Homerton University Hospital Foundation Programme NEFTS Open by D1P11s


									Homerton University Hospital
  Foundation Programme
          NEFTS Open Day
          13th January 2010
           Mr Robert Duke
    Associate Director of Education
         Dr Virginia Hubbard
Foundation Programme Training Director
Why choose Homerton?
Why choose Homerton?

 Excellent place to work
 General Hospital in London with specialist
 One of the first Foundation Trust Hospitals
 Education and training
Why choose Homerton?

 Diverse local community
 100 different languages spoken
 Excellent learning opportunities

 Teaching
 Educational Supervision
 Administrative support
 Progress monitoring
Education – the added extras

 Career guidance
 Interview skills sessions
 Simulators
 Virtual Consulting Room
The posts

FY1                      FY2
     Acute Care          Many with EM
     General Medicine    Many with GP
     General Surgery     Medical specialities
     General Medicine
Current Homerton FDs love it!

 ‘Really enjoyed ACU and learned a lot’
 ‘Very well supervised, very friendly. Everyone
  keen to teach’
 ‘Good team support’
 ‘Excellent team – communication and
 Consultants very approachable’
 ‘Many opportunities for developing surgical
More positive comments...

 ‘The Medical Education team, under Robert’s
  guidance, make my life so easy’
 ‘ I never want to leave Homerton – it’s like a
  second home’

 Most FDs would recommend their jobs to a
 Overall Trainees very happy

 Acute Care
 General Medicine
 General Surgery
Anything else

 Junior Doctors Committee
 Audit
 Presentations
 Teaching
What are we encouraging you to do?

 Apply for our F1 posts
 Apply for our F2 posts

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