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Diploma of Hydrographic Surveying download


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									Category:              HYDROGRAPHIC SYSTEMS MANAGER

Rank:                  PETTY OFFICER


Qualifying Requirements
Trainees are deemed to have completed the course and are eligible to receive the qualification
when they have been promoted to the rank and have demonstrated the competencies appropriate
to that rank by having completed the IHO/FIG Category B Field Proficiency Competency Log.

Skill/Occupational Outcomes
Petty Officer
Petty Officer Hydrographic Systems Managers are selected for promotion to Petty Officer rank
with four years seniority as Leading Seamen Hydrographic Systems Operators and completion of
their Continuation Training Guide for Leading Seaman.
Petty Officer Hydrographic Systems Managers complete the Advanced Seamanship Course,
Petty Officer Management Course, and the H2 Hydrographic Surveying Course (an extensive
course of 1317 hours). Upon successful completion of their Senior Sailors Navigation Course,
two years further experience and its associated International Hydrographic
Organisation/International Federation of Surveyors (IHO/FIG) Category B Field Proficiency and
Experience Log Book, they are awarded their IHO Category B qualification.
Petty Officer Hydrographic Systems Managers are responsible for various sections on the survey
ships and are the senior hydrographic systems operators on the survey motor launches. Petty
Officers are the survey systems managers. They manage the data collection and processing of the
data. In managing the collection and processing of data, Petty Officers determine survey
parameters, ensure that the collection activity is progressing correctly, and act as the quality
controllers of processed data. As such they are responsible for the total survey process and the
quality control of that process. In managing the boats, Petty Officers ensure that all boats are
operated and maintained correctly and that the crews are fully trained and prepared for their
particular taskings. For large individual taskings away from the ships, Petty Officers manage
survey camps where the survey motor boats conduct independent activities well away from the
mother ship for a considerable period.
Petty Officers also interpret the RAN Hydrographic Office instructions, assist with planning
surveys (resources, direction of survey line runs, timing etc) and assist in the compilation and
rendering of the Report of Survey (a large detailed report on activities to satisfy the instructions
for each particular survey).
In managing hydrographic survey operations, Petty Officers demonstrate understanding of a
broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts with substantial depth in many areas.
They analyse and plan approaches to technical problems and to meet management requirements.
In planning and managing their activities, they evaluate information for planning and research
purposes and transfer and apply the knowledge and skills to a wide range of situations. Petty
Officers take responsibility for their own outputs in relation to broad quantity and quality
parameters, and take responsibility for the achievement of group outcomes.
Petty Officers are also employed as Officer of the Watch (OOW) or as Assistant Officer of the
Watch (AOOW) on survey vessels.

Petty Officer Hydrographic Systems Managers are assessed as satisfying the requirements for a
Diploma level qualification.

H2 Hydrographic Surveyor

DDN200010A Perform as a Hydrographic Surveyor
      1.     Implement a survey plan
      2.     Lead and supervise teams
      3.     Select, operate and maintain equipment
      4.     Collect data
      5.     Maintain spatial data
      6.     Finalise the collection of the data process

DDN200010B Manage Survey Chartroom
      1.     Prepare for tasks
      2.     Organise resources
      3.     Conduct tasks
      4.     Finalise tasks

DDN200010C Manage Survey Motor Boat/Survey Operations
      1.     Identify tasks
      2.     Provide team leadership
      3.     Supervise personnel activities
      4.     Conduct tasks
      5.     Finalise tasks

DDN200010D Manage Shore Survey Operations
      1.     Identify tasks
      2.     Provide team leadership
      3.     Supervise personnel activities
      4.     Conduct tasks
      5.     Finalise tasks

DDN200010E Conduct Oceanographic Observations
      1.     Plan task
      2.     Execute tasks
      3.     Finalise tasks

DDN200010F Manage Personnel and Equipment
      1.     Lead and supervise teams
      2.     Monitor survey department storekeeping procedures

Staff Accreditation Officer
Navy Personnel and Training Centre – Canberra
Campbell Park Offices (CP4-2-153)


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