World History Syllabus by pLdevf2h


									Hopewell High School- (980) 343-5988
James Bello-
World History
1st Semester 2006

Welcome to World History! This semester we will be expanding on your 6th and 7th grade social
studies classes.

Hi! My name is Mr. Bello. I have been teaching for 8 years, most recently at Sedgefield Middle
School in Charlotte. This is my first year at Hopewell and I am excited about our class.

The Course
World History encompasses many different continents, countries, and cultures. We will be
studying ancient civilizations in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Besides being a required social studies
course for you to graduate high school, World History is all around us. Our government, culture,
and way of life have been influenced and shaped by the many different cultures that came before
us. We live in a world that is bound together by words like globalization and cooperation.
Therefore it is necessary to understand different ways of life and different cultures.

We are going to concentrate on some BIG questions in regards to World History. Some examples
of these questions are
      What role do ancient civilizations play today?
      How have other cultures influenced the culture of the U.S.?
      Will North Carolina win the national championship in basketball?
      Is the world today a global society? If so, is this a good or bad thing?

Besides passing the class and the final exam, there are many skills you should be able to do after
you have completed this course. Some of them are;
     Analyze and interpret primary resource documents
     Write well-organized and informative short answer and essays
     Read and interpret maps, graphs, charts, etc.
     Understand and appreciate various cultures and belief systems

Everyday you will need the following materials;
    Something to write with
    Notebook/Binder
    Textbook
    Homework, if assigned

Absences/Make-up work
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to turn in any missing assignments. The assignments are
due 5 days after your absence.
                              Assignment type                     Point value
                        Tests                             Usually 100 points
                        Quizzes                           Between 25-50 points
                        Homework                          10-20 points
                        Classwork                         25-50 points
                        Projects/Presentations            Usually 100 or more points

You will have unit tests at least monthly. Tests will be a combination of multiple choice, short
answer, essay and document based questions.

You will have quizzes once or twice a week. Quizzes can be announced or unannounced.

Expect homework!! You will have homework most nights, at least Monday-Thursday.
Homework is due the next class period, no exceptions.

Classwork will be individual or group. Most classwork will be group oriented, either small or
large groups. Classwork is due at the end of class unless I tell you otherwise.

You will have several projects and may be required to give presentations. Projects and
presentations may be group or individual. Any projects or presentations are due on the assigned
date, no exceptions.

*You are expected to keep a notebook and bring it to class everyday. I will give you more
information on the notebook in class. The notebook will be collected and graded at least
every 2 weeks*

                                        Grading Scale
                                Numerical       Letter Grade
                                 100-93               A
                                  92-85               B
                                  84-77               C
                                  76-70               D
                                  69-0                F

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