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									An abusive teenager will test your parenting skills more than anything! An abusive teenager will also make
you feel like less than a good parent! It is not your fault that your child has turned into an angry,
disrespectful person. The important thing is to recognize that you can change things by learning how to deal
with an abusive teenager. Learn some effective ways in dealing with your teenager, and stop the abusive

There is also some very useful information on dealing with bad behavior by teens available over at:

Stop The Cycle of The Abusive Teenager Get The Peace Back Into Your Home!

An Abusive teenager will bring lots of animosity into your home. An abusive teen will make you feel hurt,
angry and underconfident as a parent. The adolescent years are the hardest ones for parents to negotiate
through, and nothing makes that harder than when your teen has turned abusive toward you.

Learn the steps to get your parenting skills back in order. You can regain the respect of your teen and learn
to deal with your teen in an effective and loving manner.

Tips For Dealing With An Abusive Teenager

An abusive teenager is a problem that no parent wants. Abuse from your teen must never be tolerated. There
are several different resources, depending on the severity of the problem. some of these are counseling,
anger management, medication, drug/alcohol testing, mediation, etc.
Do not let your teen make you feel guilty. When you give in to feelings of guilt and sorrow, your teen can
see that you have been weakened. A parent who is getting abusive behavior from a teen child is usually
made to feel ashamed. "This is YOUR fault because you must be a bad parent!" Therefore, parents may be
hesitant to get help for such a problem.
Parents must present a united front. No matter which parent the abuse is aimed at, the teen must know that
you are a united front and the behavior will not be tolerated.
There must be consequences for bad behavior. Just letting things 'slide' will not do. That is a complete
invitation to having your teen walk all over you! Your teen must know that he will be held accountable for
any bad behavior that he chooses to engage in.
Don't fall into the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do trap. Teenagers, especially disrespectful, abusive teens, will be
watching everything that you say and do. They will have no qualms about calling you on your hypocritical
behavior. How can you instruct your teen not to smoke when you have been a smoker since your teens?
Know when to get professional help. This is no time for denial. Most abusive teenagers can be dealt with
easily, once you learn the correct way in handling them. However, if your abusive teen is increasingly
violent, or using drugs, be aware of the escalating dangerous behavior and call in some professional help

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