       prescribed date and time published in the portal.              Only interested
       Contractors who wish to participate should remit on line transaction fee for
       tender after registering in the portal. The transaction fee is non-refundable.

03. Tenders must be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit which should be
    paid online through e-Procurement portal using any of the following
    payment modes.

       a) Credit Card,
       b) Direct Debit,
       c) National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT),
       d) Over the Counter (OTC)(only through designated branches of Axis Bank)

04. Tenders must be electronically submitted (online through internet) within
    the date and time published in e-procurement portal. First Cover Tenders
    will be opened at prescribed time and date in the e-procurement portal, in
    the presence of the Tenderers who wish to attend at the Office of the Chief
    Engineer (Civil Thermal), KPCL, RTPS, Shaktinagar – 584 170, Raichur

05. Other details can be seen in the tender documents.

              KPCL                                                     RTPS

                                            EMD @ 2%
                                 Approx.                                  Contract
                                            of Amount      Tender
                                 value of                                 period for   Class of
  Sl.                                          put to    processing
             Name of work         works                                  completion    contrac
  No                                          Tender      fees (Non
                                 (Rupees                                   of work       -tor
                                            (amount in   refundable)
                                in Lakhs)
 1.        Depot collection
           of   50mm    size
                                                           As per         months
           machine crushed                                                             Class-II
                                 26.03      52,100/-       e-proc        including
           stone ballast in                                                            & above
                                                           portal        monsoon
           Marshalling Yard
           at RTPS.

      Calendar of Events:

           Last date for receipt of tenders on 12-03-2010 upto 4.00 pm
           Date of opening of technical bid is on 19-03-2010 at 11.00am.

      Eligibility criteria:

01. Any reputed individual/Company registered with KPCL are eligible to apply.
02. No Joint Venture /Consortium are permissible.
03. Tenderers shall not be under declaration of ineligibility for corrupt and
    fraudulent practices issued by the Government of Karnataka.
04. None of the contracts of the tenderer should have been terminated/
    foreclosed on account of his default in KPC or else where during last ten
05. The bidder should have following documents;

               a.   Income tax PAN.
               b.   K. VAT clearance certificate
               c.   K-VAT registration certificate & composition
               d.   Independent PF code.
               e.   Service tax registration certificate.


          To qualify for awarding the contract the tenderer should have in his name
          in the last five years. (i.e. 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-

         i) The bidder should have satisfactorily completed in the last five years i.e.
            2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09 as prime contractor
            at least one civil work of value not less than Rs.13.00 lakhs against a
            single tender . The certificate issued by the competent authority not
            below the rank of Chief Engineer in case of KPCL works and not below
            the rank of Executive Engineer in case of other Government organization
            is to be uploaded in the technical bid.
        ii) Out of the past five financial years (i.e. 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07,
            2007-08 and 2008-09) at least in two financial years a minimum annual
            financial turn over shall not be less than Rs.26.00 lakhs. Financial
            turnover certificates shall be furnished duly certified by the Chartered
            Accountant and copy of the Latest returns filed with IT Department shall
            also be uploaded in Technical bid.
              KPCL                                             RTPS

07. The tender is of two cover system.
     The Bidder should upload scanned copies of the following documents.

       COVER-I ( Technical bid)

       a) Registration certificate issued by KPCL.
       b) Documentary evidence for pre-qualification requirement.
       c) The declaration by the bidder that none of his contracts have been
          terminated/foreclosed on account of his default in KPC or else where
          during last ten years.
       d) 1) Income tax PAN.
          2) K. VAT clearance certificate
          3) K-VAT registration certificate & composition
          4) Independent PF code.
          5) Service tax registration certificate.

       e) Declaration that bidder’s offer has no conditions contravening the
          commercial conditions of the bid.

       f) Declaration by the bidder that he has studied the site conditions, labour
          conditions and read the Bid documents and related matters carefully
          and diligently and that he has submitted the bid having studied,
          understood and accepted the full implications of the agreement.

       COVER-II ( Financial bid)

      Tender Schedule-B (Price Bid).
08. The original documents should be produced for verification at any stage of
    tender process as and when sought for, failing which, the bids are liable for
09. Rates shall be quoted in Tender Schedule-B (Financial Bid) in the website
10. For those tenderers whose Technical bids satisfy the pre-qualification
    requirement criteria and eligibility criteria, only their financial Bids will be
11. The tender shall be valid for 180 days from the date of submission of
12. The tender document is part and parcel of the agreement.
13. Conditional tenders will not be accepted.
14. KPCL reserves the right to verify any information/documents furnished by
    the tenderer should the circumstances so warrant. In case the information
    or the documents furnished are found to be incorrect/false or invalid then
    the EMD furnished by such tenderer shall be forfeited. The registration of
    such tenderer shall also be cancelled.
15. Right to reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons rests
    with the accepting authority.
16. The successful bidders shall give an undertaking that they would abide by
    the provisions of the Employee’s Provident Fund Act.
17. The contractor shall obtain insurance coverage for all the workers working in
    this area.
18. The contractor shall quote his rates exclusive of Service Tax but inclusive of
    all other applicable taxes, levies, duties and Cess, Building worker welfare
              KPCL                                                RTPS

    Cess (if applicable) etc., as per the latest G.O.K. and Government of India
    prevailing as on the date of NIT. Service tax will be borne by the Corporation.
19. The contractor shall quote his rates inclusive of PF as per the applicable
    rates as issued by the PF Department from time to time and if any variations
    occurred it shall be paid/refunded by / to the Corporation against the
    documentary evidence.
20. KPCL shall recover the income tax, work contract tax, VAT etc., at the
    prevailing applicable rates.
21. The bidder should maintain register of labour deployed and wages paid for
    the workers and shall produce the documents whenever called for by the
    competent authority and remittance towards PF shall commensurate with
    the labour component for the work involved.
22. Contractor should have independents PF Code. The Contractor shall remit
    PF of labourers to contractors permanent PF code Number only and “not to
    the KPCL PF Sub – Code”.
23. In case the dates notified above be declared as holiday, the immediate next
    working day shall be reckoned.
24. If the contractor makes any alterations in the conditions of the contract or
    puts any condition of his own, such tenders are liable for rejection.
25. Any other information required may be obtained from the office of the
    undersigned during office hours.
26. Further details of the work can be obtained in the office of the Chief
    Engineer (Civil Thermal, KPCL, RTPS, Shaktinagar, during office hours.
27. The tender Notification along with Blank Tender Form will be accessible in
    the e-procurement website (
28. Aspiring Bidders/Contractors who have not obtained the user ID and
    Password for participating in e-procurement in Karnataka Power Corporation
    Limited     may     now      obtain    the     same      from    the    website
29. Corrigendum/modification/corrections, if any, will be published in the
    website only. For any clarification on e-procurement or request for e-
    procurement training can be contacted on Chief Engineer (Civil Thermal)
    KPCL, RTPS, Shaktinagar-584170 or office phone 08532 – 246164 or HP
    HELPDESK – 080-22485927/22485867.

                                              CHIEF ENGINEER (CIVIL THERMAL)
                                               KPCL, RTPS, Shaktinagar-584 170
CC:      MD for kind information.
         TD/FD/DH(R) for kind information.
         ED( T ) for kind information.
        CE (O&M) /CEFM for kind information.
        All CEs of other Projects.
         CTS-1/2/DGM(F)-T/SE(O)/DGM (HRD)-T/DOF(IA)/SE(TA)/SE(CSD) –Bangalore
         for kind information.
         All EE’s of Civil wing at RTPS for information and for wide circulation.
        Contractor’s Association, Inani Building, Near main gate, Shakthinagar for
         information and for wide circulation.
        District Tender bulletin officer,/(DC), Raichur for kind information.
         ACCM/ED(T) Office for information and to arrange for single publication of the
         notification in major/local news paper.
         EE(TA) for information./ Notice Board- for wide circulation
              KPCL   RTPS



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