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LAS VEGAS (January, 2000)  Panasonic introduces new 900MHz telephones with
long battery life, enhanced clarity and quick, one-touch speed dial capability.
       New to the Panasonic 900-MHz telephone line are models KX-TC1401B/W, KX-
TC1431W, KX-TC1451B/W and KX-TC1501B/W.                Operating at 900MHz, they offer
long range and better clarity over traditional 43-49MHz cordless phones.* Panasonic’s
30-Channel Auto Scanning system automatically selects a clear channel before the
user removes the handset from the base, while the phone’s proprietary Sound Charger
technology helps maintain the clarity of the signal as it travels between the telephone's
base and handset.
       These models can be ready when needed, thanks to long-life batteries and
power conserving circuitry. The phones operate up to 21 days in standby and offer up
to eight hours of talk time. Battery charging on models KX-TC1431, KX-TC1451 and
KX-TC1501 is equally impressive: using Panasonic’s Ultra Charge™ feature, these
models completely charge in just four hours.
       For convenient dialing, model KX-TC1401 and KX-TC1501 have a Ten-Station
Speed Dialer for storing and quickly dialing up to ten phone numbers from the handset.
Models KX-TC1401 and KX-TC1501 also have an additional “One Touch” Dialer for
quick, instant dialing of an emergency or often-used phone number. A 15-Station Speed
Dialer is included on model KX-TC1451 with room for ten speed dial numbers on the
handset and five on the base.
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      Other features include a lighted handset keypad for dialing in even complete
darkness on models KX-TC1431 and KX-TC1451, Dual Keypads on model KX-TC1451
for dialing from either the base or the handset with Simultaneous Keypad Dialing. A big
button keypad, featuring well-spaced buttons that are more than twice the size of those
on Panasonic’s traditional cordless handset keypads, is included on model KX-TC1431.
And, models KX-TC1451 and KX-TC1501 include a handy intercom function that
enables communication between the base and the handset.
      For conference calling or for users who need their hands free for other tasks while
talking on the phone, the KX-TC1451 has a built-in speakerphone with adjustable volume
and remote handset controls.
      A built-in all-digital answering system feature on model KX-TC1501 allows this
unit to take your calls when you’re unavailable. A microchip stores and handles all the
messages      which makes operation simple and virtually instant. The answering
systems accommodate up to 15 minutes of incoming and outgoing messages and
automatically records the date and time the message was recorded.
      New Message Playback will play only the messages you haven’t heard and Auto
Interrupt will automatically stop recording an incoming message if the handset is picked
up. Additionally, Pager Call will alert your pager that a message has been left and a
two-digit LCD call counter will display the number of messages that are waiting to be
heard. Model KX-TC1501 also includes remote operation for retrieving your messages
when you’re away from home.
      Models KX-TC1401, KX-TC1431, KX-TC1451 and KX-TC1501 also include a
handset locator, three-level handset volume control, flash/pause/redial, tone/pulse
capability and adjustable ringer (off/low/high) and also include positive-charge, self-
clean battery contacts. The KX-TC1451 also has a belt clip and headset jack for use
with an optional headset.
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         All of the new 900MHz cordless telephones are available in both black and white,
except for the KX-TC1431, which only comes in white.
         Panasonic home office products are marketed in the United States by Panasonic
Consumer Electronics Company (PCEC), a division of Matsushita Electric Corporation
of America (MECA). MECA is the principal North American subsidiary of Matsushita
Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., (NYSE:MC) of Japan, one of the world’s largest producers
of electronic and electric products for consumer, business and industrial use. All prices
are in U.S. dollars. (Consumers seeking more information on the company’s products
can call Panasonic’s Customer Call Center at 800-211-PANA or access Panasonic’s
home page at Media interested in Panasonic press releases can
gain information via the Panasonic Web site or through New Directions Public
Relations’ toll-free fax-back system at 888-734-7490. )

MODEL                                   AVAILABILITY                     SUGGESTED RETAIL
KX-TC1501B/W                            April, 2000                      $99.95
KX-TC1451B/W                            April, 2000                      $84.95
KX-TC1431W                              April, 2000                      $69.95
KX-TC1401B/W                            March, 2000                      $59.95

* Panasonic cordless phones make and receive calls within a range determined by maximum power allowed by FCC
rules. Range depends on local reception conditions.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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