Pa Senate _ House members from Archdiocese by FaithfulInThe8th


									                 Representatives & Senators in Harrisburg from the Five Counties of the Archdiocese
                                                           Pro-Life                Family          School Choice
                                                                                                   Voted for SB 1 on
                                                                                 As part of the         10/26/11
                                                                                Senate Judiciary            ~
                                                 Voted                         Committee, voted    This has not gone
                                                 for SB                          for SB 707 on      further than the
                                                 732 on                        3/16/10, by voting  House Education
                                                12/14/12                        NOT to table it    Committee: “The
                                                  in the                Voted           or            inaction on
                                                 Senate    Voted for     for       joined Rep       vouchers in the
                                                    or      SB 3 on      HB        Metcalfe in          House is
                                                 Voted       6/7/11    1077 in introducing HB       disappointing,
                                                 for SB        or        the    1434 on 5/3/11, especially for those
                                                 732 on    Voted for   House which is currently     who see school
                                                12/13/12   HB 1977     Health     with the State   choice as a social
                                     Counties     in the       on       Com-      Government       justice issue” (Pa
District                            represented House:     12/12/11:   mittee      Committee      Cath Conf, 12/15/11)          Contact Info:

1          Larry Farnese           Philadelphia      Yes      No                                          No   
2          Christine Tartaglione   Philadelphia      No       No                                          No   
3          Shirley Kitchen         Philadelphia      No       No                                          No   
4          LeAnna Washington       Philadelphia      No       No                                          Yes  
5          Michael J. Stack III    Philadelphia      Yes      Yes                     No                  No   
6          Tommy Tomlinson         Bucks             Yes      Yes                                         Yes  
7          Vincent Hughes          Philadelphia      Yes      No                                          Yes  
8          Anthony H. Williams     Philadelphia      No       No                                          Yes  
9          Dominic Pileggi         Delaware          Yes      Yes                                         Yes  
10         Charlie McIlhinney      Montgomery        No       Yes                                         Yes  
12         Stewart Greenleaf       Montgomery        Yes      Yes                     Yes                 No   
17         Daylin Leach            Montgomery        No       No                      No                  No   
19         Andy Dinniman           Montgomery        No       Yes                                         Yes  
                                   Bucks, Lehigh,
24         Bob Mensch              Montgomery,       Yes      Yes                                         Yes  
26         Ted Erickson            Delaware          Yes      Yes                                         Yes  
                                   Berks, Chester,
44         John Rafferty, Jr.      Montgomery        Yes      Yes                     Yes                 Yes  

18         Gene DiGirolamo         Bucks             Yes      Yes                     No                       
29         Bernie O'Neill          Bucks             Yes      Yes                     No                  
                                                                                                   Committee member
                                                                                  No, State
31         Steve Santarsiero       Bucks             No       No                 Government            
                                                                                                Committee member
                                                                               Committee member
53         Robert Godshall         Montgomery        Yes      Yes                    No                
61         Kate Harper             Montgomery        Yes      yes                    No                
70         Matthew D. Bradford     Montgomery        Yes      No                     No                
140        John Galloway           Bucks             Yes      Yes                    No                
                                                                                                Committee member
141        Tina M. Davis           Bucks             No       No                     No                
142        Frank Farry             Bucks             Yes      Yes        No          No                
143        Marguerite Quinn        Bucks             Yes      Yes                    No                
144        Kathy Watson            Bucks             Yes      Yes                    No                
                                                              Yes                                  Education
145        Paul Clymer             Bucks             Yes                             Yes               
                                                                                                Committee member
146        Tom Quigley             Montgomery        Yes      Yes                    No                
147        Marcy Toepel            Montgomery        Yes      Yes       Yes          No                
148        Michael F. Gerber       Montgomery        No        E                     No                
                                                                                  No, State
149        Tim Briggs              Montgomery        Yes      No                 Government            
                                                                               Committee member
150        Mike Vereb              Montgomery        Yes      Yes                    No                
151        Todd Stephens           Montgomery        Yes      Yes                    No                
                                   Montgomery,                Yes
152        Tom Murt                Philadelphia      Yes                              No                       
153        Josh Shapiro            Montgomery        No       No                      No                       
                                   Montgomery,                Yes
154        Lawrence Curry          Philadelphia      No                               No                       
155        Curt Schroder           Chester           Yes      Yes                     Yes                      
156        Dan Truitt              Chester           Yes      Yes                     No                       
                                   Chester,                   Yes
157        Warren Kampf            Montgomery        Yes                              No                       
158        L. Chris Ross           Chester           No       Yes                     No                       
159        Thaddeus Kirkland       Delaware          No       No                      No                       
                                   Chester,                   Yes
160        Stephen Barrar          Delaware          Yes                              Yes                      
161        Joe Hackett             Delaware          Yes      Yes                    No                        
162        Nick Miccarelli         Delaware          Yes      Yes                    No                        
163        Nicholas Micozzie       Delaware          Yes      Yes       Yes          No                        
164        Margo L. Davidson       Delaware          Yes      Yes                    No                        
165        Bill Adolph, Jr.        Delaware          Yes      Yes       Yes          No                        
                                                                                  No, State
166        Greg Vitali             Delaware          No       No                 Government                    
                                                                               Committee member
167        Duane Milne             Chester           Yes      No                      No                       
168        Tom Killion             Delaware          Yes                              No                       
169        Dennis O'Brien          Philadelphia               E                       No                       
170        Brendan F. Boyle        Philadelphia      Yes      E                       No                       
172        Kevin J. Boyle          Philadelphia      Yes      Yes       NV            No                       
173        Michael McGeehan        Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       
174        John Sabatina, Jr.      Philadelphia      No       No        NV            No                       
175        Mike O'Brien            Philadelphia      No       No                      No                  
                                                                                                   Committee member
177        John Taylor             Philadelphia      Yes      Yes                    No                   
178        Scott Petri             Bucks             Yes      Yes       Yes          No                   
                                                                                  No, State
179        Tony Payton             Philadelphia      Yes      E                  Government                    
                                                                               Committee member
180        Angel Cruz              Philadelphia      No       No                     No                        
181        Curtis Thomas           Philadelphia      No       No                     No                        
                                                                                  No, State
182        Babette Josephs         Philadelphia      No       No                 Government                    
                                                                               Committee member
184        William F. Keller       Philadelphia               No                      No                       
185        Maria Donatucci         Philadelphia      Yes      Yes                     No                       
186        Kenyatta Johnson        Philadelphia      No       E                       No                       
188        James Roebuck, Jr.      Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       
190        Vanessa L. Brown        Philadelphia      No       No         No           No                       
191        Ronald Waters           Philadelphia      No       No         No           No                       
192        Louise Bishop           Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       
194        Pamela A. DeLissio      Philadelphia      No       No         No           No                       
195        Michelle F. Brownlee    Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       
197        Jewell Williams         Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       
198        Rosita Youngblood       Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       
200 &
           Cherelle Parker         Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       
202        Mark Cohen              Philadelphia      No       No         No           No                       
203        Dwight E. Evans         Philadelphia      No       No                      No                       

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