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									                                      SERVICE COMMITTEE

                                       OCTOBER 28, 2008

The October 28th, 2008 Service Committee meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. in Council
Chambers by Mr. Gary Veith, Chairman. Members present were Mr. Veith, Mr. Mike Kuenzli
and Mr. Dale Rowe.

Others present included: Scott D. Washburn, Mayor; Aaron Putnam, Wastewater Treatment
Plant Supervisor, David Westbrook, Water Plant Supervisor, Allen Boes, Street Department
Supervisor; Maureen Lupton; Bill Clinger, Wyandot County Soil & Water; and Linda K.
Stansbery, Administrative Assistant.

The following bills were presented:

                                        STREET      WATER           WWTP     SANITATION

A-1 Printing                                                        $61.00

ABC Autobody West                         $88.64

Berrington Pumps                                    $651.81

Best Equipment                                                     $230.70

Bill's Marine S&S Ink                               $192.27

Bonded Chemicals                                   $7,035.05

Brown Supply                             $312.11    $127.16

Buckeye Truck Center                                                             $793.91

Carl Harris                                         $297.73

County Enviromental                                              $1,347.44     $7,306.28
Gary Veith                               $303.25

Geocorp, Inc.                            $261.05

Ginosko Laboratories, Inc.                            $48.00

Green Guard                               $62.96

HD Waterworks Supply                    $1,163.01

Hall Signs                                $54.46

Jones Chemicals Inc.                     $416.00

Keaton Welding & Machine                                          $67.00

Kirby's Sand & Gravel                                $842.81

Neptune Equipment                        $416.68     $416.67

New Haven Supply Co.                     $618.21     $350.02

The Olen Corporation         $296.88

The Sherwin - Williams Co.   $110.15

Siemens                                 $5,000.00

USA Blue Book                                         $72.44

URS                                    $62,889.38

Verizon Wireless              $51.26      $86.06      $53.91

Wodco                                    $254.85

Wyandot Co. Recycling                                             $36.00

Wyandot Tractor & Imp.                      $3.75                 $83.00

TOTALS                       $859.04   $79,833.68   $3,422.99   $8,286.19
                                     GENERAL     POLICE/FIRE           PARK            TAX

American Pavements                  $38,079.00

Brown Supply                                          $185.37         $201.67

Dickman Directories                                   $274.00                       $137.00

Gary's Equipment                                                       $35.82

Kenneth W. Moran                        $78.00

Poggemeyer Design Group                $562.26

S&S porta johns & septic                                               $75.00

Verizon Wireless                       $111.26                         $77.93

TOTALS                              $38,830.52        $459.37         $390.42       $137.00

GRAND TOTALS                       $132,219.21

A motion was made by Mr. Mike Kuenzli, seconded by Mr. Dale Rowe, for the approval and
payment of bills totaling $132,219.21. Upon Voice Vote, all members voted Yes. The
Chairman declared the motion carried.

The minutes of the October 14th, 2008 Service Committee meeting, having been mailed to each
member, were approved as received.

Ms. Maureen Lupton, 408 Indian Drive, addressed the Service Committee requesting exemption
from the recent ordinance which requires all customers on water and sewer to also be required to
have sanitation services. The Service Committee denied the request for exemption of this

Mr. Bill Clinger, Wyandot County Soil and Water, addressed the Service Committee concerning
a drainage concern which involves an old tile main that goes through St. Rt. 182, traveling south
through Ron Newell’s property and under the railroad tracks which then flows onto city property
by the reservoir. Mr. Clinger inquired into the possibility of the City assisting in the drainage
repair. The Service Committee will check with the Law Director regarding this matter.

Mr. Aaron Putnam, Wastewater Treatment Supervisor, reported that Mr. Keith Niederkohr,
Service Department, has successfully completed his probation period. The Service Committee
authorized the appropriate wage increase for completion of Mr. Niederkohr’s probation period.

Service Committee members presented a favorable report on their recent trip to Latrobe,
Pennsylvania, to observe a water plant that is similar to proposed water plant. Service
Committee members observed the employees, operators and toured the facility.

Discussion was held regarding a request from Custom Agri for exemption of the water and tap
fees for their new building on North Warpole Street. The Service Committee denied this request.

Discussion was held regarding the replacement of grinder pumps at Brookview Estates. Mr.
Aaron Putnam, Wastewater Supervisor, will contact the Brookview residences outlining the
procedures for replacement of the grinder pumps.

The Service Committee reviewed options for the design of the new water plant.

Mr. Aaron Putnam reported on a meeting for financing options for Wastewater Treatment Plant
Discussion was held regarding the possibility of purchasing of a used truck for use by the Service
Departments. The Service Committee authorized this purchase pending the Mayor’s approval.

Discussion was held concerning residences currently not on sewer services. This matter was
tabled until further information could be obtained for the Service Committee.

Mr. Allen Boes presented quotes for the purchase of coats and/or boots for use by the Service
Department. The Service Committee authorized the purchase of bibs and coats or boots (up to
$100) for use by the Service Department.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

------------------------------------------------       ---------------------------------------------------

Linda Stansbery, Administrative Assistant               Gary Veith, Chairman

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