Dear Members: by Rz6lH8


									Dear Members:

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer.

First of all we wish to thank the following people who spent their Saturday helping to paint and
fix the temple in April: Anoop Bhasin , Sanjeev Bhasin, Rajinder Chandhiok, Balram
Kakkar, Rajesh Kapoor, Vicki Katyal, Sena Khanna, Neeraj Kochar, Jai Kochar and
Pandit Harish Sharma. We would also like to thank Ravesh Chandihok for providing all the
supplies. We saved over a thousand dollars due to their efforts.

Following are the balances in our accounts as of the end of June:

Regular checking account:     $ 27,695.36
Property account:             $ 30,000.00

Total:                        $ 57,695.36

As you are all aware, we are a not-for-profit, tax exempt New York State corporation. As such,
all our activities and finances fall under the purview of the Attorney General of the State of New
York. Additionally, by law we are required to have our accounts and finances open for audit and
review of any dues-paying member of our community. However, it has been our policy to open
all our accounts and finances to paying and non-paying members of our community. As you all
realize, we also have by-laws and most activities of our organization are decided, after rigorous
debate and in most cases by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. We also maintain detailed
minutes of our Board meetings. It is very helpful if any member, paying or non-paying, has any
issue to discuss, to come to our Board of Directors meetings. The Board of Directors are
volunteers who donate enormous amounts of their time and money for the eventual long term
benefit of the community and our children. Thus constructive criticism of any policy or member
at our Board Meetings is welcome and helpful to guide us in providing a useful organization for
everyone's needs.

Last billing period was exceptional. A large number of our members were kind enough to send
their dues. We need the monies for the day to day expenses of the temple, as well as building a
fund for the eventual construction of the temple. We are also enclosing bills with this letter. Our
pundit is learning the computer system and accounts. In the event your check has not been
credited, please drop a note to the Pundit and we will eventually get it right. Any help we can get
from our children to volunteer and help the Pundit would also be greatly appreciated. Also if you
know of someone who is not getting the newsletter or bills, please let the pundit know.

We have finally decided to start construction of our new temple. We have gotten a preliminary
estimate of about $400,000 to complete a structure that will meet our needs. Before we do any
thing further, we will be approaching all our members for funds. Several of you have already
approached us and pledged amounts beyond our expectation. We will be calling you in the next
few months to get a firmer pledge so that we have a better idea of how much we must seek in
loans before we start the construction. SO OPEN UP YOUR HEARTS AND WALLETS

Our annual picnic will once again be held at Grant Park in Long Island on July 30, 2000. Once
again we hope all of you can make it. For directions call 212 340 8000.

To Kanshi Ram, Som, Raju, Naveen and Papu Kakkar, Parvesh and Oma Mehra and
Kapoor families on the passing away of Laito Devi Kakkar, wife of Mr. Kanshi Ram
To Harbans and Armon Vovra and Dr. Sona Ram Lund on the passing away of their uncle
Parsram Kakkar in India.
To Ram Saran and Ashok Bhasin and Chandihok families on the passing away of Tropti Devi
To Chunilal, Laji Tulsi and Popat family on the passing away of thier mother Leela Popat
(w/o Mulchand Popat, in Germany.
To Ram Talreja & family on the passing away of Dheeraj by car accident in India
To Moti Ram and Harbans Bhasin and Bhasin family on the passing away of Massi Ji Parvati
in Delhi.
To Dilip and Asha Kapoor and the Tschands and Nand Kishore Mehra on the passing away
of Laito Devi Kapoor.
To Bihari Lal Kapoor and Chander Parkash Khanna on the passing away of Gulsha

To Sitaram and Kiran Bathija on the birth of thier doughter Monor and Kiran
Narula on marriage of Sunil Narula
To Rajinder and Sangeeta Kapoor on the birth of their son.
To Sunil and Sandisha Kakkar on the birth of their son.
To Sunil and Ratna Khanna on the birth of their son.
To Anju Chopra and Chopra family on Anju's marriage to Steve.
To Sunder Luthra and Luthra family and Kakkar family for Sunder' s marriage to Mamta.
To Bindal and Neeta Chug and the Chug family on the birth of thier son Koki and moving to
new house.
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Dated: July 10, 2000                                                         Jai Mata Di.

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