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CC Minutes 30 6 09



Present: Peter Curry, Sue Hamilton, Lyndsy Adam, Suze Anderson, Doreen Kempsell, Liz
Hutchings, Sheila Green, Beryl Leatherland, Annie Nally, Charlie Reid Thomas, Christine Page

In Attendance: Inspector Gordon Mitchell, PC Alan Davidson

1. Apologies: Graham Urquhart, Karen Munro, Ali MacKerron, Sarah Angell, Cllr Gerry McMullan,

2. Minutes of the meeting of 26th May 2009
Minutes were approved: Proposed: Sheila Green, Seconded: Suze Anderson

4. Police Report.
a) Inspector Gordon Mitchell introduced himself as Inspector Colin Caldwell’s replacement. He
   intends to be based at Dalgety Bay and Oakley in alternate weeks. PC Colin Mason and
   Sergeant Jillian Neill have moved on. There will now be two full time Sergeants in West Fife.
   PC Alan Davidson and PC Eddie McNight will be our community officers. Contact with
   Community Police is on 01592 251187, which now has an answering machine. Call Centre
   number is 08456 005702. Two traffic Wardens are based in Dalgety Bay and come out
   regularly to the West Fife villages. We can alert them to particular parking problems.
b) Doreen Kempsell mentioned her concern about wild campers drinking and leaving rubbish in
   the woods at Windylaw. If there are concerns, contact Community Police.
c) Our requirement for Traffic Calming measures in Church Street was discussed with the Police.
   (See Item 8 below).

3. Matters Arising from Meeting of 26th May 2009
a) Bus shelter. Cllr McMullan still progressing with Lynn Hoey. It will be addressed – along with
   the removal of the proposed shelter on the north side opposite the proposed surgery.
b) Trees at Braehead. Estate has it on a to do list. Still not done
c) Lowered kerbs. Hope will be included in the work programme before August.
d) Muddy path at Brucehaven. Stones have been spread thanks to kind assistance of Paul
e) Fife Council says pothole outside Sutlery has been dealt with. (Following the meeting, Sheila
   Green reported that it had not!)
f) The matter of who holds keys to which padlocks for the gate at Brucehaven has still not been
   fully resolved.
g) Merryhill. Alex Bruce had sent us a copy of the letter he had sent to Angus Dodds in support of
   his next planning application.
h) Limekilns Park messy corner. Secretary and Lyndsy Adam had a useful meeting with John
   McQueen of Fife Council on site. The area seems to have been rather abandoned since the
   construction of the new enclosed Play Park. We agreed that if the bumps could be smoothed
   out and bushes removed it could be restored to a mowable state.. This would requires a
   certain amount of funding (Cleaner Tidier Fife, Community Council, and Community Safety
   were mentioned), some light machinery – which Fife Council has, and some labour which might
   be provided by Community Payback, or Fife Council during the winter season. Secretary had
   sent a record of the meeting to Archie Melville of Community Payback. He didn’t seem
   interested in assessing the job for its suitability, but seemed very hung up that this was work
   that Fife Council should be doing. Meeting agreed that we should find out how other
   communities seem to be able to build relationships with Community Payback for path clearing
   etc. Beryl will enquire.
i) Bus turning in Charlestown. Cllr McMullan was meant to be enquiring about this. No
   communication from him. Secretary will follow it up.
j) Secretary had emailed Michael Enston of corporate affairs to enquire about the function and
   cost of the new hieroglyphics. No reply yet.
k) Secretary had not written to the folk in Double Row about their proposed fence.
 l) Kerbs at junction. Secretary had, today, received a phone call from Frank Mills of BEAR,
    saying he thinks he has found a source of paint which could be applied by hand to the kerb
 m) Observatory at Haven’s Edge. Has applied for retrospective planning permission for a
    temporary structure. Secretary received the weekly list on15th June. She emailed our
    objection on the 18th, only to be told the report had already been sent to councillors. Secretary
    expressed her dissatisfaction at this state of affairs. The main objector said that a notice had
    appeared in The Courier on 16th June, and he had still to send in his formal objection.
 n) Communication with Babcocks. Secretary was having difficulty establishing useful dialogue
    with Mike Murray of Babcock. As the works develop, she had hoped that there could be a
    single email address or telephone number to access information on such things as the people
    landing on the beach carrying out a survey of wildlife which was to do with the Container Port.
    Mike Murray initially denied any knowledge of this survey!

5. Broomhall Affairs
 a) Since FM Developments have gone into administration, Broomhall Estate no longer has a
    relationship with them. Instead, they are engaging a planning consultant to look at all the
    opportunities for development on the estate. In reply to a question from the Secretary, Charlie
    confirmed that Broomhall Estate had added a large area of land to the South West of
    Dunfermline to the ‘options’ for the new Local Plan.
 b) Bat boxes. The issue of climbers and their access to the Gellet Rock had come to the fore
    again in the last couple of weeks. A dozen or so bat and bird boxes had been attached to the
    rock in an apparent attempt to prevent access to the climbs. This had apparently been done
    without the knowledge of the Factor nor any apparent approach to Bat experts. The boxes were
    removed days after they were installed. There has been a meeting with Alison Irvine, the Fife
    Access officer. It would seem that more information on the history of the rock would engender
    greater respect for their links to the village lime heritage. Lord Elgin was thanked for providing
    some information for the Community Council. Broomhall Estate had been troubled by another
    access issue. A woman had fallen on the cycle track in January 2008 and broken her arm. She
    had attempted to sue Fife Council. Fife Council had tried to push the liability onto the Estate for
    leaving leaves on the path. Beryl pointed out that, under the Access legislation, there was no
    liability upon the landowner for injury to anyone taking access. Alison Irvine has been very
    supportive in dealing with this matter.
 c) Padlocks at Brucehaven. There are two padlocks. It would seem to make sense for one key to
    each to be held by the Estate and the other held locally by Doreen Kempsell or the Secretary for
    emergency access.
 d) Annie Nally was concerned that there had been someone shooting, one evening, in the woods
    at the Back of North Row, with shot landing on the roofs of the cottages. Police had been

6. Limekilns Pier
 a) Barbara Solway confirmed that LEADER is, indeed, funding of last resort. She advised we
 should apply for Big Lottery ‘Investing in Ideas’ money for the feasibility study. Complex form to fill
 in, but rolling programme, so no specific dates to apply by.
 b) Liz has the form and wants some support in filling it in. Sheila volunteered.

7. Dog Fouling
 a) There seems to have been a reduction in the severity of the dog fouling problem (although
 Graeme Anderson had not been contacted). Indeed, the Secretary had not found any deposits on
 a walk through Charlestown. The meeting agreed that there had been an improvement, and that
 there was no point in a high profile poo spraying event just now. Secretary had discovered a
 source of biodegradable pink spray paint from UK Tapes. This is only available in packs of 12
 cans at £12 a can. If we need to get some at a later date, it may be a good idea to get Fife Council
 to buy it for use by us and anyone else who might like to run a similar campaign.
 b) Secretary had contacted the school Eco Group, but had received no reply yet. Anne Marsh
 knows they are discussing how they could participate.
 c) We should have a Green Dog Walker presence at the Gala. It maybe a good idea to be mobile,
 rather than necessarily having a stall. Lyndsy will be there.
8. Traffic Management in Church Street
 a) In an email to the four Ward 1 Councillors, Iain Henderson has indicated that there is new
 funding to address traffic management in Church Street.
 b) Secretary had asked Cllr McMullan to find out how much money. He said £10,000.
 c) Iain Henderson seemed to be of the opinion that painted roundels would suffice. We do not
 d) Meeting agreed that we would request two speed tables, or full width humps – exact locations
 to be discussed. Contrary to advice from Traffic Management, it is clear that these are used on
 bus routes – the former photographed in South Queensferry, and the latter in Pitcorthy. We need
 to stress that it is the use made of this piece of road, rather than speeds per se that is the issue.

9. New Model Scheme for Community Councils
 Secretary and Beryl had put together our response.

10. Treasurer’s Report
Fife Council grant had been received

 11. Secretary's Report
a) Secretary had been delighted when Cllr Walker had sent her a list of all the relevant contacts for
    Transportation in West Fife.
b) Detailed report of consultation on Fife Replacement Crossing had been published.
c) The second National Strategic plan has been published. Interestingly, this describes the Rosyth
    strategic site as ‘possible additional container capacity in the Forth’ rather than a Container Port.
d) Linda Purdie had sent out suggested seminar topics for Community Council Seminar on 7th
    November 2009.
e) Scottish Health Council newsletter. One item of interest is the news of the proposed scheme for
    direct elections to Health Boards. Fife will be one of two pilot areas. Peter Curry expressed the
    concern that there is a danger of special interest and campaign groups dominating the agenda.
    Fife is a particularly tricky situation because of the perceived conflict between east and west Fife.
    He hoped that sensible individuals would also put themselves up for election. The commitment
    was one day a month for meetings.
f) Bin at Rosyth Churchyard. This bin is an anomaly and very full. Doreen has been trying to get it
    emptied – to no avail. Secretary will deal with it.
g) ‘Enquire’ is an agency which provides advice to parents in securing help for their children if they
    have additional needs.
h) Street cleaning. Street cleaning is being reorganised. New local service teams are to be
    established which will take on responsibility for all street cleaning functions including routine
    cleaning, fly-tipping response, waste bins, and cleaning recycling points. Team working and
    mobility will be key themes.

12. Councillor’s Report. None.

13. AOCB
a) Royal Marine concert in Culross on July 31st for the Heroes Fund.
b) Beryl had attended the Outdoor Access Forum meeting which had been excellent. A good talk
from a farmer.
c) Scottish Outdoor Access Festival. 1st – 22nd July. Various events around the country.
d) Fife Outdoor Access Festival. 1st – 9th August. An excellent programme of events to look out for.

15. Date of Next Meeting       August 25th 2009 7.30pm.

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