A warm welcome to all pupils returning to Orford School

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					               NEWSLETTER                                                             Headteacher
                                                                                      Mr Richard Dedicoat
                                                                                      Tel: 01394 450281
                          March 13 2009                                               ad.orford.p@talk21.com

The Red Nose’s
have been a
fantastic success – thank you to
all who purchased them. In total
the school has raised     £167.55
through noses, PJ’s and the art
competition. Winners in each
class were
Reception - Joshua Emmens
Class 1      - Holly Jones
Class 2      - Isabella Linsley
Class 3      - Megan Andrews
Well done!,         and we hope you
all had fun

                                             Easter Egg Hunt
There will be a consultation day for
                                             The annual egg hunt takes place on    Continue to collect vouchers from:-
Reception parents on 30th March. A
                                             Saturday 11th April. Gates open at    The Times
separate letter will follow shortly.
                                             9.15am, the hunt begins at            Sainsbury’s
                                             10.00am. Entry fee per child is       Tesco’s
Kitchen Grand Opening
                                             £1.50. Put this in your diary!        Nestle cereals
This takes place next Wednesday. Please
remember to let us know if you would
                                                                                   There will footballs and netball at
like to attend. All parents welcome.
                                                                                   home on Thursday 19th, against St
Parents Forum
                                             Please can we remind you that as      Therefore there will be no football or
The next forum will be held on Friday
                                             with most schools now we have a       netball practice for those not taking
20th March at 2.00pm. Mr Dedicoat will
                                             healthy snack policy. We request      part, but please do come along and
be answering questions raised on the
                                             that food brought in for morning      support the teams.
questionnaires returned. If you still have
a questionnaire, please do submit it.        snack should not be sweet biscuits,
                                             chocolate or sweets. Thank you        On Thursday 26th there will be a
There will be some time to discuss any
                                                                                   match of football only away against
other questions you may have. We want
                                                                                   Melton. There will still be netball
to make the school better, and rely on
                                                                                   practice on this evening.
your input as parents to let us know your

                                                                                          Cl2 2 and 3 – Football and
                                                                                           netball next Thursday for
                                                                                           those taking part
               NEWSLETTER                                                            Headteacher
                                                                                     Mr Richard Dedicoat
                                                                                     Tel: 01394 450281
                          March 13 2009                                              ad.orford.p@talk21.com

                                           When we got there, we had our
We arranged a visit to Snape Maltings as   cars checked to make sure we were      W.B. 16th March
part of Science week.                      not carrying weapons and bombs –       Monday: Chicken italienne, macaroni
We went to learn about the technology      all of the guards had guns, and it     cheese(v), jacket wedges, peas,
in the concert hall. We had a tour         was a bit scary.                       carrots, chocolate cracknell.
around the whole building even                                                    Tuesday: Cottage pie, Mediterranean
backstage.                                                                        pasta(v), homemade bread, broccoli,
The technicians showed us how the                                                 peas and carrots, iced sponge.
lights make different effects on the                                              Wednesday: Roast turkey, stuffing
stage, both in shape, colour and                                                  and gravy, quiche(v), roast potatoes,
shading. We controlled some of the                                                carrots, cabbage, jelly.
lightning ourselves. We did worked with                                           Thursday: Sausage and gravy, veggie
some of the sound effects. We then did                                            sausage(v), creamed potatoes,
some clapping and some jumping on the                                             swee5corn, peas, chocolate rice
stage to see how the sound echoed                                                 pudding and peaches.
around the building.                                                              Friday: Oven baked fish fingers, chips,
                                           The Royal Engineers build roads and    baked beans, sweetcorn, oaty fruit
Before we came home we did some            bridges for the army to be able to
drawings of the sculptures by Henry                                               crunch and custard.
                                           move around places where vehicles
Moore                                      do not normally travel, like through
Louis Linsley                              sandy deserts, swamps and over         W.B. 23rd March
                                           deep rivers. They showed us how to     Monday: Meatballs, veggie
                                           put up a massive bridge. (see          sausages(v), jacket wedges,
                                           picture below) The heaviest part of    sweetcorn, peas, oat biscuit with fruit
                                           the bridge weighs about 300kgs – it    juice.
                                           was called a medium girder.             Tuesday : Pasta Bolognese, tuna
                                           The Royals showed us a presen-         pasta bake(v), French bread, carrots,
                                           tation of some of the jobs they have   broccoli, jam tart and custard.
                                           been doing recently; one of them       Wednesday: Roast pork and stuffing,
                                           was putting a huge generator into      cheese and potato, pie(v), roast
                                           an Afghanistan town, because they      potatoes, cabbage, carrots, apple
                                           had had no electricity for ages.         eve’s pudding.
                                                                                    Thursday: Pizza, fondant potato,
                                                                                    green beans, sweetcorn, vanilla
                                                                                    crunch and custard.
Also during Science week the whole                                                  Friday: Oven baked fish and
school was treated to a visit by                                                    tomato sauce, chips, baked beans,
Quantum Science, paid for by OSLOF.                                                 peas, chocolate muffin
The play QS put on was entitle ‘The Big
Drip. ’ This was very much enjoyed by
everyone. Thank you OSLOF

                                           We all had a really good time. Our
                                           thanks to Charles Macdowell for
                                           arranging this visit for us.
                                           Lewis Jacobs and Thomas

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