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									                                           “Full Circle” by Sue Grafton
           Answer the following questions on your own paper using complete sentences.

1) How does the author create interest or suspense in the first paragraph of the story?

2) There are five cars mentioned in the first column of this story alone. List them by their descriptions and
describe what each is doing; these will be important later on.

3) Find a simile and a metaphor on page 744.

4) “I left him with the girl and moved along to shoulder toward a writhing man whose leg was visibly broken.
A woman was sobbing hysterically somewhere close by and her cries added an eerie counterpoint to the
moans of those in pain…” (745). a) What is the mood of this passage? b) What words specifically contribute
to this mood?

5) Describe Caroline Spurrier.

6) Find an example of hyperbole on page 745.

7) What new information does Michelle Spurrier add to Kinsey’s understanding of the car accident?

8) List two details from page 747 that add to the suspicious circumstances surrounding the car accident.

9) Why does Kinsey agree to further investigate the car accident?

10) As Kinsey describes Lieutenant Dolan, she says “…he’s fairly tolerant of me, I couldn’t imagine what she
[Michelle Spurrier] had to threaten to warrant the referral” (747)? Explain possible meanings of these words.

11) What is Kinsey’s specific motivation for interviewing the other witnesses to the crime scene?

12) What does the reader know about Dolan based on the following quote? “I turned to find Lieutenant
Dolan standing in the hallway in his habitual pose: hands shoved down in his pants pockets, rocking on his
heels. He’d recently celebrated a birthday, his baggy face reflecting every one of his sixty years” (748).

13) How is Kinsey able to stay in the good graces of the police department?

14) Describe Judy Layton’s behavior in detail. What about her behavior seems strange to Kinsey?

15) Why would the man in the blue truck want to falsify his name? List at least three.

16) Why does Kinsey call the crime scene photographer?

17) What does Kinsey find at the Layton’s house?

18) Why does Kinsey chase Terry? Write a 2-3 sentence evaluation of her behavior.

19) What is a possible theme for this story? Find a quote to support your idea.

20) Why is the title “Full Circle” a good one for this story?

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