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									James Tenney lawyer has helped numerous
clients in simplifying their tax matters by
providing them useful and insightful legal
advice. He has written legal articles for
various      professional      and      trade
publications. His articles have provided
readers with a better understanding of
complex legal and tax matters He has also
conducted seminars and lectures on tax
law at national, regional and local levels.
Through his presentations, he informs and
educates listeners about the complex tax
laws that affect them and their way of
living and how they can manage and
reduce tax liabilities. For over thirty years,
Jim Tenney Atlanta has worked with a wide
range of clientele, from international
business corporations to entrepreneurs
looking for legal advice.
His advice has helped businesses in
resolving their tax concerns and avoiding
legal risks. His areas of expertise include
tax planning, estate planning, asset
protection, tax controversies, and mergers
and acquisitions. He offers legal counseling
to his clients so that they can simplify their
legal consequences of their business
transactions whether it is long or short
term planning.
His clients have been able to evaluate high
risk areas of their personal and business
affairs and strengthen areas exposed to
unnecessary risks. James Tenney lawyer
studied at University of Michigan and
received his undergraduate degree in
finance from University of Tennessee. He
has earned his Master of Law degree in
taxation from Emory University.
He is licensed to practice in Georgia and
Tennessee. He is a Certified Public
Accountant licensed in the State of
Georgia. Jim Tenney Atlanta is a member
of the American Bar Association, the
International Bar Association, and the
State Bar of Georgia, the Tennessee Bar
Association, the American Association of
Attorney-Certified Public Accountants, the
ABA Section on Taxation and several of its
national committees.

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