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Global History & Geography                                               Mr. Dalton

                             WebQuest Assignment 1
                               What is Terrorism?
Directions: Use the internet sites provided on the assignment page, as well as at least two
additional sites to gather information to help you answer the following questions. Answer the
questions fully, using complete sentences. Please make sure that the answers are your own.
Below each question is a space for you to cite the address of one of the websites you used for
that questions. The Rubric will be completed by Mr. Dalton.

      Question                                          Answer
1. Why is there no
   single definition
   of terrorism that is
   accepted by most
   countries of the
2. Give two examples
   of the types of
   activities of

3. What is a basic
   goal of terrorism
   as a method? In
   other words, what
   are these activities
   aimed at doing?

4. Is terrorism a
   fairly new thing?
   If not, give a
   historical example
   of it’s use.

5. So, after all of your
   research, how
   would you define
   or describe
   (Remember, in
   your own words,
   and it’s probably
   best done in more
   than one sentence.)
Please list two of the      http://
sources that you used
in addition to those
given to you on the         http://
assignment page.

                                           Excellent   Good      Poor      Bad     Not Done
Overall Content: Is it clear that you
have taken the time to gather and             4         3         2          1         0
understand the information to answer
the questions?
Clarity: Are your answers in complete
sentences, and do they make sense?            4         3         2          1         0

Use of the Internet: Did you make use
of the internet sites provided, and cite      4         3         2          1         0
at least two additional sites in
gathering your information?
Definition: Is it clear that you have an
understanding of the basic concept of         4         3         2          1         0

Total Rubric Points:                                          Points x 2 for Homework Grade:

Total %:

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