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					              Junior                                                             News
                                                                                                8 October 2010

Dear Junior School Parents, Guardians                         The H Factor
                                                              ”On Tuesday Year 3s had the H Factor. All of the year 3
School is becoming more colourful every week now as           boys came to join us. We made smoothies with lots of
displays begin to go up. Equally ‘colourful’ are the girls’   different fruits. We went on the computer.
experiences outside the classroom. This week all the girls    We got to taste lots of different fruits and vegetables,
                                                              some of which we had never seen before !”
have enjoyed a visit from the ‘Kinetic Theatre’, our Year
                                                              Jennifer Doyle and Paige Twidale
3’s participated in a healthy eating workshop with Park
Road and Sir Philip Craven MBE came to tour Hesketh
House and meet the girls. A normal week coming to an
end again and never boring!

Yours sincerely
Mrs R. Brierley

We congratulate the following pupils:
4T Hannah Rayner          Jujitsu
4H Santina Hundle         Ski Level 3
3D Paige Twidale          Swimming

Kinetic Theatre – Down to Earth
On Monday our girls had a visit from a Theatre Company
touring musical plays geared to the National Curriculum
                                                              “On Tuesday the boys from Park Road came and had the
for Science to Primary schools. Aiming to supplement
                                                              H Factor with us. We did lots of fun activities. We did
science teaching practices as well as to educate, inspire     some quizzes and the computers, smoothy making,
and entertain both children and teachers alike. Their story                                                  food.
                                                              making a menu, a eat-well plate and guessed food We
of the Billing and Cooing Duck Company working day            have been set a challenge and every day we have to
and night to make hand-made toy wooden ducks seemed
                         made                                 choose fruit and vegetables for lunch. We get a star for
to be a great success amongst all our girls.                                       er
                                                              each one and the winner can win an ipod shuffle.”
                                                              Farah Cheema and Serena Arya

                                                              Cereal bars, pieces of fruit, packets of dried fruit,
                                                              raisins….are the type of healthy choices we encourage.
                                                              Girls quickly spot alternatives being brought into schoo
                                                              and copy those choices. I am keen to support the gi in
                                                              making and demonstrating good choices and ask that they
                                                              save the chocolates, biscuits and crisp, which tempt us all,
                                                              for treats at home.

                                                              Swimming Bags
                                                              Please note all the girls should be using the drawstring
                                                              ‘black’ swimming bag for their swimming kit. They are
                                                              available from the school shop.

During this educational and fun performance, our girls        Y6 Parents – Entrance Exam to Senior School
learned how shadows change throughout the day day,                                                           found
                                                              Information relating to Practice Papers can be fou on
discussed a solar eclipse and the concept of gravity, had                         http://www.boltonschool.org/join-
                                                              the school website. http://www.boltonschool.org/join
the explanation of the water cycle in terms of molecules                                  examination
and had a demonstration of the Moon's effect on the tides.
                                                               There will be Year 6 Prefects managing ‘Lost property’
Y6 – Admissions to Secondary School Sept 2011                  on a weekly basis. A table of lost property will be placed
The Secondary School Admissions booklet is now                 on the playground every Friday. Please encourage your
available for all Year 6 children.      Please contact         daughter to use this opportunity to find lost items. They
Lancashire County Council on 01772 534263 /                    can of course check lost property at any sensible time.
karen.taylor@lancashire.gov.uk or your respective Local
Authority.                                                     Contact with the office
                                                               If you should need to contact the office and receive no
Library                                                        reply, please do leave a message on the answer-phone. It
We have been experiencing difficulties issuing and             will be attended to as soon as possible.
returning books for the girls. We are hopeful that the         Thank you.
software and finger printing problems are now resolved
and thank you for your understanding in this matter.           Diary - Forthcoming few dates

Cross Country                                                   Thurs 14 Oct         Y6 Consultation Evening (1)
The girls have taken part in two Cross Country Matches          Sat 16 Oct           Open Morning
this week.                                                      9:30am – 1pm
Our runners for these two events were:                          Tues 19 Oct          Y6 Consultation Evening (2)
Town Champs - Tues 5 Oct                                        Wed 20 Oct           Finish for Half Term at 3.55
Jessica Stiles; Hannah Stephenson; Bethany Dunbar;
Grace Haskins; Chelsea Twist; Alice Ferguson; Lauren
Crowther.                                                      Website
We congratulate all the girls and in particular on this        This newsletter is uploaded to the school website. If your
occasion Jessica and Hannah for arriving 3rd and 6th           child forgets to bring one home please check
respectively.                                                  http://www.boltonschool.org/junior-girls/downloads

AJIS – Rosall on Wed 6 Oct                                     We have a Facebook page, where school news stories are
Jessica Stiles; Hannah Stephenson; Bethany Dunbar;             posted:-
Grace Haskins; Chelsea Twist; Rachel Ibberson; Zoe
Ashworth; Lucy Rowlands; Hannah Holt; Naadiyah
Mohammed; Emily Hunt; Hannah Ferrier; Tara Wallis;
Alexandria Devine

We thank all our girls for their efforts. Keep running!

Netball match v Stockport Grammar – Sat 2 Oct
A beautiful sunny morning was ordered for the netball
game on Saturday 2nd October. Both teams played
exceptionally well and although we lost both games; the
14 girls who played should be commended for their
efforts. Mrs Dunne was really proud of their attitude
towards fair-play.

Netball match v Alderley Edge – Tues 5 Oct
On Tuesday after school, 13 girls played an admirable
game of netball. The 1st team narrowly lost but the 2nd
team were victorious and beat the rivals 3 goals to 1. All
of the girls played exceptionally well.

Lost property
A grey/silver long sleeved cardigan edged with sequins
has been left at Hesketh House following the Ski Trip
Meeting on Monday 4th October.

A guitar seems to be missing; if by any chance the wrong
guitar has been picked up from the Hall, please return it to
the office.

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