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About Great Gatsby Response by clickmyadspleaseXOXO


About Great Gatsby Response

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									Great Gatsby Response Characters Nick Carraway- Daisy's distant couin, a world war 1 veteran who came from Minnesota to make money in the sale of Bonds. Lives in the west egg of New York His neighbor is Jay Gatsby whom he befriends rather quickly. Nick represents the moral in the story and has tension with Tom Buchanon because of their conflicting ideals and morals. Nick also represents middle class americans. Jay Gatsby- Also a world war 1 veteran changed his name from Jimm Gatz when he moved from North Dakota to New York city. Nick Is his neighbor and resparks his connection to Daisy Buchanon, the woman he is in love with. Gatsby throws lavish parties and his guests are skeptical of how he came about getting his money. He made money as a bootlegger in prohibition. Never drinks alcohol. Reprents "New Rich" or self made rich. Jordan Baker- Daisy's friend who is a comeptitive golfer. She smokes, drinks, drives and has premarital sex with Nick. She represents the flapper or the new woman that is emerging in this era of history. Even though she is romantically involved with Nick they seem to bump heads due to her constant cheating lying and bending of the truth. Myrtle Wilson- Wife of george wilson who has an affair with Tom Buchanon. Myrtle is from lower class while Tom is from the upper class, therefore in their relationship Tom has the upperhand and abuses his position above her by beating her and being able to act like himself AKA an asshole. myrtle has tension with her husband because she is not happy with him and constantly yearns for the rich lifestyle even though George desperately loves her. George Wilson- Husband of Myrtle and mechanic for Tom and Gatsby. Also of the lower class, he struggles to get by month to month and is mistreated by Tom due to his financial superiority. Is in love with his wife who is having an affair with Tom Tom makes him believe that Gatsby killed Myrtle and that Gatsby is the one who is having an affair with his wife. George kills Gatsby in the end. Tom Buchanon - Brute of a man, went to school at Yale with Nick. "Old rich" and is husband of Daisy. He also represents the declining moral value in america. Has tension with just about everyone in the story due to his brash attitude and actions. He is caniving and ultimatley leads to Gatsby and George's death. Very hypocritcal in the fact that he is having an affair but at the same time is mad at Daisy for having an affair with Gatsby. Daisy Buchanon - tom's Wife, in love with material wealth and consumption. Has an affair with Gatsby and is at tension with her husband and Nick also. Her husband because he is a brute and is having an affair, with nick because he doesn't see eye to eye with her about material consumption.

The divide between New and old Rich is never solved because Gatsby gets killed and Tom and Daisy go on living like they always did. Nick goes back west when he becomes disillusioned with the old rich’s way of living. George Wilson also is killed in a sense by the old rich in that Tom leads him to believe Gatsby killed his wife. Everything is left just the same as it was before; everyone is in the same social stature as at the beginning, leaving the old rich untouched yet the cause of all the suffering. Geography West Egg- Home to the "new Money" or the self made rich. Gatsby and nick live here. Although visited frequently by members of the East egg community, they still remain skeptical of the legitmacy of the residents here. East Egg- home to the "old money" or inherited rich. Tom and daisy live here and reflect the declining moral values of american society and the upper class of the time period. The epitomy of material consumption and lack of values. The valley of Ashes- The home of the lower class or working class. George Myrtle Wilson live here. Represents the repercussions of the city life. While one part lives in excessiveness the other part lives in depravity. Widening of the social classes and the negative effects of the relentless pursuit of wealth in the new america. New York City - throughout the story new york city has portrayed characters of questionable morals and activities hinting of the declination of morals. New York City represents the place of origin for the Moral decay of America. Myrtle and Tom go there to cheat on their spouses. Gatsby meets with his illegitimate business partners here. It seems to be portrayed as a bad influence on everyone. Question 1 Great Gatsby the title The great Gatsby as a title can be seen as a show to Gatsby's greatness because he is very wealthy, but also can have a hint of sarcasm because although he is very rich he doesn't end up too great. He is ultimately unsuccessful in his plight in life. Gatsby represents the moral shift and how the pursuit for wealth and a woman who doesn't appreciate you ultimately leads to your downfall. Greed can lead you to acheive "great" amounts of wealth but is morally wrong and will lead to your downfall. Many of new rich were created through illegitimate trade in the bootlegging business and although Gatsby wasn't a mobster, the people he worked with were. Bootlegging for money was part of being an opportunist of the time. 2 The great Gatsby highlights the era of the 1920's with jordan Baker as the flapper who smokes drinks engages in premarital sex and cheats in her sports competitions. Gatsby portrays the bootlegging and prohibition in the form of gaining wealth from it. The valley of the Ashes highlights the urbanization and its repercussions as well as the rise of big

business. The rise of big Business shows the divide between the rich and poor ever widening and the urbanization is evident in the visible ashes that are scattered throughout the valley where the poor are living due to their financial status. 3 "a disillusioned novel" The fact that the divide between new rich and old rich and the working class is never solved in this book shows that Fitzgerald doesn't believe it will be resolved. Also the fact that the end is so tragic and that Nick returns home to the west away from the corrupted east shows that he is disillusioned with the new trend of urbanization and that a "return to normalcy" is preferred rather than this new lifestyle of excess.

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